i mean even the term itself has continued to be called different things in different countries

Welcome to Night Vale

Year One

(concerning the rips in reality and Huntokar)

1 - Pilot

  • A commercial airliner flying through local airspace disappeared today, only to reappear in the Night Vale Elementary gymnasium… before it could strike any players or structure, it vanished again. This time, apparently, for good. (obviously, current problem with the rips in reality)
  • Lights. Seen in the sky above the Arby’s…we’ve caught on to their game. We understand the “lights above Arby’s” game.Invaders from another world.Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here, and it’s about 100 feet above the Arby’s.
  • (also noteworthy - a bowling ball once fell into Mini Vale. Poor town probably got wrecked.)

2 - Glowcloud

  • Sorry, listeners. Not sure what happened in that earlier section of the broadcast – as in I actually don’t remember what happened. Tried to play back the tapes, but they’re all blank, and smell faintly of vanilla. (we know that some of cecil’s memories that he doesn’t remember are in fact from AUs but i’m not sure with this one, especially with the vanilla thing - i don’t think it was ever resolved? or was it the man in the tan jacket or somethin)

3 - Station Management

  • Our little town is lit, too, by lights just above that we cannot explain. 
  • Larry Leroy, out on the edge of town, reported that a Creeping Fear came into Night Vale today…  It did not affect Old Woman Josie, presumably because of her angelic protection … I myself was frozen, sure that any movement would lead to death; that any word would be my last.

4 - PTA Meeting

  • …a rift in space-time split open in the Main Street Recreation Center Auditorium, setting loose several confused and physically aggressive pteranodons. 
  • Several curious handball players in the court next to the auditorium actually popped their heads into the portal… aged several thousand years in what bystanders experienced as only a few seconds. Those handball players now straddle the unenviable border of millennially wizened and cripplingly insane. (i wonder if they know something about the recent reality rips?)
  • either prehistoric or alternate-universe Night Vale.
  • The creature’s lifeless body was found a dozen yards outside of the Dog Park entrance, stripped of all flesh, and with most of the organs inverted and strung around its exposed skull like an old fashioned soft meat crowns, as worn by the 18th century religious leaders who settled our fair burgh.
  • (iunno, might be huntokar? i mean what would tear a thing to shreds and make soft meat crowns out of its organs)

5 - The Shape in Grove Park

  • The moon’s weird though, right? It’s there, and there, and then suddenly it’s not. And it seems to be pretty far up. It is watching us? If not, what is it watching instead? Is there something more interesting than us? Hey, watch us moon! We may not always be the best show in the universe, but we try. (obviously, echoed by Mini Vale in The Missing Sky)

6 - The Drawbridge

  • [after a blackout] ….when the lights came back on, they felt that perhaps they were different people – their memories and identities were the same as always, but suddenly felt like costumes that didn’t fit exactly. As though it all were actually brand new to them. As though they had been switched out with someone who was exactly like them. As though all that was familiar would ever after be strange. 

7 - History Week

  • [prediction for year 2052:]  The City Council will reveal its true form and eat half of Night Vale’s population
  • Approval ratings for the mayor will hover in the low 40s…which will be surprising, as there will have been no mayor for over thirty years.
  • (ummm i dunno how long mayors are supposed to reign in Night Vale, but by 2022, there will be no more mayor? dana’s term started in 2015, so in 7 years there will no longer be a mayor. even if this has nothing to do with year 5 yet, i’m still worried)

8 - The Lights in Radon Canyon

  • [referring to Mini Vale] …every window of the city is now glowing both day and night. 
  • (the beginning of the Night Vale - Mini Vale war, i’m guessing. teddy williams started it or…?)
  • (also the lights in the canyon itself)


  • [message of the Pyramid:] “I will place within some of you questions. Within others, I will place answers. These questions and these answers will not always align. The questions I provide may have no answers, and the answers I provide may have no questions. I will study the effects of these questions, and these answers. Some of you will hurt others, and others will heal. Grow my seeds inside you, and let them flower.” 

11 - Wheat and Wheat By-Products

  • idk if Apache Tracker suddenly turning Native American is reality-rip-worthy but
  • …Angels have gathered in a circle in her living room, blocking her view of the television. They are shoulder-to-shoulder, facing each other, radiant with holy light.“The Bowling Alley,” they are chanting. “The Bowling Alley.“

12 - The Candidate

  • the unholy voice of Old Scratch himself (idk who Old Scratch is but might be noteworthy)
  • [referring to noisy sunsets]… only Old Town residents have reported hearing these inconceivable noises

13 - A Story About You

  • …a vision came to you. You saw above you a planet, of awesome size, lit by no sun. An invisible titan, all thick black forests and jagged mountains and deep turbulent oceans. 
  • (note: You did NOT LIVE IN NIGHT VALE when they got this vision. They then drove to Night Vale afterwards, and even then found the town by accident)
  • You move wooden crates from one truck to another while a man in a suit silently watches. It is a different man each time. Sometimes the crates tick. Mostly, they do not.
  • [about the crate]  It’s warm, warmer than the air around it. It smells sharp and earthy, like freshly ground cinnamon. And when you put your ear against the rough warm wood, you hear a soft humming – an indistinct melody.
  • (while driving, You feels the Dark Planet Lit By No Sun again)
  • Apache Tracker’s warnings: 
    1 - You are in danger. 2 - They’re coming. 3-  They will come from below. Pies will not help.
  • (the crate has grown even warmer)
  • [about crate]  It pulses with some kind of life.
  • …pulls out of it an intricate miniature house…inside the house you think you see for a moment, lights and movement.
  • [about DPLBNS]: A monster. Spinning. Soundless. Forgotten. It’s so close now. You see it just above you. Maybe even if you tried very hard, you could touch it.

14 - The Man in the Tan Jacket

  • (first mention of Huntokar)
  • (assumption of a Child King ruling Mini Vale, but this is probably wrong….or very right. toss up)
  • (also, Teddy records footage from Mini Vale)
  • …the Angel said that the Man in the Tan Jacket with the deerskin suitcase was from a place underneath the earth.

16 - The Phone Call

  • (SSP telling everyone to prep for war, presumably against Mini Vale)
  • (also we are presented The List)

18 - The Traveler

  • (time traveler who wears a Desert Bluffs marching band uniform [which has not been worn since The Incident - presumably Strexcorp takeover; see Triptych] who presumably saved Night Vale many times before?)
  • Perhaps he has leaped again through the stream of time, or passed to an alternate dimension created by the changes he has made to our world.
  • nothing remained of The Traveler except for a pile of indescribable buttons from his uniform

19A and B (Night Vale and Desert Bluffs)

  • (larry leroy possibly already knew about doubles pre-sandstorm, but you know this probably isn’t relevant to year five)
  • (a vortex opened, leading cecil to DB and kevin to NV; i have no idea if the vortex was sanstorm-created or reality-rip thing. most likely a reality-rip thing because kevin has travelled to NV via vortex several times, and there was no sandstorm - see The Debate and The Investigators)

21 - A Memory of Europe

  • (Teddy Williams has created a 24/7 barricade around the entrance to Mini Vale)
  • I don’t remember having a traveling partner before or after Svitz. Who was he? Who knows? It all seemed perfectly normal at the time. (obviously not his brother Cal from 108; alt reality bleed or…?)
  • Eventually I was knocked out on one of our falls and when I awoke, it was in a different country. I had aged by years, and no one I talked to knew where the country of Svitz was, or even had heard of it. (def alt reality or something)
  • [Simone Rigadeau]:  The world ended three or four decades ago.  I don’t know what this thing is that we’re living in, but it’s not the world. Scientists won’t investigate it because they’re not real.
  • (there’s a monster in Franchia)

24 - The Mayor

  • (Mini Vale residents presumably made the Desert Flower Boeling Alley’s jukebox continuously play Mister Brownstone. this ep has an ad for the Brownstone spire)

25 - One Year Later

  • (hhhgngngnpppffttt remember when cecil got carlos a trophy)
  • a commercial airliner appeared today inside the home of surprised Night Vale citizen Becky Canterbury
  • (i mean there’s so many things from this ep but basically, Mini Vale already was plotting a war against us and Teddy had set up a barricade against it; after this i guess Mini Vale just got full-scale destroyed, i think)
author’s note :hello everyone! ik its been a loooonnnng time since ive written anything but… as u all know… fairy tail is over. my overall rating of the ending is a 6/10. i expected more but at the same time, a lot of it makes sense. in terms of gruvia, i do believe they are a canon couple. BUT, we saw no answer?! the answer that has been hyped up for almost 100 chapters im p sure?! and an “apology” that gray was gonna give juvia?! we never got that either which is suuuuper annoying lmao. but i do believe an answer happened. my hope is that one of these days later on in life mashima releases an omake dedicated to gray’s answer, but, until then, ill have this lmao. i tried to make this as realistic and as little ooc as possible. bc as seen in the last chap, while he is much more open towards juvia, gray is still a grump little tsun. and juvia is still a cutsie doting wifey. SO without further ado, here’s my take on gray’s answer.


For the first time in a very long time, Fairy Tail was at ease. Anyone or anything that was a threat to the world had been defeated. Things were possibly even considered “peaceful” for once. Just the thought of “peace” seemed like a foreign idea, a distant memory that was long gone from everyone’s mind for a long time, but finally, the war was over, and everything was back to normal.

Well, maybe not quite.

While calmness finally seemed to reign over the world, the city of Magnolia, like most of the rest if the country, was in shambles.

Some cities were practically turned to dust, others had some fractions of buildings left, some were completely obliterated and almost unrecognizable to the former townspeople who once called that place their home.

Most of Magnolia, including Fairy Tail itself, still stood proudly.

After all this town/guild’s been through, it was apparent that it was a fighter. Even after a whole war, it still remained in one piece. (Barely).

The first thing everyone did was get to work on repairing the town and the guild. While the guild itself didn’t look too bad, there was still much work that needed to be done.

Just a few days later things were looking much better than before, with the help of everyone from the guild.

Gray however, did not have the guild as his number one priority. Sure, he was putting his heart and soul into fixing the place he loved, the place he and his friends called their home.

But there was just something on his mind that kept bugging him. As if he had unfinished business to attend to.

And every time his eyes landed on Juvia, he was reminded just what that little something in his head was. He promised her an answer, right before the war began. Now that the war was over, he just didn’t know exactly what to do. Hell, he was so stuck he hadn’t even talked to her for the past couple days. As much as he hated to admit it, he was avoiding her.

While Gray was a stubborn man, he wasn’t a stupid one. Especially after this war he knew where is head was at and what Juvia meant to him, but he didn’t know how to put his jumbled thoughts into words.

As he caught himself staring at Juvia as she painted the walls for, well, he didn’t even know how long, he decided to take a break hammering the floor for a second.

“I’m gonna go get some air” He said to Laxus who was hammering with him.

“Sure, Fullbuster. But don’t take all day. We got a lot more work to do.” He harshly reminded Gray as he turned around and began to walk out.

“Yeah, yeah.” He waved his hand and continued for the door, well, where the new door would be going.

As Gray away from the guild, he saw a certain place stick out to him. It was the balcony he and Juvia had their last real conversation. Where he promised her an answer.

But honestly, Gray didn’t know what the answer was. He didn’t even know where to start! How could he put his feelings, his emotions into an “answer”? What would he say? Where would he do it? When? How would he even start the damn conversation?!


All of his questions came to a screeching halt, and any minuscule scraps of a “plan” he had came crashing down.

He jolted up from the edge he’d been leaning on and quickly turned his body around to face Juvia. Just the very sight of her drained everything from his mind. He just looked at her so–so differently now. He saw her in a completely different light yet it seemed so right? And maybe even familiar? As if a part of him had seen her like this all along. It was all so strange but so familiar. He didn’t know what to make of it, or even what to say.

“J-Juvia!? What’re you doing here?”

“Juvia did not mean to frighten you! But–” She stopped and looked to the ground while fiddling with her fingers in her hands. “I saw you leave, so Juvia followed you.” She said more timidly.

“Well, I just came out to get some air. We should head back.” Gray avoided eye contact with Juvia and began to walk back to the guild.

“Oh. O-ok.” Juvia said even quieter, and much sadder.

His mind was practically screaming at him: “What are you doing you idiot!? Now’s your chance! Talk to her!” But his mouth remained shut and his legs kept walking past her.

Maybe he was a stupid man after all.

“No.” He thought to himself.

He planted his feet before he let himself walk too far away from her. Before he let this chance slip away. Because if anyone knew that life was too short, it was Gray. The world could be a cruel place. He might’ve never gotten the chance to speak to Juvia again for all he knew. Juvia could get taken from him all over again, and he would look back at this moment and hate himself for never getting to say what he wanted to say. He was not going to ignore this feeling anymore, because he might never get the chance to express it again.

“Juvia, I wanna’ say something.” He said, sure of himself. But as soon as Juvia looked up at him with those adorable big eyes that were glistening with slightly welled up tears, he lost it all over again. Just why did she have to look at him like that?!

“Yes, Gray-sama?” She asked, more curious than sad, now.

“Well- I- uh–” He looked around and itched the back of his head.

As he stuttered out somer more gibberish, his eyes met Juvia’s again. This time though, her gaze put him at ease. As her head tilted, the azure waves of her hair slightly fell and parted perfectly, just like always. Her slightly puckered and parted lips along with her hooded doe eyes beckoned him. He felt as though his eyes could get lost in the ocean that were hers, and, did she always have such long eyelashes?

“Do you remember before the war? When I–” He paused. The words just were falling out of his mouth, even though he tried his very best to make sense of it all in his head. “–promised you my answer?”

“Oh of course! How could Juvia forget!” She lit up instantly and a natural smile spread across her face. Gray always loved that about her– how the littlest things could always put her in a better mood and make her happy again. As if she wasn’t feeling the opposite just a second ago.

“Well, to be honest,” Gray strolled back over to the ledge and rested his elbows back on the ledge. “I kind of can’t stop thinking about it”

“Oh?” Juvia hastily followed him to the ledge. “Is that why you’ve been avoiding Juvia?”

“Yeah.” He admitted. He turned his head to Juvia. “I’m surprised you haven’t come up to me before today, actually.”

“Juvia figured Gray-sama would talk to Juvia when the time was right. But, it had been days since you’ve even stood in the same room as me. So Juvia decided to come talk to Gray-sama.” She said simply. She then leaned her body over the ledge and placed her elbows on it, just as Gray was.

“I see.” Gray looked back out onto Magnolia.

Before anything else was said, Juvia scooted over and rested her head on Gray’s shoulder. It startled him a bit at first, since Gray was never the touchy-feely type, but he didn’t say anything. He just looked down at Juvia, saw her peaceful smile and closed eyes, and looked back out.

“Juvia’s thankful that you’ve been by her side.” Gray eyes widened a bit, and he looked back down at Juvia, listening to her. “Through it all, you’ve always been there with me, Gray-sama. I’m very grateful to have you.” Gray remembered words very similar to those when he said them a little while ago, in that very same place, right before the war.

“Hm.” He hummed. “Suddenly I have a weird case of Deja Vu.” He huffed a small chuckle.

She lifted her head from his shoulder. “Juvia said those words over and over and over again during the war. It’s what kept me alive, really. It was my spirit. Knowing that Juvia was a help to you, knowing you were grateful for Juvia, knowing Juvia would get an answer after the war was over. It all contributed to my fight. That was my reason for fighting. So that Juvia could remain at your side, helping you, Gray-sama. And then when Juvia took her life for you. And why Juvia did that blood transfusion–” Chills were sent down Gray’s spine as a look of disgust was put on his face. He hated thinking about that day. How he thought he lost her. It was complete agony. “– it was all because I love you.” She looked over and smiled sweetly at him.

“And Gray-sama has been there just the same for Juvia. So, thank you.” Juvia leaned over and placed a cheek on Gray’s cheek.

Gray felt his face warm up, and he knew he was blushing. He looked back out in front of him, slightly embarrassed.

“Well, you don’t have to thank me for something like that” Gray stood up from the ledge, and turned to Juvia, looking at her. “Because I will always be by your side.”

Juvia looked up from the ledge with wide eyes and blushed cheeks. “And I mean that, Juvia.” Gray continued. “I will always be there when you need me and when you’re in any type of danger, or just if you need someone to talk to, even. For whatever you need.”

“Gray-sama…” Juvia said, almost like she was in a daze.

“And- and when you did that blood transfusion, and I thought I lost you… I– I can’t let that happen again. And I’m sorry you had to ever put yourself in that kind of danger for me. So I will be by your side. I will protect you so you’ll never have to do something like that again.” Gray was more serious than ever. Something as precious as Juvia’s life meant so much to him.

“I said I was gonna’ take your feelings seriously, and I mean it. No more uncertainties, no more waiting for answers.” Grays mind was going a mile a minute, and everything seemed to be flowing out of his brain and onto his tongue perfectly. “This is it. Just you and me.” He paused for a moment. “Forever.” He blurted. He was really blushing now.

Juvia stood up straight, across from Gray. “Forever?” She repeated.

“Yeah. Forever.” Gray confirmed with complete certainty and seriousness on his face.

A huge smile took up Juvia’s whole face. “Oh, Gray-sama!” She squealed as she held arms up into their and jumped into his, wrapping her arms tightly around Gray’s neck.

Gray paused for a moment and staggered back, but a smile eventually snuck its way onto Gray’s face as well, and he reciprocated the hug. Juvia continued to squeal and it made Gray chuckle as he wrapped a second arm around her.

“Alright, Juvia you’re kind of choking me.” Gray murmured out as Juvia’s arms slowly got tighter.

“Juvia is just so happy!” She loosened her grip and pulled away slightly to face Gray.

“I can see that.” Gray smirked.

“Well isn’t Gray-sama happy too?” Juvia asked.

Gray paused for a bit. He took a moment to look down at the woman in his arms. It was the woman he’d risked his life for time and time again, the woman who showered him with unconditional love that Gray never knew that he needed, the woman who drove him crazy, the woman who could be so thick at times, but was so clever and smart and knew him better than anyone else, the woman who would do absolutely anything for him, the woman he cared about more than anyone. And he was sure.

“Yeah.” He smiled. “I am.”

Juvia matched his smile with an even bigger one. She fully broke free from his arms and placed her hands on his cheeks as she pulled him in for a much awaited kiss.

Gray was shocked for a good few seconds and wasn’t sure what to do until he finally rested his hands on the small of Juvia’s back and fell into the sweet kiss of the woman that Gray would call his.



Thank you, Hiro Mashima, for bringing this beautiful couple into my life. And thank you for the adventure.

Animated Life Lesson #3: Friendship

Friendship (noun): harmony, accord, understanding, rapport

Originally posted by nickelodeon

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is fairly new to television, but it’s already made a big splash.  The story, set in the grand city of Paris, follows Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, two teenagers who have the ability to transform into the titular Ladybug and Chat Noir to defeat baddies sent after them by the supervillain Hawkmoth. It may seem like your standard Saturday morning cartoon plot, but it manages to be so much more.  The villains are fun and interesting, with unique abilities and costumes, the fight scenes are creative and visually appealing, and there’s actually a love square between the two leads.  

Yes, this show has upgraded on the dreaded love triangle to a love square, but it actually only contains two people, Marinette and Adrien; the other two ‘people’ are actually their superhero alter-egos, and the resulting relationship drama is less dramatic than it is hopeful and a bit sad.  The two really like each other, yet they don’t know it, thanks to typical teenage embarrassment and the age-old rule that secret identities have to be kept secret.  

Romantic subplots aside, Miraculous has plenty of other great things to offer. There’s a diverse cast of characters, the animation is well done, and the use of actual locations in and around Paris makes the show seem more realistic.  The premise of the akumas and their ability to give powers to people suffering hardship or dealing with conflict is different than the usual powers granted by a chemical spill or other scientific experiment gone wrong.  The resulting villains are therefore just everyday Parisian citizens, and none of them are inherently evil, so their vilification at the hands of Hawkmoth elicits some sympathy.  

The audience is often reminded of this point in the way that Ladybug and Chat Noir interact with the villain of the week; they know the villain is someone who has been taken advantage of, and while they resort to physical interaction if necessary, the pair prefer to distract the villain and take whatever object is holding his or her akuma, thus freeing them from Hawkmoth’s thrall without having to hurt a sort-of innocent victim.

It’s a different take on taking down a villain, even in the world of cartoons.  But for Ladybug and Chat Noir, the villains are often their friends and classmates, and even though our heroes could easily take them down with a straightforward assault, they value their friends and their relationships with them too much to hurt them unnecessarily.  And the pair are clever enough to save the day without resorting to violence, so they don’t have to worry about their friends getting hurt.

Friendship in general is an important aspect of this show, both because, as I said, many of Marinette and Adrien’s friends are akumatized, meaning the two have to stop their friends from destroying Paris, and because their friendship is integral to their ability to work together

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