i mean even if you never watched the movie

check please characters as john mulaney quotes
  • bitty: it’s 100% easier not to do things than to do them
  • jack: in terms of, like, instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin
  • shitty: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
  • lardo: i have had a very long day. i am very small and i have no money. so you can imagine the kind of stress i am under
  • ransom: holster and i have a new house. it was built in the '20s, but it was flipped in 2014. which means it's haunted, but it has a lovely kitchen backsplash
  • holster: nothing that i know can help you with your car ever. unless you’re like, “hey, i’ve got a flat tire, does anyone here know a lot about 30 rock”?
  • chowder: it's fun to be married. i’ve never been supervised before. i’m supervised. farmer studies what i do, like an anthropologist. she'll be like, “sometimes, he will watch a movie on tv even though he already owns that movie on dvd. pointing this out confuses and upsets him"
  • nursey: the bad guy would hold the joint in a villainous way. they'd always offer the joint in a way that no one ever holds a joint. like it's a skull in a shakespeare play
  • dex: i’ll keep all my emotions right here, and then one day, i’ll die
  • tango: ah... numbers, the letters of math
  • whiskey: sometimes babies will point at me, and i don’t care for that shit at all

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 again today and noticed a bunch more things on the rewatch.

  • First of all I was expecting to be bored at least some of the time (I mean, I just saw it a little over a week ago), but I never, ever was, not even once. This movie uses every minute so well. (Unlike the first one, where most of the Ronon and Thanos scenes dragged horribly even the first time, and were completely skippable on a rewatch.)
  • I love how the end of the movie recontextualizes some of the earlier scenes. For example, Mantis’s misery and fear is so obvious when she first meets the gang, and in most of her scenes afterwards. The first time you watch it, her anxiety is easily read as nervousness around strangers. The second time, though, it’s such a gut-punch to see her standing behind Ego, wringing her hands, and knowing why.
  • Drax mistaking Yondu for Peter’s actual father is another of those fantastically recontextualized scenes. The first time, it’s funny, just a tossed-off joke. The second time, though … right in the feels. Because Drax, for the most part, doesn’t get the whole concept of people pretending to be something other than what they are. He watches Yondu and Peter interact with each other and he totally gets the actual relationship in a way even they don’t.
  • Speaking of which, there is some really brilliant editing in this movie. This time around, I noticed how it cut from Ego’s “I’m your dad, Peter” right to the first installment of Yondu’s storyline (which also involved interacting with his parental stand-in, Stakar). And none of the significance of this is clear if you don’t know the characters’ emotional context! You basically can only pick it up after having seen the movie once.  
  • The pacing on all the emotional arcs is so, so good. I didn’t even really notice, the first time around, how strong the Peter-Rocket arc is, from their fighting in the beginning, through Rocket not wanting to leave him on the planet, to their little moment of connection at the end.
  • I still can’t get over how this movie has eight major characters (not counting Ego; let’s not count Ego) and every single one of them has a) an emotional arc of their own, b) at least one strong platonic relationship arc with a beginning, middle, and end, and c) at least one scene in which they get to be awesome and do something important. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Even the noncombatants. Even the baby!
  • The first time around, I didn’t really notice how brutal Gamora and Nebula’s fight is. @sheronm pointed out how incredibly OTT Gamora picking up the ship cannon is (in a way female characters rarely get to be) but the whole fight is like that: brutal, dirty, vicious, and not sexualized in the slightest. Speaking of which …
  • The only shirtless scenes in the whole movie are guys (Peter on the ship, and Yondu at the brothel). The closest the movie comes to a romance arc is Peter and Gamora flirting and dancing. I still adore how Mantis and Drax make it explicitly clear that they aren’t into each other in a sexual/romantic way, and yet the most important relationship either of them has in the movie is with each other, and he’s willing to die to save her in the end. The movie doesn’t completely ignore romantic love (the Peter/Gamora relationship is still important), and it is true that there are a few sexist jokes (like Peter hitting on the Sovereign queen – though he apologizes for it, which is a rare thing). But overwhelmingly, this is a movie that never dismisses its female characters to “love interest” or sexualizes them any more than the male characters are.
  • When I saw this movie the first time, I thought the soundtrack and use of music was better in the first movie, but now that I’ve seen them both back to back, I was so, so wrong. They both have great music, they both have some great musical scenes, but I think it’s mostly that the first movie has a faster, more actiony soundtrack, while the second movie has a slower, gentler, more emotional soundtrack that I didn’t fully appreciate at first. But in the first movie, the music is mostly a (well-done!) melodic accompaniment to the action, while in the second movie, the songs are very carefully fit to the scenes in which they occur – whether the important thing is the peppy/awful contrast (“Come a Little Bit Closer” over the murder montage), or the whole point is that the song is so terribly, cheesily on point (“Brandy”), or sometimes because the song fits the emotional tone of the scene in the best fanvid kind of way (“Father & Son”, or the repeated use of “The Chain” for the characters being separated and then coming all back together in Peter’s love-epiphany/Power of Friendship™ moment at the end).

It’s just sooo goooood. I really didn’t expect a bombastic, ridiculous musical comedy in space to genuinely be one of the best movies I’ve seen in ages.

for valentine’s day, even shows up at isak’s place, wearing a white buttoned up shirt, a large bouquet of roses in one hand and a box of chocolate in the other. a red, heart-shaped, chocolate box. eskild’s the one opening the door for him, and when he does, he looks at him and exclaims “oh for fuck’s sake”, shaking his head. “do you have to rub it in our faces? like, have some consideration, even” and even can’t help but chuckle. he takes a rose from the bouquet and hands it to eskild. “happy valentine’s day, eskild” and eskild takes it and stares at it before he says “unbelievable” but all even can hear is the smile in his voice 

and then even’s knocking on isak’s door, and opening it before he gets an answer. isak’s sitting on his bed, a textbook on his lap, and when he looks up and sees even, even and his proud smile and his raised eyebrows, his eyes widen a little. the thing is that even isn’t doing this seriously. he is a bit of a romantic. well, he’s a big, hopeless romantic. but he’s never given isak flowers and chocolate and it’s not a gesture he expects isak to be touched by. he sort of expects isak to look at him with an incredulous smile and he expects him to shake his head and he expects him to say something along the lines “are you for real, even?”, to which he’d reply “yup, totally” 

but isak is sort of just. looking at him, biting the inside of his lower lip, and he’s not saying anything. and even can’t quite read his eyes, so he frowns, confused, and he goes to sit on his bed next to him, flowers and chocolate at their feet and he whispers “hey you”. he grabs isak’s hand and starts drawing circles with his thumb on his palm and he asks “what’s up?” and isak looks at him, and then he looks down, and then he opens his mouth and closes it again. and there’s a silence, even doesn’t know how long it lasts, he just keeps stroking isak’s palm. and then isak sighs, looks up, looks at him in the eyes and he says “i was thinking. earlier today, like, seeing these posts on facebook, i was thinking. i’ve never spent valentine’s day with”. isak swallows, sighs again. “i’ve never been with someone i wanted to be with you know? on valentine’s day last year, i got with sara and. that’s not what i wanted you know?” he shakes his head a little, lines on his forehead. “it’s not about valentine’s day, you know? it’s just -” 

after a few seconds, isak doesn’t finish his sentence and even’s just wrapping an arm around his shoulders, pulling him close. he kisses the top of his head a couple of times, whispers “i know” against his hair. even never asked isak about his past relationships, always let isak come talk to him when he wanted to, when he needed to. and isak did, sometimes, like that time when they were watching a movie and he told even “i only like boys, you know? i mean, right now you’re the only boy i like, but in general i only like boys” and even smiled and kissed his temple and said “and there’s nothing wrong with that” 

the side of isak’s face is against even’s shoulder and he inhales his scent, warm breath falling on even’s neck everytime he exhales and he says quietly “i’m just glad to have you” and he raises his chin up, and even kisses him once, replies “i’m glad to have you, too” and kisses him again, three, four times. they stay like this for a while, before isak reaches for the chocolate box. when he opens it, the first thing he notices is that there’s one missing, and he raises an eyebrow at even and even gives an innocent shrug and says “what? i was hungry”. and isak’s laughing this time, and when even sees the light in his eyes and the smile lines framing his mouth, when he hears isak sigh happily, he thinks that he can’t believe his luck, and that he’d go buy chocolate from all the stores in isak’s neighborhood if it meant he gets to keep seeing this exact look on his face 

Imagine Ellen setting you and Tom Up

Summery: Okay so in this imagine you are a pretty big actor who has made quite a few movies. You’re pretty famous and well known. A HUGE fan of Spiderman and Tom Holland, which Ellen knows. Little do you know that Tom is a huge fanboy of you as well. So, Ellen decided to play matchmaker and see if she can make her two guests fall in love.

 Key: (Y/N)= Your name (Y/L/N) = your last name (C/F/N)=Celebrity friend name (S/N) =Ship Name (O/C/F) =other celebrity friend __________________________________________ 

 You pace back and forth in your dressing room, trying your best to calm your nerves before going on live television. This isn’t he first time you will have been on television, but it is the first time you’ll be on the Ellen show. You had met Ellen at the last Emmy awards and you two had gotten along quite well, even becoming friends. The blonde invited you to be on the show after she saw the trailer for your latest film “Falling For a Lost Cause” about making the most out of life and love. It was kind of ironic how you played in a dramatic love story and yet had nobody for yourself to love. Well, romantically that is. Unless you count your obsession over Tom Holland. 

You had been a huge Spiderman fan ever since you were younger when you used to steal your brother’s comic books, and now that they’d come out with another reboot of the movie, you could honestly say you were in love. Toby and Andrew had also taken a toll on you as you spent countless night dreaming about them, but when Tom Holland was announced as the new web slinging hero, you fell head over heels. It may have been due to the fact that he was closer in age than the other two, or maybe it was the way his chocolate brown orbs could make you melt. 

 You had almost met him once. You were invited to the Doctor Strange premiere and saw the man of your dreams doing an interview, being his nerdy self. When your close friend (C/F/N) finally pushed you to talk to him (and I literally mean she shoved you into him) you bumped into him rather hard and stumbled, losing your footing and pulling Tom down with you while others froze, watching the embarrassing ordeal. Immediately you began spitting out apologies, stumbling over your words and turning a bright shade of red to match the shade you were pretty sure matched Tom’s as people helped you to your feet. As you stood up, Tom said nothing as he stared at you, frozen and making you more embarrassed. You remember thinking ‘oh god, he hates me’ before literally running away. 

 You booked it down the red carpet, going past interviews and other celebrities before you hid behind your other friend (O/C/F), the whole night making sure that you wouldn’t see Tom Holland again. 

 The next morning your twitter feed was filled with clips of the embarrassing night before. As well as the many people commenting (S/N) anywhere they could. You shake your head as you recall the embarrassing memory from over 6 months ago, stopping your pacing and plopping down on the couch, smoothing out the white robe you had on that you’d be removing to change into the black dress hanging up. 

 Deciding to kill time and get your mind off things, you change into the tight long sleeve black dress and your black strap on heels when you hear a knock on the door. As you put in your right earring, grabbing your left, you head to the door. 

 Curiously, you turn the handle and peer out to see who you recognized as Andy, with a headset on and an embarrassed look on his face. “Oh hey,” you smiled, putting in your other earring as you opened you door further, now seeing a camera crew behind the average man. “Uh hey to you too?” you said to the cameras suspiciously. “Andy right?” you asked as you shook the man’s hand. He nodded “yep, and you’re (Y/N) (Y/L/N) right?” he asked sarcastically. You laughed slightly, “Yuppo, that’s me,” you say in a slightly off voice and immediately scolding yourself mentally or your weirdness afterwords. 

 Andy however, laughs and you cringe, “Sorry I don’t know why I did that,” you giggle, “That was weird.” you laugh with Andy as he shakes his head, “No, you’re fine. Ellen just wants a word with you before the show.” he explains and you nod suspiciously, “a word with me?” you ask and Andy nods, “And a camera crew?” you ask, knowing Ellen is planning something. “She wants to document it, for memories.” he says not convincing you in the least. “Uh huh,” you nod suspiciously as Andy begins walking away.

 "Should I be scared?“ You ask the camera, to which the man holding it only smiles, "Come on man,” you laugh, following Andy, “Give me a hint,” you whisper shout making the cameraman smile once more, “Ugh you are no help.” you groan, trudging after Andy down a few halls. 

 Stopping, you take off your heels to ease the pain in the balls of your feet, running to catch up with Andy as he stops in front of a room. “Is this the part where you murder me?” you joke as Andy stays straight faced, answering by opening the door. “Andy?” you ask, a chill going up your spine, as you step into the room. “Are you actually going to murder me?” you ask, your smile dropping as Andy closes the door suddenly, trapping you inside. Your eyes widen as you rush to the door, hitting the wood “Andy!” you exclaim, hearing nobody on the other side. 

 You groan turning around sliding down the door. “Ugh,” you say, before seeing a camera on the far wall. Suddenly your blood runs cold, “Ellen if you scare me I swear I’ll die!” you warn, standing up and pacing the room, stopping before another hidden camera. “I’m genuinely afraid right now,” you laugh slightly before you hear the door open behind you. 

 You almost turn around before you hear a voice you recognize, “Wait in there?” the British accent speaks, and you freeze, immedietly knowing who it is. “Nah mate, I feel like she’s gonna jump out at me.” Tom speaks once more and you almost laugh as you hear his footsteps stumble into the room and hear the door slam once more. You glare at the camera in front of you, shaking your head angrily at Ellen who was most likely watching. Then you heard Tom speak again, “Uh, miss?” he spoke uncertainly and you made a face, not wanting to address him and have him remember you. “Do you know why I’m in here?” he asks, his voice getting closer. You turn around slowly, eyes trained on the floor as you try not to make eye contact, “I know about as much as you do,” you sigh, finally making yourself look up at Tom. Oh God, why did he have to look so good. His hair was slicked and he was wearing a t-shirt and Denim jeans. He probably hadn’t changed for the show yet.

 You had no idea he would be on the show today, if you did you would have been a lot more nervous. As you studied him, you noticed that he froze, his eyes trained on you as he stood tense, a light pink dusting his features. He probably was remembering the last time you saw him, when you completely embarrassed him. 

 You smiled shyly as he broke out into a huge grin, his mouth hanging open, “Y-you’re (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” he exclaimed, his arms making a huge gesture. You furrowed your brows as he stared at you, “Yeah?” you said uncertainly as Tom exploded with energy, pacing around the room with his hands messing up his hair excitedly, the smile never leaving his face, “O-oh my God!” he exclaimed, “I am just such a huge fan.” he explained, coming up and grabbing your hand to shake it quite quickly, “I love you in (M/T) and (O/M/T) just,” he sighed, reminiscing, “Absolutely amazing!” he explained, going on and about you and how much of a fan he was. 

 To say you were shocked would be an understatement. This man you were practically in love with, whom you thought hated you, was a complete fanboy! Finally, not being able to stay silent anymore, you exploded, “Me? You like me?” you asked in astonishment, your eyes wide as you stared him up and down, “I am like your biggest fan!” you exclaimed, “Y-you’re just so talented and funny.” you went on, “I cried when I watched the impossible, and I NEVER cry…besides Disney movies…” you mumble as you continued to compliment Tom and his work. 

 He stood there starstruck until you finally said, “and I thought you hated me after I embarrassed you on the red carpet,” to which Tom furrowed his brows, “What? no!” he disagreed, “Yeah!” you exclaim, “I mean, I pulled you to the ground in front of millions of viewers and to be fair you didn’t even say a word to me–" 

 "That’s because I was star struck!” he interrupts, “and you ran off before I could introduce myself. I found it quite funny actually,” he laughed with you, “Ugh. Well you know me, trying to avoid embarrassing encounters only by making them more awkward,” you face palmed. Tom laughed mumbling something under his breath you couldn’t quite make out. 

“Oh and don’t even get me started on Spiderman,” you exclaim as Tom’s head shoots up, “I mean, I love him so much it’s not even funny.” you laugh as Tom smiles widely, “No way, YOU love Spiderman?” he asks you and you nod obviously, giving him a “duh” face. “I love Spiderman too!” he exclaims, “What are the odds?” he says sarcastically as you laugh with him. 

 Finally your laughter dies down and you realize you were still trapped in this room, and the show should start in 20 minutes. “How are we gonna get out?” you say suddenly, both of your eyes widening.

Just then, you hear a voice all too familiar on the com on the right side of the room, “I’ll let you out if you kiss,” Ellen’s voice breaks through, causing your eyes to widen and face to turn to a shade resembling a tomato. 

You hear her snickers before the com cuts off and you cough awkwardly, not even daring to spare Tom a glance, “Come on Ellen,” You groan, giving Tom an awkward smile, in which he returns shyly.

After what seems like forever, but was most likely just a few minutes, Tom’s stomach growls, causing you to laugh and gasp, “Ellen, we got a starving boy in here!” You exclaim as Tom begins to laugh, “What kind of monster traps someone in a room with no food!” You laugh with Tom as he kicks the ground with his foot.

About ten seconds later, a box slides under the small space under the door. Immediately, you rush to the box, pulling it out the rest of the way and jumping with glee.

Tom walks over curiously, “What is it?” He asks before I open the box, smiling even wider before I answer, “The cure to everything,” I sigh, “Aka, pizza.” I laugh as Tom groans teasingly, “I call first slice,” You declare, pulling out a slice and shoving it into your mouth. 

You look over at Tom who’s eyes are wide with shock, “What?” You ask though a mouthful of cheesy goodness, “We’re trapped in here and you’re worried about getting the first slice?” He asks astonished. You glare at him teasingly, “You got something against pizza?” You ask as Tom immedietly widens his chocolate orbs and raises his hands in defense, “I didn’t say that,”  he declares as you level a playful glare at him, “Good, I almost had to kill you for a second.” Tom giggled, actually giggled, “Well, we can’t have that now can we?” he laughs and you laugh with him, handing him the pizza box as he takes out a slice. 

The two of you sit there in silence, eating pizza and sharing awkward glances, both resulting in blushing and looking down at the floor.

“The show starts in 15 minutes and I haven’t even gone to wardrobe,” he throws his head back and groans once more. You laugh at him, “After eating this greasy goodness, I need to get my makeup redone.” You sigh, “Guess we’re both in trouble,”

Tom mumbles something under his breath you can’t quite make out as you turn to him curiously, “What?” You ask and Tom looks at you in embarrassment, as if he was hoping you didn’t hear him. “S-sorry, no it was stupid…forget it.” he said too quickly, his eyes darting back to the floor.

You furrowed your brows, “No, I didn’t hear you, what was it?” you asked, genuinely curious as Tom looked up from the floor at you shyly, a pink dusting his cheeks, “I…er,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, making you smile at his shyness, “I, um, I said maybe we should just do it…” he trailed off as you smiled at him, your cheeks turning bright red. 

“You mean kiss?” You ask, immedietly getting nervous and twiddling your thumbs. “Yeah…” Tom said, now seeming certain and determined as his eyes bore into mine. 

“I-I mean unless you don’t want to we could just–” You interrupt him, placing your right hand on the back of his neck and pulling his face towards yours to press your lips onto his. 

As soon as your tender flesh meets, Tom’s hand goes to your waist, pulling you impossibly close as your hand goes up to mess with his dark curls which were so much softer than you’d imagined.

The kiss was hungry and passionate and needy. neither of you wanted to break away as the door opened.

Finally you forced yourself to pull your lips from his, out of breath as Tom smiled at you slightly, his eyes wide, “Tastes like pizza,” he mumbles before Ellen and a camera crew come barging in, the blonde laughing hysterically, her face red as she stares at the two of you in shock, with mischief in her eye.

You had no time to be embarrassed as the crew dragged you and Tom away to your wardrobes where hair and makeup were waiting for you.

As they dolled you up, fixed your hair and rearranged your outfit, you sat in shock, not believing what just happened. You just kissed your celebrity crush, and he kissed you back. 

You touched your lips chastely as you recalled his lips that were once there, on yours…


A/N: Part two will be what happens when the show actually starts and Ellen shows the audience your guys’ footage. It may even lead to a relationship.

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What do you think everyone's favorite Disney movies are?

Hoo boi!! Let’s see…

Daichi: The Fox and the Hound. Like legit, you know that mother fucker watches this when he’s home sick. He curls up on the couch with tissues (totally for the cold and definitely not for all the tears he be sheddin’ by the end of the movie). He considered changing Pochi’s name to Copper when he first got him but then decided against it because Noya had promised to find him a new home and he didn’t want to get too attached. (Ha. Ha.) Then by the time he realized he was stuck with him, it was too late to change it. He regularly holds Pochi’s paws and says, “I’m a hound dooooogggg.” Suga has it on video and watches it when he’s feeling down.

Suga: If you ask Suga what his favorite Disney movie is, chances are he will tell you “Cool Runnings” or “Max Keeble’s Big Move” just to be a little shit and get you to say, “No… I mean like… you know. The animated ones. Uhm… like when you say Disney movie they’re the ones that pop up in your head…” “Ohh… you mean like the Lizzie McGuire Movie.” “Suga no.” But actually, his favorite is Frozen. Honestly, that “Let it Gosong was LIT and he never misses an opportunity to sing it. “Suga, did you eat the cupcake I told you not to-” “LET IT GOOOO LET IT GOOOOO.” “God damn it.” Or when Daichi is getting out of the shower… Suga kicks the door of the bathroom open, LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOOORRR! “SUGA GET OUT.” He absolutely loves it. He dressed up as a perfect male Elsa for Halloween. Any time someone disses on it, “It wasn’t THAT good…” a fist fight breaks out. Let people enjoy things, you fucks.

Oikawa: Lilo and Stitch. “It’s not because the aliens! Shut up, Iwa-chan!” It’s totally because it’s a heartfelt story about family sticking together and definitely not because there are space ships and aliens and lasers. Nope. Iwaizumi made him a Scrump doll for their fourth anniversary and Oikawa takes it with him whenever he travels and totally, no way, definitely does NOT sleep with it. Nope.

Iwaizumi: Oliver and Company. Despite having the voice of an angel, Iwaizumi has very few indulgent songs that he sings when he’s at home. “Why Should I Worryis one of the few that he actually does belt when he’s in the mood. Just imagine him sliding in his socks around the kitchen as he’s making dinner, singing into a wooden spoon… “Why should I worry? Why should I care? I may not have a dime, but I got street savoire faire.” It’s Oikawa’s little secret that he will never share with anyone. On Iwaizumi’s last birthday, Oikawa dressed up as Georgette and sang “Perfect Isn’t Easy”. Like… he just pranced around the bedroom singing, “Though many covet my bone and bowl, they’re barkin’ up the wrong tree. You pretty pups all over the city, I have your hearts and you have my pity. Pretty is nice, but still, it’s just pretty. Perfect, my dear, is me.” Iwaizumi laughed so hard that he started crying and it was definitely the best birthday he’s ever had.

Matsukawa: A Goofy Movie. And not just because of the memes. Because of the strong familial bond between Goofy and Max and how hard Goofy tries but just can’t seem to get it right. Matsukawa can see a bit of his own father in him, as they had their own troubles back when he was in high school. They got through it and have an even stronger relationship and he can see that in this movie. (but it’s mostly because of the memes.)

Hanamaki: The Princess and the Frog. He’s got that Friends on the Other Side,” song memorized and sings it while he’s…. well… “working”. Also, RayXEvangeline is his OTP and he will go to the grave preaching their love. He used to go catch frogs in the pond near his house when he was a kid so honestly he just has a total soft spot for the little critters. Oh and he thinks Prince Naveen is a total hottie. 10/10 would smash.

Bokuto: Aladdin! Oh man he could watch this movie every day for the rest of his life and never get tired of it!!! He’s even dressed up as the Genie for Halloween more than once! He’s got that “Friend Like Me” song DOWN. He can do all the voices and everything! In fact, one of the main reasons Akaashi fell in love with him way back in high school was because on the few occasions that it was Akaashi that lost some confidence, Bokuto would sing the song to him and change “Aladdin” to “Akaashi” and it never failed to cheer him up to hear, “Mister Akaashi, Sir, what will your pleasure be? Let me take your order, jot it down. You ain’t never had a friend like me!”

Akaashi: Monster’s Inc.! Oh man Akaashi loves this movie so much. One of the only times you can see him visibly get giddy is when this movie is playing. It’s honestly the most adorable thing Bokuto has ever seen and every time Akaashi imitates Boo and says, “Kitty!” in a cutesy voice, Bokuto legit ascends to a higher plane of existence. He definitely plays the jazzy OST in the background when he’s sewing, humming along with the melody. He also may or may not have pushed a small child down in his desperation to get into the theater for the very first showing of Monster’s University. (Also, don’t tell anyone, but he made himself a Sully pajama onesie and definitely wears it all the time, but knows Pain in the Ass Kuroo-san would never let him hear the end of it if he found out so he keeps it a secret even from Bokuto.)

Kuroo: The Emperor’s New Groove. Kuroo has most definitely dressed up as Kuzco for Halloween around the same times Bokuto has dressed up as Genie. (In both the llama and human form.) His ringtone was also “Perfect World” for the longest time, until Kenma changed it one night after getting tired of hearing Kuroo shout out “Me!” after the “This Perfect World begins and ends with-” part before answering his phone.

Kenma: Toy Story. Hey, the less actual human beings in a movie, the better, ammiright? As a kid who didn’t have a lot of real friends growing up, the concept that your toys came to life and loved playing with you as much as you played with them was a really beautiful concept to him. He had always been a really rational kid, and knew that it was fiction, but there was some part of him that always thought, “But what if?” After the first time he watched Toy Story, he started treating his toys more gently, and daydreamed that even his videogame consoles and all the characters within them were alive and got excited every single time he took the controller. Not to mention Sid’s Scare Scene gave him ungodly satisfaction to watch after he acquired a few bullies in primary school.

Asahi: Up! Because… Because… *sobs* they were so in love… and he was such a grumpy old man but then… *SOBS* BUT HE WAS HER ADVENTURE AND OMG DOUG AND THEN THEY WERE WATCHING THE CARS TOGETHER AT THE END AND… AND… *wailing*

Nishinoya: MULAN! Kick ass women and plenty of fight scenes and most importantly… “To be a man, we must be swift as the coursing river. With all the force of the great typhoon. With all the strength of a raging fire. As mysterious as the dark side of the moon!”

Kiyoko: Brave. Strong independent woman that don’t need no man and instead wants to ride her horse and shoot her bow and fight bears and learn to connect and understand her mother? Uhhh…. sign her the FUCK up. Also, King Fergus reminds her so much of her dad that she can’t help but giggle every time he shows up on screen. And that hair animation? ENCHANTING. She can’t tear her eyes from it.

Yachi: Tangled. Oh c’mon. Duh! Yachi is so TOTALLY Rapunzel. It’s not even funny. She relates HARD with the heroine and oh my GOD it’s so cute to see her flouncing around her apartment in her PJ’s, singing, “And at last I see the light! And it’s like the fog has lifted!”

Hinata: The Little Mermaid. REDHEAD. A REDHEAD! Oh man Hinata used to watch this movie every day. He was so excited to see a redheaded Disney princess. His mom bought him a fork just so he could brush his hair with it. He used to have a little fish tank in his room and he named all of the fish after the characters. “I’m going to marry Ariel when I get older!” Little did he know, he ended up being Ariel and falling for the tall, black haired prince with the bright blue eyes instead. Oopsie Daisies.

Kageyama: Finding Nemo. There’s something about small… orange… things that draws Kageyama to them. He really has no clue what the heck it is. He has been caught a few times muttering, “Just keep swimmin’. Just keep swimmin’.”  Under his breath when he’s stressed out, either on the volleyball court or in school. Pretty much everyone has noticed but they’re a little scared that he will stop doing it if they point it out so they pretend not to hear him. It’s just too cute of a habit to lose.

Miya: Hercules. Okay Miya is low key in love with Danny Devito and so anytime he’s in ANYTHING, it’s his favorite thing. Not to mention Meg reminds him high key of a certain tsundere who won’t say he is in love. Although, if he’s being completely honest, Miya relates a bit more to Hades than he does Hercules (I think you mean HUNKules).

Shirabu: Moana. So, Shirabu doesn’t really watch a lot of movies. Okay, he NEVER watches movies. He doesn’t have time. He’s got better things to do. The few movies he HAS seen were pretty much whatever Miyazaki Hayao was putting out and even then, he wasn’t really attached to any of them. Then Moana came out and he was quite literally DRAGGED off to see it by Miya. He swore he wasn’t going to have a good time and sit with arms crossed, complaining the whole movie, but then some ANNOYING asshole laced their fingers together and refused to let go and UGH. So obnoxious. But then that same annoying asshole seemed to have a lot of fun and hummed to the tune of Shiny on the way out of the theater and down the street. And well… it did have good music. And it looked pretty. And then when Miya took him to dinner afterwards, Shirabu had managed to choke out a reluctant, “Thank you” and had to suffer through an exuberant, “What can I say except you’re welcome?But you know… Shirabu wouldn’t be against the idea of seeing more movies in the future….

Welp. That’s what I came up with. Seem fitting? Thanks for the ask, I had a lot of fun thinking about this!

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How do you think Connor and Evan's first time cuddling would go?

oooooohhh boy, this is kinda a loaded question considering i have a VAST amount of specific/extensive headcanons concerning the DEH kids (& tree bros specifically) SO UNDER THE CUT WE GO!!

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Dating Zach Dempsey would include:

Originally posted by knightlley

- Him teaching you how to play basketball, because no girl of his is going to be useless at it, but him never losing faith, even if it took weeks for you to even be able to shoot.

- All the cuddles all the time!! he’s such an affectionate person so whenever he can get a cuddle, he will: seeing you after school; watching a movie, or just spooning you to sleep.

- Forehead kisses! due to him being a literal giant it’s the perfect excuse to kiss your forehead.

- You being his #1 fan about everything, not caring if he wants to do basketball for the rest of his life (which i mean c’mon would not be a bad thing, look at him) or to follow his dreams and become a marine biologist.

- Having intellectual debates, because he’s one of the smartest people you know, like Zach!! what is the probability of us ever having met?? what if god is an illusion? the theory of parallel universes! (because you both believe in those)

- Having the best relationship with his mum and sister, because they’re wonderful people who love Zach as much as you do.

- Him always asking you for permission for anything he does, “babe, is it okay to kiss you?” or “are you sure you want this?” “WE’VE BEEN DATING FOR YEARS DEMPSEY” because if he ever pushed you too far or hurt you in any ways, it would kill him, because you’re the best thing that’d ever happened to him.

- Wearing his letterman jacket everywhere because you know how much he loves it. It comes down way past your bum, but he insists you look to die for in it.

- Flirting in class, you always glance over to him, because why wouldn’t you? he’s gorgeooouusss, and every time he catches you, he’ll wink, and it will make your stomach flip every time, because damnnn how does this boy still cause such feelings?

- After class, having to make-out in a store cupboard because Zach freaking Dempsey is irresistible, and insatiable.

- Being the cutest couple in the entire school, and being elected prom king & queen because you two were honestly goals. 

lazyshawn! au

•fluffy bed head hair that he keeps running his hands through
•that low, groggy voice he gets when he’s tired and sleepy
•shuffling around the house to ensure that he doesn’t trip and fall
•"babe come lay on me"
•"i’m cold”
•"shawn there’s a blanket literally right there"
•"i know but i don’t wanna move to get it"
•him whining because you refuse to support his lazy antics
•him reaching out and grabbing you by the waist, pulling you down on top of him
•" ‘don’t wanna move’ my ass"
•him humming a sigh of contentment as he nuzzles into your neck
•feeling his heartbeat against your chest
•him lazily scratching your back and playing with your hair
•"shawn we need to do something today"
•"this IS something"
•"no i mean go outside or something like that"
•"ew no"
•turning on the tv and looking for a movie to watch
•settling on a cheesy rom-com because even though you both would never admit it you guys love them
•falling in and out of sleep while he softly sings to you
•"shawn let go of me i have to pee"
•"hold it"
•him whining for you to hurry up so he can hold you again
•you purposely going to the kitchen to make tea just so he has to wait longer for you
•him coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist while you stir sugar into your tea
•you two just standing against the counter while he rests against your back
•going back to the couch and laying your head in his lap while he plays with your hair
•just being content and everything is okay and you two just spend the day being together and loving each other

Bts | Reaction | Ouch.

[ i can imagine on both ends - this being very painful. Hope you enjoy and thanks for requesting this interesting concept lol ] 


Would be at loss for words. Like, literally, would not be able to speak as he swallowed the scream that got caught in his throat - while slowly collapsing to the floor in excruciating pain. It would be best to just give the man a few minutes to compose himself, as he curled up into a little ball and contemplated about life. 

“Jin, sweetie, I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean to-”

“Be gone, you savage!”


“That’s exactly what yo dumbass get- I mean, are you okay, baby?”

Yoongi saw it coming from a mile away. As soon as you challenged Jungkook to a wrestling match, he knew that the maknae was bound to end up going a little too rough on you eventually. It was common sense, after all. So at first, he’ll show no sympathy - but when he saw the pained expression on your face, he’d be a little bit more understanding. Still be a little shit about it, though.

“You want some ice on that, champ?” 


Would honestly watch the show unfold before him. After you recovered from the kick to your no-no square, you didn’t hesitate to go after the dead man that did it to you - him happily helping you do so.

“He’s hiding in the pantry, jagi!” 

“Hyung, whose side are you on?!?!” 

“The winning side. He’s making a run for it, baby, get him!” 


“How dare you? Do you know how precious that area is to me- I mean, her?” 

Don’t even bother going after the member that put you through that kind of trauma, Hobi’s got that taken care of for you. If he was already considered being annoying sometimes to that member, oh ho, they haven’t seen nothing yet. After that, he was going to make them wish they never even lifted their foot off the ground.

“Sleep with one eye tonight, Jimin.” 


He was actually the one to kick you in the crotch - but to be fair, it was partially your fault. He was already on edge from the horror movie ya’ll got done watching; you shouldn’t have sneaked up behind him. 

“Jagi! Oh my god, I am so sorry - I didn’t know it was you!” 

“Who the hell did you think it was?!” You rasped, clenching your teeth as you held your pelvic bone in agony. “We’re the only ones h-home!” 

“I told you to never sneak up behind me after a scary movie!” 

“How was I suppose to know you’d freaking sucker-kick me in the vagina, Jimin?! HOW?!” 

“ *gif* ”   lol hoseok in the back just makes it better


“After all the pleasure he’s brought to you - this is how you repay him?” 

Honestly, after this, no more dick for you for at least a month or two. You know, just to teach you not to mistreat that good-good ever again.  

sorry not sorry 


Would be just like Namjoon, eating food while watching you mercilessly beat the shit out of his hyung just after recovering from the blow. He didn’t blame you, if anything he was mentally cheering you on from afar. 

“Jungkook, do something! She’s your girlfriend!” 

“And get my ass beat? Nah, I’m good over here.” 


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(Another day when smut didn’t want to come out and having serious hoseok feelings but when am I not? This is about poor baby being stressed. Fluff)

Hoseok threw himself on to the bed, his light hair hitting the pillows next to you, making you look up from your romance book that you’d been getting lost in since Wonho had been away a lot with his hectic schedule. Surprising you, he turned on his side, wrapping his muscular arm around your stomach, placing his leg over yours and nuzzling in to the crook of your neck before adorably rubbing his tired eyes. Gazing at how stressed he looked, you put your book down before kissing his forehead. He hummed at your touch, a slight smile on his lips. 

“Hey Mr Needy, are you alright?” 

You asked, your heart sinking as his eyes closed, enjoying the moment of tranquillity. His hold on you got tighter.

“I think so baby. I just missed you.” 

He uttered, his lips tickling your neck as he spoke. Oh, your boyfriend could be so sweet sometimes, well, all the time. 

“I’ve been right here baby.” 

You replied softly, running your finger tips through his lilac hair, trying your best to soothe him. He opened his eyes, propping his head up with his hand. His gaze fell over your body from bottom to top, drinking you in. Hoseok let out a deep sigh before looking longingly in to your eyes.

“I mean, I’ve missed ‘you’. I’ve missed waking up in your arms. I’ve missed you putting your legs over my lap while we watch movies. I’ve missed your beautiful laugh when I say cheesy things. It’s been so hard doing all of this without you. You’re my energy, baby, the reason I breathe.” 

You didn’t know what to say; you were stunned. He’d taken your breath away. You knew Hoseok was romantic, a true gentleman, but he’d never said something that had touched you so deeply before. With your heart racing, falling even deeper in love than you imagined was possible, you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, pleading for him to come closer with your eyes and before you knew it, you were kissing him harder than you ever had before. It seemed like the two of you were feeling particularly needy. Hoseok gently cupped your cheek in his hand as he affectionately teased your tongue with his, claiming your mouth, desperate to fill the void he was feeling. His lips on yours felt heavenly, so plump and peachy, you hadn’t been kissed like that for a long time and suddenly you knew what he meant by truly missing you. It was moments like this that he longed for. His lips lingered upon yours for a few precious moments, brushing against yours and pecking cute, innocent kisses upon them until he placed his head on your chest, wrapping his arm around you again. 

“I just want to listen to your heart beat for a while.” 

He murmured, making your urge to take care of him go in to a frenzy. There was something about your man that made you want to baby him, to make him smile that smile that made everyone fall for him. You held him in your arms, watching him cuddle you and be so at peace. You could tell he could stay there forever and so could you, he was all you needed in life and all you needed to be happy. 

“I have an idea baby. Stay right here.” 

You instructed as you climbed off the bed. Hoseok pouted, his sad puppy dog eyes coming to play as he reached out for you. He knew how to tug on your heart strings too much. 

“I have something planned for you. Don’t worry Hoseok, I’ll be back in a moment.”

The sound of trickling water echoed around the steamy bathroom as you washed Wonho’s prominent abs with a cloth, droplets of water chasing each other down his soft, milky skin. He sat in between your legs, leaning back so his head rested on your shoulder. You liked it this way. It was intimate and beautiful, you could hold his hands and kiss his cheeks as your stressed lover needed taken care of. Skin on skin, you placed an adoring kiss on his temple.

“Do you like taking care of me jagi?” 

Wonho asked, breaking the blissful silence. His question made you giggle, your heart swelling and filling with warmth.

“Yes I do, very much.” 

You replied, bringing the wash cloth up his strong arms, leaving a trail of glistening suds. Wonho beamed, the reflection of the bubbles in the bath sparkling in his eyes. 

“I like it too…although I feel a little emasculated.” 

He admitted, his chubby cheeks turning pink. Once again, you giggled, running your hands through his wet stringy hair. Hoseok smelled delicious and there was something about seeing him in his naked glory, soaked with water that made your downstairs speak to you.

“There’s nothing wrong in letting your girlfriend fuss over you baby.” 

You reassured him, starting to rub the cloth on his thick thighs, tantalisingly close to his groin.

“I know but…I think I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking care of you. I like taking care of you too.” 

His words made you smile. Inwardly, you purred; you liked it when he took care of you and he did it so well.

“Well, if you’d like, you can take very good care of me when we get out of the tub.” 

The suggestive tone in your voice sent a grin on Wonho’s lips. He took your hand in his before kissing each pad of your finger tips.

“I think that can be arranged baby.” 

“The Punisher” comic series sentence meme
  • You kill because you like it. ❞
  • And every one of them deserved it.
  • I keep telling you, I can fix it for you if you’ll only say the word. ❞
  • This ends like it started. In blood.
  • I don’t know who they think they’re kidding
  • Don’t think the past means shit to me.
  • There is a great beast loose in the world of men.
  • They aren’t coming back no matter what you do.
  • Someone’s been watching war movies.
  • Note the restlessness, the constant need for violent action that characterizes the true adrenaline junkie. ❞
  • Pretend it never happened. Deny, deny, deny. ❞
  • Don’t even know what planet I’m on. But I think I’m about to find out. ❞
  • You can kill every single one of them. That’s the gift I’ll give you.
  • Every night I go out and make the world sane. ❞
  • Trying to pretend you’re just an ordinary Joe. Spare me, will you? ❞
  • Don’t lose it. You lose it, and you’re no help to anyone. ❞
  • I went as far as I ever want to go, this time. ❞
  • This ‘real America’? It’s a fucking dream, man. ❞
  • I don’t work for or with anyone. Eventually they let you down.
  • You made it, you silly son of a bitch. ❞
  • Still seeing triple here. Not good at all.
  • You know, he is in great shape for a guy his age. I wonder if he’s got a big dick? ❞
  • Crime never ends. It claims its victims. ❞
  • In the end I guess it’s easy after all.
  • That’s an M60. He just put an M60 in the back of that Subaru. ❞
  • You really going to beg?
  • That’s when I knew I was getting desperate.
  • I think you’re still a human being.
  • Seeking without realizing. Into the nightmare again and again. ❞
  • I believe some… darkness reached out to you.
  • I’m a fucking people person, aren’t I? ❞
  • If the moment comes, pal, don’t kid yourself you’ll last a second. ❞
  • All you did was lose control.
  • When the time comes, I can put him down like a rabid dog. ❞
  • Go to hell where you belong, you cock-sucker.
  • A war that lasts forever, a war that never ends, but you have to say the word. ❞
  • Was there a time you weren’t so certain of yourself, that your life wasn’t a foregone conclusion?
  • You take no pleasure in what you do, take no pleasure in anything that I can see.
  • You get the other guy on the ropes, you keep him there.

I’ve been cracking myself up thinking of like a college au where Dean just took his patronus quiz and he’s pissed because he got some tiny animal like a cat or a fucking weasel (which is what I got wtf jo) so he’s seething to his best friend Cas who is like really indifferent, trying to study during Dean’s rant until Dean asks what Cas got and Cas says “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I haven’t taken the quiz.”

And Dean immediately pulls out his laptop, muttering “What the hell Cas we have to know NOW. Damn Ravenclaws always too busy studying to do the important things…”


“Yeah that’s your house isn’t it?”

“I don’t know.”

And Dean rolls his eyes. “How do you not know your house?”

“I haven’t taken that quiz either.”

And that launches Dean into another fit because what kind of self-respecting Harry Potter fan hasn’t been sorted into their house?

“But Dean, I’m not a Harry Potter fan. I’ve never even read the books.”

Dean is positively scandalized. He cannot believe his ears or his eyes staring blankly into the face of a man with no shame or remorse for the poisonous confession that had just escaped his beautiful too-pink lips.


“I didn’t know it was a requirement?”

“Have you seen any of the eight movies?”

“There are eight?”


Cas has the decency to put his book down. “Dean, I think you’re overreacting.”

“This is not overreacting. I’m friends with a heathen whose never read Harry Potter. Like you couldn’t even be one of those cheaters that just watched the movies, Cas, honestly?”

“It never appealed to me.”

“Who are you?”

Cas rolls his eyes. “Dean, if it means that much to you, I will take the quiz.”

“Oh no no no. You have to earn the quiz. We have work to do, Novak.”

And so is the story of how Castiel Novak lost a weekend of studying to marathoning the entire Harry Potter series.

When he finished Dean allowed him to take the sorting quiz. And as predicted he was a Ravenclaw.

Dean rolled his eyes at the result. “Typical.”

“Is it really that big of a deal?”

“Is it a big deal?” Dean scoffed. “Getting sorted into Hufflepuff was the second greatest identify crisis of my life, right behind my sophomore year sexuality crisis.”

And Cas looks skeptical but doesn’t argue because he remembers Dean’s sophomore year sexuality crisis and it was quite a mess.

He lets Dean show him to the patronus quiz and tries not to feel anxious as Dean paces behind him like this animated test determines his entire future. 

“I’m an owl.”

Dean sinks onto his bed, a small pout bending his lips. “Oh.”

“Is that bad?” The quiz doesn’t give an explanation, so Cas has no way of knowing if the owl symbolizes something deeper in the Harry Potter universe. Maybe it’s a bad omen.

“No, it’s just… don’t owls eat weasels?”

Cas squints. “I suppose, yes. They eat rodents and small vermin, which would include weasels.”

Dean glares at him. “Wow, thanks, Cas.”

“I don’t understand why you’re disappointed. I’m not going to attack you, Dean.”

And Dean is red now, trying to avoid Cas’s gaze. “I know. But I- I thought we’d be something more… compatible.” He fidgets, releases a resigned sigh. “Makes sense I guess. We’re really different.” Of course Cas is something far better than Dean, something bigger, fiercer, stronger. Something that could easily sweep him up and consume him whole like he was nothing.

Cas shuts the laptop and moves closer to Dean who still can’t look up. “Dean… I don’t know the implications of these animals as you might. But from what I gathered in the movies, they are a pure manifestation of one’s happiest memories. It is not the shape of the patronus that matters, but rather the essence. This quiz made a decision based on a few random parts of my personality, but it never asked me what my happiest memory was. Would you like to know?”

Dean can only nod.

“It was my first day at Lawrence Middle School. I was scared and angry and a group of boys were making fun of my bee socks at lunch. And just when I was at the point of tears, a scrawny kid in a Batman shirt jumped in front of me and poured chocolate milk all over Gordon Walker’s head.” Cas chuckled fondly, just thinking of it. “Then he sat across from me and gave me half of his pb&j.”

Dean is beat red and barely breathing. “You didn’t even like it because of the jelly,” he murmurs because it’s all he can think to say.

“And you stopped putting it on your sandwiches after that so you could share with me.”


Cas reaches across the small space between them to cup Dean’s jaw and gently turn Dean’s face to look at him. “We may be very different, Dean Winchester, but you have had the single most profound effect on my life since I was eleven years old. You are my happiness,” Cas leans forward, Dean’s eyes glazing over and lips parting, “and I don’t need a quiz to tell me that.”

When their lips meet, Dean forgets all about quizzes and balls of light. He feels Cas’s hand slide to the back of his head, tangling in his hair as Dean’s own hands clutch at Cas’s waist to hold him close, keep their lips pressed together in an endless first kiss.

It’s soft and a little awkward, it’s breathtaking and a bit sloppy, and it’s pure magic.

Submitted by @parkerbenjaminpeter!

“Do I have to?”

“Yes, Tom.

“But… it’s just – it’s so warm.” You smiled at your boyfriend as he wrapped the hotel sheets tighter around himself, burying his face in the pillows. “It’d be warmer if you were in here with me.” You reached out to grab his extended hand, cementing yourself to the ground so he couldn’t pull you onto the bed.

“Tom, you have to get up, baby.” He whined again, tugging you a little harder. You stood your ground – ignoring the way his closed eyes and how flushed his face looked in the morning. His face always looks so soft in the morning, the sun not kissing him yet and his eyes hooded in exhaustion. He had always looked so innocent to you, and you reeled in the satisfaction of knowing that this part of Tom was yours. You smiled as you carefully crawled onto the bed, careful not to make the mistake of laying down, knowing you’d never want to get up. “Tom,” you whispered, your hand reaching out to push through his hair.

“Darling,” he responded, bringing his hand up to hold yours. He brought the back of your hand to his lips, kissing you there lazily. “How much longer do we have?” You glanced at the clock.

“If we miss breakfast – an hour.” Tom shrugged, sitting up and looking through his suitcase next to the bed. He pulled out a box of granola bars.

“This good enough for you?” You laughed lightly, reaching out to grab a bar before going back to lay down next to him.

“Only an hour, Thomas.” He grinned cheekily, knowing he won you over. He picked up a granola bar and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you so you were laying on his chest. “Worth it,” he heard you whisper before taking a bite of your granola bar. He smiled, silently agreeing with you. You turned to turn on the TV, letting a television movie silently play in the background. In no time, your hour of lounging before the next interview passed by. You sighed when the five-minute warning alarm you’d set up started to ring. You leaned over and snoozed the alarm, instantly being pulled back into Tom’s chest when the ringing stopped.

“I love this.” You looked up at him, moving so your chin rested on his chest.

“What do you mean?” You took another bite of your granola bar, unknowingly gathering a few crumbs at the corner of your mouth. You blushed slightly as Tom’s thumb came up to brush them away. “Oops.” You smiled sheepishly as he pinched your cheek lightly.

“I love this – being with you, especially in the morning.” He lifted his left shoulder in a half-hazard shrug. “When I woke up this morning,” his fingers still danced across your face, moving his index along your neck all the way to your back, aimlessly drawing stars on you, “I looked at you – like, really looked at you. And, god, darling, you’ve ruined everything for me.” You frowned at him, not fully catching on.

“I’m sorry,” you began, only growing even more confused as he laughed you off, shaking his head.

“No, no! I don’t mean it like that. I just meant that, you know, nothing will ever compare to you. No song will ever sound as good as your laugh, no movie will ever be as enticing as watching you do something as simple as playing with your hair. No one and no thing will ever be you. You’ve ruined everything for me – but in the best way.” Your heart rate sped up as Tom leaned in, kissing you softly. There were so many things you’d wanted to say. You had never said you loved him – and he had never said he loved you. But, god did that feel like he had.

“Tom,” you breathed out, the smile he wore making you nervous for some reason. You opened your mouth to speak again, only to be cut off by a knock on the door. You sighed, climbing off the bed and straightening out your clothes when Tom got off the bed to walk toward the door.

“Hey, darling? What were you going to say back there? In the room?” You looked up from your phone, sitting on the couch in the greenroom. You shook your head at Tom, smiling stiffly. “Did you forget?”

“Tom! Interview time!”

“Coming!” He got up from the couch and stretched, taking a long stride toward you and leaning down to kiss the top of your head. “I’ll be back in a few, baby.” He was almost out the door when your nerves took control over you.

“Tom!” He stopped, turning quickly at the urgency in your voice.

“What’s the matter, love?” You bit your lip, looking at Tom’s wide, brown eyes. They were so innocent – a different pair of innocence than what they held this morning. “Baby, I’ve got to go. What’s wrong?”

“I just–,” you walked up to him quickly, grabbing either side of his face and pulling him in for a kiss. You sighed in relief, feeling a comfort in his immediate response and the feel of his smile. You pulled away after hearing his name being yelled for again. “Tom, I love you.” Tom’s eyes widened, his grip tightening around your waist.

“You what?”


“Give me a fucking minute!” He turned around, giving Harrison an apologetic look before turning around to face you again. “Darling, say that again.”

“I love you, Thomas.” He grinned, shaking his head at the use of his full name. He leaned in again, kissing you, the wide smile on both of your faces resulting in it being mostly teeth, short breaths and laughs.

“I love you too, my love.”

“Tom, we really have to go!” He pecked you one last time.

“I’ll be back.” You nodded, slowly releasing his face as he walked backwards. You opted for watching the interview from the greenroom. When you turned on the TV, the first thing you noticed was Tom’s bright smile as the interviewer asked why he was in such a good mood. He shook his head, his smile never faltering as his reached up to tuck a fallen strand back.

“I just love my girlfriend is all.”

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I want to be loved.

That romantic love where you go on the perfect dates that seem to come straight out of a movie.
First kiss under the moonlight kind of love. Cute, love at first sight feeling. Kinda passionate, kinda cheesy relationship. Knowing you’re my soulmate and that I’ll marry you one day. My one great love. That ‘everyone wants to be you’ vibe.

That fit together love where I just need you. Take me to an art museum and get some Italian food or even just stay at home and watch movies cuddled in a blanket. Soft kisses on the cheek and dancing around the kitchen kind of love. The relationship where I can call you at 3am when I miss you because you double as my best friend.

That hate grown into love where it’s all emotion. First we seem incompatible. But then it’s all blushing and confessing. Can’t stand you and can’t live without you. Teasing each other but never really meaning it. Our arguments end in you kissing me to shut me up. Rarely saying I love you but really meaning it when I do.

That awkward nervous love. Like a constant crush even though we’re together. The first kiss is a little uncomfortable but you’re so adorable. We hold hands. Always blushing when people mention our relationship. Talking quietly together, because you get me. We communicate without even speaking.

—  any of these will do. Someone just fall in love with me, so I can stop with this torturous unrequited love.

Okay so I need to point out something. 

The Balloon Squad is obviously most likely our baby Even’s former Squad. 

And this clip just revealed that Balloon squad are a bunch of gym boys. You know the kind who go to the gym to hang. 

So can you just imagine Even being a part of this?

and nei nei nei I don’t mean imagine Even working out. 

I mean imagine Even doing everything but working out. 

Like okay our sunshine is a lot of things but when it comes to gym time….eh not so much. He would rather watch a million movies, go cycling until they find themselves in a part of the city they have never seen before, and listen to lots of corny ass music, than to compare each others muscles. 

So just think, every time the boys are like “Oh hey man come to the gym” 

Even comes up with the most ridiculous excuses. Think “Family gathering” but with much more flare. 


“oh damn I would love to guys but my mother is having a crisis with which tea to pick so like I gotta go and….choose for her”

“oh hey wanna work out?” 

“what? Of course I do! But oh rats! I forgot, I need to film a plastic bag in the wind for this media thing…” 

“Even come to the gym.”

“Oh I can’t! My cat is giving birth to triplets!” 

“Even you don’t have a cat.” 

And then one time they finally get Even to the gym and what does he do? 

He literally spends the whole time sitting on some kind of bike machine and drawing doodles of his friends lifting politicians and puppies and vegetables instead of weights. and as soon as one of them turns around he quickly starts peddling and whistling casually. 

lol Even part of a gym squad guys I need to see this.

tigerkat24  asked:

wait hold up you remember the wall coming down? Can I ask you about your memories of the Soviet Union disappearing and how that felt to you? I know how my parents' generation felt about it, and I'm curious to know what the people in between felt. Obviously only if you have time/interest!

Well – okay, yes, I do remember the wall falling, but for some context, I was nine. So while I remember the day the wall came down, it’s mainly because I did not know what the fuck was going on and my parents were very bad about explaining it.  

I was born in 1979. By the time I was aware of the world around me, the cold war was essentially over. I did not grow up, as much of the younger boomer generation and most of GenX did, under continual threat of mutually assured destruction. By which I mean you can hear people a few years older than me talk about how they just assumed they would die in a nuclear armageddon, and I never had that sense. (Until, uh, recently.) I didn’t even have much of a frame of reference when it came to “USSR as a hostile entity” because by the mid-eighties we were actively trying to de-escalate and thus we’d begun the slow migration away from “Russian as default bad guy” in movies. Which I wasn’t allowed to watch anyway. 

To put this in perspective both geopolitically and personally, when the Berlin Wall fell, my maternal grandparents were in Russia, and moreover were on their way to Berlin. I don’t remember my parents, including NOTABLE WORRIER My Mother, even being concerned about this before my grandparents left. Going to Russia in the late eighties as Americans was probably not comfortable but it was possible, and my grandparents did it because Gran was crazy and Packa was ride or die for her. (They asked me what I wanted from Russia and I told them “a hat like the ones Russian soldiers wear!” and fucked if they didn’t bring me back a rabbit-fur earflap hat that Gran got for ten bucks on the black market. How did she find the black market? My grandmother, everyone.) 

So the day the Berlin Wall falls, I emerge from my bedroom expecting the kitchen to be lit and my parents to be cooking breakfast with my baby brother, because that was our normal routine. Instead, I found my parents sitting in the dark, listening to the radio, terrified. I knew something huge and life-changing had happened but I had no idea what, and at the age of nine had no real ability to comprehend it. I didn’t understand the fear of destabilization; I didn’t understand that my parents had lived with the Berlin Wall since they were nine. It seemed like a good thing to me – when the TV news started showing it, everyone in Berlin (wherever that was) seemed really happy about it, so why was every adult I knew so freaked out?

Gran and Packa sent us a telegram later that day telling us they were fine and were on their goddamn way to Berlin because in no universe will the fall of Communism disrupt my Gran’s travel plans, God rest her soul (unlikely). In addition to my awesome rabbit-fur hat, which I still own, they brought us a bag of cement chips from the Berlin Wall. 

Essentially, I had never seen that region of the world as a particular threat. The USSR as an entity held no inherent significance for me, so the end of it – which had been coming for a long time at any rate – did not impact my life, except that for like three years all our geography and history books were out of date. Now, as an adult, I understand its significance and I can see why it must have been terrifying, but there’s no emotional link there for me, and no real memory of it happening, because it had already been in process for years.

So, yeah, I guess that’s about it – I really never knew much about any of it until after it was over, when I was studying it in high school in the late nineties. 

Remembering Memories

Request: “Ayo there! :) so like I’m 13 (a fetus ik) and since you know the gang is all 15 I was wondering like if you write imagines for Billy? You know, Georgie’s brother? Like where the reader is reallly shy and the gang except Billy and like shes shy because Penny killed her whole family lexcept her abusive dad and Billy finds out and makes her stay at his house and he talks to her about Georgie and sabouqqqqlp about her older brother and it ends in cuddles and fluff? If u write for Billy? Thanks😘”

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of death

A/N: (Y/L/N) = Your last name and I changed up the request a bit. It just makes more sense for the whole family to be killed off and not her. I’ll probably have a part 2 for this once I finish all the IT requests in my inbox!

It was supposed to be a fun family trip. You, your mom, father, older brother and older sister decided to walk through the woods. It wasn’t very big it was a small area but it was still beautiful and you and your family loved it. There was even a huge rock where you all could jump off of and land in the nice cool water of the lake. 

Everything was going great until something started to move in the bushes, it was making noises. Your family was scared and so were you it didn’t take very long until you all started running together trying to back it back to your family car to go home, but that would never happen.

Suddenly you tripped and you swore you felt the root of a tree trap you to the ground. It was over your waist strong enough for you to not be able to get out of it. Your family rushed over to you trying to pry the root off but it wouldn’t move. How on earth could the root of a tree just move on it’s own?

Your question would soon be answered when you and your family heard a maniacal laughter. Everyone turned around including you even though you were still pinned to the ground you managed to turn your head to the side. That’s when you saw it, a red balloon, and fiery orange hair.

“Mr and Mrs (Y/L/N) as well as both of your elder children have failed Derry, Maine and for that you must pay.” The voice said.

Your family turned their heads to you their faces full of disappointment and guilt. You shook your head trying to tell them to fight the monster who wanted to kill them but of course they didn’t listen.

“It’s okay Y/N we do deserve this.” Your mother said as she knelt down next to you. 

“Yeah we did horrible things.” Your brother continued and your mother just nodded in shame.

“We have no right to live after everything we’ve caused.” Your older sister frowned.

“You’re going to be okay Y/N we’ve been horrible parents you don’t deserve us. We did bad things to other people behind your back.” Your father said as he wiped away your tears.

“No no it doesn’t have to end like this.” You cried out.

“Yes it does little sister and we’ve been horrible siblings. Once you find out what we all did you then you’ll understand.” Your sister said as she took a step back.

“No stop this isn’t goodbye.” You were sobbing hysterically at this point.

You tried to remove the root of the tree but it was still no use it was like someone was making the root stay in place.

“Alright I let you say goodbye I never let my victims do that so let’s get this feast started. I promise your little girl will be okay. I’ll take care of her better than you all ever did.” The same voice hiding behind the tall grass said.

“Goodbye Y/N we love you.” Your whole family now waved goodbye at you.

After that everything happened so quickly you saw as the person ripped your dad and mother’s hearts out then dragged their bodies into the tall grass. You didn’t see anyone though that was the problem it looked like the person was invisible or something. You could only hear them being devoured.

Then your siblings, they were crying as they heard and saw how your parents had been killed and were now being eaten. Your siblings held hands awaiting their fate together and soon it came. Their necks were suddenly snapped, their bodies fell to the ground and their bodies as well were dragged into the thick grass.

“No, no, no!” You screamed as you cried hysterically.

Your entire body was moving and shaking like crazy as you tried to get the stupid root of the tree off of you. As you continued to struggle and cry you heard the person who had killed your family starting to walk towards you. You were paralyzed with shock when you laid your eyes on the murderer.

It was a clown. The fiery orange hair and red balloon guy had a full clown suit on and red and white face paint. In the middle of his large puffy white and slight gray suit he had red pom poms on it. 

“It’s okay Y/N it’s okay you’re safe now.” The creature said as he knelt down in front of you.

“How can you possibly say that when you just killed my entire family in front of my eyes! Just finish me off like you did with them why don’t you!” You sobbed. 

“I had to, for your own good. I don’t want to eat you because you deserve to live. I want you to live.”

“And that’s all he said to me. After that he removed the root of the tree that he had put there to keep me in place and I ran away without looking back. I just couldn’t believe it, I still can’t.” You frowned as you finished telling Bill your tragic story.

“I’m s-so sorry Y/N I d-didn’t want t-to make you feel b-bad.” Bill stuttered out as he scratched the back of his head.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s okay.” You said smiling lightly as you rubbed Bill’s arm and he nodded.

Once you became Bill’s girlfriend his stuttering stopped. It only happened when he would tell you something that made him nervous or when he felt guilty but that was all. 

“One more thing I’m glad you’re alive and all but why would Pennywise of all clowns let you live why did he tell you that he wanted you to live?” Bill asked.

“I don’t know. I never got the answer. He kills children, he killed your brother so why of all people would he let me live?” You asked.

“I guess both of our questions will never be answered. Since he didn’t let Georgie live I’m glad that at least he let you live even though it’s so strange.” Bill said.

“Gee thanks.” You huffed rolling your eyes playfully. 

“You know what I mean silly.” Bill chuckled as he ruffled your hair.

“Just making sure. But seriously thank you it means a lot.” You giggled as Bill sent you a sincere smile. 

“Now it is raining outside so how about we watch a couple of movies and eat junk food.” Bill suggested.

“And cuddle?” You asked.

“And cuddle.” Bill stated smiling at your twinkling eyes filled with joy.

“I’d say I’m in!” You squealed excitedly as you hopped onto his bed and laid down. 

Bill soon followed you and quickly wrapped his arms around your waist as he turned the TV on. You laid your head on Bill’s chest listening to his heartbeat, it was moments like these that you were incredibly thankful that Pennywise had spared your life. 

Little did you know he was always watching and he too was glad that he had let you live.

Boyfriend Yixing

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luhan version; here

  • heeeelloooo bias wrecker
  • this guy is so full of love
  • he always wants to be touching you; holding hands, linking pinkies, stroking your hair, burying his face in your neck, just anything. any kind of skinship is good enough for him
  • back hugs
  • make sure you take advantage of his sensitive neck
  • bite it, kiss it, nibble it; litter his flesh in marks
  • he moans so damn loud at even just the feeling of your hot breath on his neck
  • rather clingy
  • couple jewelry/clothes
  • he smells like clean clothes and soap
  • papa junmyeon always warns you when you visit, to be on your best behaviour. since he sees you as being the evil tempter/temptress
  • not realising that zhang yixing is not exactly an angel himself

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  • the dimples are lying
  • he’s not always cute
  • have u seen that boy hip thrust on stage??
  • ahahaha rude -_-
  • he’s innocent at heart though
  • you/baek/chen making dirty jokes so you can cackle madly at lay’s innocent face when he asks “what’s so funny? i don’t get it? why will y/n make me hard tonight? humans are soft & squishy???”
  • loosing him often
  • since you two could be walking through town when he wanders off to pet a cute dog. or he sees a pigeon at the end of the road so he turns tail and runs
  • protect him pls
  • will cherish every act of love you do
  • whether it’s just linking pinkies or you visit him on tour, he’ll take every little act you do to heart. it warms him up inside, makes him feel loved, makes him love you even more
  • patiently teaching you Chinese if you don’t already speak it
  • couldn’t possibly hide the relationship from the fans
  • & doesn’t understand how that leads to hate for you since he sees you as this lovely creature so how can’t everyone see that???
  • posts lots of cute things about you
  • even declines a “lads night out” to watch some shitty movie with you and eat popcorn
  • and doesn’t care if the guys tease him for it
  • “y/n, what does ‘whipped’ mean? the guys said it’s what I was, but no ones ever whipped me before … it looks painful”
  • you could never really annoy him
  • even if you think you’re being overly clingy, he thinks you’re cute & cuddly or showing your love. and doesn’t see it as clingy at all
  • & even if you try to annoy him, he loves your attention and affection and doesn’t even realise
  • compliments you all the time
  • “wow I’m so lucky to have you. you mean everything to me. you’re just so beautiful, inside and out. and caring and kind and …” the more into his love he gets, the more Chinese slips out until he’s jsut expressing his love with his whole heart, so lost in his feelings that he can only remember his native tongue & how his heart yearns for you
Lust and Pizza || Scott McCall

Scott McCall x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Swearing

Word Count: 4,084

Summary: You’re new in the town of Beacon Hills and you’re crushing hard first and best friend Scott McCall. Once fateful night he leaves his phone in your car and you finally have an excuse to go see him. 

A/N: Rough Scott McCall sex is what I live for. Needless to say, writing this was quite fun for me. Also- sorry for not posting for a few days. I was going to post this yesterday, but my cat fell asleep on my laptop and I didn’t have the heart to move her. I feel really bad for not posting the past few days but I think you’ll forgive me after you read this ; )

(Gif below has nothing to do with the story but it hot af)

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I pulled up to the McCall house in my black Comet, the roaring engine coming to a stop as I pulled into the driveway. Scott McCall, the boy I had been driving home almost every day since my return from boarding school had left his phone in my car, yet again. Except this time I didn’t notice it until he was long gone. Scott’s been kind to me since I got kicked out of the all girls fine-arts boarding school in San Francisco. Most people just ask me why I was expelled, or how could I possibly waste such an amazing opportunity by getting expelled. It got old fast. Scott was the only one who didn’t ask questions and was always supportive of me no matter what. He always made time for me, even when his friends try to pull him away. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got the physical aspects too. He has these beautiful brown eyes that glow and become gold in the sunlight. He runs his fingers through his hair when he talks to me which I know means he’s nervous. And his lips, oh those lips. Damn, I can’t believe I’m falling for this kid.

I stepped out of my car and saw that a few lights were on in the windows. It meant someone was home. I walked up to the door and knocked on it, but immediately felt dumb as I noticed the doorbell. I fixed my hair in the reflection of the glass door, preparing myself for the possibility that the hot lacrosse team captain was to answer it. When I heard the door click open, Scott was not on the other side. It was a very tall, broad shouldered man in a very intimidating suit. I almost cowered away back to my car but he had already started to talk.

“Can I help you?” His voice was deep and made me want to squeal.

“Uh, I’m Y/N- A friend of Scott’s. Is he home?” Just as I felt as though I was going to faint, a small, beautiful latino woman comes out from behind the door with warm eyes and a bright smile.

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