i mean dude!

me: remembers season two was actually written & planned years ago so the writers didn’t know klance would even be so popular which means the whole elevator episode was planned from the start



[ 170726 ] show champion / exo performing ‘kokobop’   #1stWin


Pictures of Cheritz’s newest merch: body pillow covers featuring the Defender of Justice 707 and Mr. Trust Fund Kid, Jumin Han. 

Themes are above, and are ‘Seductive Butler 707′ and ‘Possessive Jumin in a suit’. 

Interesting that Cheritz created 707′s off the fan poll, but there’s no mention of that for Jumin…and ‘provocatively disheveled looks’, Cheritz, you’re killing me. 

  • Wade: In Scooby Doo, secret tunnels are always behind shelves and shit.
  • Peter: Could we not base our decisions on what does and doesn’t happen in episodes of Scooby Doo, damn it!
What made [Sign of the Times] stand out to me, what made this so special to me is just that it’s a well written, well structured piano ballad (…). I was, again, floored by how good this was, how entertaining this was of a song, how relatable, and how emotional, and how human of a song this was.
—  Music critic Anthony Fantano reviews Sign of the Times

Une balle, un mort.