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 [Full Show] 140426 Official MBC Idol True Colours -Super Junior-M

Jia: First please introduce yourselves

Hyuk: Hi everyone I am Super Junior M Jewel Minam Eunhyuk

Hae: Hi everyone, long time no see, first time coming here, my lovely baobei
Jia & Fei: *goosebumps*
zhoumi: um, wait a moment donghae. ah please continue..
Hae: I am Donghae.
zhoumi: donghae use this phrase for almost 6 years already, so today he come to Idol True Colors, seeing Jia and Fei, I taught him a new phrase
Jia/Fei: baobei, lovely baobei, but its good
zhoumi: but he uses this for quite a lot, almost 6 years
Hae: my icon
Jia: i think its good tho
zhoumi: do you want to listen again?
Hae: if there is a new one
Min:if there is a new one I’ll use it
Kyu: can i teach a new phrase?
Hae: Me? ok
Kyu: My Xin Gan Bao Bei
Henry: Sexy baobei
Jia: xin gan baobei means..
Henry: Sexy?
Jia/Fei: not sexy, it means very baobei
Zhoumi: very baobei xDD
Hae: like this? *Hae hugs Hyuk*
Jia/Fei: yes like this
Hae: ok, xin gan baobei, I hope you are happy!

Q1: at what age I think I am a grown up? As a man.

Hyuk side glances at hae paper and laughs while pointing at hae

Zhoumi: has everyone done?
Hyuk: you aren’t even 34 yet, why did you put 34
Min: maybe he only feels that when that time comes he will be an adult
Jia/Fei: he is right, maybe he might not become adult yet at that time also
Jia/Fei: just write like that its ok
Hae: I write myself, whats the problem?
Hyuk: i am now….
Hae: dont you understand the question?
(eunhae pratically having their own little world)
Hyuk: no, of course i understand it
Jia/Fei: as long as you guys quickly write down the answer
Hyuk: wait a minute, what age was it?

Hyuk: 27 Hae: 34

Jia/Fei: why did donghae oppa writes 34?
Hyuk: you arent even 34 years old XD
Hae: but you can think that until then you will feel like you are a grown up
Jia/Fei: so u mean you arent matured yet at this age?
Hae: until that time, i will have babies, and that time i feel i will become a man
someone: then after have kids…
Hyuk: *in naggish tone* you cant decide this by your will
Hae: thats only my plan
zhoumi: then after
Jia/Fei:becoming a dad, do you mean you will become an adult?
Hae: thats what i think
Zhoumi: then when did you want to get married?
Hae: 33
someone: then it means 1 year after married will have kids?
Hyuk: (talks something but i couldnt get it)
someone: less than 2 years
Hae: yes so after military i will marry *turns to hyuk at the last word*
Hyuk: O.O really?
Hyuk grabs his script & attempt to hit hae
Jia/Fei: do you have girlfriend
Hyuk: your priority is to comeback onstage first!
Fei: then how do you get married after military
Hae: i believe during that time i should be able to meet one
Fei: so oppa thinks that short term dating can marry?
zhoumi: after married need to have kids too
Hyuk: are you kidding?
zhoumi: so busy
Jia: understood

Q2: The number of female artists that i can talk about my personal problems with?

eunhae: 0

Q3: whats my favorite time of the day?

Hyuk: 4am Hae: 11pm

Jia/fei: why did donghae oppa writes 11pm
Hae: i love to listen to radio broadcast
Hyuk: dont be so fake
Hae: because that radio airs at 11pm
Jia/Fei: its 11am
Hae: ah this airs at morning (referring to idol true colors)
Hyuk: ah this airs at 11am?
Jia/fei: yes
Hyuk: aigoo! *attempt to hit hae* (p/s: i think i heard pabo mong chun na?)

Q4: the highest number of weight i loose in the shortest time is…

Kyu: the slimmest person is there (points at zhoumi)

zhoumi: i m better now, i gained, i feel jjang
hae: then show us
zhoumi: i’ll show *pretends to take off shirt*

hyuk: 2kg hae: 7kg

hyuk: 2kg is like cutting a piece of meat from my body
Jia: oppa is originally thin, when he dances …
hyuk: do you know how long it takes to slim 2 kg? i use 1 day
someone: one day?
hyuk: one day
min: he gained weight in 1 day and slimmed down immediately in 1 day
zhoumi: its a body that women envy
hyuk: but i really want to gain weight, so i worked very hard, i once gained until 64kg
hae: that time u becomes ugly
hyuk: yes
hyuk: so after concert, i realise i slim down 2 kg in 1 day
Jia: because concert needs a lot of dancing

Jia: but who in the team who exercise a lot?
kyu: donghae ryeowook siwon eunhyuk
someone: i think siwon did the most
min: i think you cant really see it, but shindong is the most hardworking one
jia & fei: really?
hae to hyuk: should we reply to him? (to min words)
Min: no

Q5: the amount of cash i have with me right now?

kyu goes out and get his wallet

hae: those who i got from home?
jia/fei: just those you are having right now
hyuk: can i go home for awhile?

hae wrote on paper and nodded to hyuk(?)

eunhae exchanges glances
hae: dont lie
zhoumi: it must be cash
hyuk: its real
hae: aish dont lie
hyuk: its real
hyuk: my wallet is in the car
kyu: then you cannot write that
(pls focus on eunhae little world again)
kyu: right here you dont have a proof
hae: xDDDD
someone: show us
eunhae: xDDDDDD (p/s: i wonder whats wrong with them)

hyuk: 8million won hae: 1,200won

eunhae: xDDDDD

when min and henry was talking eunhae is in their little world again

hyuk: mine is true
zhoumi: where is it? where is your wallet? we need to see the money
kyu: call manager, bring it before recording ends i’ll believe
hyuk: a few days ago, after checking, now i have a lot of money
jia/fei: its 8 million?
jia: cash?
zhoumi: manager say no
hyuk: actually i have reasons (glances at hae)
hae: dont lie
hyuk: a few days ago i have something to do, so i went to withdraw some money, when i see it yesterday, i saw and there is so much, its money that i will put it back into my bank account

they are determining who will get the BINGO slot
hyuk: i will donate to Idol true colors, if you pick me i’ll donate 8 million won to idol true colors
jia/fei: are you investing? eonni! he say he want to invest
donghae doodles on his paper >v< hyuk: i’ll take a proofshot to you when i go back Q6: the amount of fans i could remember zhoumi jia and fei are talking hyuk: dont lie! (behold eunhae little world again) hyuk: 6billion is your fans? you liar hyuk: 4.2 billion hae:4,000,000 (p/s: mind my currency it might not be accurate) (behold another eunhae little world) zhoumi: both of them is weird (points at eunhae) hae: yours is really weird! no it not real hyuk: xDDD 4.2 billion hae:i really have this much hyuk: i counted hae: i really have this amount hyuk: i really have 4.2 billion fans hae: i really have 4million fans hyuk: i also really have this kyu: didnt donghae wrote 6 billion? hae: yes i did kyu: mine is also 6 billion hyuk: this looks even fake (lil world.. again-.-) hae: really dont lie hyuk: really must write truth hae: my twitter followers really 4 million zhoumi: do you remember all? hae: what? i want to meet them zhoumi: how to meet hae: i will meet them one day shindong appear and reply with 0, coz he say there are no fans that you will remember for a lifetime, by forgetting you will feel like meeting them again is a new meeting, so its always first day to meet fans hae quickly changes his answer into 0 Q7: the amount of secrets i know about sjm members hyuk: if i say them it will be end of everyone shindong: there are a lot of secrets hyuk: there isnt hyuk: shindong dont you need to go to your broadcast? shindong: i need to go, let me say something hyuk: ahhhhhhhh~~~ shindong: i see you next time~ hae: shindong please reveal in your radio later (hyuk is peeking at hae answer again -.- and his lips curve to a smile) hyuk: 7billion hae: 27 (mind the billions and millions i am @@) hae: really he isnt speaking the truth hyuk: its approximately 7 billon zhoumi: please dont joke around hyuk: should i reveal all of them here? hyuk: members will tell each other their secrets, by that we can keep each other secrets jia/fei: its like i know yours and you know mine so we need to keep the secrets kyu: if i got caught you wont be living good too hyuk: yes, its like a transaction hae: i record them down in a recorder hyuk: when i told you mine, you tell me yours too, its always like this henry was to pick a bingo number, hyuk ask henry to pick 3 and he point at kyuhae, telling herny that if you put here both of them will be eliminated from the game hyuk: u will get prize if u put here henry: #3 Q8: the amount of SJM members who makes me cried before hyuk: cant i write the members i make them cry? hae: if crying inside the heart does it count? jia/fei: yes zhoumi: crying in heart doesnt count, must have physical tears eunhae: 0 kyu: members that makes me cry, siwon donghae ryeowook, adding Super Junior members, there is kangin yesung min(?): leeteuk zhoumi: what happened? (p/s donghae doodling >3<)
kyu: i cant say its quarrel, but since donghae is here i’ll talk about him, we were playing games but we quarrel of petty things, i was trying to irritate him, donghae looks like he got mad, so we becomes distant, this is 6 years ago,when we get close again, i cried
hae: hae really cried?
kyu: really
hae: ah, he cried
hyuk(to hae): that time did you cry? (pointing at henhae)
(p/s: he is referring to henhae quarrel which hyuk mentioned in ktr during sjm guesting)
(again.. little world)
hae: *shakes head* not that time, i didnt cry that time
hae: there is no reason to cry that time
hyuk: do you understand what you are saying
henry: its a good memory
jia/fei: who makes eunhyuk cry then?
hyuk: no one, no one makes me cry
jia/fei: then who did u make them cry?
hyuk: the person i make him cry? (glances at hae)
hyuk: the person.. i make cry.. is…
kyu: didnt u make ryeowook cry before?
hyuk: ah yes i make ryeowook cry before, i make him cry once
hyuk: it wasnt sjm activities, its sj activities but i saw ryeowook unprofessional actions so i criticized him harshly in the car, so ryeowook cried


Mina Magazine - Eunhae

Japan Tour which get closer to fans

Q: You first Japan tour has ended.
D: I always say I want to hold concert with Eunhyuk, by fulfilling it, I am really happy. We went to a lot of places to meet fans, I feel like we get closer with fans, I want to perform onstage more.
E: I wont forget this Tour, because there was never once there is only both of us, and we can get close to fans.

Q: You learn a lot Japanese language during the tour.
E: We really put a lot of effort in learning Japanese. Usually we dance and sing, but in Super Junior we have a lot of members, so what we are in charge is relatively lesser, but this time, there is only two of us, a lot of things we need to take care of ourselves, but because we want to interact with fans, so we work very hard.

Q: How did you learn then?
D: I will learn them myself, and help from translators and staffs, they taught us a lot dialects.
E: As long as I converse a lot and use it a lot, I will get better in it, when I learn more I feel happy. In fact, our tour was started off as concert, but after a few concerts, it becomes more like fanmeeting, talking part becomes longer (laughs).

Q: Aside from concert tour, you went to Kansai Collection and Tokyo Girls Award.
D: We never attended these events before, so I am really thankful that these events allow more people to know us, and there are a lot of fans who went to support us, they give us energy and bravery.
E: I saw may lightsticks when we are onstage!
D: Super Junior lightstick is sapphire blue, when you see it onstage it is really beautiful, members always say this color is nice. (Will you want to see sapphire blue ocean again?) I always dread to open concert and dread to meet fans again.

Q: Speaking about members, whats the difference with activities with Super Junior?
E: Because we have a lot of members, when deciding what to eat, it takes a lot of time, from the starting question “What to do?” until the actual taking action time takes more time, but when there is only both of us, because donghae and I are alike, so we can decide very quickly, it becomes easier.

Q: What about the bad side of it?
E: There is none, both of us is enough (laughs).
D: (Laughs).
E: I was thinking that will we be lonely without other members, but there is no loneliness (laughs). Because we can meet with fans!

Our new single expresses a new revolution

Q: Can you talk about the concept of your new song?
D: As usual it is a song that will makes your body dance along. But it is different from Oppa Oppa and I Wanna Dance, this is a dance song with lots of charisma, its like an evolution of Ride Me.
E: Not just the song, but we give a lot of our own ideas into the mv, it’s a single filled with love. I hope everyone can enjoy it.

Q: Why did you choose to release single again in Japan?
E: After finishing our concert tour in Japan, we wanted to let everyone see our growth.
D: Wanted to thanks the fans who be a part of our concert tour.

Q: Did the recording went on smoothly?
E: I need to pay attention on my pronunciation, because I need to rap, so I put a lot of effort in my pronunciation, but the process was fun!

Q: Any interesting stories you like to share during filming of album jacket and music video?
E: I keep on thinking how to easily present the meaning of the song, I can still remember the skeleton who appear in the mv and filming of the album jacket.
D: We used one whole day in filming mv, but Kangin and Ryeowook came to our filming site to cheer on us, so we are able to work until the end.

15 years being together, understanding everything about each other.

Q: Both of you had been together with each other for 15 years, did you find out any changes on each other when you work as a sub unit?
E: We really know each other for a very long time, I know Donghae so much to the extent that I wonder if its good, Donghae actions is entirely in my expectations, Donghae is in my palms (laughs).
D: (jokingly) I don’t know anything about Eunhyuk, I don’t know what he thinks (laughs).
E: It must be Donghae never understand how I think.
D: Because I only think things I care of, that is ELF JAPAN!

Q: Last message
D: Once again we release new single in Japan, I am happy to meet everyone again!
E: Please anticipate the Revolution version of Donghae & Eunhyuk.

Donghae & Eunhyuk photography 

Donghae & Eunhyuk who fly from Korea to Japan and straight to studio, not showing any sign of tiredness and appear full with energy! At the beginning of the interview, gentle Donghae who helps translator to hold the recorder, and during photoshoot, Eunhyuk who is humming along the songs played in the studio, two persons who is very natural.

Personal part:


Change of ideal type

When a girl pays attention to what I am saying, seeing her eyes, my heart will flutters , “ah she is really concentrating in listening to me”, and I really like to see her smile. In the past, I will fall in love with a person because of her physical features. To be honest I pay attention on looks, I fall in love at first sight most of the time. But when I grow older, I changed, I like people who goes well with me. I can’t just meet the person once, but a few times, I will pay attention on different parts, such as smile, voice, how the person talks, what the person talks, small gestures and etcetera, maybe it becomes harder for me to look for a partner (laughs), and I haven’t been in love for quite a long time.

What will you do when you date? There are a lot…

I want to go to big supermarkets to buy ingredients, then prepare a meal together. Go out together and help girlfriend to pick clothes. In the past I love to buy clothes for myself, but now my temptation over fashion decreases, so I buy lesser things. If I see clothes, I will unconsciously thought of “if I have girlfriend I want to buy this for her”. Of course, there are a lot of places in Japan which can date, such as onsen, Disneyland, or strolling in Tokyo streets. I have a lot of things I want to do but I cant do it alone all of them. So I am still waiting for a girl to appear and fulfil all of them, but it seems like I need to wait for a long time.

Morning Donghae, at night also Donghae, its tiring (laughs)

On days we have schedules, the first thing I do when I wake up is to call manager, to confirm Donghae is awake, Donghae is always sleeping late and waking up late. (Donghae who is sitting at the side apologises in Japanese “I am sorry for being late” upon hearing the conversation here). I like to be alone at night, but Donghae always call me. Actually, yesterday night he called me too “Lets eat” but I already ate, and I already brush my teeth, so I told him I am not going but Donghae reply “Whatever it is, you have to go”, he doesn’t listen to me, so in the end I went out with him (Laughs).

Vacation once a year, reducing pressure by vacation

I am originally not a person who gets mad easily, because I am a person who is bold so I don’t feel much pressure, but of course there is still a bit of pressure. So everytime I will utilize my vacation to reduce pressure. I really love vacation, I will go with members or family, I also went alone before. I especially love to go places where I don’t have much chances to go to, especially Europe.

Now its where you work hard in achieving something in your job, but 10 years later maybe becomes a dad?

I already decided that from now until the next 6-7 years I will work hard, 5 years later, I guess it will still be continuously working, not just as Super Junior, but also some other MC work, 10 years later, maybe I will become a dad… there is a Korean variety show who show about the life of fathers and children, in the show, there martial arts fighter Chu Seunghoon and his daughter Chu Sarang interactions are really cute! Its totally my ideal family. Everytime when I watch the show, I will imagine I have a kid like that.


During the interview he work hard in answering all questions, he has good brains, during photoshoot, he also attentively pose for the camera, when Donghae did solo photoshoot, Eunhyuk will stand behind the staffs and watch quietly. Even if its his time to rest, when Donghae has solo interview, Eunhyuk will still sit beside Donghae and listen, and add a few words into Donghae’s interview. In fact, he is person who is gentle and caring towards the things around him.


Liking people who is lively like a rabbit

I like people who are cheerful and lively, just like rabbits hopping and bouncing. (what small gestures you like about girls?) In short, its people who is like a rabbit who runs here and there! (laughs)

Dating in Japan I want to go onsen

During our concert tour, before Sapporo, I had already wanted to go to onsen, because our room has onsen, its so awesome! If I date, I really want to go onsen, have a bath around 30 minutes then eat ramen, watch movies and play card game!

Morning a cup of coffee, at night send messages to Eunhyuk

Everyday after wake up, I will have a cup of yoghurt drink which is good for the stomach, then I will go into the bathroom and use water to comb up my fringe which is always getting in the way, then I took off my shirt and got onto the scale to check my weight. After that, I had a cup of black coffee because it will make you feel good. Then I will go to work, if I don’t have schedules, I will go to gym, at night when I go back to dorm, I will pour in water for the humidification water heater, then send a message to Eunhyuk to ask him “what to eat?”, we always went out to eat together.

Even if there are troubles I will solve myself

In the past, I am always easily getting mad, but because of that it makes people around me feels uncomfortable, so I don’t think its good. Now when I have troubles, I will go to the bathroom and make myself calm down and think that “there is always times like this”, “I am not alone who feel like this” , “think on a better side” and also try my best to understand what others think. Even if I have friends around to talk to them, but if I really don’t need any help, I will figure out myself.

5 years late will have tour in Japan again?

If you ask me 5 years later what man I want to be? Of course a man who put family as his first priority (laughs), from today onwards I will pay more attention on a person’s inner grace. Because I really love taking pictures, so I want to also take more good pictures, and 5 years late should be holding concert in Japan right? Maybe marriage and have kids, ugh, I don’t really know about my future (laughs).


Donghae help the translator to take water from the water dispenser, showing his gentleman side. When staffs praise him for 100% service, he loudly retort “this is not service, this is love”, and he will do aegyos during Eunhyuk’s interview breaks, and sign on his polaroid photo and etcetera, a freestyle person. But in the end when talking about the end of Japan tour, he gives a very sad expression and spoke in Japanese “very lonely”, leaving a deep impression to the staffs.

Chinese to English Trans:@eunhaebemine
Japanese to Chinese Trans: DirtyPop1938