i mean come on.

My gemsona, Labradorite! :0

i have my mains/exclusives page just about ready. i don’t practice full exclusivity by default, as that’s something i grant on a case-by-case basis especially given the fact that there are a number of well-written batman portrayals out there. but if you are interested in being a main or exclusive with me, whether your character is in or out of the dc fandom, please like this post or send me an ask and we can figure something out. 

Excuse me while I brag about my weekend and how great my friend is~

So a lot of you went to Otakon and that’s nice, but I’m not jealous at all because I got to meet lulzyrobot !!! >:D

Lulzy and I have been friends for a looong time and I finally got to meet her in person and akdjslj we just had so much fun! Like it was surreal but at the same time really natural, not weird at all. Just two nerds, doin’ nerd stuff, like always.

So I live in Boston but I mostly just work and sleep and rarely go out. I’ve been here a year but never really explored much. We went to a couple of my favorite places, like the aquarium and the Harvard Natural History Museum, but we also got to check out Revere Beach and some great restaurants and stuff >:3 But of course just as fun was just chilling and watching dumb videos and tumblr posts and doing awesome sketch art collabs (which I’ll post later!) that’s seriously some of my favorite stuff to do <3

We were both so sad that the weekend went by so quick and had to say bye- even though we’re back at our usual posts online. not gunna lie, I cried a little bit.. |D

Now to plan to invade Canada next summer >83


“[Rose] was - ah - a girlfriend, really. I know we don’t say it, but she sort of was.” - David Tennant, Raleigh Comic Con, 14/03/2015. 


This is supposed to be the middle of the “I waited [outside your tent] all night” AU but it’s only the less ugly parts of it in case I never finish. Ahah. The rest is just rougher sketches including a start and an end blargh. 

   dean winchester is the kind of person who stubs his toe and goes “ouch my fucking fuckity shit god fucking damn this fucking shit i’m goNNA STAB A FUCKING BITCH FUKC” about it pass it on