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Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

Okay I really need to say this because it is not said NEARLY enough. All the artists who make beautiful pieces of fan art and dedicate hours to drawing everyone’s favorite story or characters or ship THANK YOU. And to all the writers out there who spend days plotting out fics and putting our favorite tv shows and movies and books into whole new stories and adventures THANK YOU. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST OF THE FANDOMS. You provide us with phenomenal pieces of work and you deserve all of the love for it. Thank you

Hold it….. hoooooooold it…..


I’ve seen comments lying around about how Saizo doesn’t seem that necessary/appropriate as a love interest, or how his stories always revolve around how he feels that he doesn’t deserve MC and she tries to convince him that it’s not like that. and I just wanna say… yeah actually I wouldn’t know much about the second point LOL I haven’t been playing slbp that long. but Saizo is still my fav character bc his character is so complex :-(

what I’m seeing is a guy who genuinely loves mc but is always afraid to let himself believe that he deserves her, or that happy times with her will last. it’s kinda like the whole 塞翁失马,焉知非福 thing - so he chooses to think a happy thing with her will inevitably lead to a bad thing happening. (idk how to explain the meaning of that Chinese saying SORRY + not entirely sure if he’s a believer in the opposite - that a bad thing could lead to a good thing) yes it is tiring to see him constantly doubting himself in every damn event story but in a way it reflects his outlook on life which is just… very sad to me :-( idk how to explain this properly sigh but if anyone wants to have some discussion w me on this I’m up for it!!! (well not necessarily right now but. I’m still up for it)

his current event story is also heartbreaking bc there’s a scene where he just returned from a mission and kiyohiro (should I just… call him hanzo or what) is helping him to clean his hands of the blood. kiyohiro informs him that mc and the baby (not theirs) are still in his room. saizo’s just like “are they, now” then looks at his hands: clean now, but cold.

then later there’s this scene in the screencaps which drives home my point: I don’t think it’s that he really hates children or intensely dislikes the idea of being a father. he’s probably just not comfortable with the idea that someone like him could be a father. the same hands he uses to kill countless men, it doesn’t feel right that they should be cradling children. Kirigakure Saizo, father. it doesn’t fit quite as well as Kirigakure Saizo, assassin. I doubt he’d be particularly mad if mc ended up having his child, but… I figure that for a while, he’s going to have problems holding the child or maybe even touching mc.

tldr: thinking about saizo makes me real sad please give him some love because his mental health isn’t quite alright

also if anyone has an opinion on this feel free to comment!!! I love Saizo and all discourse on him so yes HAHA

Okay Listen Up

Lyra lied to Winn to save her brother.

Maggie lied to Alex (about her coming out) because she wanted better for Alex.

Mon-Ew lied to Kara so that he could possibly have the chance to be with Kara.

In Lyra and Maggie’s case their intentions were to benefit someone else’s well being. In Mon-El’s case he just wanted to have a romantic relationship with Kara. That’s all he ever focuses on, I mean come on, “I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side.” His “heroism” doesn’t come from the want to help people. He knows that Kara wouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t have the best interest in mind for the people of Earth. 

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I'm really into the bodyswap causing conflict between Malec, because it's a good example of a conflict where nobody's really at fault. Obviously Alec isn't going to believe that Magnus is Magnus right away, that'd be very unlike Alec and also generally a stupid idea, but it's also fair that Magnus would be upset and resentful about that, even if he understands intellectually. Idk, I feel like this could be a setup for a mature argument, you know?

Yeah, I agree; I don’t know for sure if this is the conflict that will breed from this, but I can definitely see it happening and I’m not opposed to them having a more nuanced conflict to work through. Like, this is the kind of trauma that strains long term marriages, and Magnus and Alec have only been dating for a few weeks. So it’s only expected that they may not always behave 100% ideally even though they’re trying their best while Magnus is going through this.

Plus, Magnus is very…guarded. Like, he’s been vulnerable before but on his own terms, if that makes sense. When he tells someone about his past, it’s because he decides it’s the right time to do so – not because someone has cracked his walls. So I can see him putting his guard up again where he was once fairly open with Alec, which might affect their relationship in the sense that Magnus may no longer feel safe trusting pieces of himself with the man who loves him, even though logically he knows that he can and that he should. I want to say his instinct might be to push Alec away as a way to protect himself and I feel like Alec needs to tread the (very difficult) line between being respectful of what Magnus needs and how he feels while also not, like, allowing Magnus to retreat into himself and turn away from those who care about him entirely because that’s not a healthy way to deal with things at all.

Here’s my major issue with how Jasper is treated.

Both Lapis and Peridot got a second chance.

Lapis, who nearly drowned two children, broke Greg’s leg and stole the ocean, got a second chance.

Peridot, who almost killed Steven, knew about the Cluster and returned with a space ship that almost destroyed Beach City, got a second chance.

But Jasper doesn’t?

Yes, I know Jasper has done terrible things but it seems really unfair that both Lapis and Peridot have gotten to be forgiven but Jasper hasn’t. Not to mention I feel like people are so willing to forgive Lapis but not Jasper. Why? Lapis, if anything, she just as bad as Jasper if not worse. I mean thanks to the way the writers handle her, Lapis comes off as cruel instead of aloof. Like I hate Lapis so much right now because instead of you know, apologizing for some of the shitty things she did, she just acts like she didn’t really do anything wrong.

Something about how the writers of SU treat Jasper really bugs me. I don’t know if it’s because she’s one of the few buff characters on the show or what but I am really sick of how she is treated.


@anon here you go dumb ass. This is how you write a relevant critique. The last anon didn’t even do any of the following. Just followed the don'ts of the whole thing. 🖕🏼👋🏼 if you want to give your opinion, at least learn how to do it.

Fanfic reader advocacy

You know I’m a fic writer, and that I advocate pretty heavily for things that matter to fic writers, like leaving feedback and not offering unsolicited criticism. 

But I’m also a fic reader, and sometimes I see things in the fanfic community that are toxic for readers. I’ll read a post by writers that I know is well-meaning–I almost always understand where they’re coming from, since I am a writer–but it leaves me feeling attacked, as a reader.

So, rights of fanfic readers:

You have the right to only read stories with happy endings. There are authors who write gloriously angsty stuff, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you don’t have to read it. 

You have the right to only read certain pairings. There is nothing wrong with reading only the most popular pairing in your fandom. 

Regarding those two rights: You are not a bad fan and your tastes are not unsophisticated if you prefer happy endings with your favourite couple. You do not have to read anything you are not comfortable with or interested in.

You have the right to read anonymously. If you’re shy or just feeling overwhelmed, you are not required to leave feedback that identifies you. If you want to do something that says you enjoyed the story, an anonymous kudo on AO3 is an option, or an anonymous ask on Tumblr. 

You have the right to wait until a story is complete to read it. I often do, if I suspect there will be heavy angst–I need to be able to read the resolution right away, for my own emotional health. I love my weekly commenters, but I also love the people who binge-read the complete stories in a weekend. 

You have the right to stop reading a story if you lose interest. Even if you’ve been commenting. You are never required to keep reading, or keep leaving comments. 

You have the right to skip to the end. The angst getting to be too much, or you’re just struggling to stay interested? Go ahead. Skip to the end. You can always come back later if you want to. (Don’t tell the author if you got bored in the middle though.)

You have the right not to leave any kind of feedback. I’ve wondered occasionally if those posts make readers feel anxious, like they’re expected to do something they aren’t comfortable with, so I wanted to just state this clearly. Posts that go around about leaving reviews and whatnot are only written by authors because there’s a genuine gap of understanding regarding how much that means to authors. They are meant to inform, not command.

Basically, as long as you aren’t being rude to or about the authors, you have the right to read and interact with fanfic in whatever way makes you happiest. 

Go forth and read, fanfic readers.

hello followers of mine

I’ve just realized I’ve neglected to tell the lot of you I’m on a road trip for a cousin’s wedding! Sorry about that, I forgot to tell all of my friends as well. :/

I’ll probably drabble when I can, but that won’t be too often. Same goes for blogging.

Currently I’ve made it most of the way to Vancouver b.c. and am extremely tired after a very chaotic day of travel. So far I have:

-eaten maybe two meals in 24 hrs.
-slept about six in that.
-contemplated just how much I love my large family, seeing as I’ve been bumping literal elbows for hours on end in a small space.
-seen some lovely mountains.
-gotten a tad carsick.
-dealt with blatant racist and sexist harassment in an A&W after ten hrs of consecutive driving.
-nearly punched said racist/sexist in the mouth & got quite a round of anger worked up.
-debated if flight tickets would have been worth the sold organs to afford.

HBO porn is the worst-written stuff, and yet people pay for it, while the best fanfic is free. That’s what I deserve for flipping channels and landing on the end of a really bad retelling of a fairy tale.

I mean, come ON. So many RD writers could retell Cinderella a lot better than that.

People have the right to read and consider whatever theorists they want or feel comfortable with, but the whole idea that you can only respect or utilize authors whose works are not only politically clean and not -problematic- and that you should also only use works by authors whose politics themselves were perfect, is so silly and absurd to me. It also troubles me to see disliking this approach to politics presented as “privileged white kids ignoring issues with theorists uwu” when that’s so blatantly not the way any marginalized person has the option of working if they want to do anything remotely useful or serious, and the more forms of marginalization you tack on, the more limited the body of work from wick your could pull. If you want to only use theorists you think would be very nice and respectful of you, go ahead, but if I’m restricting myself that way (no racists, no misogynists, no homophobes, nobody who hates fat people, etc) then I guess I’ll just twiddle my thumbs and sit on my ass all day, waiting for the right writer to come along.

I mean extending this view to media and to any and all personal relationships (worse, to acquaintances of acquaintances) is also wild to me but at least I understand that relationships should sometimes just be a nice safe haven, and sometimes you wanna pop on a TV show without looking at someone you think hates you- although it is always interesting just which forms of bigotry are too much and which aren’t, because still nobody yells at someone for watching tv shows with male celebritues whive been proven to be domestic abusers or rapists, etc. So that I get. But politics aren’t supposed to make you feel good or comfortable or confirm what you already know. The goals of political development are finding the truth and creating useful political change. Theory isn’t just happy fun time.