i mean come on she's their daughter

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Throne of Blood & Iron headcanon please or anything fae headcanon ;)

I hope you don’t mind, but I went with a different fae head canon. I’m not entirely sure where my head canon for Throne of Bone and Iron would go.

1) Caroline Forbes is a sickly toddler, with wheezing lungs and a bad heart. When Bill comes home from one of his business trips with a promise for a new treatment, Liz is too exhausted to question it. She will agree to almost anything if it means her daughter will live. When Bill brings back a happy, bouncing baby with rose in her cheeks, Liz cries. Years later, she remember those months like a hazy dream.

2) Caroline hates Stefan. She hates that he twists Elena’s head so easily, that Bonnie starts to ignore her. These are her friends, not his. Anger pushes her to be petty, and when she introduces herself to Stefan’s brother, she does so with the intent to harm. She digs his grave with steady hands and cold eyes, neck still seeping blood where Damon had bitten her. She doesn’t cover the marks the next day, plays dumb when Stefan tries to question her. She has learned this: vampire exist and they are weak.

3) Caroline meets Klaus the night he breaks his curse. Her father’s words, the truth of her origins, are too loud in her ears so she heads to her favorite spot in the woods to think. Pacing above the rotting bones of the brother Stefan still hunted for, she finds herself face to face with a giant wolf. He doesn’t sit like iron in her gut, but like fire, and so she doesn’t move as he circles her. Reckless perhaps, and possible stupid, she brushes her hand along his spine as he stalks her and tells him he’s beautiful.

4) Klaus in human form is beautiful, and everything inside her covets him. She also hates him, because he took something that belonged to her without permission and killed it. It didn’t matter that it had come back. Klaus laughs, calls her changeling, and leaves her presents. She leaves him pieces of his hybrids, disemboweled wolves on his front porch. He kisses her in the moonlight and smiles with bloody teeth when she bites through his lip.

5) The night of her eighteenth birthday, the hunt comes for her. Racing through the forest she knows so intimately, she tries to outrun the hounds sent to drag her back home. Her father’s bargain had ran out. Just as teeth snapped at her heels, a wolf barreled into the fray, large and terrible. When dawn starts to streak across the horizon she is sweat damp and filthy, blood and ash streaking across her skin and clothes. When Klaus is naked and human again, she watches the dawn catch in his eyes and returns his smile with teeth.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

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Just a random Thought I had... Harry singing the Circle of Life or Can you Feel the love tonight to his baby daughter while putting her to sleep. I mean... all the daddy feels



Also: singing the Circle of Life and lifting her way high above his head before settling her down nice and safe. Orrrr rocking with her in the rocking chair singing Can You Feel The Love Tonight and getting softer and softer and stroking her cheek gently when her eyes shut and she’s out like a little light and then just sitting there with her and watching her for ages until you come to get him. 

I suddenly remembered what Soleil tells you when milking cows and that somehow prompted me to draw this


This whole moment is so powerful and important on so many different levels! When her mother suggest that BS marries Min Hyuk, BS doesn’t use her usual excuse that he is gay nor does she say that there is no chance of anything happening between them. That’s a huge change from her previous reactions.

This is another proof that love is about timing because while GD has after all these years finally realized his feelings for BS, she on the other hand has finally accepted that all the hopes and dreams she had about a future with him won’t ever come true. Here and later on the riverbank, she is saying her goodbye to him and by doing that she can finally let go and move on with her life.

“You mean…that if I marry you…I’m not saying I’ll marry you. If you marry someone and have a daughter, would she be like you?”

However, what’s the most poignant thing of all, is that this is the moment when Bong Soon for the first time in her life actually likes the idea of HAVING A DAUGHTER THAT WOULD BE LIKE HER. The main reason why she previously hated it was because she didn’t want her to go through the same problems and difficulties she had to. It’s clear that such a change couldn’t have happened overnight, but it’s been a slow and gradual process; and it’s no coincidence that it culminates in this very moment which directly folllows her bus ride with Min Hyuk - IF THERE IS SOMEONE WHO THINKS SHE IS AN ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN, PERHAPS IT WOULDN’T BE SO BAD TO BE LIKE DO BONG SOON. It all began when she met Min Hyuk who knows everything about her and he has still treated her like a normal person and her strength as something amazing. He didn’t make BS love herself, because she already was comfortable in her own skin; HE’S SIMPLY SHOWED HER HOW EXTRAORDINARY, BRILLIANT AND AWESOME SHE IS AND TAUGHT HER HOW TO TRULY CONTROL HER POWER, MAKING IT TRULY HER OWN.

Yo everyone is talking about how Kara is going to react to Alex coming out, but can we talk about how #1 Space Dad J’onn J’onzz is going to react! Like I hope they have this cute space fam moment where J’onn gives her some fatherly advice and Alex just gets so happy because this is the guy who has seen her at her worst and helped her get out of the hole she had dug for herself with her bad grades and drinking and it’s going to mean so much to Alex since she can’t come out to her human dad and it better end with a super awkward space dad-human daughter hug


Meagan Foster’s–or as she was formerly known, Billie Lurk–cabin on the Dreadful Wale. The audiograph you can see on the right contains Daud’s thoughts on Delilah:

“I’ve learned that our choices always matter to someone, somewhere. And sooner or later, in ways we can’t always fathom, the consequences come back to us. I came from Serkonos to Dunwall as a boy and made my living as a killer, one of the few who’ve heard the Outsider’s voice. I murdered an Empress, but saved her daughter, who will one day rule an Empire. Those were my choices. I’m ready for what comes.”

There’s a whaler mask on the right and two bone charms hidden in the cabinet.

suddenly overcome with rage that a LEIA prequel isn’t the very first one they’re doing

raised by galactic senator and alderaanian royalty who were secretly major figures in the rebel alliance

thus became a skilled politician and important rebel leader IN HER TEENS

used to run rebel missions by pretending to be a soft-hearted princess going to depressed worlds on missions of mercy

is PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA and from now on you do as she says come the fuck on

lol p.s. is force sensitive empath and secret daughter of sith lord

but sure i mean obviously a movie about young han… smuggling stuff… that’s… great too…

About Taiyang Xiao Long

People have been hating Taiyang Xiao Long a lot because he joked about Yang’s arm. The argument is that she laughed to cover her true feelings and all. Yang’s laugh didn’t look false. She said she accepted her condition and that “it was the normal now.” Which means even SHE might joke about that. Jesus, her dad was trying to make her laugh. What can’t people from this fucking famdom understand about that? I’m fucking DONE!

First it was Jaune, for using Pyrrha’s things in his weapon to have a remembrance of her and for getting more screen time.

Then it was Sun, for following Blake and caring about her wellbeing.

Now it’s Taiyang for making his daughter laugh!

Holy shit, fandom. Holy fucking shit.

YOU joked about her arm, you fucking hypocrites.

Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Eliza: I'm thankful that, even though I love my beautiful daughters and their friends, I can finally spend time with someone close to my age on Thanksgivi- What do you mean J'onn isn't coming?
  • James: I'm thankful I can easily betray Kara's trust and she'll not be at all suspicious. Alex... Put down the carving knife...
  • Winn: I'm just thankful to be included, usually.
  • Mon-El: I'm thankful that, as the only current male character not yet rejected by Kara, I'm like her only realistic option.
  • Kara: ...I'm thankful that I have no idea what is going on.
  • Alex: Well I'm thankful that I'm a big ol' lesbi-

My favourite moment from the finale. I’m just so glad he knows about her, that he has at least that one tiny piece of Soo.

Also, they picked this child actress so well! She’s beautiful, she really looks like she could be SooSo’s daughter - from her big Hae Soo-like eyes and pout to that slightly pointed So-like chin.

Apparently their daughter’s name is Seol which means “snow”. Which I think is so very appropriate considering SooSo watching snowfall together back in episode 4 was the first time I could see their connection and future love coming through :’)

Tea Time (Daddy!Bucky x daughter)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I have been meaning to post this for a while and I finally have some time, so here you go! I hope you enjoy! :)

Summary: Bucky’s daughter comes to him for help on an important mission, recruiting Steve and Tony along the way.

Other Characters: Steve, Tony, reader

Warnings: It’s so fluffy that you might die

Word Count: 520

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Honestly I feel like Heather would ignore the hell out of her at first like “ugh how come this stupid child can see me wtf” but if Veronica’s daughter is anything like her mother she won’t give up and she’ll persist until Heather actually talks to her and it would be so funny because Heather totally wouldn’t censor herself at all and Veronica’s daughter would be like “mom what does ‘stop pulling on my dick’ mean??” But bad language would be the least of Veronica’s concerns tbh

Frustrations – Kim Namjoon (M)

Pairing: Mafia!Namjoon x Reader

Genre: slight angst/fluffy smut?

Word Count: 1,166

Warnings: oral (this smut is so tame compared to my other ones lol)

Summary: Being the leader of a Mafia gang Namjoon’s always in some sort of danger. But he’s also got a daughter and a girlfriend too come home too most nights.

Anon Request: Can I request being the girlfriend of mafia!Namjoon and you two have a daughter? With smut 👀

I think really like writing angst and smut fics istg like 70% of my fics are both angst/smut lol. Anyway, hope you enjoy this anon!

“Look Namjoon, I can’t be expected to take care of her alone! She’s our child!”

“And I’m not expecting you too! Just because I can’t be home all the time doesn’t mean I’m a bad parent!”

“I didn’t say anything about you being a bad parent, fucking hell.”

“Then why are you so god damn mad at me?!”

“You know what? Just forget it. Fucking forget it Namjoon!” You stormed off into your shared room with him and just slammed the door closed, frustrated and upset. A shriek was heard before loud crying was echoing through the house. Your daughter of eight months was crying. Namjoon ran a hand through his hair before dragging himself to your room where her bed was. When you were about to pick her up from her bed, Namjoon’s hand swatted yours away.

“Hey hey hey, it’s okay daddy’s here now sweetie.” He picked her up from her crib and into his chest, holding her tightly and swaying his body side to side – she was so fragile at this point he didn’t want anything to happen to her. When her crying didn’t die down he resulted in doing the next best thing. Singing.

His soft voice slowly put your baby back to sleep, a smile forming on Namjoon’s face when he saw how cute she looked in his arms. “Your mummy’s mad at me. Kinda upsetting isn’t it? I barely even know the reason. She could have at least given me a hug or something instead of yelling at me and you can’t even talk and you’re sleeping what am I doing. Come on, lets get you back into bed.” He placed a small kiss to the top of her head as he placed her down – he glanced at your body laying on the bed and figured it’d be better if he just slept on the couch.


“Are you going to talk to me and explain what’s wrong or is your annoying ass going to ignore me again for another fucking day?” Namjoon walked into the kitchen and leaned on the kitchen bench with his arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed, looking at your back since you were cooking.

“Talk? Have you seriously not figured out what’s wrong?!”

“Well you haven’t even talked to me how the fuck would I know!”

“Your job, Namjoon! That’s the problem!”

“I’ve told you, I can’t just leave–”

“I know god dammit, Namjoon…” you dropped the spatula that was in your hand and lowered your head. “I know you can’t leave Namjoon, I know. But look at you.” You turned around to face him, eyes filling with tears already.

“You almost got caught by police yet again. I don’t want you getting locked away Namjoon…we’ve got a daughter now and she needs a father figure…I don’t know what I’d do if you get thrown in jail okay? I hate the thought of it and I hate your work because the thought of you getting caught by police or shot by another gang. Whenever you don’t call letting me know you’re okay and you’re alive, I always assume the worst – I always assume you’re dead or something and it…it hurts Namjoon. I hate living with the fear of one day you won’t come back home to us…” you spilt your thoughts our and sobbing at the end of it. Namjoon’s face softened and he came and wrapped his arms around you, holding you close to his chest.

“Look, I know you’re scared, but so am I, Y/N. I’m scared I won’t come home and see both of my girls, safe and happy, smiling. I love you both too much okay? I love you so much, and no one will get rid of me that easily. At the end of the day I’ll always come home to you and our precious little sunshine.”


“I love you so so so much baby. So much.” Namjoon left kisses down the valley of your breasts, going down to your stomach and then to your clothed core, placing a small kiss over your sensitive area before kissing your thigh. He hooked a finger on the waistband of your panties and sliding them down your legs, tossing them to the side and kissing back up your thigh. “Namjoon…please.”

“I know baby I know, I’m getting there.” He chucked a little before moving up, his body hovering over yours as he placed a small kiss to your lips, smiling down at you – his fingers ran up your fold before coming in contact with your clit, moving his fingers in little figure eights, a soft moan flowing from your lips. Namjoon’s head moved down towards your neck, leaving small kisses along your neck as his finger dipped inside your hole a little before removing it and running it down your folds. “Namjoon, please d-don’t tease.” You whined, bucking your hips into his hand.

“As you wish baby girl.” He kissed your lips again before moving down and taking your clit in his mouth, his long fingers slipping inside you with ease. Your back arched off your bed, a broken moan escaping you. Soon enough with his ministrations you were coming closer to the edge – your walls clenched around his fingers and Namjoon pulled them out. You were about to protest but he placed his finger into his mouth and licked your juices, groaning – Namjoon got off the bed and took off his shirt followed by his jeans and boxers, exposing his hard cock to you. He came back to the bed and hovered over you again. “Ready?” you nodded up at him with a smile, placing your hands on his cheeks and making him kiss you, but it wasn’t rushed. It was full of love.

Namjoon took a hold of his dick and entered you – you both moaned into your kiss. His pace was slow from the start, not like some other times when he was rough and made you beg for him to do something. He was slow because he wanted you to know how much he cared about you.

“You’re so tight, baby girl.” He groaned into your neck, your arms wrapping around his shoulders as he thrusted into you.

Namjoon’s pace was faster and harder now, he was getting closer and so were you as your walls started clenching around his cock. Soon enough, you came first with Namjoon’s name flowing from your mouth – half a dozen thrusts later, he came inside you. You two stayed still like that for a few moments before he pulled out you and went to grab a damp cloth, coming back and cleaning you up as well as himself. He grabbed his boxers and placed them on as well as grabbing one of his shirts for you and helping you put it on.

He laid down beside you and pulled you close into his chest and kissed the top of your head. “I love you Y/N.” He said as you both drifted off to sleep.

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feedback is appreciated and requests are open :)


So I’m pretty sure this was suppose to be fem! natsu who I headcanoned to be one of those girls who really does not go with the ‘girly female’ thingy and I wanted to draw her actually realizing she likes the way she is truthfully in the middle of some fancy event or something (hence the dress). and man my bro my dude i wanted to protect the child I was drawing. 

otherwise she could also pass off as nalu’s child with the same situation really. I got really into this drawing because I was thinking all about how everyone loves to draw fem! natsu or the nalu children and the big four’s children in general but I always thought about how the dynamics might turn out for certain children; without a doubt, a nalu daughter will be tomboy-ish more or less but will she having trouble with peers on how she is so? Because I know a lot of girls can get picked on for that trait and generally they have a lot of trouble with themselves on who they want to be and who they are. I think acceptance ought to go steadily. 

conclusion is that i sure do loveeee finding angst factors to presumedly happy shit. 

@doublepasse this is your side of town. 


“Hey. I heard you were in the neighborhood.”
“Lou? Oh, hi…how’d you know? Rooney?”
“Nope. My daughter.”
“Apparently I’m your neighbor.”
“You’re…oh my god…You’re Fiona’s mom.”
“I am…and I hear you’re providing after school entertainment for her.”
“If by that you mean she comes over to beat my ass in Mario Kart every day, then yes.”
“Well, it’s better than hearing complaints from Mr. Tuttle about her hiding his dentures under the couch cushions.”
“Yeah, well…she’s a good kid. Colorful mouth, way too smart for her own good, but a good kid.”
“She is…just don’t corrupt her.”
“Me? Corrupt a young, impressionable soul? Never.”
“Uh-huh. I trust you…but hurt her, and I won’t hesitate to castrate you.”
“Ouch. Y’know, I see the resemblance now.”
“Good night, Santi…nice hoodie, by the way.”

“Everything I do now, I do to please Allah. I conquered the world and it didn’t bring me true happiness. The only true satisfaction comes from honouring and worshipping God. Time passes quick. This life is short, I see my daughter Maryum.

Yesterday, she was a baby, now she’s grown and is ready to get married. Everyday is a judgement for me. Every night when I go to bed, I ask myself: ‘If God was to judge me on what I did today, would I go to heaven or hell?’

Being a true Muslim is the most important thing in the world to me. It means more to me than being black or being American. I can’t save other people’s soul, only God can do that. But I can try to save mine.”

- Muhammad Ali | May you be showered with Allah’s mercy and blessings.

Yoongi Scenario: To Make You Happy.

Request:  Yoongi fluff scenario you are married (a few years in their career where fans accepted his marriage positively) you visit him w/ your 2 year old daughter in the concert ending while talking he sees you and takes his daughter up on stage and hugs her

Genre: Fluff / Family

-What?- Yoongi jumped in his studio chair. -What do you mean you can’t come?-

You shrugged. -I can’t Yoongi, we can’t, we have plans already-

Yoongi had just asked for you to come to his encore concert in Seoul together with Taeyeon, your daughter, but apparently he didn’t count on you turning him down.

-Y/N, you have been begging since forever to come to a concert, how is it that now you are busy that day? And the kid? What does she has to do? She’s two years old-

You walked closer to him until you were on his reach which made Yoongi immediately reach his hands for your middle to pull you to his lap. -We are busy-

-So you two are busy, what, if I may know, is keeping you to come to the concert?-

You seemed to think about it for a second, just for the show and to see Yoongi getting impatient, because in reality you had all already on your mind. -We have a safari day, VIP tickets with access to the house of butterflies-

Yoongi arched an eyebrow. -So you are giving up the concert for the zoo?-

You nodded. -Yep-

-For the house of the butterflies?-


Yoongi squinted his eyes and got his face closer to yours. -Taeyeon is deadly scared of bugs, do you remember that?-

You bit your lip. -She likes butterflies, they are not bugs, they are different… colorful and all that-

Shaking his head Yoongi moved his knees upwards making you jump. You slapped his arm but attached to him more firmly just in case. He got his face even closer to yours. -Why do I think this is retaliation for last week when I ditched you to eat chicken with the guys?-

You slapped him harder. -So you did ditch us!-

Yoongi groaned after the slap but laughed nonetheless. -I knew it-

-We were waiting for you Yoongi! And then you said at last minute that you wouldn’t come home early-

He shook his head, caressing your tights. -I told you I was sorry, it was a last minute thing… besides you know I would kill for coming early and just lie on bed with both of you-

You kissed him, short and sweet but you wanted him to feel you appreciated those words. -You’re cute-

Yoongi kissed you again, deeper and rougher than before making you feel like melting in his arms. -I’m not that cute Y/N… so you won’t come to the concert?-

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HC: Maggie visiting home because her mom asks to meet the woman who has made her hija happier than she's heard and seen in a long time. But Maggie had kind of lied (read: completely bullshitted) how her father actually reacted to her coming out. Of course she wants to introduce Alex to her madre though, so they go. Maggie immediately tensing up and going so quiet in the presence of her father and Alex of course notices. Maggie's father, who hardly seems to even acknowledge his daughter (cont)

A level of disappointment and coldness in his look that rivals Eliza at the most disappointed Alex had ever experienced. He doesn’t acknowledge their relationship, hardly speaks at all in their presence except to ask for things at dinner to be passed to him, or a sound that’s almost like a scoff when Maggie talks about her career or the amazing things about Alex or their relationship. All Alex can do is watch Maggie get quieter and more subdued in his presence. Despite the loving and sassy relationship she gets to see when it’s just Maggie and her mother. One day it comes to a head though, Alex coming back from a morning run and pausing in the doorway as she hears rapid and angry mix of Spanish and English being snapped by Maggie’s father, with more pleading and upset words coming from Maggie. Ultimately culminating in Maggie going “la quiero, papi. I love her and I’m happy. I’m not ashamed of it!” And her father replies in Spanish (telling her that she should be), Alex doesn’t understand what he said, but she’d snuck closer and she can see the shattered look on Maggie’s face. Like she’d been sucker punched. And she can’t help crossing the space to step between them and cup Maggie’s cheeks, make sure their eyes meet, seeing the sheen of tears that make her heart break. Knowing her words can’t heal everything, but whispering “there is nothing to /be/ ashamed of, Maggie.”

I suddenly got a lot of feeling about Teddy and Luna probably being really close so bare with me, I suck at writing.

So duh Luna’s pretty close to with Harry and Ginny. I mean come on, they named their freaking daughter after her and her and Ginny are gal pals™. But so I feel like Luna would spend a lot of time at the Potters just hanging out, helping in the garden, maybe babysitting once in a while or bringing the twins over for a play date. Anyways, you get the picture. And of course Teddy’s over at the Potter’s a lot too, just chilling and being cute.
Teddy and Luna gardening and baking and painting together! Teddy thinking Luna is the bee’s fucking knees - which she is. Awesome aunt Luna.