i mean come on look at her

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Do you think they're building up to bringing Magnus' father in? With the mentions of needing a powerful demon to destroy the sword combined with stuff like those promo shots of Magnus w/Clary & Jace probably seeing the vision they saw, I can see him being the one to recognize the demon they need to destroy it is his father. Also there been an emotional Magnus and Alec scene in the finale, maybe Magnus having to make some kind of terrible deal in exchange for his father's help perhaps?

i mean i would love that but actually given Clary’s gangrene-looking hand next episode, like….her hand looks very much like the demon’s hand??? so i have no idea. I will say I doubt they will bring Magnus’ father in; I don’t believe they’ll go there yet (if at all). it’s possible the demon is also a reference to Sebastian’s coming, which i think is more likely.

tho at this point I’m not speculating much on the show.

Aunt Eurus-to be (Sheurus, Neurus, Adlock)

Just because we need more adlock

Besides bidding the greeting and goodbye, in most of the Sherrinford visits they do not articulate a word at all. Sherlock came, and they played the violins.

It is not common for the youngest Homes brother and sister to share a conversation, all they have to communicate are in the music, let alone anything initiated by Eurus. That’s why it took Sherlock by surprise when Eurus did.

“Oh Sherlock… I can tell you’re nervous. Look at your eyes, so much uncertainties.” Eurus narrowed her eyes with a smirk.

“It’s a first. Not even when you visit me the first time. And the music…something big is coming, isn’t it?” She is genuinely intrigued, and care.

Sherlock stowed the violin in the bag, turned away saying nothing more than “see you next Tuesday”.

“You are in a rush, impatience. The music, I mean.”

“Since when my dear sis was…getting chatty?”

“When is it due?”

“What…?” There were unmistakable bewilderment and terror, Eurus can tell.

“The big thing. I wonder what it is.”

Not a word, Sherlock waved his goodbye.

Sherlock missed the next Tuesday visit.

Eurus somehow expected it.

The next time Sherlock came was a month since.


Sherlock tried very hard to remain composed, and did mental check all over again to make sure there is nothing that could give him away.


“Your piece sounds delightful, content, eased, happyblablabla, too many novel emotions. There must be something good happened, though you look a tad exhausted.”

Once again not intended to response, Sherlock packed his things and was ready to leave. This was when Eurus decided not to play anymore.

“How’s my nephew?”

“What…? How?”
It is impossible she knew, at least not the sex. The chance is half-half…

“Parenthood is slowing you down.”

Not bothered to conceal anymore, Sherlock even checked his elbows for any possible trace of baby formula.

And Eurus took pity on him.

“Big brother. Do you really think there’re things I couldn’t make him tell me?”

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I think Lauren intentionally post that pic of her and keana. I mean cause they're friends and she missed her but she chooses a picture that she know will caught people attention cause you can literally think at first that it was camila. Of all their pictures like come on Lauren.

it’s the same picture keana posted, do you really she would think ‘’oh it looks like camila so i’m posting it so i can get mad at shippers and block the comments’’ please no… stop making a theory about everything they do

Do you know what a woman sitting with her legs wide open means? That she feels like sitting with her legs wide open. That’s it.

The fact that some people are even looking at the picture Jennifer Morrrison posted on her IG and looking at it as something sexual is disturbing - and let’s not even talk about the comments where people are assuming what her sexuality is. Yes, based on the way she was sitting.

I just feel like banging my head on a wall at certain things this fandom comes up with.

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For anyone who worries about that blind--go look up the blind gossips over the last year or even years and keep track of how many come true or fit. None of them do.

i definitely agree with what you’re saying but i think the context is different in this situation and people are concerned that this is a planted blind (meaning it’s not actually true but it’s the perception 1dhq is trying to get across). 

so none of us think eleanor is actually going to come back because louis wants her to/is desperate to be closeted but this blind does tell us what 1dhq wants us to think. 

people are wary that this means another longterm stunt not that the actual details in the blind are accurate (which is where this blind potentially differs from the other blinds about other celebrities on the site)


“Hi stranger.” The girl threw her arm in the air to wave at Franconia. “Can you tell me where I am, I’m afraid that I’m a bit lost.”

“Are you crazy?” Franconia cried. “Don’t expose yourself like that!” She stared in horror at the mermaid in front of her, swimming freely. She had wanted to do the same thing, but that’s not how it worked around here.

The girl looked down into the water. “Expose?” She tilted her head to the said. “I don’t know what you mean. This is how I usually stay.”

“Where are you coming from?” She decided to take a different approach. The girl paused and thought for a moment. 

“A colony on the ocean floor, in Sunlit Tides.”

“Sunlit Tides!?” Franconia’s eyes widened. “How did you end up so far?”

“I was looking for-” The girl was cut off by the loud roaring of an engine. 

Fantasy 10...

Let’s try something new…
We are out and this bar is filled with loads of attractive men. My man has been so amazing and made so many of my fantasies come true. I know he thinks we are out looking for a man to bring home and play with us. But he has no clue that I want to give him a treat tonight…
Now I’ve played with women in the past but it’s been a long time. I’m not opposed to it by any means but I prefer men. I see a few who I know he would be interested in. They are just his type. Now it’s just a matter of feeling them out trying to find the right woman to bring home with us. Not every woman is game to come home with a couple and play. He looks at me and he still thinks I’m scanning the room for a man.
I’ve been eyeing this woman and I’ve seen her look our way a few times. I’m not shocked that he is clueless.
I wink at the woman over the top of my drink. She smiles back. I lean back to the bartender and ask him if he knows what she’s drinking. He does and I tell him to send her a fresh drink. I turn back to him and give him a kiss. We idly chat about the day and he asks if I see anyone that is striking my fancy…
I tell him that I have my eye on a real prize and we should know soon if we are gonna win. He looks at me a little funny. Normally I get up and cruise the room to find a prize. But I have sat in my chair at the bar all night. I look back towards the delectable woman I hope she takes my drink offer and isn’t scared off. I look over just as the bartender is handing my hopeful prize her beverage… She looks at the bartender a little confused at 1st but then he shrugs his head in our direction and she looks our way. I just look back waiting to see her reaction. I don’t want to seem pushy

Hopefully you like this teaser.

I really want Issy and Raphael to happen!

I mean look at them. I love when Raphael’s soft side comes out and it seems like Isabelle brings that out in him. I want Issy to be happy and I think with everything going on, Issy needs someone like Raphael to be by her side.

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What makes you think you deserve what you have now (wife, kid, apartment, jobs from Reddington, offered job from your mom, okay relationship with the post office), and what makes you think you deserve to be able to risk everything you have in order to chase information about your past.

Maybe people get what they deserve, maybe they don’t, but @askelizabethscottkeen and I have fought for what we have. I gave up… everything I ever knew just for a chance with her. That was my choice. Hers was to choose to let me have a second chance. 

Now the choices that we make are made together. So, no, anon. I don’t think I deserve to risk everything, but I’m also not willing to risk everything. As much as I want answers, my past will never be more important than the family that I chose. Liz and @askagneskeen come first in my life.

That doesn’t mean I won’t look and… at least try to fill in some of those blanks. Liz is supporting me in that. She’s…. been amazing in it. I don’t think I could do this without her.

I guess to answer your question, the only person that actually gets a say has given me the okay and the encouragement to look into my past, so that’s what matters to me. If I deserve it or not, I have no idea, but if I don’t, I don’t really think you do either.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Countdown! - Day 28 - Honey Ryder

28 Days: Are you going to use the default appearance or create a custom Ryder? If custom, describe your Ryder’s physical appearance (hair color, eye color, skin color, height, weight, facial features, any scars or tattoos, racial origin, etc). If you have art and/or a face-claim, feel free to add them here.

I’ll definitely be creating a custom Ryder. Ideally I’m going to stick with the Bond Girl theme and try my absolutely damndest to make her look like Ursula Andress. This means dark eyes, a narrower nose, and a pretty pronounced jawline. If only I’d have a bikini scene, it’d be perfect. 

Most of my inspiration for how I’m imagining my Ryder to look is coming from actresses and sex symbols from the fifties and sixties. Ursula Andress and Jane Fonda are the big two toss-ups right now. Considering the way I’m envisioning my Ryder’s personality coming across, it may be that I wind up trying to make her more like Jane Fonda a l a Barbarella.  

Blonde hair is an absolute definite for Honey (for…obvious reasons). Eye color is going to be blue or brown, though if I can go with a more amber color that would be ideal. Actually, ideally I’d be able to do central heterochromia and let her have brown on the inside of her iris and blue on the outside. The body type I imagine is broad-shouldered but leaner through the rest of her. I know I can’t change the body type but I can dream. :c Honey would be hella tall, like 5′10 or so. Really close to her brother’s height. Like I said, I can dream. 

The first picture below is Ursula Andress, the original Honey Ryder. Beneath that is Jane Fonda. Like I said, my inspiration is going to be the actresses and sex symbols from the fifties and sixties. Brigitte Bardot is another actress i’ll be taking inspiration from. Find out tomorrow if I’ll be taking the same inspiration for Scott! 




I love her

I hope she comes back someday


SU Headcanon: Amethyst Has OCD

this is just my personal headcanon & you dont have to agree with me! but here is some evidence to support my headcanon:

  • amethyst compulsively hoards. A LOT. i mean, have you seen her room? 

i mean look at this:

OCD isn’t just about neatness & being orderly. some people with OCD hoard!

plus we can look back on maximum capacity showing her compulsive hoarding tendencies:

  • amethyst has openly expressed that she has a system for her stuff (source: Together Breakfast) & doesnt like her stuff being messed with (Reformed) 

remember when pearl comes out of amethyst’s room & says she organized her mess? 

how about in Reformed, when garnet was trying to find the slinker?

she did NOT like garnet messing with her piles. this is a common thing with people with ocd! you wouldnt believe how many of us are messy & dont like our messes touched. 

  • amethyst displays obsessive thinking in Beta, where it’s shown she has not stopped thinking about jasper. people with OCD can get hooked on one thing that upsets us & obsess over it for DAYS & DAYS. not only that but she is shown to hold herself to a higher standard than others, which is a common ocd symptom! perfectionism shows itself in unique ways per person.

again… you dont have to agree with me but this is a headcanon that i enjoy & find comforting & i would like other people with ocd to find comfort in this too! 

(credit to @giffing-su for the gifs) 

things in Heathers that give me life:

• Kurt and Ram’s head nod in beautiful
• the “it really blows” foreshadowing
• “thus ending her hangoverrr”
• literally every single time Veronica laughs
• “Jesus I’m on the frickin’ bus again”
• the dance in big fun cuz it looks sO FUN
• every single lyric in blue aka the fuckboy anthem
• when he missed the punch and JD raises his arms like “that’s rigHT, BitCH. COme aT ME.”
• “dang dang diggity dang”
• “oh look she was reading…the bell jar” *gasp*
• the arm hug thing Veronica and JD do. you know what i mean
• Veronica/macnamara hug after shine a light reprise
• “hello, slut”
• Veronica’s finger guns

“I like watching her get excited about things. She has a very distinct look when amazement comes over her face. Like she gets really excited about dachshunds. I always text her pictures of dachshunds. Or the tile work at the 81st street subway station. She loves that. Or warm socks. I mean… warm socks are kind of exciting to me. But she really loves warm socks.”

Natasha Negovanlis

If you follow me and you say things like:

“Natasha is so in love with Elise wtf.”

“Natasha obviously has feelings for her.”

“Natasha deffo likes her, she’s not that good an actress.”

Let me tell you why these statements aren’t okay.

Natasha is a queer actor who had the gall to be open and candid about her non-heterosexuality when she was probably terrified of what that would mean for her commercial viability. I can guarantee you, she would have had people telling her that being open about being LGBT would be a mistake.

Comments like the above are absolutely derived from the notion of her queerness whether you want to accept it or not. When you imply, or you see posts implying, that Natasha isn’t a good enough actress and the range she shows in a scene comes directly from her attraction to her co-star, imagine how you would feel if you had to look her in the eye and read that aloud to her.

Imagine how you would feel if a straight person implied that your talent, your hard work, your passion was somehow overshadowed by your sexuality.

Oh wait, you probably don’t have to imagine it because it’s something we’ve all experienced.

I’m not trying to say that thinking Natasha and Elise would be adorable together is an innately bad thing, but when the focus is always on Natasha having feelings for Elise we have a responsibility to treat that woman with the due respect she deserves as a member of our community and call it out.

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The Undertale Fandom has never failed to astound me, what, with the massive amount of talented artists, musicians, and animators that have come together in order to celebrate the franchise. 


Like any fandom, there are people in the community that often tend to step out of line whether they really mean to or not. That being said, the issue that this creates that I really wanted to talk about today is the harassment of artists

I get it - there are webcomics or animations you adore and look forward to seeing when they are updated, but people often hold their own selfish needs over the artists themselves.

Glitchtale is a good example of this.A while back, @camilaart combined her artistic talent and an idea for a story into an animated series. With its smooth animation and addicting storyline, a lot of people flocked towards her videos, eagerly awaiting what she had in store for the next episode.

Many of the people following her showed their support in the forms of positive comments and fanart, but there have been signs of negative attention as well, particularly people urging her to rush her work.

Let me remind you all that animation is incredibly difficult.

Simply animating short 2-5 minute long videos takes a LOT of work and dedication in order to ensure character movements are smooth and the images are clear and pleasing to the eye. 

So let’s put that into perspective when I remind you that for the most part, these episodes of hers are 20 minutes in length.

At the frequency in which she uploads videos, Camilla is spending hours on her work.

And let me assure you, the ‘agony’ of waiting for updates does not amount to the exhaustion and pressure some people put on artists like her. Some people treat these artists like robots who’s only purpose is to appease their fanbase when in fact they are real people with real lives. 


And yet I see people uploading comments like 

“WTF is wrong with you, you haven’t updated in a month”

“Hurry up already!”

They don't HAVE to be making videos. They don’t HAVE to be putting up with your mindless whining. But they do, and it hurts them.

So please, be more thoughtful

the signs as things my mom has said
  • Aries: back when i was 17 i used to be really badass
  • Taurus: *talking about food* Listen i didn't buy it to just sit here and look at it
  • Gemini: Okay then i'm just gonna go and talk to myself
  • Cancer: (at 10pm after i told her i was hungry) wanna bake muffins ?
  • Leo: Let’s bike for an ice cream so that we don’t have to feel bad about eating it !
  • Virgo: oh yeah i used to know some basics on guitar *plays Beethoven*
  • Libra: *coming back from a hairdresser* Look who’s 30 again !
  • Scorpio: *talking about me* it’s okay i mean someone has to be the black sheep
  • Sagittarius: if you and your lover din’t put the same amount of effort into the relationship, then it won’t work
  • Capricorn: what are you going to eat next ? Us ??
  • Aquarius: *in a cinema after the first jumpscare* okay i feel like it’s the right time to leave
  • Pisces: What a good movie let’s never watch it again

question. i was reading ‘hockey shit with ransom and holster’ and i noticed this:

so, if the locker room court is judged by the captain…does that mean jack had to wear shades and dole out judgement? 

i’m just thinking about sweet sweet jack zimmermann sitting in the archives trying to find precedents about old judgments from previous captains and managers. they are not organized men and women; it has taken him many hours to decipher their scrawled minutes from “court.” the librarian comes up to him, worried by the sweat on his brow and his serious expression.

“are you working on a project, dear?” she asks. (she is likely 70 years old. she went to samwell. she was alicia zimmermann’s librarian.)

“no,” jack answers, looking up at her with the most intense expression she’s ever seen on a student. “my team keeps shitting in the bus and i need to figure out how much to fine them.”

this answer only raises more questions. 

Aaaand THAT's why you don't come to work drunk.

When I was a front desk agent at a hotel, we hired a new night auditor who worked the shift right after me most days. I had been asked to stay one hour later (basically overlapping our shifts) for a week or two to help her get a grasp on some of the basic stuff that she might have forgotten during her training.

This lady was your very typical “cat lady”. Literally. Probably about 60, looked like she lived in a trailer park, scraggly hair, didn’t smell ago great. Why she was hired I don’t know. But either way, that’s what it was. Two or three days in, she started coming in smelling of alcohol. She worked nights alone. Meaning I was the only one who would have seen her in this state. The first two times I didn’t really say anything. I didn’t know her well or her situation, but I kept an eye out because she seemed lazy and incompetent. She was also just a rude lady in general and wasn’t nice to guests (or me).

Then one day, right when she came in to start her shift, I got slammed. A tour bus of asians came in at 10 pm and I was scrambling to check them all in. Usually these people (we got a lot of tour buses) would not really understand etiquette and would demand that we connect them to the wifi. They usually didn’t speak English and their phones were not in English. Needless to say I was completely overwhelmed.

First offense- she just stood there when the phone was ringing. She said she was too scared to answer it. I’m not her manager, but I finally told her “Hey, you have to answer the phone and I need help right now”. I was still in the middle of the tour bus mess. She still didn’t answer the phone, and watched me check them in.

Second offense- when the people were coming up to us after checking in motioning for us to sign them into the wifi, she would shake her head and shrug her shoulders and then point to me. Basically saying, I don’t speak your language go to her.

Third offense- She reeked of alcohol.

Fourth offense- as the tour group was headed up to their rooms and was basically done, she says to me, “Hey do you mind if I go run and grab a pizza? i’m starving.” Uhhh lady you JUST got to work and also you could just order delivery. I’m not staying here doing YOUR job.

Fifth offense- She called my personal cell three times (one past midnight) instead of our manager to ask very very obvious questions.

Sixth offense- She looked in my personal binder that I kept in the office for my login. She used my login to do all of her work that night. The next day, my manager was PISSED at me because it looked like I had overbooked us because it was under my login.

That was it.

So two days later on my shift, she came in and I changed my tone. i asked her what her favorite bar was and we started talking casually. i secretly turned on my recorder on my phone and got her to admit to drinking right before work. She even admitted to driving drunk to work. Most incriminating? She asked if I wanted to sneak a bottle of wine from our bar later.

I excused myself to the bathroom and called my manager. She showed up and I told her EVERYTHING. I left.

The next shift I learned she had been fired and escorted by police off the premises. They found drugs in her vehicle and arrested her in our parking lot.

My reward? i knew how to look at the video cameras and watched the whole thing back with audio with my maintenance guy. Some people.