Fanfic always seems to cite Hermione as the one who “sees the best in everyone” presumably because she rallies for the disadvantaged and trusts groups that traditionally wizards have refused to trust (werewolves, house elves, centaurs, etc).

But, I mean, Marietta Edgecomb.

Can you imagine the look on Annabeth’s face when Percy challenged Briares, a Hundred-Handed One, in rock, paper, scissors and actually won because he used GUN????? Because I’m pretty sure this was the exact moment that Annabeth knew she was in love with Percy Jackson I AM DECEASED

  • Mary: *is literally still killing people*
  • John: *sexless texting with someone who was nice to him on the bus before feeling guilty and breaking it off*
  • the Others: KILL HIM!!!!!! KILL HIM!!!!!!!

Back when I did the palette challenge, someone suggested a very colorful palette for Lapis. I tried a more serious approach but I didn’t like it much.

So I redid that now and made it… this.

Flippin’ radical, Lapis. I mean, Bob. :’D

Unnecessary Headcanon Time!

  • Sportacus sewed this for Stephanie himself
  • He went to as store
  • He bought the fabric and the materials
  • He sat in his airship
  • And made it himself
  • For Stephanie
  • And if that isn’t Pure and Good™
  • I dunno what is.