i mean clearly he's hot


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salatrix  asked:

If you're still doing it, Sterek, Derek is a Magical Stripper AU. Because saying magic derek at 2 AM does things to my brain.

“Dude, I thought you said you were getting me a stripper for my 21st birthday,” Stiles hisses to Scott.

“I did!” Scott frowns. “Or I thought I did?”

“I mean, clearly he is extremely hot, but he is doing magic tricks, Scotty. Magic tricks. He is obviously not a stripper,” Stiles says, frowning as he grabs another beer from the fridge. Scott’s eyes widen and he starts waving at something, but Stiles just keeps talking, the alcohol buzzing freely through his veins, “Not that I don’t like magic tricks, and the thing he did with the interlocking metal rings was neat, but he was here for like an hour before everyone got bored and Boyd started pouring him shots. I mean when he first walked in I was like dayum, Scotty did good, because that face is like carved from marble and I’m sure from the tightness of that shirt his abs would be delicious and—what, Scott?”

Scott grabs Stiles shoulders and turns him around to face the magician, or rather, ‘The Awesome and Majestic Derek,’ as he named himself, leaning awkwardly against the kitchen doorway, staring at Stiles with an unreadable expression.

Stiles can feel his face turn red, and he tries to fix the situation, saying quickly, “I didn’t mean—” but Derek cuts him off by pushing a chair towards him. “What?”

"It’s okay,” Derek says calmly. “You expected a stripper. I get that my business card is misleading. I don’t mind.” He presses Stiles into the chair and starts dancing slightly to the beat coming from the living room and Stiles’ jaw just drops as he peels himself out of his cheesy magician’s jacket and starts unbuttoning his white shirt.

Scott gives him a wide grin and a thumbs up.