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wanna one as things i've heard at my school (the second installment)
  • Daniel: there's not a lot of things that make me gay but a man with chicken? give me a few pieces and we'll talk
  • Jihoon: you see that? *points at trash can* that's gonna be you if you don't shut up
  • Daehwi: you can tell me anything else but if you don't think dogs are adorable i'm blocking you on everything, calling your parents and taking away your invitation to my birthday party
  • Jaehwan: i'm trying to learn how to play "my heart will go on" on the recorder. this task proves to be harder than i believed.
  • Seongwoo: do i shut up? no. should i shut up? probably. i mean, i think i have to be loud and funny. none of y'all are
  • Woojin: yesterday someone told me that owls weren't real, that like they were a myth and honestly have you ever seen an owl? maybe they're right
  • Guanlin: i can count on my fingers how many times i left the house this summer... it's 8.
  • Jisung: when i was younger i thought quicksand, falling pianos and stop drop and roll would be much more prominent in my life. turns out the scariest thing was losing my parents in Walmart.
  • Minhyun: why is everyone at this school so dirty? mentally and physically? some days i'll hear someone talking about some dude and the next i'll see papers everywhere. i'm tired of being the only organized person here
  • Jinyoung: i just love wearing a sweater in the morning and then feel like the wrath of 1000 suns is burning me in the afternoon
  • Sungwoon: can someone just like you know, have a crush on me and like be in a relationship with me? cause like i'm cute and nice and i think i deserve cuddles to be honest

okay because a certain someone that we all know is trying to start drama in the phandom to get attention, i am now removing him from my fic that i’m writing :D he just loves that attention, doesn’t he? mmm-mmm. sad when you have to turn to drama to try and get noticed isn’t it?

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Midoriya, can't you just make fire as your middle finger? I mean yeah sure it does hurt you but yknow *leaning in* *whispers* for science. Todoroki could wrap the rest of your fingers in a thick and strong coat of ice!


Anon: Izuku, now that you know where Endeavour lives, are you going to mess with him? 

Izuku: I can’t believe I’ve never considered this before, oh my GOD

Shouto: Please do this more often.


Lilith: You better go soon - I’m going to have to go back inside. Pack n’ stuff. 

Ember: So…so this is goodbye? For good? 

Lilith: I hope not. 

Ember: I mean I could call you or something - 

Lilith: I’m ditching my phone here. I can’t let them find out where I’ve gone - they can track phones you know… 

Ember: Oh..so how will I contact you?? 

Lilith smiled, kissed her quickly then turned away.

Lilith: Guess you’ll have to come find me. Goodbye, kid. 

She didn’t want to believe it. But this was really happening. It was good that Lilith was freeing herself from her parents…but that meant Ember would never see her again. She turned to go, her mind spinning, her heart breaking.

Ember: Goodbye, Lilith. 

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I've read a few comments about how bts may be 'losing their sound' but I never really thought bts had one genre. Even from the early days of bts, they dabbled in a lot of different genres, so I think this albums edm style suites well for them.

yeah exactly! they’re constantly trying new genres out, and this time it just so happened to be a more pop-centric edm song. which i get if that isn’t your genre, but i think them trying different styles is fun. i mean it’s better than them rehashing the same sound until it becomes so redundant you can’t even distinguish one comeback from another. i enjoy being surprised which is why i get so excited for comebacks bc i literally never know what style they’re going to try next 

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So are you still Catholic out of curiosity?

I mean, I still attend mass and go to confession and every Thursday I tell the priest I’m having doubts and every Thursday he informs me he can’t forgive me for something I don’t sincerely regret.

Even at the end of this, if I decide I’m not faithful, I think there is always going to be a part of me that is Catholic, all the same.

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32 and 69 with Dean please? 😊😊

Oooh, very angsty. I like it! The prompts are bolded.

Send me drabble prompts!

“Why are you doing this?”

Dean stood before you, his expression stoic as you tried to gain a response from him.

“Dean!” you cried. “Why aren’t you listening to me? I promise that I never meant to hurt you!”

“What do you want me to say, Y/N?” Dean snapped, his calm facade finally breaking. He turned to you, anger and betrayal burning in his eyes. “That everything is going to be just fine and dandy and that we can act like none of this ever happened?”


“No, Y/N. You knew all along where Sam was, and you kept it from me. If you really didn’t mean to hurt me, you would have told me as soon as you found him the first time!” 

Now shaking, you wrapped your arms around your stomach as you continued to cry and Dean continued to yell.

“And when I found out, you lied to me! You said you didn’t know, and now Sam just comes waltzing in, treating you like an old friend? How many hunts did you go on with him that I didn’t know about? Huh?”

“Twelve,” you murmured, barely audible over the sound of the motel room’s rattling radiator. Dean growled and snatched your duffle bag from its spot beside his. Without a word, he began to stuff your things in it.

You felt like you’d been stabbed in the heart. Tears streamed down your cheeks and you were sure that your eyes were bloodshot as all hell, but you couldn’t force yourself to move as you watched Dean pack up your belongings. 

When he’d shoved the last of your shirts into the bag, Dean zipped it up and shoved it against your chest. You clutched it numbly, staring up at him as you tried to form the words that would fix this, that would make Dean realize that you did love him and that he shouldn’t kick you out like you were a one-night stand. He was your boyfriend of four years, and now he was kicking you out on the curb. But, after four years, you knew better; there was nothing that could fix this. You’d betrayed Dean and you deserved this.

Slowly, you swallowed and forced yourself to walk to the motel door. With your hand resting on the handle, you turned and looked back at Dean, who was still standing where you’d once been.

“Dean,” you choked out, not sure what to say anymore.

“Go,” he replied. Even from where you stood, you could see that his eyes were glassy with tears. Nodding meekly, you turned the handle and stepped out into the cold fall night. The door shut with a click behind you, leaving you alone in the dark, and you swallowed the sob that threatened to escape.

You were on your own now, and that was that.

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Every fic must end eventually.  We are at a point in the story where people need to make decisions and start taking full ownership of this relationship instead of half-assing it like they have been.  I can’t keep them in limbo forever.  I’m very early in writing the next chapter - so this will take a while yet.

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Besides, I can’t handle having too many series going at the same time and I have ideas for two more series I want to start.  One of them will feature Jungkook as the lead character and I’ve been excited to start this one for a while.  I really can’t handle writing two different versions of Jungkook at the same time (especially since these characters are very different) so The Fitting must end in order for me to move on to new things.

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Those keychains are being gone that fast!? I hope they'll come back soon since I'm trying to get them :(

Next preorder session in the future you will be able to grab them again ^^
(along with the new ones i’m making!)
but i think that will be a last call…. After that they wont be available, all remaining stock is going to Korea. Which also means I’ll probably be closing up shop once all the next preorder’s orders are fulfilled so that I can collect everything accordingly and I have other things i need to do in preparation before the event

Silent car ride home

Cassandra: Tiff…

Tiffany: No.

Cassandra: Tiff-

Tiffany: No! You always do this!

Cassandra: I was just trying to-

Tiffany: No! I don’t need you to always baby me Cass! I can handle myself in a fight!

Cassandra: Yes, but if-

Tiffany: If you keep doing this,I’ll start going on patrol with Jason! He says he can show me how to “bust a cap in some mofo” I don’t know what that means, but I’ll do it!

Cassandra: … fine.

Tiffany: Alright. No more babying?

Cassandra: No more babying…

Tiffany: Thank you.

Cassandra: [Buckles Tiffany’s seatbelt for her]


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i'm scared to start an art blog for a few reasons... is. Is there any advice you can give please and thank you

Well… if you’d like to start an art blog, just draw whatever you want from the get-go! Don’t draw what you think’ll make you popular or that you think other people might like, just draw for YOU! Even if people don’t see it at first, soon special and cool people will come around and appreciate you and your art no matter what!

I’d also recommend drawing and practicing whenever you can! I practice whenever I can so my art can be the best it can be for the people that follow me to see!

Oh, and mayyybe keep a somewhat consistent schedule? I mean, it’s perfectly fine if you’re not up to drawing or just don’t feel motivated, that happens to every artist! Just try your best to get your art out there, no matter what it is!

So… yeah! That’s all the advice I have! I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with your art blog! <3

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Mei, it's obvious why you're friends with Kazuki so why are you pals with Natsumi?

“Listen, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I hope you don’t hate me after I say this.”

“I don’t really see her as a ‘pal.’ Problem is that I don’t really like her personality. It feels like she has to barge her way into everything. I can’t remember the last time I got to hang out with Kazuki and she doesn’t invite herself. She lies about being popular and how boys flock to her just to make herself look good.”

“I mean…Kuzuryuu isn’t bad-looking at all, I’m not saying she isn’t.”

“So then you’re probably wanting to ask why I tolerate her. Thing is, Kazuki asked me to give her a chance. He said to me that he’s her only friend, and that supposedly there are times where she is on the phone crying about that. She won’t ever admit that. Kazuki is constantly telling me that Kuzuryuu is a good person, but it’s hard to feel that way when she’s apparently covering up that part of her.”

“I guess the short answer is that Kazuki asked me to.”

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💕 nkbftjgdtu hi Mira<33 //also Is2g & in sorry but every time I see your URL I always read " miraspornhub" huffing

<Happy Stuff>

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Well- like- I mean- I’m a very pleasurable blog to follow? // SHOT!!!!

OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY- SCRATCH ALL THAT! (No don’t, I’m hilarious, don’t let anyone else say otherwise.) I rarely interact with you and rarely get to know which blog you’re going to be on at any given moment, but can I just say how much I love you? 

Cause I do. Lots. Your interactions and writing are always just A+ to me and I stare in wonder any time I see you post on the dash. Just, wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. 

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the stupidity of the people that are calling Jackson abusive!? I’m so sick of seeing crap about him being abusive! And I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be offensive or anything, but do any of y’all know what abusive means!?! I’ve said it twice in as many days and I’m going to continue till people start listening! IT. WAS. THE. KANIMA!!! I LOVE Jackson, he’s one of my favorites, and I’m not saying you HAVE to agree with me, but I AM saying you should stop saying he was abusive when it wasn’t him! AND a hug between a guy and a girl can be PLATONIC!!! He probably almost died and Lydia didn’t want to scream that her Ex/possible friend had died.

I’m sorry, I know people are probably annoyed by me, but I just had to get that off my chest. I’m just so sick of him getting the short end of the stick.

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Hey nev, I'm the person who asked about a tablet recommendation? Anywho, I was just wondering if you noticed any difference between drawing traditional and digitally. Thanks, and sorry for bothering

tbh the only difference i notice is that with digital it feels like you have more control. You have more access to textures and colors and you dont have to go anywhere to get them. If that makes sense?? 

idk it just feels like you can do so much more with digital and by no means is digital “easier” which I’m pretty sure people think for some reason? It takes time to get used to when starting out of course, but if youve been drawing traditionally before then youre able to apply what you already know to digital. 


“ how many times have i told you… DON’T ROLL AROUND IN THE FUCKING MUD! “
“ you dumbass! “
“ i don’t think it’s such a good idea to yell around here. “
“ figures, you _____ are more chickenshit than i thought. “
“ i’ll say when this ends. “
“ alright. it’s a new day, we’ve got a new ship– let’s set sail and conquer the world! “
“ i am going to slice the shit out of every last one of you! “
“ aw, just look at you poor fools. “
“ i mean, how can you even live like that? “
“ the rumors said you were uncultured and ugly, but my goodness! “
“ if i were to hand over that information, you’d kill me on the spot. “
“ no one is more wise, clever, or boundlessly intelligent then i! “
“ i, uh, promise? “
“ waaaaah! you killed him! “
“ i mean, there’s a certain order we gotta go through here, right!? “
“ that’s awfully nice of you to come to me. “
“ alright, grandpa, you ready to get crushed? “
“ if you only knew the surprise i’ve got in store for you! “
“ i came here because i want to join your cause. “
“ sit still so i can kill you quick. “
“ don’t you know how much i admire you? i always have! “
“ you think i came over here for a fucking picnic? “
“ i’m not leaving until i’ve strewn your virgin guts all over the goddamn snow! “
“ i can’t believe you fell for that bullshit! “
“ you honestly thought i had a split-personality!? “
“ did you really think…something like that…would finish a ____? “
“ her mind is gone, isn’t it? “
“ hand her over. i’ll end her suffering. “
“ yeaah, i’m afraid i can’t do that. “
“ you’re not the only one who’s ready to sacrifice everything. “
“ you have no one to blame but yourself, murderer! “
“ i just want to kill the ____. all of them. “
“ you think after all this i intended to survive? “

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How do you define your sexual and/or romantic attractions? o:

I’m queer, which for me means I’m physically attracted to anyone besides cisgender men. I’m also aromantic, so I have little to no romantic attraction to people of any gender. I think that’s the shortest answer I can give without writing a book. 😂 I also filled out my Gender Unicorn for fun: 

And because I know I’m going to be asked this: I consider my own trans womanhood separate from the womanhood denoted under “gender identity.” I prefer “trans woman” over just “woman.”

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.