i mean button it up

Do you ever sit there and think about Aaron Dingles arms? His biceps in that tub scene during ssw? When he wore that black shirt and folded his arms in the stairway after his ONS with finn? How he looked in that tight ass white button up during the stupid jailbreak episode? I mean, fuck. Every time that man folds his arms I die a little. I’d give my life for those arms.

u know i don’t always block ppl who love ships involving huge problems because i know we’re all learning and how media made us normalize harmful issues and it takes time to relearn. and many of them don’t actually know how much ‘fiction’ can still affect others because they are mostly only active in their fanbase and don’t encounter others. they are not aware how more serious these problems are than they think but i know many of them can change later when they learn more.
but there are shippers who literally fight against lgbt people/abuse victims/people of color who are telling others how offended they are and i see no good future from those fuckers

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Can you do a piece about Harry coming back from France and you haven't seen him for a while and you notice he's more musclier whilst smut is occurring😈 in light of new pics ppleeeease xxx

As promised, new writing. Loosely based on Important or Summat. Enjoy. x

Warnings: daddy!kink with four rings.

Gentle reminder: requests are closed – this is old.

054. Or Summat - Sequel to Important or Summat

Dawn hasn’t even broken when you hear your name. It’s soft, and thick, and there’s a gentle sweeping sensation over your forehead. Your face scrunches against it and you shrink away from the bothersome, tickling sensation.

“Love,” the gravelly voice pipes up, a little firmer but also pleading. “Don’t yeh wanna say hello?”

Say hello to whom?

You open your eyes and blink. Everything is cloaked in darkness but the sky is lightening through the window, turning from a pitch black to a gradient of indigo and blues.

It’s barely enough for you to make out the green eyes, stubble-lined pink mouth, and beanie-covered curls of your boyfriend.

“Harry?” you croak, blinking furiously to clear sleep from your eyes.

“Someone else you’re lookin’ fo’?”

His answer is cheeky but you’re too vulnerable to care.

“Harry!” you gasp. “Oh, Harry!

He’s laughing at you with sleepy eyes as you fling covers back and scramble onto your knees and throw your arms around his neck. Two long arms wind around you and you grunt as they squeeze you into a bear hug, your lungs feeling curiously more pressed than they would ordinarily, trapped in muscular arms against a chest that is broader and firmer than you remember.

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prompty pompty: IRL May fixing Coulson's tie and repeat framework convo with flirty googily eyes

Six weeks after their escape from the framework and subsequent rescue from Radcliffe’s crazy murderous robot, Melinda returns to her room to find Phil standing in front of her mirror, fiddling with his tie.

“You need some help with that?”

He turns and huffs at her, and she rolls her eyes in retaliation before moving over to him and batting his hands away from the mangled knot.

Her fingers still as they smooth out the creases in the satin tie, and he raises an eyebrow at her when she frowns.


“I feel like we’ve done this before,” she responds.

They stand in silence, expressions blank until he cracks a smile and she follows moments after, grinning at him.


She snorts, rolling her eyes at him as she closes her fist around his tie, yanking him towards her.

“Did you bump your head against the headboard too hard this morning?” she whispers, cupping the back of his head gently with her free hand. “Forget all about last night? And the last three weeks?”

He smiles, more softly this time, moving his hand to her waist, absentmindedly stroking her hip with his thumb.

“Even when they took all my memories away, you were always familiar to me.”

“Sap,” she replies, smirking as she leans in to press a light kiss to his lips.

His eyes are closed as she pulls away, and she shakes her head as she begins to undo his tie, pulling the fabric free and dropping it to the ground, before moving on to the top three buttons of his shirt and smoothing out his collar with her hands afterwards.

“You look better without it,” she says in response to his expression of curiosity.

“So you’ve said.”

She smirks, slapping him lightly on the chest as his arms wind tighter around her, pressing their bodies together.

“Fine. I like you better without it.”

Melinda doesn’t know whether she finds his smug expression annoying or endearing or oddly, a combination of both.

“Don’t let it go to your head, Phil.”

He grins, leaning in to steal another kiss. When he tries to move away, she winds her arms around his neck, effectively holding him in place.

When they finally pull away, they’re breathless and trying not to laugh.

Melinda moves her hands back to the front of Phil’s shirt, once again adjusting his collar, fiddling around until she’s satisfied.

“We’re going to be naked soon anyway,” he complains as she does the third button back up.

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the view before I rip your shirt off and destroy it.”

That works for him.

He reminds himself to put in an order for new shirts even as Melinda grabs his collar on either side and pulls, the fabric tearing away under her hands.

That’s the third one this week.

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tbh if you're still giving EA your money, then you have no right to complain about quality. you don't need to buy city living to see how shitty it is. all you do on your blog lately is bitch. i followed you because i loved your personality and your content, but lately, you're whining all the time while still giving EA your money. it's fucking pathetic

Texting Accident

* Thayne Jasperson × Reader
* Modern rpf
* Random idea from @omicronarmagedon

A/N: so no one requested this but I saw this prompt a while back. It was just collecting dust in my files so. I did get the idea from a different blog. From @omicronarmagedon, credit to them. And Thayne is my favorite under appreciated cast member.

Word Count: 1,236


You were sitting in your couch reading a book. It was a rare day off Broadway so you decided to spend it at home in your pajamas all day. Suddenly your phone buzzed. You quirked an eyebrow as you read the message preview.

Group: Broadway Fam

It was a group text that you were added to. It seems like Thayne created one. Dear Lord, what was he up to now?

Thayne: Guys? I need some advice…

Now this made you pause. You and Thayne had been close since day one. He often come to you first with questions or concerns or just to chat. Why was he consulting the group? You were about to ask what his problem was but Anthony beat you to it.

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This person really push my buttons do you know what I mean and to make it up to you I'll try and rime if you want

Err… feel free to do it?

McCree’s Armor is also a cooling system!

Let me explain my idea here.

On McCree’s model, he’s got these weird tubes, seemingly connected to his shirt. On closer observation that middle part isn’t actually his shirt! I’ve known this for a while, and figured it’s probably just some sort of protective corset/undershirt of a type.

BUT Until now I thought maybe the tubes were decoration, or my favorite thing, he has more cyborg parts under there! Now though, I realize they look kinda like a cooling system of some sort.

He’s a cowboy, he spends most of his time in the hot desert. It’s gotta be hard wearing all that armor in the heat all day every day. So solution? A water cooling system built into the armor to keep him cool in the heat. 

Another thing I noticed is that he seems to have a turtleneck undershirt that’s the same smooth material of that midsection thing, so of course my previous headcanon of it being a crop top button up….

I could mean the tubes are actually a PART of him, or like I think, is just an outer cooling system. Of course I’m still headcanoning McCree as an all right kinda guy now, with his entire left side with bio-mechanical parts. The cooling system theory could really support that lmao

Also, if you notice the tubes don’t plug into his armor at all. Just the undershirt.

The armor totally looks as if it’s built AROUND the tubing, rather than with it being a part of it.

TLDR- McCree could totally be more of a cyborg than just his arm, but he’s got a really neat cooling system built into his armor so his dumb cowboy ass doesn’t die of heatstroke! -thumbs up-

something weird has happened

so last night, i’m about 90% sure i went to bed with my pyjama shirt still on; i vaguely remember the buttons digging into my ribs

but i wake up this morning and my shirt definitely is not on. nbd, right? probably woke up during the night and unbuttoned it and took it off in a half asleep daze

so i pick up my shirt to put it back on and all the fucking buttons are done up, which means i either pulled it off over my head (which i don’t do) or i buttoned it back up before throwing it on my chair (which i also do not do)

conclusion? faeries fucking stole my pyjama shirt