i mean big bird

Imagine Simon always thinking Taka is male and then he comes home realizing there is a nest in the tree next to his bedroom window that Taka has made and he sees three eggs there. 

And of course he knows not to really mess with them because Taka will freak out but he brings his bird some good warm stuff to add to the nest. 

When they hatch they imprint on Taka and Simon (shh I have no idea how birds work is this even possible it is now) and the next time Phoenix and Athena face Simon in court he has Taka on one shoulder and three hawk chicks - each with their own little custom-make scarf - on his other and carries on with the trial like it is no big deal.

After how many people liked my Ad Goblin, I decided to do a pass on some of the other NPCs from Heroes and Halfwits. These were a bit trickier since they don’t have players associated with them. So I decided to take other RT staff members and cast them in the rolls.

Quork is Gavin. I mean, big nose/beak, bird sounds, no one likes him. Easy.

Father Dori is Burnie. He’s the conscience of the group, patient with them and very caring about their well being.

Nah is Barbara. Barbara can exude a strength that is perfect for a hand to hand fighter like Nah.

Sanji was hard to cast, given the lack of respect the character received, its almost zealotry towards Bo and the eventual reveal. But I decided Lindsay was the best way to go. She’s so easy to make innocent looking but also crazy, which are the two biggest character traits for Sanji.

I’d like to eventually do the other Kenku, which will be Ray (because he’s dead) and Nah’s mother, who will Anna Hullum.

The plan is to eventually do sheets like I did for the Ad Goblin, both for all the NPCs and the PCs. I’m doing some commission work too so this will be an sporadic thing for right now. I’d like to have them all done before RTX. I’m thinking I might donate prints to art Sidequest auction, but we will see.

Short Love

I’m sorry this is so short, I’ve been sick since last night and I wrote this in between trips to the trash can to empty my stomach. I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Request :  Hi! Can I request one with a reader who is insecure about her short height (like under 5 feet)? Thanks so much<3 

You didn’t say which avenger so I picked Clint :)

Warnings : cussing

Words : 441

Pairing : Clint Barton x Reader


Y/N: Your Name Y/N/N : Your Nick Name

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The cabinet Clint would hide his secret candy stash stood too high off the floor so you crawled on top of the counters to get the sweet treasure. Two inches separated the top of your head from the dull white ceiling.

“[Y/N] What the hell are you doing?!”

The sudden scream made your skin crawl. Slowly turning around, you flashed a guilty smile; crumbs scattered on your face.

“If it makes it any better they were delicious.”

Clint huffed out an exaggerated sigh. His eyebrows were furrowed together and you swear smoke was coming out from his ears. The dirty uniform didn’t make the situation any better. The mission must of been a flop.

“I had been looking forward to those cookies all day, god dammit [Y/N]. How the hell did you find them?! I thought you couldn’t even reach over the counter.”

You quickly dug into the red bag and filled your fist with the remaining of it’s contents. Clint jumped into the incoming cookie crumbs and caught a few in his mouth. 

Chewing them proudly; the sound of soft whimpers caught his attention. Letting your emotions take over, tears started to spill down your cheek. He knew damn well your height was a big insecurity of yours. 

“I didn’t mean that, get down shorty.” Bird man hadn’t quite understood yet the tears wetting your shirt were real, not spoiled brat ones. 

“Fuck you Clint.”

In an attempt to get away from the muscular arms grabbing onto your legs the the top of the fridge caught your attention. Pushing his arms off you started to climb on top of the white cooler.

“You know I was playing [Y/N/N], you’re not short, you’re perfect.”

No matter what he said the damage was done. Truth be told the Niagara falls of blood had payed their monthly visit making your emotions sky rocket.

“Oh please save it! Have you even seem me next to Thor? I’m face to face with his genitals for god’s sake.”

Before you knew what was happening Clint hoped on the counter and climbed next to you .

“W-What are you doi-” Your words were cut short by the man’s plump perfect lips. The intensity and passion of the kiss filled your body with sweet ecstasy. 

“You’re.” *kiss* “Perfect.” *kiss*

Your lips couldn’t behave and were fixed into a satisfied smile while his kept smooching yours. 

“Now, let’s get down from here and eat more cookies, what do you say?”

Getting lost in his eyes once again you felt your worries vanish.

“I’d love that.”