i mean arts

 life sucks and nothing matters.png


i honestly was gonna do the art and post the same time as snow’s but eehhh i was so busy +lazy to do it!   lolol sorrryyyy q-q

but ahhh thank u so much for being such an inspiration for me!

i have been such a fan since idk 2015?? i used to not have tumblr lol xD but i liked your art so much. i always adore them whenever i see them they’re so aesthetic ?! i love the colours background (both simple and detailed) THEY’RE JUST SOOO GOOAALLLSS TAT!! i really wish i could be just like you. such gud art skills damn

but aaahh hope you like this ;w;

airi’s design is so cute and pretty and aesthetic i love eeerrr <3

have a weird random doodle???

Hey so uhhh… I’ve been wanting to post my art here and am v anxious abt doing so but here’s one of my oc’s that i love more than myself. Their name is Lucia and there’s a lot to their story but here’s a doot of them. (Lucia is nonbinary and uses they/them)

Thank u for reading have a lovely day