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My Thoughts - One Way

I’ve talked about this off and on, but it won’t stop bugging me. I want to make sure that everyone is aware of what the ONE WAY sign means on The Walking Dead show. I did NOT make this picture because I saw Carol carrying a One Way sign around in episode 13…

The One Way sign is an actual photo of a real Caryl street. The only thing I did was to photo manipulate the colors. I made this years ago and submitted it to U.S.S. Caryl. It’s one of the first things I ever posted in the Caryl fandom and I have been here, since the beginning. Most people don’t actually know the story behind that image. I care about everyone in the fandom. I don’t want anyone to think that it was made because of the One Way signs we’ve been seeing on the show. It is an OLD image. It is very clear to me that the writers or show runners are fully aware of this picture, and they are letting us know, older Carylers know that Caryl canon is soon by referencing the sign on the show. Who is holding the One Way sign? Carol. This is NO coincidence. It appears that it was very deliberately used. 

This is not the first time that the show has taken ideas from the Caryl fandom. I could go into great detail about that… Don’t even get me started on that, because I have incredibly mixed feelings on other ideas they’ve taken from fans. I do feel like this was a huge hint dropped to the oldest Carylers in the fandom. Everyone should be aware of its meaning.

mikkeneko replied to your photo “[7] One of these days Mokona is going to start one of these calls and…”

Yuuko seems more like a bath person than a shower person to me. A huge, claw-footed bath, with water that can raise steam in swirly and obscuring patterns (which does nothing to actually obscure HER, but is still part of the Aesthetic.)

If anything I feel like she would arrange it so that the steam would obscure everything BUT the parts that might need obscuring. 


i happened upon this picture of Melissa bts and it’s just…too much??? like. the tshirt?? cradling the tiny precious dog?! and look at her fucking arm. i mean i really have a soft spot for athletes lol but are you joking?? get this away from me.


My face is super asymmetrical, which means the face I see in the mirror is super different from the one I see in photos, and it always freaks me out. I’ll probably never know whether I am actually as gross as I look in photos or if I’m just not at all photogenic, or if it’s a mix somewhere in between. :|

  • Middle aged white male's impersonation of a millennial: OMG lyke i totes didnt mean to crash the car my rich mummy bought me but i totes had to text my bff about her latest facebook selfie LOL whatevs dude
  • Actual millennial: I aspire to be able to pay off my second hand car sometime next year, but in this turbulent economical state, my three minimum wage jobs barely pay my medical insurance. I've nearly exhausted my phone's data while researching scholarships that may assist me, but I did take a moment to compliment my good friend's latest Instagram photo because she has worryingly low self confidence and occasionally needs affirmation of her worth, like most humans.
the power of update

somehow it makes imagination flooding our brain like ZAAAAAAAA and don’t ask me what ZAAAAAAAAA means.

hc behind the scene regarding the latest official art. I imagined it was a photo shoot :D and that girl actually is holding a box of sunglasses. I was inspired by Big Bang’s footage behind one of their photo shoot.

hc mo “the bomber“ guanshan , regarding the majority of his appearance wearing bomber jacket, just because.

tbh my blog is literally filled with 19 days fan art… I should have considered making my own original comic strip. what do you think?

edit: I customized the coding so the picture appears bigger (about 1280 pixel on width?)

Tears of Joy

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Headcanon Request: Jared’s happy tears. ❤ Like, when he sees you walking down the aisle at your wedding. When you announce your first pregnancy. When you give birth to the child. - @elliewinchesterr

Word Count: ~1,890

Warnings: so much fluff, holy crap, I think I might have a cavity. Mentions of pregnancy and birth. I cried while I wrote this, so prepare yourselves.

A/N: Please don’t yell at me for using a photo from Jared’s actual wedding. Yes, Gen is amazing, I love her too. This is fiction, and I obviously don’t mean to disrespect Genevieve in any way. Please understand and remember that.

When Jared proposed, there were tears. Not just yours, sure mostly yours, but his too. You said yes, and the dam broke. His tears fell onto your face when he stood and kissed you.

On your wedding day, the second Jared saw you, tears filled his eyes. As you walked toward him, he had to wipe his face a few times. When you and your father had finally gotten to him, your dad gave you away, but not before making Jared promise to take care of you and treat you right, to love you until the day he died. Jared agreed, promised, but not before he let out a choked sob and hugged your dad. The sight alone made your eyes well up, but you held back - your makeup was too perfect to ruin.

As you said your vows, Jared, along with everyone else in attendance, had tears spilling over their eyes. Jared felt the love pouring off of you, and he’d never experienced something so amazing. It was like a weight bearing down on his chest, but it was the best, most crushing feeling he’d ever felt. He pulled a folded paper from the pocket of the jacket of his tuxedo and began reading.

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Pre-Order the greatest Christmas Album this Holiday season ;)

Idea from -> @idratherlivefreetofail

Making this screenshot from the live stream as an album cover!

This was a great idea so I decided to actually photo shop it XD
Loved the live stream and I’m so happy we reached $1.3m!! Merry #Cringemas!
Great job you guys and thanks for making me smile, you all mean the world to me :) @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye @pewdie


My boyfriend is actually the sweetest 😭💗 and I had to share because he bought me VEGAN cupcakes!! I had no idea there was a vegan bakery where we lived and he surprised me this morning with half a dozen cupcakes and flowers ☺ this boy means the world to me! I would’ve gotten a better photo of the cupcakes however between him and I they’re nearly gone lol! But they where AMAZING!!

The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… You Need to Experience It

Did you know trainers need to experience some of the astronaut training for themselves so they can better guide and relate to our experiences?

Sarah Korona is our EVA (extravehicular activity or spacewalk) lead for our expedition. She has the overall responsibility for my training and any on orbit activities that involve a spacewalk. Above she is trying on an Orlan spacesuit.

Have you ever seen or heard of an Orlan spacesuit? It is a Russian spacesuit where you enter from the back (this is called rear entry)! You can see Sarah getting in an Orlan in the photo. It is actually great for “donning” the suit more easily, as compared to the US EMU. However, the Russian suit has only one upper torso size (as compared to 3 sizes in the US suit). I can attest that it is made for someone quite a bit larger than me! My first spacewalk was in the Orlan space suit. Orlan means eagle in Russian language…and since I felt how I imagine a bird must feel flying over our planet, I thought it was very aptly named. 

The reason it is essential for NASA Villagers like Sarah Korona to try on different spacesuits is because they will be directing the astronauts in the pool. Knowing the limitations of the suit and experiencing the suit first hand will better prepare them to relate to the astronauts experience.

Above Sarah is in an American spacesuit (an EMU–extravehicular mobility unit or space walking suit). Sarah’s knowledge and hand size came in handy one day as I was donning the US EMU. I noticed an irregularity in my glove before I did the underwater run. I knew it would not be possible to complete the training in that configuration. Sarah was able to test out the problem herself because of her experience in the suit and able to fix it on the pool deck. I then put on the glove and was able to complete the training.  

This type of familiarity and knowledge with the suits enables her to assist the crew, not only on the pool deck, but even more importantly, when we are in space. She has the expertise to offer suggestions and techniques for us to try when we run into problems (as invariably we do). Those communication skills we talked about are important for the crew to describe the problems accurately and with enough detail that the ground teams can come up with some options and solutions for us. It is so amazing to be a part of this team!

Next time on the NASA Village… Gremlins in the Console.

Do you want more stories? Find our NASA Villagers here!


anonymous asked: Who’s style do you like more? Niall or Harry’s?

I mean…. Is there actually a difference?

embarrassing sentence starters.

“ um, that’s not my name actually. ”
“ there’s toilet paper attatched to your shoe.. ”
“ you know, you’re dragging toilet paper with you, right? ”
“ there’s toilet paper hanging from your back. ”
“ could you pull your pants up? your crack is showing. ”
“ i can see your nipples through your shirt. ”
“ you know the bathroom door is wide open, right? ”
“ there’s a nude photo of you all over the internet right now. ”
“ did you mean to send me this nude photo of you? ”
“ yeah, i accidentally sent you a nude, could you just delete it. ”
“ i think you meant to text someone else your nudes, yeah? ”
“ um, is this text message really meant for me? ”
“ oh shit! i’m sorry, my bad, i didn’t think anyone was in here. ”
“ your back side is hanging out from your hospital gown. ”
“ wow, that is literally the smallest dick i’ve ever seen. ”
“ is your vagina always this loose? it just keeps falling out. ”
“ are you okay? you ran into that door pretty hard. ”
“ uh, yeah, i think your skirt is caught in the car door. ”
“ is there a reason your standing in the street bare naked? ”
“ hey, could you pull the bathroom door shut? ”
“ hey! if anyone can hear me, i could really use some toilet paper! ”
“ jesus, put a shirt on! ”
“ you smell like shit, have you showered lately? ”
“ your breath is on foul, seriously, do you own a toothbrush? ”
“ oh, my god! wow, okay, yeah. uhm, ever heard of knocking? ”
“ yeah, i’m trying to use the rest room here, could you leave? ”
“ are you jacking off in the stall next to me? ”
“ wow, could you not peek at me from the other stall?! thank you. ”
“ did i leave my keys at your house? oh nevermind, they’re in my hand. ”
“ hey, just calling to see if you’ve seen my phone anywhere? ”
“ have you seen my phone anywhere? oh wait, it’s in my hand. ”
“ oh, dear! are you alright? you hit the ground pretty hard. ”
“ what’s that stain on the back of your pants? ”
“ oh my god, did you really just fart? ”
“ i think your bleeding through, hunny. ”
“ there’s blood on the back of your shorts by the way. ”
“ your shit is stained yellow, under the arms, maybe you want to change. ”

Aesthetic Challenge

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RULES: make your aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with ONLY photos you’ve saved to your device! You cannot search and download any items until you are done!

(I’m gonna assume by device they don’t just mean phone but also computers?? Because these are from my computer but I limited it to two folders at least)

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Hate || Conor Maynard Imagine

I had posted a photo of me and my Boyfriend of almost two years, Conor, kissing on Instagram. Conor had quite the following, from his music to his antics with his friends, Conor had fans. His fans didn’t like me, hated me even. They would post hate on all of my posts, tweets, photos, everything. All I ever seemed to get was hate. I, of course, tried not to let it get to me, But as I’m sat there reading through the hate on the cute photo I h ad posted not long ago. One comment, in particular, stood out to me, ‘Conor’s only with you because you’re easy’.

Conor made sure to tell me that he loved me every single chance he got, but days like today I couldn’t help but think that maybe he didn’t actually love me as much as I loved him.

I feel tears fall down my cheeks, one after another. I keep reading the mean comments late into the night. I hear the door to mine and Conor’s flat opening, but I don’t move.

“Babe?” Conor yells into the dark flat. I try to quieten the sobs that are racking my body by pressing my hand to my mouth. Conor walks into our bedroom and his eyes lock on me immediately.

“Oh my god, What’s wrong beautiful?” He asks making his way over to me, embracing me in a tight grip.

“H-hate from the fans,” I mumble out, hoping he doesn’t hear me, but his arms around me tighten and his body tenses.

“What?” He says.

“Don’t worry,” I say trying to escape from his arms.

“No, How haven’t I noticed?” He asks more to himself than me, he buries his face into my neck.

“Please don’t blame yourself,” I whisper.

“I’m going to lose my shit,” He says pulling his phone out of his pocket.

“Please don’t,” I say.

“I’ll be nice,” He says smiling at me, “They have no right to say anything about the person I love.”

My phone buzzes on our bed, I pick it up and see that Conor has tagged me in a post.

’@Y/N is my favorite. Hating on her isn’t cool so kindly fuck off.’ With the picture of us kissing underneath it.

I look up at Conor, “I love you.”

“I would do anything for you baby,” Conor pulls me into him for a kiss.

i seriously just can’t believe that people actually took the time to make patterns, sew together, and take really cool photos and videos of outfits i designed??? like i know the hype for this au has simmered down but it still means a lot to me that so many people participated in this and just yeahhh thank you ;w;<3

credits to owner of photo

Hoseok’s tattoo says “Life is C between B and D.” I didn’t really know what it meant so I went to search it up and it means “Life is Choice between Birth and Death.” That’s actually really meaningful and I agree with it hahah

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Thank you. Due to your VERY helpful information about the doberman breed and your wonderful relationship with your own dobe it has convinced my mother that they aren't as terrifying as she thought which in turn has lead to me being able to adopt a beautiful rust male with chronic head tilt. I have had my eye out for dobermans from a young age and absolutely love them! It means everything helping my mother overcome her fear and be more openminded, from me and my new dobe thank you.

You’re welcome! I’m super excited to hear about your new boy and your mom’s change of heart. My father used to be terrified of dobermans and adamantly refused to accept Creed until I finally just brought him home, and then suddenly he loves and adores Creed with his whole heart. He calls Creed his grandson and proudly displays any ribbons and certs he gets next to photos of his actual, human, grandchildren. These guys are really awesome dogs and it’s so great to hear that someone else was able to change their mind because of Creed’s blog.

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We're actually freaking out because 1) henriks filming with the girls 2) henrik looks power Even as fuck 3) if him and tarjei are filming it means that ISAK x Even are still going strong 4) there's links to a party so perhaps noora birthday is coming up. Just to give you a 360.

Ohh I know, trust me! And I’m freaking out about ALL of it too. I just saw that photo and people exploding lol, that’s what I meant. I started freaking out the moment I saw the ‘looking for extras’ post, actually 

ooc:: I’m on mobile right now but wowowow. I didn’t expect courtship/AUs where Gaston is actually married to hit me as hard as they are right now. Because I keep thinking about Gaston’s personality and how he loves to show off and boast. So those he loves? Oh my god he’d be awful. The sort of trash boy to go ’ MY WIFE IS PERFECT ’ constantly. Whips out a wallet with a long string of photos of his wife. And just really gross and almost adorable??? Almost. Of course he’d take pride in things like that goddamn it I’m emotioning.