i mean all the cast deserve an award


Great Comet was robbed of its Tony’s

So, I finally finished The Hour (I should’ve mentioned when I finished s1, but that was sometime last year) and oh my God, I’m a wreck…

How dare the BBC end it like that! How dare they end it in general! Plus, I really needed so much more of Randall. Peter deserved a BAFTA for that scene in the finale. Hell, the whole cast deserved all the awards for the finale (and show in general.) 

I honestly didn’t expect to get this emotional over the show (I mean, things made me emotional in s1 too, but not a much as s2 did.) I did Doctor Who level crying during the last two episodes. I can’t believe the BBC cancelled this masterpiece of a TV show. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The cast deserved to go on stage and accept their award they have been working so hard and even though they won just having them up there would have given them the recognition they deserve that award show was so fucking boring except for Matt blessing us with his face and the fact that he had to reach down for the microphone like that shit was so cute but guess what was even cuter that cast they all looked stunning and I don't care them holding that stupid surfboard would have made my fucking night