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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 11/?)

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Me and Monty drove back to Bryce’s I quickly grabbed my bag without saying a word to anyone, then he drove me to my car and I got home. I walked in, my parents weren’t there, shocking.
I took a shower, changed into my pjs, made myself a sandwich and then someone rang on doorbell.

“Hi”, I said surprised when I opened the door. Zach was standing outside with big toblerone. “Come in.”

“I wanted to tell you about the bet before the game, I swear. I found out about it after me and guys left Rosie’s but I blew it off because it’s you and you would never just slept with Marcus, but then you agreed to go to the party with him and I thought he’d try something and I wanted to warn you but you…”, he was sitting out the words.

“But I was an idiot and didn’t want to listen to you”, I sighed and rest my forehead on his arm.

“I thought that maybe toblerone would help me to get you to listen to me”, he gave the candy.

“You didn’t have to”, I laughed. “I’m done with being idiot.”

“So we’re good?”

I nodded my head.

“Okay, good”, he hugged me. “I just want you to know that you’re more of my friend than Marcus”, he said walking to the door.

“I honestly don’t know how could I thought it was different”, I shook my head.

“I gotta go, bio test tomorrow. See ya!”

“Bye!”, I said as Zach left. “Idiot!”, I hit my head with toblerone.


Next few days were quiet intense but on weekend I finally had moment for myself to sit and not think and do nothing. Well, not exactly. It was Saturday and I was babysitting Trixie.

“Y/N?”, she asked.


“What tampons are for?”

I looked at her innocent little face with my eyes wide open and couldn’t believe what I just heard.
Should she already know about periods and sex? Is it too soon? She’s just seven. Am I the fight person to talk about it?

“Sweetheart, you should probably ask your mum, okay?”, I said.

I blow her off but not for too long. Next day we all had family dinner.

“I talked to mum”, she whispered.

“Really? That’s good, sweetie. Probably…”

“Do you have period?”, she asked.

“You mean… Now?”, I mumbled.

“In general”, she rolled her eyes.

“In general yes.”

“And now?”

“Trixie!”, I hissed. “Go to kitchen, my mum will give you extra ice creams.”

I sat there for a moment thinking and the ran upstairs to grab my phone. I opened calendar and started scrolling and counting…

“Oh fuck…”, I whispered.


“Are you okay? You haven’t say a word today”, Zach said at the cafeteria.

“Yeah, I’m fine”, I smiled faintly.

Liar, liar, liar. My whole life was circle of lies. But I couldn’t just say listen guys, me and Monty are fucking since September and now I might be pregnant with his child. That would be really freaking big bomb to drop.

“Okay, what is really going on?”, Monty asked when we were leaving Chemistry.

“Nothing…”, I said automatically, because hey, that’s what everyone does, automatically say they’re fine. “Actually…”

“Something happened?”, he asked and looked at me concerned.

“Maybe… I don’t know…”, I felt tears coming to my eyes. “I want to talk to you… But not here.”

“What’s your last period?”


“You can skip, drive to my house, okay? I’ll meet you there.”

I nodded my head and went to next class.

Monty got to his house faster than me, when I stopped my car at the driveway his was already there. I just walked inside without knocking.


“I’m here”, he shouted from upstairs.

I almost ran there taking two stairs at one step.

“I’m late”, I said opening door to his room.

He looked at me confused.

“Late for what?”

I sighed.

“Fuck, Montgomery… My period is late”, I said trying not to cry.

He freezed.

“Are… Are you… Sure?”, he mumbled.

“Well I’m pretty fucking sure I know how to use calendar… It’s three weeks late.”

Monty started walking around the room.

“Did you take the test?”, he asked.

“Not yet”, I whispered.

“Jeez… Wait here, sit, don’t move”, he pointed at his bed and left room.

“But… Montgomery!”, I shouted but listened to him and sat on his bed.

I laid down on my back and stared at ceiling, I don’t know for how long but it was long enough for Monty to get back.

“Go to the bathroom”, he threw few tests next to me. “How it may even be possible? I mean, we used protection and everything…”, he pinched bridge of his nose. “Usually.”

“What did you just say?”, I stopped walking halfway to the bathroom.

“Usually”, he mumbled.

“Montgomery. We had condom every time. Right?”, I said through clenched teeth. He took a deep breath. “Fuck, look at me and say you wore it everytime!”, I screamed.

“That time… In car… After that thing with Marcus…”, he mumbled. “It all went so fast…”

“Are you kidding me?!”, I threw pregnancy test at him. “Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me”, I hit his arm with every word. “You’re dead, Montgomery”, I took second pregnancy test, not the one I just threw, turned away, slammed the door and went to the bathroom.

We didn’t have condom. He probably got me pregnant. While we’re still in high school. We’re not even a couple. My parents are gonna kill me. My dad is gonna kill him.
I already made few scenarios how I’m gonna tell my parents when I sat down on toilet and looked at my underwear.

“Thank God”, I sighed when I saw some blood. “Oh my God”, at this point I was almost laughing.

I came back to Montgomery’s room to get a tampon from my bag.

“I’m not pregnant”, I said without looking at him.

“You don’t know that, you have to wait three minutes”, he responded while reading instruction.

“Yes, I do. I got my period”, I took tampon and left room again.

“You’re not pregnant, we’re good, right?”, he asked when I got back to the room again.

“I don’t think we should do this anymore”, I said and grabbed my bag.

“Wait. What?”

“The thing between us. It’s over”, I said without looking at him.

“But… Why? Hey, talk to me”, he came closer to me and pulled my face up to make me look at him.

“I just… For last two day I was scared to death I’m pregnant. With your baby. We’re seventeen, we’re not together, we’re just having sex. How would I explain it to my parents? How would I explain it to anyone?”

“But you’re not pregnant, you’re worrying about things that are not going to happen. I want to hear one good reason why you want to end this”, he crossed his arms.

“Because I…”, my voice cracked. I couldn’t tell him the truth. Telling Montgomery about my fellings? What would I expect to hear in answer. I knew him. I knew him well. He would become the one to end things between us very quickly. “I don’t want to do this anymore”, I shrugged. “You said nobody would ever found out and still, Sheri saw us. We’re done, Monty”, I walked past him and left him home.

I got into my car and quickly drove away. I got home, took box of ice cream from freezer and went to my room. Changed into sweats, I put my earphones on and played some music, sat on bed and started eating.

I did the right thing. Relations like that were only right, if they were right at all, if both sides felt the same way. Montgomery definitely didn’t feel what I felt and sooner or later he would call things off when he would get bored and then I’d get hurt more than I am now and I’d be the only one to blame.

He tried to call me few times but I ignored him. As much as I could avoid his calls for eternity  I couldn’t really avoid him in school.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?”, Monty asked when he stood next to the table we were all sitting at in the cafeteria.

“Umm… Sure”, I said as I stood up and walked to the side with him.

“What is going on?”, he asked when we were far enough so none of our friends could hear us.

“Nothing”, I shrugged.

“Bullshit”, he snorted.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Montgomery. What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to explain why you suddenly act so strange”.

“You think I act strange because I stopped something that was convenient for you?”, I crossed my arms on my chest.

“Yes. Because you ended thing suddenly, out of nowhere. We’re good together, Y/N. We had fun. What changed?”

“There is no we, Monty. There is no us. And we never were together”, I felt bigger and bigger lump in my throat. “And life isn’t only about having fun”.

“What do you want to hear? What do you want me to say?”.

Did he just asked me to say that I want him to tell that he has a thing for me or am I going crazy. Definitely the second option.

“Do you have anything to say? Then just say it”, I didn’t realized I was raising my voice until I saw some people looking at us. I looked at Monty, he was avoiding my sight. “I thought so…”, I said quietly and walked away from him.

“What is going on?”, Jessica asked when I came to the table and grabbed my bag.

“Chemistry project”, I lied and left cafeteria. I really didn’t want to confront him again at chemistry so I decided to skip the lesson.

I got to my car and spent the next hour driving around the city, listening to music and ignoring few calls from Sheri, Justin and Jeff.

I went back to school for the next lesson and Sheri caught me as soon as I walked in heading to my locker.

“Where were you?”, she asked standing me in the way.

“Here and there, you know”, I shrugged and tried to walked around her, but she stood in my way again.

“You know you can tell me everything, I’m always here for you, you know that?”

“Yes, can I go to my locker?”, I asked but she got in my way again. “Damn it, Sheri!”

“You can’t, actually”, she said quickly.

I looked over her it the direction of my locker where I saw Monty talking to freshman girl with big boobs, who just got to the cheerleaders team, the same on he asked out when we both went on a dates. “Seriously”, I sighed and rolled my eyes.

This time Sheri didn’t stopped me when I started walking.

“Great, sweetie, I’ll pick you up at seven”, I heard Monty when I was close enough. Jesus, he was pathetic.

“Sorry, guys, it’s my locker”, I said. Monty sighed and very slowly moved away a little but his new friend who literally stood in front of my locker didn’t move even for an inch. “It’s my locker”, I said again.

“Yeah, and we’re having conversation here”, she snapped back.

Sheri frizzed, Monty frizzed, even some girl few locker away stood with her mouth open.

“You know were in the same cheer team, right?”, I asked calmly.


“And you know I’m vice captain right?”, I asked again. This time she didn’t answer anything but her mean smile faded away. “You’re a freshman so I can understand you feel a little bit too confident because number one fuckboy in liberty high asked you out but if you speak like this to anyone ever again I swear you’ll get kicked out of the team very soon”.

“Okay”, she said looking down at her feet and moving away from my locker.

I didn’t like being mean and I never used the “I’m vice captain” card, but this little bitch deserved this. Plus I had though few days.

I quickly grabbed my book and walked away.

“Wow, you’re a bitch”, Sheri laughed. “I mean, she deserved it but I’ve never seen you like this”.

“Yeah, me neither”, I sighed. “Can we meet later?”, I asked. “I need to talk to someone”.

“Sure. You want me to come to you?”, she asked, I nodded my head without a word. “Okay, I’ll go home after school and I’ll be at yours as soon as I can, okay?”

“Okay”, I smiled a little. “Gotta go, bye”, I said and walked in the classroom.


“Wow… That’s like… A lot”, Sheri said after I told her everything about Montgomery situation.

“I know”, I nodded putting another spoon of ice cream in my mouth. “And I also know that I’m an idiot. I mean… It’s Monty”

“You know… He did change lately”.

“Sheeeeri, stop”, I moaned. “You’re saying this because it would be a perfect little picture – me having feelings for him, him changing, not being an asshole, having feelings for me and then everyone live happily ever after. Not gonna happen, Sheri”.

“So what are you going to do about that?”

“I think watching him treating girls like trash again will make those so called feelings go away”.

I didn’t even have to wait long. Next day he came to our table at cafeteria with that girl.

“Yo, guys, this is Tina, she’ll eat with us today”, Monty said and their sat down.

“Hi, Tina”, everyone said.

Justin kicked my ankle under the table to bring me back to reality, because I was sitting there with my mouth open in shock.

“So, Tina, you’re new cheerleader, right?”, Zach started conversation, but after he finished his question, Sheri sighed and pinched her nose.

“Yeah, I just got in”.

“Girls are in team, too”, Justin said and pointed at me, Jess and Sheri. “Y/N is vice captain.”

“Yeah, I know”, she said looking down at her lunch.

“She’ll probably be the captain next year”, Jess said, crossing her arms.

I finally understood, they all knew about locker episode from the day before, but I wasn’t gonna be a part of that scene.

“Okay, you know, guys. I just realized I forgot about my Spanish homework. So I’ll go to the library to focus and get it done and everything”, I said standing up and picking up my stuff.

“Sit down, Montgomery can do it for you”, Jessica said. “Right, Monty?”

“No, he can’t”, I said through my clenched teeth.

“Why, it’s not like he hadn’t done it before”, she rolled her eyes. Jesus, she was so dumb sometimes. Or sneaky, it was hard to tell.

“Because… I had to take advanced SAT on Spanish if I want to go to the Law”.

“But you don’t want to go the Law”, Monty spoke for the first time.

I looked at him a little bit shocked about the fact that he even remembered about that. Yes, I told him about my parents wanting me to go to Law school, but I didn’t think he was listening.

“I don’t know yet”, I shrugged. “See ya later, lads, see you at practice, girls”, I grabbed my stuff and went to the library.

I spotted Jeff and Clay. Looking at Clay I could tell, Jeff wasn’t doing great.

“Hey, guys don’t bother yourself, I’m just gonna sit next to you and I will not interrupt”, I said sitting down next to Jeff untangling my earphones.

“You’re not at the cafeteria?”, Jeff asked.

“Nope. Oh, if anyone ask – I do my Spanish homework here”.

“Does it have something to do with Montgomery and Tina or whatever her name is?”

“Excuse me?”, I chuckled.

“I’ll go and look for that book I was telling you about”, Clay got up and disappear between shelves.

“So?”, Jeff crossed his arms.

“So what?”

“Are you still gonna deny and act like there is, or was, nothing between you and Monty? Come on, Y/N, I know you better, than I know myself.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, he was messing with me, he didn’t know about anything.

“One time you were at my place, you went to bathroom, our phones were next to each other, you received message, I thought it was my phone ringing, so I looked down and saw text from him”.

I was looking at him with my mouth and eyes wide open.

“Really, I didn’t mean to read your texts, it was a mistake. I’m sorry, sweet”, he apologized.

“Jeez, Jeff, you don’t have to apologize for anything”, I rolled my eyes. And grabbed his hand. “Why didn’t you say anything? And like… I always thought that if you’d ever find out about any guy only having sex with me, you’d beat his ass. Especially Monty’s”.

“That was my first thought”, he nodded his head. “But then I thought that you don’t look like anything wrong is happening to you, so”, he shrugged. “Plus, Monty wasn’t such an ass for people around for last few months, so it was a win-win situation. So – what happened?”

“Nothing”, I said, looking down, avoiding his face.

“You’re lying”, he said with such confidence in his voice, that I hated him for knowing me so well.

“I just don’t want to do this anymore”, I shrugged. “It was fun, yeah, but I just want something more and because Montgomery is Montgomery, he probably isn’t able to give anything more to anyone.”

“You really think so?”, he asked looking at me suspiciously.


Clay came back and he actually really brought a book for Jeff.

“For your next history essay, use this, not google”, he put book in front of Jeff.

“Okay, I gotta go for chemistry. Have fun, guys”.

I got to the class before Monty, when we arrived he sat next to me and not said a word.

“Well, hello to you too”, I snorted.

“Oh, so now we talk to each other?”

“We never stopped talking. We stopped doing other thing”, I whispered. “You started showing off with your new girl, that’s the other thing”.

“I’m not showing off. I’m being myself. You shouldn’t be surprised, you were telling this is who I am for last few months.”

“You know what, let’s just get back to not talking again, huh?”




June just had been very busy for me and well, you know, some things you can’t speed up. 

Plus I didn’t really feel like writing for last few weeks and I really truly strongly believe that it’s better to wait and give people some decent content than to write crap just because it has been week or two since you last posted. I already have and idea on next part so it should be sooner than after three weeks lol x

Oh, I wil do proof reading tomorrow so if there are any mistakes, sorry x


Imagine #155 Let’s pretend (Pt.12- end)

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I was finally inside, that was it. I had to talk to Neymar, I had to admit my feelings to him either he wanted or not.

“(y/n)?” I heard Mascherano behind me as I was running.

“Oh, the game didn’t start yet?” I asked confused.

“Well not yet, but it will in about 4 minutes. You looking for Neymar?”

“Yes, do you know where he is?”

“He should be in the changing room, come.” He said as I walked behind him.

Once we came there was many people walking around getting everything ready and helping the team.

“Ney, (y/n) is here.” I heard Masche once he opened the door, and all of the players started walking out.

“What are you doing here?” he asked once he was in front of me. His face was confused, shocked and it seemed serious. How I missed those eyes, I wanted to hug him, but it didn’t seem like he would enjoy it.

“Long story…”

“Is your father okay?” he asked before I could continue.

“Yes, he is fine. I came because I need you to kno…”

“Neymar, c’mon we have to go!” I heard Iniesta shout behind Neymar.

“I need to go, now.” He said as he ran away.

He did not even see I was wearing his jersey, it seemed like he did not even care that I came. I could not tell him my feelings, because the game was about to start. Therefore, I decided to wait until the end of the first half in the stands where I sit last time.

“What are you doing here?” Joana smiled happily, as he noticed me walk inside.

“Oh thank God you are here.” I said as I hugged her, because I felt stupid being alone next to Antonella and other wags, “I came to talk to Neymar.”

“I heard about you leaving?”

“Yeah well my father is in the hospital, but he is getting better. And just yesterday I got a letter that a modeling agency wants me so I will sta in Spain and start working.”

“I am so happy for you! So you came to talk to Neymar to finish the plan you two had?”

“Um something like that. Exept this time I don’t want to plan this relationship, I want it real.” I said as I looked at Neymar who walked on the pitch.

“You are so cute. I hope you get him, I heard from Dani that he didn’t have a girl since Bruna, which was more than a year ago.”

“I hope he will let me be next to him.”

“I knew you had feeling for him, but you tried to deny it so hard the last time we were here.” She laughed making me embarrassed.

“Yeah, I hated him so much, but I seriously did. Then once I had to pass all this time with him I realized I was wrong about him.”

Then the game started and I was so excited to watch the famous El Clasico in real life not on the screen, but there in front of me with my own eyes looking around.

Neymar was playing good, but he didn’t managed to score a goal. It was a hard game, the players were all frustrated and angry at each other it was scary at some point, when Neymar got tackled by Pepe.

He was rolling around in pain; I was so scared he might injured himself badly.  

“He will be fine.” Suddenly I heard Antonella behind me as she smiled kindly, “it’s El Clasico, there will be many of this moments.” She said as Neymar finally got up.

“I guess…” I said as she introduced herself, “I’m Antonella, Lionel’s girlfriend.”

“I know who you are,” I smiled, “I’m (y/n).”

“Neymar’s girlfriend I suppose by your jersey.”

“Oh no. I am, I mean… let’s say it’s a complicate friendship we have.” I smiled not even understanding myself.

“I see,” she laughed confused, “but I hope you manage to get out of this status and work things out.” she smiled and then walked back as Thiago walked away.

Finally the 45th minute was over and the players walked to get inside their changing rooms. It was my time, I had to talk with Neymar so I ran downstairs to get to him, but Luis Enrique closed the door and I could not get inside, while he was encouraging the team.

I waited outside until finally after ten minutes Luis walked out leaving the team. I knocked on the door and looked inside.

“Oh look who is it! (y/n)!” I heard Rafinha, who walked to me as I was looking around for Neymar.

“Hey, how are you?” he asked as he hugged me.

“I’m good, can you call Neymar please.” I said and so he did.

“Ney, she wants to talk with you.” I heard him and not long after that, Neymar came closing the door.

“What’s wrong?” he was even more frustrated than before.

“Neymar I’m not leaving. I want you.” I said and looked at him with hope in my eyes, waiting for an answer that would put a smile on my face.


“Neymar, say something.” I said as I felt sick and stupid standing there.

“I, (y/n) not now. I can’t deal with this now. We have an important game and I need to focus, I just can’t talk about this now.” He said and then walked away, as if I was no one.

He left me there. Alone in silence.

I was shocked, but I was feeling as if there was no point to stay there. If he wanted me, he would say so. I guess what I felt between us he didn’t. I confused the lie with the reality, he knew this all along, and he even told me that.

I was a fool for believing that there might be something between us. Therefore, I decided to leave and go back home, and cry, as my heart was broken once again.

“You are back already? How did it go?” my best friend asked once I walked inside.

I didn’t say anything I just burst in to tears that I kept inside of me the entire ride home as she hugged me, knowing the answer by my reaction.

“Oh babe, don’t cry.” My other friend walked to me and caressed my back.

“He did not even say a fucking word, he stood there as if I was not important.” I said crying and then sit on the sofa in the middle of the two of them.

“What did you say?”

“I told him I won’t leave anymore and that I want him… All he said was that he can’t talk about this now… he could’ve just said no (y/n) I don’t want to be with you, sorry… not finding stupid excuses like this.”

“Maybe he wanted to talk about it after the game; you more than all of us know how much El Clasico means to footballers.”

“Yeah, but after all I did to get to him, a normal answer would be enough.” I said and then walked in the bathroom since I wanted to be left alone and clean my face from makeup.

I got under the shower, feeling like shit. I was upset, I didn’t imagine that would have been his reaction, I had hope and this devastated me.

I walked inside the room and in my bed. I noticed that people were posting how Barcelona lost. I felt even worse. I knew Neymar was probably angry so I guess it was better that I left earlier.

I was about to fall asleep when I got a phone call, Neymar.


“Hey, where are you?”

“At home, why?”

“Didn’t you want to talk?”

“You made your point Neymar, there’s no need anymore. Goodnight.” I said and then hung up, angry at him and annoyed.

I was sleeping when I suddenly heard a music that woke me up, it was a song I heard before, it was an Italian song “Nessun grado di separazione”

There’s no degree of separation

I gave less space to the heart and more to reason

Always a step back and with my soul on alert

And I watched the world from a door

That was never completely open

And from afar

I opened the window and looked outside as I noticed Neymar leaning on his car.

And no, there’s no hesitation, finally, inside me

No degree of separation

No type of hesitation

There isn’t any division between us any longer

We’re a single direction in this world that moves.

A smile appeared on my face as he was showing me some signs with the translation written on them. I immediately ran downstairs, while I heard people from the street shouting annoyed for the loud music.

“Hey,” he said once I walked in front of him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to give you an answer.” He said smiling as he grabbed my hand slowly pulled in his arms, as he rested his hand around my waist.


“I was trying to focus on the game before, but we lost either way. I was angry about it and I was upset, but something deep inside of me was not as upset as I wanted to be.”

“What was it?”

“The thought of your words. I couldn’t stop thinking about those three words you said to me.”

“So?” I smiled.

“So here I am, after fighting myself to keep you safe and leave you out of my world, I lost the fight.”

“I’m glad you did.” I said as I leaned closer and he finally kissed me. It felt like it was the first time, I was happy, I felt different, and it was a real kiss with real feelings.

“I knew you would fall for me, it was just matter of time.” he joked as he hugged me tightly.

“Oh shut up.” I said and then felt his lips on my head as he kissed me.

“Awwwwww!!” I suddenly heard from the window noticing my two friends spying on us.

“Want to come to my house?” he then asked as I nod my head and walked inside his car.

The entire road to his house he kept his hand on my tight, as if I was about to run away, I was so happy to be with him.

We walked inside and then walked in his room as it was already midnight and I was already sleeping once he came over.

“Tell me what happened that you came back.” He said once he got in just his shorts, shirtless next to me in the bed as I rested my head on his chest.

“Well I got a job as a model.” I said, as he laughed surprised, “what?”

“You used me to get a job didn’t you?” he joked laughing.

“Oh no, you found out!” I played along.

“I’m happy you did, you really were good last time. Plus you are not so bad looking.” He smiled messing with me and then kissed my lips.

“You are such an ass.” I smiled back.

“You know what I realized, we don’t have to plan anything, I mean we are a real couple at this point.”

“I guess so.” I smiled shy at the thought of him being my real boyfriend.

“Let me captured this moment.” He said as he pulled out his phone and posted a photo of us resting on Snapchat and captioned “Realxing”

“You know what I want a photo of us,” I said and then also took a photo with him kissing my cheek.

I decided to post it on Instagram once he walked out of bed to the bathroom.

“We’re a single direction in this world that moves <3” it was a quote from the song he played for me, our song.

Then he walked back and since he took his phone to the bathroom, he came back smiling and jumped on the bed and kissed my lips, “will this be our song then?”

“Yes,” I said and kissed him passionately.

“Thank you, for letting me inside.” He suddenly said.

“What do you mean?”

“To the real you.” he said and kissed me once again as we then fell asleep wrapped in to each other’s arms.


The series is as follows :

Mama Scully’s Party …. MorningUnderwearsMapsNachosFoul BallPromisesStayPhone CallsFlannel InterruptionAwakeningFriendly CompromisesScrabbleApart …  A Long WeekLightningMissing YouInterimStuffWaitingGoingHandsUnsteadyFearFastSlowRegardlessInto the DarkLightSurfboardsCurbsShowersBordersCanyonsSoakedIce CreamNever HappenedDeep SouthAlmostBlue-Suede ShoesUnwelcomeRemarkableStarsDoorbellsM&MsKneesHome


“There’s someone here to see you.”

Scully looked up from her notes, not really sure of the time, day, date or who was actually speaking to her, “for me?”

“Yes. He asked for Agent Scully.”

Capping her pen, she stood wearily, “up in the lobby?”

“Yes.” Holding out a bag, “and he also asked me to give you this.”

She took the bag in confusion, then, first feeling, then peering at what was inside, she smiled wider than she had since she boarded the plane to come out to Iowa, “thank you.”

The tech nodded, then headed the opposite direction down the hall, leaving Scully to climb the one flight of stairs, grinning as she walked over to Mulder, “trying to buy my affection with candy now?”

Mulder returned the smile, rocking back and forth, heel to toe, with his hands in his pockets, “thought you might need something sweet.”

Not fighting the urge, she hugged him tightly, arms around waist and head on his chest. When she’d breathed deep enough to satisfy some nameless need, she pulled back, holding out a red M&M, “I think I owe you this.”

Resisting the need to pull her back to him, he took the candy instead, popping it into his mouth, “these ones really are the best.”

The staring happening between them would have made a stranger blush and Maggie cheer but since it was them, they just did it without notice until Scully finally ducked her head, remembered how to talk, “so, um, what are you doing here?”

“You needed some red M&Ms. I provided them.”

“You didn’t fly all the way out here to bring me candy, Mulder.”

By now, his shoulders were relaxing and he seemed less nervous, “drove actually and the candy was part of it.”

“You drove here? That’s gotta be a,” looking off in the distance and attempting to do geographic calculations in her fried brain and totally not succeeding, “a really long drive. Why would you do that?”

Stepping closer, “well, I was sitting and thinking, like I sometimes do and I realized that Iowa is a really good starting point for seeing America and since we had decided we wanted to see the stuff in America, I thought maybe we should get started.”

“Stuff in America?”

“Sure. The stuff on the list. The monumental stuff and the odd stuff and the architecture stuff and the billboard-y stuff and the roadside food stuff.”

“That’s a lot of stuff.”

Carrying on like she hadn’t interrupted but now wearing a Cheshire smile, “I was talking to your mom last night after cards and she thought it would be a very good idea to go see stuff so I got in my car and went to your place and packed you some … stuff.”

“Oh, God.”

“Naw, it’s all good, Scully. I got jeans and those short pants capri things and just, pants stuff. Then I got short sleeve shirt stuff and long sleeve shirt stuff and gym shoe stuff and pajamas stuff, the comfortable, flannel ones and those slippery ones that I can’t fathom how you stay in the bed when you wear them.”

Interjecting while sucking the candy shell off yet another M&M, “I have never once slid out of bed.”

“and sock stuff and underwear stuff and bra stuff,” he had the sense to blush some at this one but then he went Mulder again, “that’s a fun drawer, Scully, let me tell you.”

“Mulder …”

“and then I got you bathroom stuff, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving stuff and hair stuff and face stuff …”

“The green bottle?”

“Yeah, like I said, face stuff and … and girl stuff. Your mom made me remember that because she said girl stuff is important.”

“Yeah, it is.”

Still barreling forward, her twinkling-eyes smile telling him he wasn’t going to be smacked for rifling through her things, “and then I grabbed some reading stuff, not the boring stuff you read at work but the fun stuff that is always on your coffee table and those ones on your nightstand with the trashy covers.”

“Did you pack the kitchen sink, too?”

“No, surprisingly, but I did pack some food stuff and your pillow because three weeks on hotel pillows will kill your neck but I did bring pill stuff if you get a headache or something.”

He seemed to have run the gambit of his stuff packing and finally went silent, flashing her his best shit-eating grin with white teeth showing and the unspoken begging in his eyes that she say yes and say yes immediately.

Completely floored by the gesture and the subsequent action, all she could do was hand him another candy, “I have two more bodies to do tomorrow and then I’m all yours … and stuff.” The happiness radiating off him made her warm from head to toe, “has anyone told Skinner yet?”

“Yup. I packed all your stuff, then went home and packed my stuff and then got in the car and started driving. I called him from somewhere in Pennsylvania and honest-to-God, I think he laughed at the idea and then he told us to keep out of as much trouble as we could. Also, to make sure to have plenty of bail money handy.”

Feeling no desire to finish up the last of her notes, “did you get a room already or did you drive straight here?”

“Straight here.”

Scully moved past him, taking his sleeve as she went, “come on. You can stay with me. There’s plenty of room.”

He’d noted her shadowed eyes and pale face but had been too busy with stuff to ask until now, as they headed to the break room to collect her coat and bag, “rough week?”

“Kind of.” Allowing Mulder to help pull her coat up her shoulders, “I’ve been averaging four bodies a day, plus all the paperwork but then I go home and churn the information in my brain and end up coming back here at 3 am and figuring something out, then since I’m already here I do another body and I’ve been eating one meal a day, which always seem to be breakfast and sleep in three hour clips and,” sighing as she stepped into the cool night air, “it’s been a rough week, yes.”

“Buck up, partner, vacation by this time tomorrow night.”

“I will enjoy that statement a lot more after I get a shower and take a nap.”

Mulder had parked a few spots down from her rental, “I’ll follow you. You stopping for food?”

“Yeah. There’s a diner around the corner from the hotel that knows me extremely well at this point.”

Soon, they had their food and were at the hotel, Mulder bringing in his small bag, “two queens. You went all out.” Noticing both looked slept in, “you entertaining on company time, Agent Scully?”

“Entertaining the idea that sometimes, I just want cold sheets on my feet and a new view of the room. I’ve been hopping beds a couple times a night.”

This was a new one for her, at least that he knew of and he slowly put his bag down, turning towards her, concern overtaking his playful mood for the moment, “what’s wrong? Usually you sleep like a log. Did something happen with Colton? If it did, I’m gonna go kick his ass while you shower.”

Her face relaxed, “let me shower first, all right but there is no reason for ass-kicking, I promise.”


Pointing over her shoulder towards the bathroom, “do you need a shower?”

“Um …”

Scully’s face immediately matched her red candy, “I mean after. This place runs out of hot water fast so if you need one, I’ll go quick so you can take one after.”

Desperately wondering what she’d do if he offered to just take one with her to conserve water and yes, he’d use that clichéd adage if he must, but he just smiled, shaking his head, “I’ll take it tomorrow morning. I had one before I left and you don’t get real dirty sitting in a car.”

Waving her hand lightly in his direction, she ducked her head, “I’ll be out in a few minutes. Eat before it gets cold.”

“I’ll wait.”

Wait he did, straightening sheets and checking out the channels on the crappy TV before simply kicking off his shoes and laying down on the bed closer to the door. He was dozing when she re-appeared in the room, hair damp, skin scrubbed pink and pajamas in place, “awake enough for dinner?”

“Enough.” He sat back up, rubbing his eyes, “although if I fall asleep while eating, you can’t steal my food.”

“Can’t promise that.”

Taking the container she handed him, “then I better shovel fast.”


Soon, they’d finished and Scully re-emerged from the bathroom after brushing her teeth to find Mulder on his side in the far bed, facing away from the light he’d left on for her. Turning those lights off and enveloping them in darkness, she stopped between the two beds then, her heart deciding things for her that her brain couldn’t come to grips with, she crawled under Mulder’s covers, scooting up behind him, close but not touching him, the heat rolling off him making her instantly sleepy. On the other side of her closed eyes, she first felt Mulder turn over, then his fingers brush her hair back from her forehead, “are you going to bed hop tonight?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“Because I wanted to let you know that if you do, I’m going to follow.”


“Double promise.”

As she slipped into dreamland, she searched for and found his fingers, “thanks for packing my stuff so we can go see stuff ‘cause, you know, I missed you and stuff.”

Even through the blackness of the room, she could feel his smile, “I missed you and stuff, too.”

Skirt - Pietro Maximoff

Requested by anonymous. Prompt: “the skirt is short on purpose.”

“Pietro,” you said, shaking his shoulder gently. “Pietro, it’s time to get up.” He grumbled a little bit, shoving his face deeper into the pillow. 


“Because it is noon and we have things to do,” you replied, kneeling down on the bed. He looked up and smiled at you sleepily. He sat up and wrapped his arms around your legs. You smiled down at him and kissed him softly. 

“What do we have to do?”

“We need to go shopping. For Tony’s party.”

“Ugh,” Pietro said, flopping down on the bed. “I don’t want to go shopping.”

“Too bad,” you said, kissing him again. You crawled off the bed and walked back into the bathroom to finish your hair and makeup. 

“Ready?” Pietro asked, leaning against the door frame. You smiled and nodded at Pietro. He had put on a black hoodie over his blue t shirt and a pair of jeans. He grinned back at you and kissed your head. 

“Let’s go,” you said, walking out to the car. You needed to find something to wear to Tony’s party tonight. You were trying on clothes as Pietro waited outside the dressing room. You stepped out in a blue, strappy crop top and a black flowy skirt. You twirled in front of Pietro who was definitely enjoying the view. “So, what do you think?”

“I think,” he said, standing up and touching your waist. “You look fantastic.” You smiled and kissed him. Pietro pulled you closer to him by placing a hand in your hair. Your hands explored his body while his slid down to your waist, and reached up under your skirt.

“We’re in a dressing room,” you said breathlessly, pulling away from him. He looked around and smiled.

“Not yet,” he replied, pulling you back into the actual dressing room and locking the door. He smiled and tilted your chin up, kissing you once again.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” you said in the car on your way back to the Avengers Tower.

“What, had sex?” Pietro asked from the driver’s seat. You laughed at him and rolled your eyes. 

“No, had sex in a dressing room in a department store.” Pietro smiled and blushed slightly. When you arrived at the tower, you excused yourself to go get ready. On your way to your room, Wanda stopped you in the hallway. 

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hey, Wanda.”

“Did you have fun shopping?”

“Yeah,” you said, blushing slightly. 

“I don’t know how you got Pietro to go shopping. He never goes with me.”

“I don’t know,” you replied, trying to hide your grin. “I should go get ready, Wanda. I’ll see you at the party,” you said, dismissing yourself. You walked into your room and began getting ready for the party. You had just finished redoing your makeup after your shower when Pietro walked back into the bathroom. 

“What are you wearing tonight?” he asked, leaning against the counter.

“What are you talking about? I’m wearing what we bought today.”

“I thought that was just for us,” he said slyly. 


“That skirt is way too short, the men will be all over you.”

“No they won’t. I can take care of myself, Pietro. And who are you to decide what I can and can’t wear?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“How did you mean it then?”

“I just don’t want to be checking on you all night, making sure that other guys aren’t looking at my girlfriend.”

“You’re being possessive, Piet. And it’s disgusting,” you said, walking out of the bedroom. Pietro tried to stop you but you continued walking. You knocked on Natasha’s door and got ready with her. You slipped on the top and skirt and headed downstairs. You saw Pietro across the room and nodded at him slightly. 

You could feel multiple pairs of eyes on you, but it only made you feel confident. Usually this much attention would make you nervous, but you knew you were in a safe place, and these old men didn’t scare you any. You ordered a drink and felt a person standing behind you.

“You look beautiful, Y/N.”

“Why thank you, Tony.” He held out his arm and you took it as he walked you around the party.

“So why is our quick-footed friend so blue today?” he asked, nodding towards Pietro.

“We had an argument. About my attire,” you said. Tony looked at your outfit and nodded.

“Well that’s understandable.” You looked over at Tony who held up his hands in defense. “Not that it excuses anything. All I’m saying is, you are the best thing that has ever happened to Pietro, and he’s probably worried he could lose you. He didn’t mean what he said, he just loves you and doesn’t want you to be with anyone else but him.”

“That’s very thoughtful, Tony. Thank you.”

“Of course,” he said, kissing your cheek before walking back to Pepper. You walked over to where Pietro was sulking. He stood up straight when he saw you approach.

“Y/N, please let me explain.”

“There’s no need. I understand.”

“I shouldn’t of said that, though. It doesn’t matter what you wear, because I know you and I trust you. I’m so sorry.”

“Pietro, don’t apologize. The skirt is short on purpose. I bought the skirt because I liked the way it made me feel, and I liked the way it made me feel with you. I didn’t mean to make you jealous.”

“I love you,” he said, kissing you again, wrapping his arm around your waist.

“I love you, too,” you said kissing him back.

What You Gave To Me

Well this took on a life of its own. This is my contribution to Sexy Sunday, although I think it’s slightly more fluffy than sexy. I’ve never written anything like it before, so please be kind. Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated.

Pairing: Valdaya

Summary: After Zendaya, at the age of twenty-two, wins an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, she chooses to go see Val instead of attending the after party. 

Disclaimer: This is fiction, not reality.

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Chapter 2

Tyler P.O.V “Com'on Tyler we’re about to take some shots.” Heather yelled over the loud music. The music was to the point where I could feel the bass thumping in my chest. I sighed and stood up, walking over to where they were located. Right now all I wanted to do was cuddle up with my boyfriend and daughter. But I couldn’t. Asia was with my mom in Atlanta and Chris was in L.A being Chris Brown. So I was here in New York. Everything worked out for the best in a way. Since I said yes to the ware house I moved out to New York with Asia. Chris lives with us to but with all the hassle he’s rarely there. So its basically like he visits every once in awhile. Since I moved out to N.Y Heather thought it was a good idea to start the company here. So her and Kayla moved out here with me. Ashley bought a condo out here but she still lives in L.A with Tyga. Venchii has been nothing but a success. Its doing better then I could ever imagine and im very proud of the work that me and the girls have done. Which is one of the reasons why we are out celebrating tonight. Ashley is in town and they wanted to spend her first night out, but I just wasn’t feeling it tonight. It just wasn’t because i’d rather be home but all of this was so foreign to me. I was never a party girl who went out to clubs or house party’s. It was either I as always at home with my head in a book or my hand on a trigger. And even when I moved to L.A me and Chris never went out to clubs. He maybe but me? Na. Maybe every once in a blue moon. As soon as I was near them I forced a smile onto my face so they wouldn’t see my down side. Kayla pulled me the rest of the way. “Cheer up love, enjoy yourself!” She yelled as she danced with a glass in her hand. I could tell she was alittle bit on the tipsy side. I giggled. “Im trying.” I yelled back. “Watchu need is some shots! Get some liquor in ya system.” Heather said as she handed everyone shots. “Alright on 3 we yell Venchii.” Ashley said as she looked at all of us. We all nodded our heads. “Alright 1….2….3…. VENCHII!” We all yelled at the same time then drowned our shots. I felt the burning liquid go from my throat to my chest. That one shot turned into a whole round in a matter of minutes. By now I was swaying my hips to a 2 Chains song as the patron started to take its affect. I was feeling good as hell right now. Even though we were in our own V.I.P section the heat from the dance floor could still be felt. I was hot but I wasn’t going to let that get in my way. “Yoo lets go down to the dance floor. Im tired of dancing with tall bitches.” I yelled and somewhat slurred. Heather busted out laughing. “I feels you though, lets go.” Heather said and we all filed out of the V.I.P section and down the stairs that led to the packed dance floor. The momeng our feet hit the bottom thirsty niggas started to flee. I sucked my teeth as I waved them all off. As soon was we got to a good enough area to dance the D.J got on the mic. “Alright we gone slow this down a lil bit.” He said then started to play Sweet Love by of course Chris. Ain’t that about a bitch. I saw Ashley giggled as she saw my face change. “Just let it rock Ty.” She said into my ear. I took her advice and just sawyed my hips with my eyes closed, pretending that it was just him singing the song to me. The feeling started to become real until a nigga came up behind me. My sweet moment quickly ended and my guard instantly went up. Just as I was about to remove ol'e dudes hands he spoke. “Just relax baby.” His voice said as he countinued to sway my hips against his semi hard member. I could detect that voice from a mile away. I laid my head against his chest as his sweet sent filled my nose. The sent I’ve missed laying by my side. The way his hands travled up and down my sides only made my smile get bigger. I didn’t even have to open my eyes to know that all eyes and cameras were on us but at that point I didn’t care and I don’t think he did either. I don’t know of it was the liquor or not but I was really feeling myself tonight and he just made that ten times worse. The song soon ended including our blissful moment. I openes my eyes to only see his fans cheesing and a bunch of flashes coming from every angle. My cheeks couldn’t help but turn red. I turned around in his arms and looked up at him only to have him look down at me with a smirk. He he took my hand and then led us up to what im guessing was his V.I.P section. When we got up there the girls, his friends, and some unfamiliar people where there. It felt like every one up here was staring us down, only making me hold his hand a little tighter. Ever since Chris got big the people he hung out with started to change. I started to see less ofthe crew and more famous people. I haven’t seen Honey, Taylor, or Keeis in a minute. Before he sat down he went and talked to some of his people while I went and chatted with the part of the crew that was here. I wasn’t up for hangin with the celebrities only because I knew we wouldn’t have shit in common. “Waddup niggas” I said as I gave Ty, Red, Trey, and Bow dap. Even though Bow was doing his 106 & Park thing, he was still down with the crew. “Wassup Ty baby.” Red said as I plopped down in between him and Bow. “Nun, chillin. Yall came with him?” I asked as I pointed over to Chris, who was laughing it up with Big Sean and his girl Naya. “Somethin like that.” Red said. I turned my face up, not really knowing what he meant. Just when I was about to ask him Bow tapped my leg and pointed over to Chris who was waving me over. I sighed and stood up, not really wanting to walk over there. My trail over there was cut short when someone ran into me. My head quickly shot up to see who it was but once I saw who it was a smile instantly grew on my face. “CASSIE BITCH!” I yelled causing her to turn around. She mirrored the exact smile on my face making me chuckle. “Tyler omg babes I missed you!” She yelled as she embraced me in a well needed hug. “Whats been up nigga, where the fuck you been? You went AWOL on me.” I said. “I know. I had to fly down to L.A for a shoot but I promise I won’t leavd you again. But im surprised you weren’t there. There was a few shows.” “I know I was supposed to but I had to fly A.M to my moms.” I said and shd nodded her head. “Yea I figured you were busy, I saw your knuckle head boyfriend. Nigga didn’t even say hi or nothin. He still in L.A?” I laughed lightly. “Nope he’s right over there.” We both looked his way only to have him already looking at us. “Com'on” i said as I linked our arms together and walked the rest of the way. As soon as we got to him Cassie started goin in his shit. “Nigga the fuck is wrong witchu. You can’t say hi to a bitch when you see her out in public? I know Mama J taught ya yella headed as better than that.” By now I was on the floor. He sucked his teeth and sized her. “Man fuck outta here with all that shit. I just got back and you already up in a nigga ear. Can I just enjoy my lady in piece?” He pulled me down into his lap. “Plus you neva talk to a nigga when Tyler not there so what the fuck changed this time?” “I was trynna be nice, but na fuck you. Bet I ignore ya ass next time.” “Bet. It aint gone be foreign to me. Real Talk.” He sais making her roll her eyes. “Anywho, tomorrow you wanna do lunch. I got some shit to tell you.” “Yea, text me tomorrow.” I said. “Alright, later babes.” Before she could walk away Chris called out. “Yea see you tomorrow Cass!” She quickly turned around. “Nigga bye.” She walked off. I chuckled. “Why you sittin all the way over there ma?” He said in my ear. “Well you were talking to your new friends and I wanted to chill with some of the crew.” I answered honestly. He sucked his teeth loudly as he tried to move me off his lap but I wouldnt budge. “Get off me with that she man.” “Why? I aint say nothin wrong!” “You always bringing up this friend shit. Just cause I talk to them don’t mean we friends.” “Yea whateva.” He sucked his teeth yet again. “Tyler get the fuck up off me.” He gritted through his teeth, gripping onto my waist hard as fuck. “Nope.” I said as kissed on his neck. He was mad for no fuckin reason. He tried hard to resist my affection but je couldn’t. “Tyler get off me man.” He struggled saying. I ignored him and continued to suck and kiss on his skin. I kissed from his neck all the way up to his jaw line. The tight grip he had on my waist had loosened and made its way to my ass. I stopped once I my lips hovered over his. His eyes looked like they were waiting for my next move. I smirked then got off his lap, only to be pulled back down. I busted out laughing as he tried to kiss. “Stop, im trynna get up like you told me.” I said through my giggles. I felt him smile against my skin. “Naa to late now. Gimme my kiss baby.” “Uh-uh you was just mad, trynna push me off and everything.” I tried to get out of his grip but he wasn’t having it. “Tyler just kiss me dang, makin shit difficult.” What he said only made me laugh even harder. “I’M being difficult?” He laughed along with me. “Yeah you playin games. Just kiss ya man.” “Okay okay.” I said making us both calm down. He looked at me intently as he waited for me to kiss him. I stalled for about a minute then started laughing again. All he did was smile. “Can you please kiss me?” I leaned in ans kisses his plump lips. I felt him smile against my lips. ____________________ I quickly unplugged my flat iron after I finished straightening my hair. I couldn’t rock this bone straight look for long. My hair needed to be washed, and I mean bad. I walked out the bathroom and over to the bed where sleeping beauty laid. I slipped on my tan pumps that went very well with the white blouse I was wearing. I walked over to the dresser to put on my jewelry. After putting on my promise ring I walked over to his side of the bed. “Chris.” I said quietly while I shook him but he wouldn’t wake up. I suckes my teeth. “Nigga get up.” I said. He sighed deeply as his hands went over his face. Now it was his turn to suck his teeth. “Watchu want Ty?” He said with a hint of attitude. Ome hand still rested on his face. “You need to wake up so you can go pick you daughter up at 11. Im about to be off to work.” He peaked through the slits of his fingers so he could look at me. “Why you goin to work? I just got in town.” His voice sounded raspy as fuck. It was kind of a turn on. “Because its my job just like being Chris Brown is yours. Now gimme a kiss so I can leave.” He took his hand off his face and pulled me closer to him. I leaned down and pecked his lips a few times. I leaned back up and started to grab my stuff. “Don’t forget to pick up AM please.” I said. “Aight, I got her. Love you .” “Love you too baby.” I said then finally walked out our room and eventually out the house.

Chris P.O.V “Umm ion think you doin that shit right.” Mijo said as he watched me struggle. “Fuck. Well thats how I saw Tyler do it. And thats how the bitch did it on YouTube.” I said. “Ight well maybe you need more gel.” He suggested. I stopped and looked at him. “Nigga Ive used most of the shit up already.” I said. Some times I hate having a girlfriend with so much damn hair. All she did was pass that shit down to Asia. Now im sitting here strugglin. Ion see why Tylers mom couldn’t do this shit. Asia had to much fuckin hair and it was curly at that so it only made shit worse. And to make shit even worser she started crying. “Awe princess don’t cry. Daddy tryin but you got so much damn hair.” I cooed as i put her in my lap. Her tears soaked up my shirt as I repeatedly kissed her head. Mijo shook his head. “Naa im not havin kids.” He got up and walked off to the kitchen. I sucked my teeth as I rocked Asia side to side, trying to get her to stop crying. I know her head was probably hurting. The front door open then the sound of heels started to get closer to where we were located. Tyler soon appeared with a worried look on her face. “What happened?” She asked as she got closer to us.“ And what happened to her hair?” “I tried to do it but it aint work our that well.” I said. “Well yeah, look at it. It looks like birds were nesting on top of her head.” She said as she placed her bag on the nearest chair. I sucked my teeth. Once Asia saw Tyler she started to reach out for her as she cried some more.fuckin faker. “Aww my poor baby.” Tyler pouted as she lifted her up out of my arms. Asia clung to her for dear life as Tyler sent me death glares. “Shhh its okay baby. Don’t worry we gone make your hair beautiful again okay?” Tyler said to her as Asia looked up at her, wiping a few of her tears. She nodded her little head. All O could do was chuckle as they both disappeared up stairs. About a minute later Mijo came out of the kitchen with a bottle of water in his hands. “Where babygirl at?” He asked sitting downin his previous spot. “With her momma” I replied as I flipped through the channels. “When Tyler get here?” “Not to long ago.” “How yall doin? I know ya ass is happy that you finally got her back.” I thought about it. Granted I was happy but its like shit never changed. “To be honest nothings really changed. Its like we never broke up. The only thing thats different is that we got a little one.” He nodded his head letting me know that he understood. “Thats good man. Im happy for the both of you. Im finna head out,.tell Ty Baby I said wassup.” I chuckled and nodded my head. After sayin bye he walked out the door. Soon Tyler came back down with a happy Asia in her arms. I smiled at them as Asia babbled to Tyler about some shit. I noticed that Tyler had changed her heels moccasins that stopped at her knee. She let Asia walk into my arms as she sat down next to me. “We still goin out?” She asked me as I bounced Asia up and down on my lap. “Yea, let me just go get dressed.” I said as I handed her Asia. She gave me a quick alright and I dashed up the stairs. It didn’t take me long to get ready considering that I took a shower not to long ago and I already knew what I wanted to wear. When I got back down the stairs Tyler was on the phone and she sounded mad as fuck.  “Aye you sure one of them bitches took it?” She asked. I waited for her to get off the phone before I spoke. “Alright, alright imma be down there just ive me 15. and make sure nun of them hoes leave.” She said then hung up. “Wassup?” I asked. “Some one stealin my shit” “Ya money?” I asked, shocked. “Hell no, the drugs. Poppie would kill me if something came up short.” I knew part of that was true. I chuckled a little. “Told you not to let only hoes around yo shit.” I said only making her suck her teeth. “We’re dropping AM off at Cassie’s” she said then walked out the front door.

Tyler P.O.V “Yo im not going to ask this shit again.. WHO THE FUCK TOOK THE COKE?” I yelled, making them all jump, including Chris. Me and him were both leaning against Tyra’s desk as all the girls who packaged the coke stood infront of us shitin bricks. Even though they knew Chris as Chris Brown the singer, they also knew his reputation. The more they didn’t speak the angrier I got. I placed the gun I had in my hand next to me on the desk then stood up correctly. “Strip.” I said simply. They all looked at me confused. “Did I stutter? STRIP! But ass naked lets go!” I said as I clapped my hands. I didn’t allow them to have purses or bags in the room with them so it either had to be in their clothes or somewhere else. “Infront of him?” One girl asked. I saw her eyein him when he walked in the room so ion know why this bitch actin brand fuckin new. “Bitch you would do it at a strip joint, you can do it now.” I said simply. She rolled her eyes at me and it took everything I had not to shoot this bitch in her head. I watched as all of them took off their clothes. Waiting for something to fall out or drop. Out the corner of my eye I saw Chris watching them as they took off all of their clothing. I could of sworn I saw him lick his lips. “That shit aint cute Chris.” I said simply. I wasn’t even mad at him. He can look but he damn sure can’t touch. As long as he knows what he got at home, I don’t even need to be worried. All of them were now naked but I still haven’t gotten my shit back. I twisted my lips. I  had them empty out there shit and everything so there was only one last place. “Spread you legs.” I said. I could smell the fear in the air, letting me know that one of the hoes have. The all spread their legs and as soon as they did I heard something drop. I looked on the floor to see a small bag of cocaine. I looked up at the girl it came out of with one of my eyebrows raised. by now she had mad tears running down her face. All I could do is chuckle. “Ion know why the fuck you cryin. Shouldn’t have stole from the Queen. Cause once you still from the Queen you stealin from the King. And thats me.” Chris said then pulled out his gun, shooting the girl in her head. “Don’t let this singin shit fool you. I may be Chris Brown in the industry but Breezy is still in the game.”