i mean a twerk in progress

Y'all, LOE ATL WAS FUCKING LIIIIIIIT LAST NIGHT!!!!! My friend and I got really good seats (I hate my camera made it seem I was far away) I had to share this moment! Zelo solo WAS EVERYTHING. Everybody was like screaming. But, my ass was cheering him on😂😂 I posted this on snap and my friend told me I was a mess. I really didn’t look over the video until after the show. I legit cackled like hell!!😂😂😂 It’s obvious i’m B.A.P trash!! So, the show started and I see those beautiful silhouettes of men. Then…..the lights come on. At this point it felt like the DEVIL was trying me because babaaaaaaaaaaay my ass could not stop hollering and rocking back and forth! 30 minutes in y'all, my relaxer was DONE! My hair was just DONE. So, as the show progressed, my friend and I were dancing our asses off! I mean we were going AWFFF BITCH! We swayed, twerked, and MILLY ROCKED LIKE HELL! TO THE POINT WHERE ZELO LOOKED IN OUR DIRECTION AND LAUGHED YALL. YES. HE LAUGHED. But, he started milly rocking a lil bit too😂😂 Daehyun and Himchan kept glancing at our spot too! Daehyun was smiling and laughing. Himchan had that “Are these bitches okay?” look on his face. There was a moment where Himchan was looking at the upper level and then his eyes darted back to our section. When he looked, I swear my soul said “Gotta blast!”. So the show is getting EVEN better at this point. My friend and I are still milly rocking like it ain’t shit. Then all of a sudden I hear the beginning of One Shot and I CRIED. LITERAL TEARS Y'ALL. I WAS DONE AT THAT POINT. Can we talk about them notes Daehyun hit?! With EVERY notes, my edges slowly disintegrated! I mean edge control couldn’t save those bitches!!! I screamed “Youngjae” like 6 times until he waved. Y'all he’s knows it’s real. To shorten this wonderful story. They performed 2 or 3 encore songs, Yongguk got nekkid.Youngjae and Zelo ran through the crowd so many times. All of them were covered in sweat. Yongguk had water just dripping down that body. Daehyun’s hair still managed to stay flawess while everyone else was sweaty and delicious looking. Himchan took my soul to hell. Jongup jawline was chisled for the GAWDS. UGHHHHHH THAT JAWLINE (I’m sorry Youngjae). ANNNNND IT WAS THE BEST KPOP SHOW IVE BEEN TO SO FAR. My friend and I will try to film a fan account video sometime this week.