[►] Helping each other with their outfits is just the cutest thing! I also love how Ian tries to stay in character for the camera, but Anthony could absolutely care less and just keeps talking to Ian the same as he always would. I think that maybe Anthony got so lost with Ian that he just completely forgot about the camera, but whatever the reason it’s absolutely amazing.

 So, recently it has come to my attention over here in my rocking chair that there has been a bit of a fracas - a kerfuffle, if you will - in an area of the Orphan Black fandom.   It brought to mind when I first learned what a “ship war” was a couple years ago, and I stumbled across the post I’m attaching below this one, which I wrote around that time.

Then, as now, people were arguing in Clone Club, which is people’s right to do, but it still strikes me how unfortunate it is when things devolve into nastiness and it affects folk’s enjoyment of a show or fandom.  These things happen, whether it’s because people disagree on which ship should be canon,or the elements of character writing or interpretation, or feelings about story lines, &c.  Sometimes it even bleeds over into what people think about certain actors, showruners or crew.  But, and I think this is important to note, sometimes it happens because of misunderstandings, particularly online, which we all know is a place where things we maybe wouldn’t say in person are easier to put out as semi-anonymous text, and the lack of signals such as body language and intonation can make messages easy to misinterpret.  I know I’ve been on both ends of a misunderstanding, and sometimes gotten maybe a little too salty (or spicy) because of it.  Maybe I made people my “enemies” who weren’t really being adversarial, or I let someone who was actually trolling get under my skin and responded with invective which didn’t make me feel any better, anyway, all things told.

So, I’d like to ask the folks keyboard-scuffling in Clone Club to take a breath and consider if maybe they misjudged or got carried away, and whether it’s worth annoying or distressing other people in the fandom, or even themselves, for that matter.  Nobody has to agree with me (or anyone else, for that matter,) and if you are getting some satisfaction out of it, that’s your call.  Certainly I know there can be fun and bonding elements over complaining, and I do my share, although it is rarely with ill intent (unless we get to actual politics, but that’s a different animal altogether.)  But honestly, when there is so much that’s great about the show (which we still allowed to criticize and have opinions on) and the fandom (which we likewise can surely have opinions and criticisms about, keeping in mind that being snarky about actual people comes across differently from snarking about a show, or even the public figures who create it,) and so much else in the world we could be getting ticked off about, is this really the most appealing use of your time?

Anyhow, I hope people will let stuff go and get ready to enjoy - or not enjoy, if that’s how it turns out for them, we’ll see - the last season of the show.  In the spirit of appreciating the show and the fandom, I’m reblogging the below post I made about #obpositivity.  If anyone is still reading this ramble, I’d like to thank you for being part of a fandom that has been important to and a lot of fun for me.  



15 May 2015

It’s long past when I should be asleep, but, besides writing fic late again, I wanted to take the opportunity to post something for Orphan Black positivity day (great idea, cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus!)

I’ve never really been an engaged member of a fandom before (unless you count playing with Star Wars toys as a kid,) so Clone Club has been quite an experience for me.  I never expected to get drawn into a show and have it become one of my all-time favourites so quickly.  The talent of the cast and crew is phenomenal, especially our lord and saviour, TMas.  It’s a great triumph for a show to both emphasize complex female protagonists and characters and showcase an actor doing such amazing work.  The basis of a secret clone experiment is fascinating, and can be used to address all sorts of issues.  However, I think it was the fandom that really pulled me in to being a dedicated fan.

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