• Me:Fuck this game, I hate this game
  • Me:I hate this game, I hate this champion, I hate this community
  • Me:Fuck my team, their team, fuck riot and fuck this balancing, I'm never playing this game again.
  • Me:....
  • Me:....
  • Me:*Queues for next game*
just believe in Yourself
  • just believe in Yourself
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VIP accent challenge

I was tagged by eirianerisdar lol I don’t know if I should be thankful and why did I do it?


1. Always post the rules

2. Record yourself reading the BIGBANG lyrics below in your natural voice.

3. Tell us where you’re from!

4. Tag 10+ VIPs to do the tag!


Things to read:

1. Wow, Fantastic Baby! Dance!

2. I hate this love song

3. I’m so sorry but I love you

4. Oh, my love, I cry cry. You’re my all; say goodbye

5. I’m singing my blues

6. Sorry I’m a bad boy

7. Bang bang bang

8. I’m so stupid in love

9. Dirty cash

10. Hands up high

11. We like to party

12. You should be my lady

13. Get your crayon

14. I’m sick; I think I’m sick

15. Tell me goodbye

16. You’re my heartbreaker

17. Somebody to love

18. Bigbang is back

19. V.I.P until whenever

20. And finally, say “I love you, BIGBANG” in English, and then your own languag


Ok, I did it really fast, probably many mispronunciation lol. I am from Poland yeey~

I am tagging: who should I lol? letstalkaboutseungrispecs just do it, I tag You again in this Batman oneechan, letsallsleepoverwork cuz You have wonderful voice~ wow-pandastic-baby did You do it or not? han-soyundan, g-tracenpandas, rnbnyongtory, minis725kwonlove, myvipwaves, itsyourboygd