But imagine, 6B premier, Emma runs into Killian, and she really doesn’t know what to do, but then he sees her and swaggers up and says really low in her ear “Well, Majesty. What’s the princess doing this far from home? Couldn’t wait to see me love?”

And that’s how Emma finds out the perfect simple innocent AU Princess has been having kinky sex with Captain Hook on the DL for the past three years. 

so last night as i was laying down to sleep, i started thinking of that scene, you know the scene, at the very end of episode 12 where genos says, “and his disciple” with that sweet little smile on his face, and the pig monster guts flying in the background, and i couldn’t help but feel a little emotional as i thought to myself, “genos just loves saitama so much, omg” <3<3<3

Honestly pretty mad that the Gallagher fam now thinks Mickey is just some thug

Like okay, yes, Mickey’s current SITUATION is bad for Ian, but Mickey himself, is NOT. We’re just going to ignore the past few seasons where Mickey took so much care of Ian when he was in a really bad place?? SIIIIIGH 

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The actual Saint Nicholas (Bishop Nicholas of Myra) used the money he got from his daddy to help poor people out of a jam without alerting the media, put his personal body in between armed government employees and people they were trying to kill, intimidated corrupt people running the gov't into apologizing and making restitution, and spent his golden years saving shipwrecked sailors. Oh, and he was also as brown as a nut. Santa Claus is just a pale shadow of him. Signed, White and Woke.

Uh, okay?