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Keith's piv would be cool and please don't kill my blue son

Me: *looks at the rough draft on my drive*

“No.” Keith whispers horrified as he watches Lance’s eyes blink tiredly, “No, no, no, no, no, my love, no.”

Lance’s eyes close, his mouth is hanging open in a breathless sigh and Keith snaps.


This can’t be happening. Keith thinks as his fist pound at the glass that block his way to get to his boyfriend, This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.

“Please, please, please, break, break goddamnit, BREAK!” He shouts, standing up on his shaky legs and activating his bayard, not hesitating a tick before he’s lashing and stabbing the glass, “Break, break, BREAK ALREADY!”

Me: ……he sleeping *walks away while whistling* 

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wait if it's not too much of a pain/too personal can you explain why your fellow kiwis think you're foreign?

Not too personal at all! It’s mostly just my accent. Apparently I don’t sound ‘traditionally kiwi’ by any means, so whenever people meet me for the first time they will often ask “Oh, how long have you been in the county? Do you like it here?” and stuff like that. 

It’s not a big deal, but it’s fun because I’ve lived here 99% of my life. 

I’m still hyped for Persona 5, but.  It is pretty bullshit that they designed the MC as a giant callback to Jun Kurosu from Persona 2 – delinquent known as “Joker”, last name “Kurusu”, wears the same mask – and made all NINE of his romance options straight.

Jun is the first openly gay videogame character I can think of that wasn’t treated as a complete joke.  He was the (Liara-style) “canon” love interest in his game!  TWENTY YEARS AGO!!  Holy shit Atlus where did your balls go.

I’m not surprised, just disappointed.

[Early Update]

So I fell behind on one of my gifts, and stayed up till 5 AM writing most of it. x’D I am…so sorry about that, but naturally, because of it I didn’t get to the imagine. Ah well. I kind of figured it wouldn’t happen, but it’s no big. C:

I do still have another birthday gift to work on through the week, so it’s sort of here and or there if I’ll get to things.

So with how quiet it has been, I rearranged the blog. Since I don’t have to repeat myself about requests, I’ve removed signs of it. I will still do whatever I can manage when asks are sent my way, but I am mostly just hanging out in private chat (when spoken to.. I am super shy and rarely go to people unless it’s urgent or I have a RP to respond to). I will try to get to emails and some RPs tonight, but again this week—I apologize if I slow down since I am focusing on an important b-day thing for my lovely. ♥

And as you’ll see down below, I am removing the requests on my ‘to-do’ list. I feel guilty they are taking so long, and my mind is just drifting in another direction completely, and I am so sorry, dears. I know two of the anons who asked, and I know you will understand, but I don’t know the third, and to which, I apologize. =( I just need to lighten my load, really. If I ever decide to come back to them, I will.

I’ll see what I can get through again, dears.

*Jacob Frye [40]/ Emmett Frye x Reader: Father verses Son – Continuation of Daddy Dearest where Emmett moves in with his father and the reader (his former lover), causing chaos. [NSFW] [Kinks: daddy kink/ masturbation/ voyeurism.]

Jacob Frye [40 y/o] x Reader: The Wet Nurse – an imagine where Jacob is left with his newborn daughter from a prostitute he had a tryst with. Hiring a wet nurse to aid in tending to his child so he can remain with the Creed, she is left trying to care for his child and be attentive to his needs. [NSFW]

Ezio Auditore da Firenze [Brotherhood] x Reader: Property of Roma – Finale of the prostitute series where the reader is the Courtesan being beat on by Santino with Ezio saving her. [Mando, mega big thanks, kawaiiassassino for giving me this thought and idea for his part months ago~!]

Thank you all for your support and understanding.

~Oreana Galena

If Alex and I were friends the world would be screwed.