Someone actually had the nerve to suggest Poe is not part of the main trio and not a protagonist and I’m like dude:

  1. Disney is not gonna waste Oscar Isaac because I mean Oscar Isaac.
  2. The whole prequel comic of Shattered Empire was about his parents.
  3. He is the only one from the new trilogy that has an ongoing comic.
  4. He is literally the first character we are introduced to in TFA
  5. His character arc clearly mirrors Leia’s and they have highlighted their bond.

The main reason I am in love with reputation (No capital R, because iTunes says so,) is because of the feeling that comes along with it. It’s the feeling of looking back at past loves and being able to shrug them off. They’re there, and they shaped who you are, yet they no longer define you. You’re no longer listening to a sad song and reminiscing about them. You look at these people who were part of your life, specially those who hurt you and used you, and are completely unaffected by them. 

For me it gives me a feeling of pure freedom. It makes me take a deep breath and want to move forward with my life. Towards something better, not longer hanging to the “what could’ve been”… Instead knowing that what comes next will be better… It will be. 


This new album makes me feel like a fucking badass, who walks around in black high heels all the time, and uses men like little play things that I don’t give a fuck about; very empowering. You know, the whole “I need no man in my life”

… Then call it what you want starts to play and makes me want to get married and have a golden retriever and cuddle in front of a fireplace waiting for christmas

My brother, before meeting in Amsterdam:
“Okay, see you at the airport. Oh, I’ll be the guy wearing a green hat!”

My mother, who’s about to come visit me in England:
“So we’ll decide later where to meet in London. I’ll be wearing the purple coat, remember that!”

Guys you do realize that I know what you look like right. 

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Random, but there will never be an opt like Captain Swan. I’ve read/seen a lot of things books,tv shows and movies, but none have ever grabbed my heart like Captain Swan. I’m just glad your not watching cause I love your stories and blog and I’m glad we’re in the same page😊

Captain Swan is the ship to end all ships.

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Honestly, I would love to see James in a drama again -- he gets to trim down, grow his hair out & cry with those pretty blue eyes /sigh

I concur lol. I much prefer him WITH his lovely locks on top of his beautiful head, ideally with that fabulous white streak he’s been sporting yummm. However, I will settle for any look that is not the current one, where he is bald AND in my personal opinion, a touch TOO bulky lol. 

THIS here - this is definitely a favorite:

Hey, so...

Not trying to Rogue One-jacked or Rebelcaptain-jacked anything here but I was watching the cutscenes of campaign story of Star Wars: Battlefront II and I can’t stop thinking that Jyn and Cassian deserves something, or a reunion like THIS, and it is everything I imagined/headcanon-ed of their live would be post-Scarif.

But no, I still not on board the whole ‘Rey is Jyn’s daughter’ thing, sorry :P

Does Alison have any sort of supervision regarding her use of social media?  Any at all?  Where are this child’s parents?