This is just the most beautiful character development
  • Stiles to Lydia in the 1st season:you probably don't remember me...
  • Lydia:*blankly makes eye contact for a fraction of a second before looking away uninterested*
  • Stiles to Lydia in the 6th season:you'll forget me.
  • Lydia:*doesn't break eye contact and stares into Stiles' eyes with pure emotion* I won't.

I had a dream that Hanna got me a job at some biotech research lab in California. The way she was explaining it the benefits were amazing, the pay was ludicrous, and essentially I’d just be sitting at a desk messing around on my phone or DS or whatever for my entire shift.

After I accepted and she made a call I asked her who owned the lab, and she very nonchalantly said “the Umbrella Corporation.”