i me mine

Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels.
Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Elves are glamorous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Elves are terrific. They beget terror.
The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.
No one ever said elves are nice.
Elves are bad.

Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

This is why I love Pratchett. Not only are his ideas amazing, but he’s really a stunning writer. Sometimes science fiction/fantasy is lacking in just plain writing skills, but they work because of the crazy ideas and events. But Pratchett can deliver these lines that all lead up to one conclusion - elves are bad - and the effect is just huge. This quote has haunted me for years, and it really is all because of the writing. 

George Harrison, backstage at what appears to be Elsetree Studio Centre, Borehamwood, 2 December 1963 (Photo: Dezo Hoffmann (?) / Living in the Material World)

“I don’t think [’Don’t Bother Me’]’s a particularly good song, it mightn’t even be a song at all but at least it showed me that all I needed to do was keep on writing and then maybe eventually I would write something good. I still feel now ‘I wish I could write something good’.” - George Harrison, I Me Mine

let it be... explained
  • two of us: heartbreakingly gay
  • dig a pony: still gay
  • across the universe: john knows a lot of words
  • i me mine: 😒💸
  • dig it: but what is like a rolling stone and a rolling stone and a rolling stone and the fbi and the cia and the bbc and b b king and
  • let it be: a nicer way of saying shut up and mind your own business
  • maggie mae: not the one by rod stewart
  • i've got a feeling: me too guys
  • one after 909: one before 911
  • the long and winding road: i guess it's in the country
  • for you blue: ain't he sweet, i see him walking down the street, i ask you very confidentially, ain't george sweet
  • get back: paul bullies yoko, john harmoniezes

George Harrison - “Behind That Locked Door” - All Things Must Pass

Behind That Locked Door was when Bob Dylan was playing at the Isle of Wight soon after his Nashville Skyline album. I wrote this song about him:

Why are you still crying
Your pain is now through
Please forget those teardrops
Let me take them from you
The love you are blessed with
This world’s waiting for
So let out your heart please, please
From behind that locked door

It was a good excuse to do a country tune with pedal steel guitar.” - George Harrison, I Me Mine

George Harrison’s I Me Mine - The Extended Edition is officially out on 21 February 2017.

The cover features an image originally photographed in 1968 by Astrid Kirchherr and now, designed by Shepard Fairey.

My copy arrived in the mail on 20 February, as you can see (a preview of the additional content has been posted on thateventuality’s Instagram). Though I’ve only begun paging through it, it’s definitely a beautiful book… indispensable for George fans. Immense gratitude must go to Olivia and Dhani for making this edition possible.