i me mine

The strange thing about change is that people are always saying ‘oh he’s changed’ as if change is a sin, but the whole of life is a change: from the morning to the evening; from spring to winter - everything is a change - from birth to death; life is change. So it’s funny how people won’t accept change: preferring almost to re-arrange nature itself. Would they rather everything were stuck in one place forever?
—  George Harrison on the inspiration for The Light That Has Lighted The World, I Me Mine
Ringo’s story was funny, you know. We were talking about school once and he said that he had been in hospital so much, that when he went back to school he had to get a note, an official note, to say he had left and come back from hospital and the school said to him: “you never went to this school” and he said: “yes, I did. I’ve just been in hospital a lot”. Then, he said, a couple of years later, they were saying, proudly, “This was Ringo’s desk. The great man sat here”. Madness. There was always plenty of that.
—  George Harrison [From his book I, Me, Mine published in 1980]

richard armitage + his fantastic sense of humour (◡‿◡✿)
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