i maybe should spoiler tag this right

In advance: sorry for what I'm saying, but this is just ridiculous

am i the only one out there who’s actually happy with the spoilers Jeremy showed us? i know there’s gonna be a shitstorm after i post this, but uhm, Thomas Astruc is a grown up artist who works with other grown up people (like his producent, Jeremy Zag) and don’t tell me that a professional like him wouldn’t at least predict that the producent of his series won’t show us, fans, some s2 spoilers. Because this is normal. Spoilers before the series are normal. Jeremy had every right to tell us that Alya is the fox miraculous holder. He had the right. Also the funny thing is you all wanted those damn spoilers and now I see people posting art with Marinette and Adrien with unhappy faces and those texts “No spoilers”. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but isn’t it a bit pathetic? Of Thomas precisely? For me - and I’ll say it again, FOR ME - he acts like a kid and a drama queen right now. The author of the series has nothing to say when it comes to producent and his will, okay then, but maybe they could talk things out before the spoilers came out? If not, then well, life happened and you can’t always get what you want. Sorry to dissapoint you, Thomas. As an author of such popular series Miraculous Ladybug has become, I think you should have known better by now. Idk maybe i’m wrong, but all those things happening in ML tags just make me sick….

Bamon Snippet, Chapter 10

 Bonnie and Damon in Caroline’s closet.

“What’s your routine?”

He blinked at the sudden change of topic, struggling to keep up with her token drunk person ADD. She was scattered and curvy and smelled like coconut and tequila and under any other circumstances, he’d be enjoying the hell out of it, but right now she was drunk and judgment-impaired and he was reasonably certain he was dying so all this was doing was confusing the shit out of him. “My what?”

“For getting all these people to sleep with you, like it can’t just be that your pretty.”

He donned a humorless smile. “Charm and wit also factor in, but mostly it’s my humility.”

Bonnie snorted. “You’re really not that charming.”

“And yet,” his face took on an expression of mock-bewilderment, “you’re still pressed up against me.”

“I wanna see them.”

“See what?”

“Your moves.”

“I don’t have ‘moves’.”

“Yeah you do, you’re a total Moves Guy. Moves McPherson.”

“What did I say about nicknames?”

“MoOoOoVeS,” she said, waggling her eyebrows and doing the wave with her arms, and in a wonderfully confusing development, it was both the nerdiest shit he’d ever seen and turning him on, since the movement had her hips jostling against his.

“I don’t—”

“Move-itize me, Captain.”

“Are you quoting Captain Crunch?”

She shook her head, arms still undulating in a free-form, hippie-like wave. “Captain Coitus.”

“Christ, these nicknames.”

“We. Want. Moves.”



He winced at the volume shift, lifting a halting hand, “Okay, okay, Jesus, fine.”

She immediately stopped her dancing, straightening up and regarding him with a blunt stare. “Alright, go.”

“For starters,” he muttered, grabbing her shoulders and forcing her to take a step back. His body immediately craved the plaint warmth of hers and he tiredly ignored it. “I need to be able to think.”

“This seems like an inefficient start.”

“Well, generally by the time a girl’s draped all over me in a closet, I don’t need ‘moves’, so,” he countered irritably, and she pursed her lips in thought.


Workin’ away, but get ready for a fun ride through crazytown, y’all. I’m trying to hold off on answering asks so I can focus on writing right now, but hopefully I’ll have this done soon. For reference, I’d say I’m about halfway there.