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I don’t know why I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Grantaire, Joly and Bossuet having a cooking youtube channel together.

  • They don’t even know how to cook that well. They were just bored one day, picked up a camera and filmed each other messing around in the kitchen
  • Bossuet is good at editing, and is a comedy genius, so the end result was hilarious. They put it online and went viral
  • Every episode begins by Joly greeting the audience by something related to the recipe of the day: “Hello Bumble Bees!” “Hello Sunny-side eggs!” “Hello Beans!” “Hello Apples of my eye!”
  • Bossuet makes puns. Constantly. He’s also in charge of the realisation
  • Grantaire makes up songs as they go, improvising melodies and rhymes
  • People adore their content, and you can see the quality improving all the time as they get better equipment and as they become better cooks
  • Other Amis are slowly introduced as guests
  • Courfeyrac wants a rainbow cake with a twist
  • Jehan gives them vegan challenges
  • Combeferre does special “Food Facts” episodes. People are screaming in the comments because of his rolled sleeves and tattoos
  • The audience starts to pick up the Enjoltaire vibe and the shipping is HUGE online, which embarrasses Grantaire and Enjolras immensely, because neither can face their feelings
  • It becomes even more intense when Enjolras is invited to make a cake on the show and they start throwing flour at each other
  • There may have been a floury hand print on Enjolras’ ass
  • Shippers go wild

HIATUS: 7/13-7/23

OOC: I’m going up to the mountains late tonight, and unfortunately our cabin does not have wi-fi, so there won’t be any activity here aside from my queue until I get back! I’ve saved all my drafts I currently owe to take with me. Hopefully I’ll at least be productive and bring home some fresh replies. See you all in a week and a half! ♥

Just throwing it out there...

I hate April fool’s day. I find tricking people on purpose to be mean and it makes me stressed. there are some cute, silly pranks that are fun and I don’t mind those. But anyway, the point I’m going for is that, if April Fool’s day is a concern for you, the queue is set up to post as normal and I have no plans to do anything out of the ordinary. Though if I get any silly pictures of my dog I may post those.

…maybe if I plan ahead next year I’ll do a planned silly thing but for now, nothing will change.

Have a great day!

Summer Scramble 2017 Sandcastle Sentence Prompts!

“I’m gonna try and climb it…!”
“Don’t be impatient. It’s going to take some work.”
“No bailing on me now!”
“I am an EXPERT at making sandcastles.”
“Pack the wall in real solid!”
“Where’d our bucket go?”
“We need more shovels!”
“Let’s just start and see what happens.”
“I’m gonna make this work!”
“You build half, and I’ll build half, and we’ll connect it in the middle!”
“Let’s do a dance around it!”
“It’s… a sand snowman! A sandman!”
“This is moments away from falling apart.”
“This is moments away from being perfect!”
“Just glad that i could be here to help you, you know”
“Ohhh, that’s bad luck.”
“You think we have enough sand?”
“I can’t work with you staring over my shoulder.”
“…What are those for?”
“I made little people for it.”
“I gave it some eyes.”
“See? It has a window now.”
“Let me show you what I made!”
“We’re never doing this again.”
“Can I help you build it?”
“Did you do that on your own?”
“Hurry, Hurry! We have to catch up!”
“No need to be so quiet while we do this.”
“Leave this part to me.”
“What are we making?”
“That’s good enough.”
“Do you think we made it too close to the water?”
“This is so much fun to do together.”
“It’s okay! We’ll fix it!”
“Do you want a drink?”
“Just a quick break…”
“Show me how you did that again?”
“I’m gonna tell you right now, you’re not gonna like my plan.”
“I can’t believe this is happening.”
“Ack! I got sand in my suit…”
“We should go before whoever did this decides to come back.”
“See, your reaction right there, has just proven my point.”
“Maybe we should start over?”
“You fool. That is not merely sand. That is art.”
“We’ve been out in the sun awhile.”
“Did you just throw sand at me?”
“Am I happy? No, I’m just distracted.”
“I may have gotten carried away…”
“Should we put some flowers on it?”
“I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s ours!”
“Building survey! This castle’s not up to code!”
“I’m gonna have sand under my fingernails for a week.”
“It’s done! We should celebrate!”


If you’re attentive, you may have noticed that I’ve been rather inactive to the point of missing several days.
I assure you I do have my reasons for this; July this year has been rather busy on my end. I’m somebody with low motivation and energy as is, but everyday there’s always something I have to do. It leaves me with little energy to update this blog and I end up forgetting.

Now, you may ask why I don’t just run a queue, and I might in the future. But right now, I like the authenticity of manually updating, if that makes sense. And I don’t want all the posts in the queue to just say “no” or “nah” or “nope.” I like to try and throw some humor or be creative with daily posts sometimes.

TL;DR: July is a very, very busy month for me this year so I will be taking a hiatus for the rest of this month. Don’t worry, Gundham will most likely still not be straight by the end of it.


ooc: I know I owe some replies, but I’m honestly not feeling too well..so it may take me a couple days to chip away at them and get them in queue. I’m sorry guys and thank you for understanding. ;;


It’s great when I stop doing something I love for a while and then eventually go back to it just to realize all over again how much I loved it in the first place. In other words: there’s a fair amount of Westport (<3) posts about to go up in my queue :) (and this is why I’ll never finish my Uberhood).
P.S. I may or may not have let my negative feelings get the best of me the other day, which is why I set my theme to a one-page-no-access thing, but I’ve realized my feelings were silly and everything is back to the way it was before. *throws confetti* Well, almost at least, I disabled anonymous asks. dealwithit.jpg

boltenny-is-dead  asked:

What do you think cuddling with the Hamada bros would be like? Either individually or if you were sandwiched inbetween them?

omg it would be amazing let’s be real. 

Although I feel like Hiro is not much of a cuddler at first, but once he is comfortable enough with someone, he is much more receptive to things like hugs and resting heads on shoulders and stuff. Tadashi is more of the snuggle bug. He loves to pile on the couch with his friends under piles of blankets watching movies and stuff.

Tadashi would be super nice to cuddle with. He’s got those big broad shoulders that would be perfect to rest your head on. And he’s nice and tall so he’d be the best big spoon.

Hiro definitely strikes me as the kind of kid who is always fidgeting, so I bet (when he’s older) he’d always be playing with your hair or tracing little hearts and messages on your back with his finger, stuff like that. 

And I would be in heaven being the middle of a Hamada Bros. sandwich. Although you may have to throw in Baymax, too, cuz with his heating pad ability, that huggable robot would be the best cuddler.

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