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Drabble: Inuchiyo x You with Drunk In Love! :d

Even as we headed through the gates and started on our way to the onsen, I was still in shock that Toshiie had actually pulled off a lie; to make us able to go alone.

Even though we are nothing more than childhood friends, I realize how intimate this trip actually is. The thought of it alone makes my face go red. I really hope Toshiie didn’t see.

A little while into our journey I spoke up “I’m glad that you were able to convince them we were meeting my mother and Yahiko. I’m surprised you were able to pull it off. though. I was sure he’d send Hideyoshi along anyway. But at least he can keep Mitsunari calm since he won’t have any absence, no?”

“That may be.. but it was the only option. That stupid monkey bastard..” Toshiie stops himself “No it was the easiest answer. If you say I am a brother it’s easy to say meeting family. Plus he’d get in the way of..” Again with him stopping mid-sentence, I turn to him, only to see his cheeks and ears bright red.

.I wonder if he feels the same. I try hard to keep my thoughts at bay as we make our way to the onsen. Lucky to beat out the rain that soon comes after we’ve settled into our room. After we’ve looked at the storm ensuing outside we settle to the table to eat our food.

“Oh look, there is even some sake. Luckily Keiji isn’t here” I laugh at my own joke as I pour both of us a cup. “As if I’d ever let Keiji have sake around you”

Wow, okay. I really need to not jump to him doing that because he feels the same. Man.. How many cups of this have I even had? My mind keeps it thoughts going rampant as we continue to eat. We have simple back and forth talks, but it feels as if the room and everything has grown much heavier. Man. It has to be the sake..or maybe the journey. It must have been one of those. Just as my mind goes on another tangent Toshiie spoke up. “It seems as the storm has settled we can head to the hot springs once we’ve finished. I’ll head out first so that you can change”

“Thanks, Inuchiyo”

“Why..you know my name is Toshiie. You just as bad as that monkey bastard…Plus you are the year of the dog too..why do you say it like that?..”

“Inu-I mean Toshiie. I am sorry. but go on and head out so I can change”

Once he had left I finally realized that I was in love with Toshiie. To calm my nerves I took a few more gulps of sake and headed towards the women’s side of the springs. I settled in and let myself relax in the water, well, at least I tried too. Being the only woman on that side and the silence made my head start going back to Toshiie, so I decided to head over to his side. I looked around before I snuck over. Seeing that he two was alone I slid towards him in the water “Inu-chiyo it’s very peaceful here isn’t it?”

Toshiie, who hadn’t acknowledged my presence until now spun around eyes wide. “Deanna, this is the men’s side you shouldn’t be here” He continues on, scolding me and I realize I had to tell him.  But Toshiie I know I’ve said in the past that you were taking over as my father or that I saw you as a brother but it’s changed. I still see you as family but as MY family.A family I want with you can’t you see that.
“But Toshiie I needed to tell you that-”
I was cut off by Toshiie groaning in pain. I was going to question what was wrong until I felt it too.
“Ow, Toshiie, I still need to talk to you, I wanted to say that..”
“It can wait let’s go back to our room”

Toshiie led me out of the water and made sure no one saw us leave the water together and got us back to our room.

“So what was is you wanted to tell me”

For some reason, my nerves were shaking.Maybe the sake has worn off with the nerves. Instead of answering, I pour the both of us some sake.

After we had both gotten drunk I decided to tell him what I had started saying earlier.

“I love you, Tosh-*hiccup* Toshiie”

Toshiie looked at me quickly. before his brows scrunched up and he scowled. “Yeah yeah I’m like a brother, I know. You told the monkey bastard that-”

“No” Oops I didn’t mean to shout but Toshiie let me finish anyway. “ I LOVE you. I want the next time you come home for it to be coming to me, as MY family.”

“Deanna, we are-”

“No. Listen to me! I want you to be MY family”

Finally, as if the emphasis had finally clicked to him he smiled and inched himself closer and closer until he was touching out noses. “I love you, too, Deanna”

Out of happiness we both laughed and held each other until we fell asleep.

The next morning we headed back to Oda and we kind of didn’t want to. Since we wouldn’t have as much time together. But we did make it back in one piece. After making dinner for the men Hideyoshi met up with me. “So did the dog act well in front of your mother?” Shit. Oh yeah…Toshiie got us alone by saying we were meeting family there. “Toshiie is always a gentleman. We met so he could ask my mother’s permission.” Even though he wouldn’t have to.

“Congratulations. But make to tell me if he ever hurt you, though, I’ll make him regret it”

Once he walks off the others start to leave the hall. I see Toshiie head out wth Katsuie who smiles towards me. I guess Toshiie told him. But it seems we’ve been accepted and that’s all I could ask for.


Zuko being unnecessarily violent. 

Note that Iroh stops Zuko when he can. Interestingly, in the example from “The Beach,” it’s not until Zuko pushes Ruon-Jian into the vase that Mai finally puts an end to things. This is likely due to Iroh having more experience dealing with Zuko’s temper. 

Furthermore, while Iroh gets Zuko to stop, it’s only Mai that explains to Zuko what problematic behaviors he is displaying:

Mai: Your temper is out of control. You blow up over every little thing. You’re so impatient and hotheaded and angry!

However, I should probably note that, while Zuko’s temperament is reduced by the time of the comics, this behavioral change is due more to the context of the events in the show v the comics, rather than Mai’s verbal reprimands and Iroh’s physical intervention. 

I promised a bit of rambling (a lot?) to @thestarmaker-s, so here we are, ready to ramble!

Spoiler alert for BNHA chapter 119!!!


This chapter, guys. This chapter. I was jumping on my seat while I read, feeling physically exhausted when I finished.

It is remarkable how much both boys have calmed down. Sure, neither of them is really calm – they wouldn’t fight or be so honest about what they feel if they were. But Bakugou has stopped crying and gone back to that dangerous calm demeanor he shows when concentrating on a worthy opponent.

And that little thing, that worthy opponent, is what got me during this chapter.

Because it may seem like Izuku still doesn’t stand a chance against Bakugou. Bakugou has still the upper hand when it comes to quirk-usage (having it used and trained way longer than Izuku) and he is a natural when it comes to fighting, whereas Izuku is more of a strategist than a fighter.

But even though Izuku gets thrown around a lot in this chapter – he stands up again. He is not knocked out, or injured – which means that Bakugou either stopped his explosions enough that Izuku wouldn’t really get hurt, or Izuku is able to dodge or block the most of the force.

Seeing that Bakugou wanted to fight without any rules, I don’t think that he is holding back at all. Which means that he is fighting at all his power right now (emotionally shaken, though) and Izuku is able to keep up.

And even Bakugou knows it.

Don’t let him think” is what Bakugou thinks as he attacks Izuku like a rampaging Sonic the Hedgehog. And as simple and logical as this seems, it is really, really important in my eyes.

Bakugou used to look down on Izuku. He used to think that useless Deku could do nothing right, had nothing going for him.

While this fight is partly to determine Izuku’s worth, this little thing, this Don’t let him think shows me that Bakugou is aware how smart Izuku is. He is aware that Izuku is able to think quickly and observe his opponents to the last detail, making him able of taking advantage of openings and turn the tables in his favor.

Remember their first fight at U.A? Izuku was able to push Bakugou back a few times during that fight, and even throw him to the ground once. And in the end, he won.

Skill-wise, that shouldn’t have been possible, since Izuku couldn’t control One for All at all at that time. But he literally outsmarted Bakugou, winning the “game” by thinking quickly and relying on Uraraka at the right moment.

Bakugou learned from his mistakes. He no longer thinks Izuku unable to do anything – he knows that Izuku could outsmart him if he gives him an opportunity to do so. So all that he thinks is that he can’t let Izuku consider his options in this fight.

Bakugou may still not respect Izuku, but he acknowledges him. Acknowledges the fact that there is a possibility that Izuku could win this fight, even if it’s just by his “tricks”.

That’s a big step, guys. A very big step. Unconsciously, Bakugou already started to see Izuku’s worth, at least partly, before this fight.


Another thing that occurred to me is seemingly just as simple – Izuku is not crying. At all.


Sounds weird to point out? Well, perhaps, but let me explain that to you guys. Izuku is known to be someone who cries easily – that’s nothing bad at all, he is an emotional person, and I’m completely okay with that. What I want to say is that Izuku cries even when fighting. Or at least he is close to it – his smile wavers, his eyes get teary, and he is shivering. We have seen this countless of times. And, most importantly, we have seen it happen more frequently when Bakugou was around.

It’s understandable. Izuku is still afraid of Bakugou after all that they have been through. Bakugou is his former bully, after all.

But this time, Izuku doesn’t shake. He doesn’t cry, doesn’t cover, doesn’t waver even a bit. He is outwardly calm, determined to not be Bakugou’s punching bag any longer.

That’s such a huge difference to the Izuku who used to yelp and cover whenever Bakugou so much as passed by him. Izuku is standing up to his former bully, meeting him head-on and kicking him in the face – and as much as I don’t want to get anyone in BNHA get hurt, I think it’s beautiful. Izuku is growing so much, has come such a long way, and I want to cheer for him because I love him so much for it.

And please don’t think that it’s because Izuku is not emotional right now! Because he stated it himself, during that last attack. He said “My emotions got worked up, and my control was slightly disrupted”.

Izuku is emotional as hell right now. He has to bring back memories of their childhood together – which must hurt – he is trying to carry Bakugou’s guilt so that he doesn’t break. (And I wouldn’t be too surprised if Izuku actually feels a bit guilty, too. After all, All Might would have been able to fight at full, or at least more power if he hadn’t passed One for All down to Izuku before.) Izuku is very upset over all of this, but still, he isn’t crying, but instead channeling his emotions into determination and decides to fight.

That’s a hero right there, ladies and gentlemen. Take a good look, Bakugou, because that is also part of why All Might took Izuku as his successor!

And then, Izuku’s emotional outbreak and the new-found strength he gained through his hard training leads to him going beyond – he goes from 5 % of One for All straight to 8 %.

I won’t lie to you, I literally screamed at this. I’m so freaking proud of him! He did it! He took another step forward!

Simply a wonderful chapter. It consists mostly of fighting, yes, but mixed into the (extremely well-done) fight scenes are those little things that tell us so much about Bakugou and Izuku and what progress they have made up until now. I can’t wait to see how this continues next week!


Sevi, over and out!

What do you take away from a relationship?

Brace yourselves, folks, for another episode of Real Talk With Edye: Breakup Edition.

So I was rereading old messages the other day, and I got a little bummed because there was a time awhile ago where everyone was fangirling when I followed them, and that stopped, and it feels (sometimes) like I get fewer nice messages, but here’s the thing. At one point, those people felt those things. And the fact that people in general may no longer be feeling those things, that doesn’t make them invalid.

See, when you lose a relationship in your life, it’s so easy to view it almost as object permanence: they loved you while you were there, but now that they’re gone, the love and the memories are too. Well, that’s not true. Every time they told you that you’re beautiful, every time they told you how much you were loved… those things don’t go away.

The greatest gift of all, I think, is to be loved AND to have loved. My breakup with Alec was terrible, painful, even devastating at times. It’s easy to be bitter (and I am), but I can’t say I got nothing from it. Just because he changed his mind doesn’t mean he never truly loved me. At some point in time, I was loved by him; he did think I was beautiful; he was there for me. Accordingly, though I don’t particularly feel he deserves anything (I really am bitter), I have given him something wonderful: my own love, even though it’s gone. For some time, he was the only person I trusted; he was the best friend I ever had; he made me happier than anyone else did.

I could look back on that and feel like shit. I could think, Wow, what a goddamn waste of time that was. He didn’t deserve it. But I choose not to, because loving him was a gift to myself as well. To care about somebody so entirely, to always want to be with them, is an incredible experience. Some people go most of their lives without experiencing it. Yes, there is pain in loving someone. But there is also beautiful, human emotion.

Doing a postmortem after a relationship ends badly is never easy. And so I remind myself constantly, that in the end, what I took away from the relationship was this tremendous gift. Just because he doesn’t find me so beautiful and doesn’t love me anymore doesn’t mean it erases his sentiments; it doesn’t make me less beautiful or less loved.

If you are struggling with the loss of somebody who meant a great deal, whose absence feels like a hole in your life for a bit, who perhaps impacted your self esteem more than you’d like to admit… remember this. Even though they left you, their words remain as a memory, and if those words were spoken with truth at the time, then they are no less true now than they were then. And even though they left you, they left you with two gifts: one, being loved; and two, having loved.

Hang in there, folks. We’ll all get through this together.

Hi everyone!

Jack here, one of the artists doing illustrations here at ADAD. Just making this post to remind you all that we do have a Patreon at patreon.com/officialadinosauraday. Now, some of you may be thinking “but you’re just a bunch of nerds on the internet making short Dinosaur factfiles, it can’t be that hard. Stop being greedy,” but, while we are indeed a bunch of nerds on the internet, the effort and time we put into each entry can be quite surprising. I shan’t speak for Meig or Ryuu, other than that I know each will frequently spend over two hours researching and working on their component, be it art or writing, for each post, but I will share with you a little bit of my own process to try and convey the hard work we do every day.

First of all, I need to check the schedule.

 As you can see, or maybe can’t, as the image is small and tumblr sucks at photos, I’m up today (the 21st of January, 2017) drawing the centrosaurine dinosaur Achelousaurus. My first step is to gather reference images and information. I won’t share that part as A) there are a lot of reference images, and B) some of them exist in books and I can’t share them for copyright purposes.

Based on these references, I have sketched the skeleton, posed it how I want to, and sketched major muscle groups on top as well as a vague soft tissue body outline. All of this is messy and done in blue, but it demonstrates the time and effort put into making sure each illustration is done in accord with the prevalent fossil data.

Now it’s time to sketch the lineart layer. I don’t always use a separate lineart layer, instead sometimes opting for a more painterly approach, but I find this saves time and allows me to make sure the outline and features of the animal are visible and clear. There is an element of speculation in the exact soft tissue features exhibited in each dinosaur, though no feature is put in if it is known to be incorrect, and often things (like large tubercules spread over the back of the animal) are seen in other, closely related animals. You can see how it adheres roughly to the form sketch (in red), with skin folds around joints and the form of some muscles showing through, but not every single detail makes it through the layers of fat and skin and scale.

Now onto colouring. This part can take quite a while, and if done badly it can make the piece look garish or just straight-up not like an animal. Unless pigments are preserved, this part is down to the imagination.

And that’s it done! This piece, which you can see in today’s (21/01/17) post, took roughly two hours and twenty minutes to complete, but they can take up to as much as four hours. I do one of these every other day, as does Ryuu. Meig writes a minimum of one article every day. As you can probably tell, this is a lot of effort, and we’re dedicated to providing the best content we can, available to everyone, for free. However, if you are in a position to do so, and you do enjoy the work we do, please consider supporting us over on Patreon at patreon.com/officialadinosauraday. It means the world to us, and the more support we get the easier it becomes for us to produce this content and increase the quality and quantity of writing and artwork.

Many thanks to all of you for your support. We’re truly fortunate to have such a wonderful community here, and we hope to continue providing the best dinosaur-related content we can.

Cheers for reading!

~Jack (@thewoodparable)

I can’t believe I just did that!  I snuck into my son’s room and masturbated while I watched him sleeping.  I was sure the noises my dripping wet pussy was making would wake him up, but the fear of getting caught made it even more exciting! I came so hard I almost fell down (I’d been masturbating standing up), and I think I may have grunted or made some kind of noise, because he stirred a little.  I thought he was waking up!  But I was cumming, and didn’t trust my legs to support me if I tried to run away, so I was stuck with my hands on my thighs and my hips bucking a little while I felt my wetness trickling down my thighs. He didn’t wake up, though, and as soon as my knees stopped shaking, I practically ran out of his room.  It was so hot that I had to get myself off again out on the sofa.

What dating D.o Kyungsoo would be like;

Feel free to request but it may take a while so patience is key lovelies.

• Breakfast in bed
• When you both go for walks together, he would stop dead in the middle of the street, turn his head a little bit and randomly start walking in the opposite direction to which you was going and dragging you behind him.


• Baths together because then you can be lazy and let him wash you, he would pretend to complain but secretly loves it.
• Spontaneous pastries brought because when he walked past the bakery, he couldn’t resist.
• He’d be sleeping a lot due to awkward schedules so he would need to cuddle you to fall asleep.
• Just Kyungsoo in general
• Serious dense moments that would leave you in tears.

“I think the reason why my stage name is D.O is because it’s my last name”

“Everyone has different DNA?”

• He looks fucking fantastic in a suit.
• His acting skills are so on point that in one his dramas “its ok, that’s love” made you cry your eyes out and simultaneously so proud of him.
Hair porn
• Food porn
• KAISOO (Have to ask to date Kyungsoo)
• You’re practically dating the entire beagle line because they won’t leave Kyungsoo alone

“Soo you made the food too hot”

“I did say not to eat yet, but did you listen? Nope so it’s your own fault!”

• You massage his sore limbs after practice
• Then hot af sex because he couldn’t resist you with the way you massaging his thighs
• Date nights every Saturday and if it’s a company thing, he would take you and show you off.
• But occasionally  Jongin or Chanyeol join in on the fun
• Baking together, ends up in a food fight and then moody Soo because there is mess everywhere
• Kinks ;)
• Dominance, shy Soo is no more
• Submission too
• Smirking, we all know that when those hella af lips turn up slightly at one side- shit is going down
• Make out sessions randomly, it could be in the middle of practice or at an award show because you’re his and he can do that whenever he wants to.
• But you get the innocent kisses too, where his eyes just linger on yours as he leans in closer to you and gently pecks your lips.
• Butt touching, like he just puts his hand there. No big deal, it’s his butt so he gets to touch the butt.
• Sharing ear phones, one bud in his ear and the other in yours or you have lil gadget that allows to people to listen at the same time using their own ear phones
• Sings to you all the time, like he could ask you to fetch him a shirt and he’d sing it.
• You play with his hair because it looks so thick and soft and it gets to the point where he practically falls asleep.
• Read to each other, take turns. You could be in the bath together and his head is on your chest while you read to him
• Constantly touch each other like newlyweds, literally never too far away from each other.
• Tried to braid your hair, plait it, pig tails or anything simple to do

“Got to be prepared for our future daughter Y/N”

“But what if it’s a boy?”

“Then we’ll be rabbits and fuck till we get daughter, ok?”

• Cute selcas
• Silly selcas
• Sexy selcas ;)
• You fangirling at an EXO concert and he calls out to you while on stage and sings for you
• Cheeky cupboard/ spare waiting room sex while at an EXO concert because he’s stressed and you want help but also because, why the fuck not?
• Movie nights
• Food shopping

“You two make an eye pleasing couple, your parents must be so proud!”

• Theme parks
• Water parks
• Watching him beat up everyone on stage
• Looking at the adoration in his eyes when you’re both eating chicken for dinner.
• Wearing his clothes and they fit perfectly on you
• He gets sassy when you mention height

“I’m not small, I’m fun sized and you know that ;)”


Hello everyone! I’m going to take an important exam next week, as a result it’s time to stop updating Stand-in comics for a while (at least one week). There are several reasons to make this decision.

Obviously, it’s necessary for me to pay full of attention on the exam preparation as early as I can, and second, I actually have a poor health condition for a period of time.

These things need to be tackled first in this month, then I will come back to update new pages. However, I can’t guarantee a concrete schedule for it (ex: updating once per week).  Besides updating new one, I may spend a little time to revise the dialogues on the old one.

Anyway, the new comic pages will not be updated next week (maybe the period will be longer). Thank people who are looking forward to this comic. I’d like to talk something more about Stand-in in the future if I have time.

Stay determined.


Before studying, I just left something for amusing people and myself. Chara will never give up teasing Sans.

You Gotta Work Bitch: The Key to Sugar Baby Success

This may be something that I am writing a little too early as he hasn’t given me my allowance yet and I haven’t even met the other guy for our first date. In fact, I am writing this too early. I am too optimistic and cannot stop myself from speaking. I think I have found the secret to sugar baby success and it is the one thing that is said so quietly that despite its frequency you can still miss it. Drudgery. Sugar baby success does not go to the woman who hits it big on the first date or second date. While those women exist, their initial good fortune is not based on skill but on luck and finding themselves in the Apple store with the right man. No, true and consistent success goes to the woman who is willing to do the same boring and tedious thing over and over until it brings them success. It goes to the woman who is willing to do the same thing over and over to keep a man she would in any other situation ignore.

There is a meme floating around Tumblr and Twitter that illustrates what I mean. Outsiders, daddies, and haters alike all think that we spend our day shopping, having orgies, or sipping champagne. The truth is that for most of us that isn’t our life at all is it? Sure, those are brief moments barring the orgies. But I’ve found that I spend more time on my phone texting, my iPad surfing through profiles, and my MacBook sending messages. I know I can send out ten messages a day and only get one response. I know I will give 10 men my number and at the end of the week no longer be in contact with any of them. I know I can spend an hour getting ready for a date and then know the man will cancel. I have introduced myself so many times I have to stop myself from rattling off my “about me” to my friends. But I can’t leave. I won’t stop.

Those are the sugar babies that win. The ones that know that disappointment isn’t a possibility but a definite and continual occurrence. They know that the path to success is boring and disappointing and you will spend more time wondering why you’re doing this and will it ever pay off. You’ll go on first date after first date. You’ll reject man after man and have men reject you. You’ll wonder if your hair was different, your weight was different, your race was different, your personality was different if you would have a daddy by now. But you can’t stop. 

There will be days when you’ll wonder why you decided to join this lifestyle, why you decided that your life should revolve around the goodwill and the financial status of a man. There will be times that you’ll see your friends living their vanilla lives with their vanilla boyfriends and you’ll think the turmoil and the shots to your self esteem aren’t worth it. 

And maybe they aren’t. Maybe those five days in Miami aren’t enough. Maybe the shoes won’t be enough. Maybe having your rent paid and your education paid in full is enough. Maybe knowing that you’re finally on the road to financial stability is enough. But if you want it, then you need to understand something said best by the great Britney Spears “You gotta work bitch”.

And the work doesn’t stop. I asked once if you should have one daddy or two. I have the answer now. You should have three or four or however many you can handle at one time because they can leave whenever they please. Or circumstance can take them from you. You’re never safe. Fortune’s wheel is never still. There is no job security. You cannot finally land the sugar daddy and think your work is done. You have to constantly remind him of why he wants you. Constantly seduce him. You have to have enough money to maintain yourself in case he leaves or another man that will help you maintain it. The job never ends. The work is never done. 

I’m writing this for the same person I write all of my posts for: myself. I constantly forget how unglamorous this life is 75% of the time. I have spent more time eating frozen dinners purchased hurriedly from Trader Joe’s than I have eating in fine restaurants. I’ve spent more time online than I have in the mall. I know it’s tiring. I know I spend 4 days a week sending a variation of the same message. I know it’s boring. I know first dates fill me with anxiety. But I refuse to quit again. I could. It would be easy. I’ve done it twice before. This time I have goals. This time I’m out a job with no desire to return to corporate America. This time I’m bored out of my mind but I’ve still got seven more messages to send and I need to schedule two dates to go on next week. I know I need to keep up on current events so that I always have something to talk about at dinner and the conversation doesn’t get away from me. I know I need to work on my own craft and that I have to find the time to write, to paint. I know I need to make sure I’m in the gym 6 days a week (okay, 5 days) so that the idea of taking off my clothes in front of a man never makes me hesitate. I know I need to find time to do the things I love with the people that mean the most to me. I know I’ll succeed because I’m not afraid to keep pushing forward until I’ve finally accomplished my dreams. And when I forget, when I wonder if I’m just not good enough or pretty enough or smart enough, when I want to quit again- I’ll just read this.

Do you agree or disagree? Is the drudgery, the ability to consistently do the same thing in the face of opposition or failure, the secret to sugar baby success? If it isn’t then what is?


Prompt: Hello ladies!! I’ve just been reading your moments of weakness stories and I am so touched! As someone who is overweight herself I can’t tell you how my confidence has been lifted reading them. I was wondering if you could do a Seb/overweight reader imagine where they meet at a photo op at a comic con and she’s really shy and awkward and insecure and he thinks she’s absolutely beautiful?? Thanks!Xx

Warnings: lots of anxiety (may be triggering…may being the key word here)

Author’s Note: Shmeh, this one may seem a little personal because I’m writing from personal experience in some parts.

Keep reading

Yes, I know I am real early to pick up your daughter for our date mr. wilson.  But I’m in a real sadistic mood and since discovering you’re a closeted fag, Master is in the mood for a longer begging, humiliation and taxing session today faggot.  your daughter thinks she is dating Prince Charming when all I want to do is skull fuck her brains out while she is on her knees in front of me begging me to stop.  Now crawl over here faggot, get that fag nose on my sock and beg and plead with Prince Charming not to screw with your little girl. I think I may ask her to marry Me tonight.  This Prince Charming would love to have a cash slave for a faggot-in- law

Work has been a bit bananas these past couple days and my hands are a little messed up, so I can’t paint as much as I’d like :<
Sadly this means it may take a while to start rolling those requests out, but in the meantime I can share this with you!
I did this in the wee hours before the contest deadline as I completely lost track of time, but I still like it well enough. I’d like to make a properly polished version someday~

I was watching Markiplier’s Silly.TIFF video, and when it got to the clip with Hotep, I was like, “oh my god that’s Sonic Underground”.
Which led to me listening to some of the music again. And then I wanted to draw Sonia and Manic. So today at work I doodled the sketch for this and finished it up digitally in about 5 or so hours.
While the cartoon itself may not exactly be very good, I still like the main concept behind it of Sonic having siblings that have to find their mother in order to stop Robotnik. I think it could be kinda neat if they sort of redid it but replaced the music concept with something a bit more up to date. Hence why I included the Chaos Emeralds.

I also tweaked the designs of Sonia and Manic a little because the skin tight clothes didn’t really work in this style and Manic’s Mickey hands always bugged me.

So… Yeah.

BTW, if you’ve never seen the show, Someday is the song they play in the first episode.

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Lol i put the date for the first chapter of the victors-view story in my calendar i'm so excited 😂 you are amazing btw and i just wanna say that you don't have to feel pressured to keep up this fast pace you have? Like it's amazing and wow i really don't know how you can write these brilliant long chapters and publish one every week, if that's ur thing that's great but if it ever gets to much and you just wanna stop/take a break for a while we will all still totally love you, u know that right?

Yeah, I will definitely not be stressing myself out too much now, especially since exam time is in May so I’m stressed enough as it is! Updates will probably be a little slower until all my exams are over and I know if I’ve passed the year or will have to resit and then they’ll pick up again in the summer when I have some actual free time again

Twelfth Night Museum //
                   Tempest Lounge
26.02.17 // 00:11:34
// O P E N

Wars may come, kings may fall, and revelry will ever remain unchanged. The world does not stop spinning for death, not even the death of a well-beloved, deservingly hated ruler. The Tempest is music and dance tonight, oblivious pleasure seekers and self-obliterating sinners, there has been more than one familiar face so far. Faron has been remiss in not visiting more often.

Going downstairs for a breath of slightly staler, somewhat less inebriated air, his feet lead him down the empty gallery, following the line of art as it runs from High Baroque to Rococo. It smells of mildew, the stink of solvents and chemicals barely hidden under the wood and paint.

A line of marble statues catch his eye, he glances at the one nearest with amusement- there’s a stain of garishly purple lipstick on its chapped white mouth. He’s not the first one to be here tonight. Another sip of his wine- Château d'Yquem, rose, expensive, more than palatable- and he smiles, lips quirking to the side.

“Beautiful craftsmanship, wouldn’t you agree?”

A Conversation With My Self Esteem: Going “Out”

Me: “I am so looking forward this. I haven’t been to a bar in a while. This is going to be fun.”

Self Esteem: “Yeah, it could be…”

“Wait, I don’t like that tone.”

“Not, it’s fine.”

“What do you mean, it’s fine? You were the one that convinced me to go out tonight.”

“Well, I may have spoken too soon.”

“What the hell, man? What happened?”

“Well, I thought it was a good idea, but I talked to Anxiety a little bit ago…”

“Oh, here we go…”

“Well, Anxiety and Depression were talking and I just happened to be there. They bring up some valid points.”

“Damnit! Stop listening to those guys.”

“Well, Anxiety doesn’t want you to drink, but Depression thought it would be a good idea.”

“Why does Anxiety care if I drink or not?”

“Because you can ignore him for a while, but Depression thought it was okay because he’ll just get a boost later.”

“Well, now I’m not even sure if I want to go out.”

“You can still go out. It’s not like you’re going to meet anybody there anyway. Just don’t get your hopes up”

“You don’t know that.”

“Your chances aren’t that great. It’s a bar, what kind of person are you gonna meet there anyway?”

“I don’t know, there has to be somebody interesting there.”

“Yeah, but you’re not really all that great to look at.”

“What the hell? You said I looked great earlier. Confidence even came by and gave me a pep talk.”

“Well, I’m having second thoughts now.”

“I guess I don’t need to go out.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“But I’ve got to meet people at some point.”

“You can always do it later. Just stay home and do something else.”

“I guess you’re right. I’ve got other things I can do at home.”

GOT7 REACTION To you having a slight lisp.

Hope you like it!

here is the BTS Version: (o3o)



“You sound so cute” non stop giggling machine.


“My jagi is so cute… you sound like a little girl sometimes! It’s adorable”


He may sometimes tease you about it, but actually think it’s adorable especially when you blush while saying something.


When you first meet, he found it strange, but wouldn’t say too much. Only teasing you from time to time, but then he got used to it.


Fluffy ball would smile everytime your slight lisp shows up.


“Say it again Y/N! I need to record this!”


“It’s freaking cute! You’ll be famous on the internet!”

“Bambam…. No”


As JB, he would giggle everytime your lisp shows up.


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~ADM Pandacchi