i may re do this again

Yuri’s first kiss was from Otabek.

Yuri had been ranting and raving, going on about Viktor and Yuuri, complaining about how affectionate they were. They should have the decency not to do it right in front of his face, Yuri had thought. Maybe he was sexually frustrated, or jealous of the two, but he tends to get pretty heated when complaining of their PDA.

Otabek listens, nodding and saying, “yeah,” where it fits. When Yuri pauses, Otabek asks, “have you considered that you may envy them?”

Yuri flares again, shouting, “envy them? That level of love is sickening! And they’re always touching each other, why would I envy that?”

Otabek simply shrugs while approaching Yuri, hugging him slowly from behind.

“What’re you d-” Yuri starts.

Otabek murmurs, “you’re telling me you don’t ever get jealous when they hang on each other like this?”

“Well- I mean,” Yuri tenses and his cheeks redden.

Otabek chuckles softly, and moves away, taking a seat on the bed.

“Hey, wait a second,” Yuri argues. “That’s not fair!”

“Why not?”


“Because I was right. You’re jealous of them.”

Yuri crosses his arms. “Why do you get to tell me how I feel?”

Otabek stands again, and approaches Yuri, bodies mere inches apart.

“Because I /know/ how you feel. You want what they have, don’t you?”

Yuri opens his mouth to reject the claim but cannot find words.

“Tell me I’m right,” Otabek breathes out.

“I mean,” Yuri stammers. “Maybe a little bit, but-”

Before he can finish, Otabek places his lips onto Yuri’s, cupping the back of his neck with his hand.

When Otabek pulls away, Yuri stares at him momentarily, dumbfounded. “Okay, you may be slightly more right than I thought.”

acethetic-of-spades  asked:

Hello My beautiful wonderful friend I call hun! How are you doing today? Are you feeling a bit better today? Hopefully! I have a joke for you! Can February march? no but April may! lol. So what else is happening in your world? I love you! Also I might draw you an anti with glasses ;P you're the best!

Again with the super cute jokes! Thank you, love ;)

I’m doing a bit better right now. I’m going to be trying to get back on track starting tomorrow. Also, OMG ANTI WITH GLASSES OH BOY THAT WOULD MAKE ME SUPER HAPPY AHH! thank you!! Love you too. x

Also, how are you? You keep asking how I am! How was your day??

Yeah, I know, I started a new hairstyle, AGAIN. I wasn’t satisfied with the other ones, so I re-made my very first idea. I have to add some things and do the final touch. But yeah, I may finish this next month (I’m still very lazy with hairmeshes, I’m sorry). This time, I won’t change my mind again lmao…

And biiig thanks to @remussims for lending me the hairtexture, it is a big help!

Reasons I Take Forever to RP: #1

I’m writing along. Things are going well. The words are flowing like a river, a peaceful one, not those crazy crashy ones crazy people raft-board in. 

And then a scene appears, and I think, as a responsible writer: “Ah ha! I should look up a reference/quick research this time, so that I may have proper imagery/background!” 

So I open a tab, start doing what I need to do, and then… 
“Oh, a message, what’s this?” 
“Hahahaha man my dashboard is lit…” 
“Hm? Someone tagged me on Facebook.” 
“I wonder what sort of wedding dress would look best on 5′1ft brides like me…” 
“Really wanna listen to that “You’re Welcome” song again.” 
“Wow, Moana looks great, lemme see if there are any showings still…” 

*An hour or more later* 

“Oh, it’s getting late, I should finish up that reply. Let’s see, where was I…yes ok good…I should really look up a reference picture for this pa—OH MY GOD.”

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Do u know anything about synastry? If so, could u explain a little bit the aspect Saturn (his) square (my) North node? Cause this relationship was really hard to move on and I still remember him after almost a year. I read a little bit about it and it's supposed to have a karmic energy and probably we'll meet up again when we're mature, but what do you think?

he may restrict you from reaching your true potential. saturn is karmic, it represents our karma in general. saturn does make things very drawn out, it can be rather long winded because it brings reward after making you stronger by placing obstacles in your path. saturn wants to strip the things we don’t *really* need in our lives away so that could play a part with his saturn on your north node

January told me that just because a new year starts doesn’t mean a new me has to start.

February showed me that I am worthy of being loved.

March exposed me and all my worries and insecurities, and made me stronger by beating me down.

April taught me that sometimes other people see parts of yourself better than you do, but they may not always see the dark parts.

May spread me so thinly that I felt as if I were a drop of rain trying to cover an entire sidewalk.

June set me up; sometimes people are terrible, terrible creatures, and they’re willing to twist things however they need to in order to get what they want.

July presented me with an opportunity to prove that moving on doesn’t mean letting go.

August allowed me to rebuild parts of myself I thought I had lost.

September erased me; once again I would be a blank slate, and that haunted me for days.

October held me up for the world to see; I was now a part of something bigger than myself, something bigger that could make a difference.

November terrified me, showed me that out of sight did not mean out of mind, told me I was still in love even though I tried so hard to let go.

December let me know that just because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean I have to as well.

Things I love from the new Justice League trailer

•Aquaman dropping what looks like an unconscious Bruce on a table and proceeding to grab a bottle of liquor, “its on him”
•Barry Allen “you’re the Batman?”
•Diana’s hair flip though
•(while getting into batmobile) Barry “what are you’re superpowers again?” Bruce “im rich”
•(Bruce getting into the batwing like a bad ass) “my turn” oh damn
•Queen fucking Mera and the Atlantians(silently praying Kaldur makes an appearance)
•that small scene of Barry talking to his dad in jail
•Diana landing in front of Aquaman and Cyborg
•that small step back Aquaman does when she lands
•"shall we?“ (Chills and squealing)
•Gordon to Batman "it’s good to see you playing well with others again” AGAIN!! Do you know what that could mean!!!!!
•Aquaman “dressed like a bat I dig it.” Bruce turns to Gordon “may be temporary”
•Aquaman riding on the batmobile “yeah!!”, Bruce smirking like damn right

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It's heartbreaking to see the scene where Clarke and Lexa are in Polis saying goodbye. Lexa says "may we meet again" and extends her arm, but they don't do that strong/hard/forceful handshake, they grab each other so softly as in "I don't want to let you go, but...." Lexa was so sad! Anyways, they're soulmates, they'll find their way back to each other, no matter the place or lifetime :)


First of all, this brief moment I’ve seen no one talk about

Look at Lexa during this tiny moment before the handshake. Look at the way she swallows down her sadness, her feelings. It’s one of her “tics”, much like the jaw thing. She either does that when she’s very upset (i.e. when she first tells Clarke about Costia/right after the betrayal) or when her feelings are threatening to fully come to the surface (i.e. “not everyone, not you”/the moment she asks Clarke to come with her to Polis). It happens again in that very same scene, a few moments earlier.

(x) She forcefully pushes down her need to tell Clarke she loves her. And as I said, she does it again right before the handshake. She is sad. She is so ridiculously sad that Clarke is leaving, but at the same time, she is bracing herself to say goodbye. Which is super worth noticing. Yes, Clarke enters Lexa’s room to tell her she’s decided to go, but when she sees Lexa and is actually faced with having to leave, she temporizes. She stalls.

(x) It’s Lexa who initiates the goodbye. She musters her courage and takes the first step, both to save Clarke this difficult effort and, I suspect, almost for selfish reasons too: to make this quick, to avoid prolonging the pain of having to say goodbye to Clarke.

This is why everything is so soft in that scene, the handshake too. This is their last moment together, they think. Neither of them wants to leave the other, but they have to. There’s this sad tenderness pervading the entire scene. They both put on brief, little smiles, to prevent the other from seeing their pain. They don’t talk about the harshness and struggles they’re gonna have to face once separated, this moment is about them. Even Lexa’s reminder that Clarke is doing this for her people isn’t about politics, it’s about Clarke. About why she loves Clarke so much. They haven’t even kissed yet, they don’t really plan to, and this scene is already so incredibly intimate. I’m also constantly hit with this feeling of “safety” during their interaction here. Throughout the scene, they try to provide comfort one to the other. Lexa tells Clarke that she doesn’t have to be sorry, that it’s okay; Clarke tries to give Lexa (and herself) the hope that someday they both can be free. That is what kills me about this scene. It is a heartbreaking moment, but they don’t want each other’s heart to be broken.

So we get to the moment of goodbye. They have rationalized that they have to separate. But sometimes… sometimes logic means nothing. You can try and try but you can’t push down those feelings anymore. And well, when that happens… this happens. (x)

So I’m just saying, there are a lot of supercorp fics out there but tbh a lot of them I’m just like. Eh. About.

So here’s a list of my favorite supercorp authors and/or their fics—10/10 would recommend, and sure I may have only mentioned one fic, but if they’re on this list they’re quality all around and they’re good for all the fics (the ones I mention are just personally my fave). This will be a link to their ao3 page btw not their tumblr (and again–this is STRICTLY about supercorp fic, although if they do have other pairings lol i’ve read them they’re also good but then i’d need a longer list)

Sunlight Honey and Lavender Sunsets
honestly this is an amazing outside look at supercorp, featuring non-human “passing” aliens and a wonderfully crafted Jess the Secretary!!!

love all your fix it fics and oneshots!

listen closely and the stars will sing
Wish that Mon-El would have been a smol little girl who gets v attatched to lena instead of the gross dudebro and see Kara do what Clark wouldn’t?

ALL the fics. Cant really pick out just one standout tbh p much trust anyone by them

such unruly heads and hearts
HP supercorp au!

literally read every single up. 10/10 would die for. You don’t understand I die every single time I read one of your fics holy shit please go read there’s ALL the ships I more than lowkey scream every time I see an email saying there’s a fic update

hi I also love you but my favorite is probably wonderful electric (cover me in you)


I don’t think I can do a better job than the description: “
“Lena has a crush on Kara.
Lena’s too afraid to tell Kara.
Obviously the only solution is to make Kara jealous by dating Supergirl.”
It IS as great as it sounds


there’s a moon in the sky (she calls me)
“The one where Lena finds herself falling for both eager cub reporter Kara Danvers and the mysterious caped protector of National City”
When Lena has a crush on BOTH supergirl and Kara and hijinks ensue it’s great

Honestly if you’re in the mood for multi-chapter fics and supercorp heroism is a full time job is one you’d probably wanna read. Also danishes and other sweet treats feature actual!genius!kara! which makes me v v happy because she’s not an idiot

The Death of Supergirl
Kara forgot to leave a note when she went to the Flash Universe and Shit Happens

i follow just to find you (a kiss we had to wait for)
sometimes you gotta just read Sin and if you do it might as well be well written sin?

Her Brother’s Keeper
holy fucking character study of lena batman

this list is for @pyrotechnician originally but everyone feel free to enjoy!

  • Jess: *is sitting behind Lena's desk* And what did we learn today Ms. Luthor?
  • Lena: *recites* Never get a temp Secretary while you're gone because they might turn out to be evil and in cahoots with my mother.
  • Jess: And?
  • Lena: *pouts* And I promise to never do it again. Can I get my desk back now?
  • Jess: No. You get my desk for the rest of the day.
  • Lena: But Kara and I were supposed to have lunch here.
  • Jess: Well then, I guess you should of thought about that before you tried replacing me with some two bit wannabe never gonna be me assistant, right Ms. Luthor?
  • Lena: *gulps* I know Jess. Sorry Jess.
  • Jess: You may go Ms.Luthor.
  • Lena: *heads out* Yes Jess.
  • Kara: Uh Lena, what are you doing at Jess's desk?
  • Lena: *pouts* I rather not talk about it.
So now that the Electoral College didn’t bail you out, liberals and progressives ...

may I suggest an alternative? Like, get mad, get organized, and fight back.

Liberals and progressives need to take over the Democratic Party the way the conservatives took over the Republican Party: from the ground up. Win precinct offices. Elect county officials. Dominate state races. Recruit talent. Develop your finances.

Show up. Vote, even in the boring elections.

Win in 2018. Win in 2020. Win in the off year gubernatorial, state and local elections. 

Make Trumpists embarrassed to confess their Trumpism. That’s how you make America great again. You’re certainly NOT going to do it by hoping some political helicopter parent drops in from the sky and takes care of your problems for you.

Okay, gang, I know we’re not there yet but there’s no harm in being prepared - it’s time for… 


- Every mention of “hope”
- Every mention of “survive”
- “I’m gonna get you out of here”
- “May we meet again” (finish your drink if it’s met with “We will”)
- “There has to be another way”
- “Get them to Medical”
- Every time Kane asks Abby/anyone else “are you alright?”
- Every time Monty and Jasper do The High Five
- “On the Ark…”
- “I had no choice”
- “Not enough time”
- “Not enough boats”
- “My sister, my responsibility”
- “Your fight is over/yu gonplei stei odon
- “Blood must have blood/jus drein jus daun
- “Stay strong/stei yuj
- “Get knocked down, get back up/ge smauk daun, gyon op nodotaim
- “Together”

Feel free to add to this as you please!


GET TO KNOW ME MEME  [1/5] Favorite Relationships Joana & Rafael (3%)

“Joana we may have gotten where we are doing things the wrong way but I believe we’re doing the right thing now. In our own way. I don’t know what you did or what you saw in the tunnel. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t wanna know. I know, I feel  that you’re a good person. You’re the only one who doubts that.”

cheesy pick up lines pt 2.

“Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”
“Sorry, I can’t hold on… I’ve already fallen for you.”
“Is your dad a drug dealer? Because you’re dope.”
“Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u.”
“Kissing burns 5 calories a minute. How about a workout?”
“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”
“Excuse me, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?”
“You’re so hot you must’ve started global warming.”
“I may not be DQ, but I could treat you right.”
“Somebody call the cops, because it’s got to be illegal to look that good!”
“Are you from China? Because I’m China get your number.”
“Was your Dad in the Air Force? Because you’re da bomb.”
“If you were a library book, I would check you out.”
“Let’s make like a fabric softener and snuggle!”
“Are those space pants? Because your ass is out of this world!”
“If I followed you home, would you keep me?”
“Is your last name Gillette? Because you are the best a man can get.”
“A face without freckles is like a night sky without stars.”
“Do you know karate? Cause your body’s kickin!”
“I hope there’s a fireman around, cause you’re smokin’!”
“All those curves, and me with no brakes!”
“You’re so sweet, you’re giving me a toothache.”

Hello, goth’es!

Look who are here again, haha! Today i bring to you a male skin, yep, m a l e. I always feel like the simblr comunity are very “whatever” with male sims, and i love my sims so much (all of them) that it makes me feel sad. In every EP, GP or anything else even EA don’t care about the guys. They’re such a cutho, why not? Someone gave me this idea, but i was very “i can’t do it” in the beginning because i’m really bad at males in general… I do it! And it became very pretty, i’m loving the way it looks on my sims, they’re so lovely right now! I’m saying again, this skin is not perfect because i’m learning how to do it, but i don’t find any bug or error very bad, so i think you guys may understand. If you use this skin, please, tag me! I would love to see it on your male sims! And if you have any idea of something that i can do next (an asian skin or something?) you can come on my ask! Any bug or error, please contact me so i can fix it!

  • Male only!
  • It works with all skintones so you can use without any problem!
  • There some small issues, but nothing really bad.


Young!Avenger living in the Avengers building Headcannons
  • Hulk understanding that you are smaller so he’s super gentle when he’s near you
  • Black Widow pushing you hard because you’re young
  • Natasha being super sweet and helping you clean up after a tough fight
  • Natasha telling you she’s proud
  • Tony having to tell you what Steve is saying and visa-versa because of the age gap in the speech patterns you use
  • Hanging off Bucky’s arm
  • Bucky silently staring as if you’re not bothering him
  • Trapping Scott under glass cups
  • Scott getting revenge by shrinking your things
  • Sam teaching you to fly
  • Sam encouraging when you mess up flying and don’t want to try again
  • Pepper telling you off like she tells off Tony
  • Seeing what you can throw through Vision
  • Tony letting you build random stuff with Bruce
  • Tony covering for you when said stuff goes wrong
  • Sassing F.R.I.D.A.Y
  • Poking Vision (He may not be real you have to check!)
  • Testing  Mjölnir
  • Testing different way to lift  Mjölnir
  • Insisting that you have to do a prank every Lokisday (Saturday)
  • Getting Thor to tell Loki about your pranks
  • Using Cap’s shield as a skateboard / snowboard
  • Trying to beat Clint at archery
  • Listening to Wanda talk about her home and old life
  • Wanda protecting you
  • Trying to make Bucky jump (You’ll do it one day)
  • Steve taking care of you when you get sick
  • Tony finding the best tutors for you
  • Not being allowed off the Avengers property alone
  • Testing equipment
  • Breaking things accidentally with said equipment
  • Reminding everyone what you can defend yourself
Penny Dreadful Sentence Starters
  1. “You’re pretty goddamn sure you know what’s going on all the time.”
  2. “And that everything can again be like it was… though I know that can never be.”
  3. “You do not belong here, even less than I.”
  4. “I wonder what lips yours have kissed and where. Too many, I’m sure.”
  5. “So have the courage to face your own sin before you cite mine so easily.”
  6. “When the moment comes, look into my eyes and pull the trigger.”
  7. “May I kiss your neck?”
  8. “How cruel you are…”
  9. “Can I help you in any way?”
  10. “And what do you seek to escape?”
  11. “I believe in everything but god.”
  12. “I thought you liked games.”
  13. “Where is your master?”
  14. “I hate him, that fucker, God, you see.”
  15. “You should’ve kissed me. Will you kiss me now?”
  16. “Her passing was a thing of grace, I promise you.”
  17. “What a simple thing it is to snap your neck. You are so fragile, you…”
  18. “Don’t let me hurt anyone.”
  19. “There was a time I would gladly have killed you, and there may come a time when I gladly shall.”
  20. “Your hands want to touch, but your head wants to appraise. Your heart is torn between the two.”
  21. “Do not be amazed at anything you see… and don’t hesitate.”
  22. “To save her, I would murder the world.”
  23. “Whatever interest, whatever need you think you have, you must forget you ever saw it.”
  24. “You can do better. Give me words.”
  25. “What happened to your lip?”
  26. “As you grow up, you’ll learn we all do things which cause us shame. Sins we have committed…”
  27. “No, no, I don’t want to sleep!”
  28. “I love you for your weakness.”
  29. “Did I deserve that?”
  30. “There’s something wrong here. What haven’t you told me?”
  31. “Perhaps it has always been there – this thing, this demon inside me – or behind my back, waiting for me to turn around.”
  32. “There are things you can’t control.”
  33. “You really shouldn’t come in here…”
  34. “Your daddy says come home, so home you come.”
  35. “Stop this right now.”
  36. “I could never love you.”
  37. “Because the truth is unendurable.”
  38. “Right behind you. Don’t you feel him in the dark? On the back of your neck, his breath… Now one finger reaching out… Do you not feel it?”
  39. “If your goal is to have me surrender to you, that day will never come.”
  40. “There’s always a way to make a living when you’ve a bit of flesh, isn’t there?”
  41. “Nothing I would say would come as a surprise, so you simply want the satisfaction of hearing me say it. Very well.”
  42. “Hell, you sought it out and fucked it.”
  43. “And what will you do with this little bit of my soul?”
  44. “That’s why you’re a virgin.”
  45. “Do what you have promised me!”
  46. “Who can tell about such things, such hidden things? Such secrets we all have, don’t we?”
  47. “I’ll not bore myself with explanations you cannot possibly understand.”
  48. “We shall live with our guilt, you and I.”
  49. “We’ve all sinned. No one knows that better than me.”
  50. “But I love you in a different way.”
  51. “If you let all this happen so that you could manipulate her… I’ll rip your throat out.”
  52. “Don’t be naïve; it doesn’t suit you.”
  53. “You can’t resist me forever, darlin’.”
  54. “Don’t be frightened. Here it is. Everything.”
  55. “Would you like to see something interesting?”
  56. “Answer me, you rude thing.”
  57. “It’s not an easy thing, this you ask of me.”
  58. “Don’t ask permission. If you want to do a thing, do it because it is your desire, not my allowance. You must risk rejection.”
  59. “You won’t be able to deny it.”
  60. “Say it like that and you can get me to do anything.”
  61. “I’m so sorry about last night.”
  62. “God, how I envied you. Perhaps I even hated you.”
  63. “This is a long, grueling, dangerous thing you ask.”
  64. “I’ve not been good. What waits for me on the other side of the door?”
  65. “Something whispered… I listened.”
  66. “You play your role well, but this is not who you are.”
  67. “I… I see things sometimes.”
  68. “Now kindly stop wasting my time, and get out!”
  69. “You have no idea how I fight this thing. This thing inside me.”
  70. “I think you’re bloodthirsty.”
  71. “I believe in a place between heaven and hell, between the living and the dead, a glorious place of everlasting rebirth. I believe in salvation. Do you believe in such a place?”
  72. “This is obscene! You mustn’t!”
  73. “I should warn you; this is not completely legal.”
  74. “I would choose her over you. I might even hope I get the chance.”
  75. “After all this time… she came to me.”
  76. “No wonder you fled from me.”
  77. “What’ve you done to yourself?”
  78. “I’ve never fucked a dying creature before. Do you feel things more deeply I wonder… Do you feel pain?”
  79. “My, my! That temper of yours!”
  80. “In that case, would you like to have an adventure?”
  81. “I like to be looked at.”
  82. “This is a bit beyond my usual practice.”
  83. “You should let me die.”
  84. “Just know that you have made my visit here truly memorable. I shall never forget you.”
  85. “Between us, there’s a rare connection. I won’t deny it, but that very intimacy released something unhealthy in me, something I cannot allow.”
  86. “I suppose we take the happiness we can. Do you?”
  87. “Little girls shouldn’t play with toys like that.”
  88. “There is no going back from this moment.”
  89. “Can I ask you a favor?”
  90. “I’m so glad to see you recovered.”
  91. “There are times when we are compelled…”
  92. “She’s been possessed by the devil.”
  93. “Do you believe in fate?”
  94. “There’s no goddamn future in it for either of us! Who’re we trying to fool?”
  95. “Best you didn’t kiss me anymore. Keep a safe distance.”
  96. “You know my name. Aren’t we family here?”
  97. “I have a complicated history with the Almighty.”
  98. “We’ve all done things to survive. There are such sins at my back, it would kill me to turn around.”
  99. “Do you feel I owe you an explanation?”
  100. “I can’t seem to get it out of my head.”
Just imagine it: Wright and Edgeworth in a retirement community.

God. Think of the calls Trucy would get.

  • “Your father has been banned from bingo night. He yelled ‘objection’ and accused another resident of cheating…again. For what it’s worth, he made a compelling case.”
  • “Your father and Mr. Edgeworth disrupted dinner for approximately four hours last night. Wouldn’t let anyone eat until they finished an impromptu trial they started…someone’s guide dog was the defendant? I don’t know. I heard he won. But anyway, can you ask him to…uh…not do that anymore?”
  • “Mr. Wright stole Mr. Edgeworth’s wheelchair again and now Mr. Edgeworth is hitting him with a cane. They’re both fine. Just thought you should know.”
  • “Sigh…your father…he convinced Mr. Justice he was dying in an attempt to ‘escape’ the community…Please come over immediately, preferably with Miss Cykes. Mr. Justice won’t stop crying.”
  • “Your father may or may not have gotten married to Mr. Edgeworth last night. It was really unclear.”
  • “Please tell Mr. Edgeworth to stop smuggling in dogs. And forcing everyone to watch that decades-old cartoon in the community space.”
  • “Your father went wheelchair racing in the streets and ran into a truck. Don’t worry; he’s fine. Kept laughing the entire time.”
  • “One of our residents passed away and your father and Mr. Edgeworth keep telling everyone it was a murder. Please tell them to stop.”
  • “Actually, it turns out they were right. Sorry.”


Bon Bon Disappears
Bon Bon Disappears

Seeing this gem here along with seeing the neat idea of a  “ Circus Baby & Friends” cartoon by @alisonwonderland1951 really made wanna do a dub of this mockup storyboard.  Also since this is a cartoon that we’re speaking of, I decided to leave the voice as it rather make the usual robotic sounds I put in.

It may be a bit loud at the end (then again this is Funtime Freddy we’re speaking of) but I hope y’all enjoy

Storyboard by @alisonwonderland1951

Dub by yours truly