i may or may not need some assistance


*note: Chibis are $10.00 EACH! I just have 3 examples up there to show (to avoid confusion)

Hey guys!!!! I need a little assistance! 

So as some of you may or may not know, I’m taking a trip to Japan this summer, AND going to SacAnime. Yup…it’s going to be a busy month. I’ve been looking foreword to this trip for ages. I’ve also been studying the language for 3 years, and I’ll finally be able to practice what I’ve learned (I’m very eager about that).  Anyways! Because of these events, I will be needing money (to buy things, food and such). Sadly, my tight schedule (and not being able to drive) makes it very difficult for me to get a job w/a steady paycheck. I also don’t like asking my parents for money, because I believe I’m at an age where I need to start taking care of my expenses. Basically….I need to make money in a way that that works with my schedule. In that case, I’ve decided to open up commissions again! This time, I limited the options and adjusted the prices, to make sure that choosing an option wasn’t as overwhelming. 

How to commission me:

  • Either send me a message on my tumblr , or email me at: artsyspartsy@gmail.com 
  • If you want something specific, please let me know!  Say you want me to draw Eren and Mikasa. If you want them to be cuddling or something like that, please let me know! I want to make sure you’re the happiest you can be w/the outcome of your commission. 
  • PLEASE PAY ME IN ADVANCE! I will not start your commission until I have received the payment! My paypal is artsyspartsy@gmail.com  !! I also have a “donation” button on my blog if that’s easier to use!! 

What I will draw:

  • Basically anything!
  • Pairings
  • OCS
  • People in general 
  • Characters 
  • Characters w/human-like appearance (ex. the crystal gems)
  • Partial nudity (ex. swimsuits and underwear)
  • Action

What I WILL NOT draw: 

  • Abuse
  • Extreme Violence (fight scenes are OK! Nothing extremely gory though) 
  • NS//FW 
  • Furries (Nothing against them, I just can’t draw them well)
  • Mechas/Robots
  • Animals (Humans w/animals is fine! I just can’t draw animals separately)
  • Dragons (Dragons are cool, but I can’t draw them for my life)
  • Something hateful/against something 

How long will my commission take?

Not very long! I usually have them done in less than a week, or 2 weeks maximum. I try to get them done ASAP so you’re not waiting too long. 

If you can’t commission me or you’re not interested, I would still really appreciate it if you would reblog this post and spread the word. This is basically the only way I make money, so I need to get as many people interested as possible. Thank you very much!! 

One of the best parts from the club: Fitz taking Jemma’s hand when they walk over to meet the assistant lady, and Jemma looking up in surprise as he does it.
Because it’s so unnecessary, they’re undercover, approaching some people who may or may not want to kill them, in fact it’s likely they’ll need their hands free, and it’s probably best not to show their potential enemies that they’re together, but by gosh Fitz has part of a room to walk across and he’s going to hold Jemma’s hand while he does it.