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After I answered a question yesterday about the possibility of Medic (or any other TF2 character) being a psychopath, I got to thinking about what might actually be the deal with these guys. Obviously, they’re abnormal, but I don’t like writing off weird characters as just being crazy and/or stupid.

I dug into what I understand about the characters—the core mercs as well as the Administrator and Miss Pauling—and came up with this run-down of how I think they might be diagnosed if evaluated by a modern psychiatrist.

A disclaimer! First off, please take all my conjecture with a big ol’ grain of salt. I’m not claiming to be an authority on either psychiatry or neurology, and this is just my personal interpretation of the characters. It’s fine if you don’t agree! Also, I want to be clear that I mean no disrespect to anyone who might have any of the conditions I mention. I hope my tone comes off as respectful and not exploitative.

One last thing. I feel like this should go without saying, but just in case: DON’T USE THIS LIST AS A WAY TO DIAGNOSE YOURSELF. If I mention something that strikes a chord with you, by all means research it, but talk to a professional if you seriously suspect you might have a mental issue. I am NOT a professional!

Now that all that hemming and hawing is out of the way…


Not to rely on stereotypes, but I think ADHD is likely. His impulsivity, hyperactivity, and need for stimulation are strong indicators. He also has a tendency to self-medicate with massive amounts of caffeine and sugar from all the soda he drinks. Oh, and it’s been pretty heavily suggested that Scout is dyslexic, which I believe to be the case.


It’s pretty much directly stated in the comics that he has brain damage, resulting in delusions and cognitive impairment that border on dementia. (Think Gary Busey post-motorcycle accident.) The comics suggest he was brain damaged by lead poisoning in the water, but I’m certain he had preexisting problems from old head trauma. That helmet has an important function!

On top of that, I think Soldier’s a good candidate for Tourette Syndrome, but I don’t mean the coprolalia version you see in TV and movies, where someone involuntarily shouts obscenities. He commonly has sudden verbal outbursts (”MAGGOTS!”) and physical tics (saluting, marching, etc.) that manifest in his drill sergeant persona.


Oh, boy. Okay. Pyro is a hell of a puzzle, and I could go on for pages, but I’ll boil it down to what I think is most likely. Of course, they exhibit pyromania, but possibly also synesthesia?

One possibility is an “eccentric” mood disorder that manifests as a loss of contact with reality, among other symptoms. That would be either Schizotypal Personality Disorder or full-blown Schizophrenia. The distorted Pyroland version of the world fits this really well, and it’s possible that it might be a chronic thing, with Pyro constantly filtering the world through their delusions.

The other likely possibility is some sort of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, where seizures in a focal part of the brain yank Pyro out of reality without sending them into the physical convulsions you associate with general epilepsy. This would suggest that Pyro does touch base with reality but gets “transported to Pyroland,” instead of living there all the time.


This one is easy. Demo’s a severe alcoholic, to the degree that stopping drinking cold turkey would probably kill him. In the comics, his body even rejects normal food and drink because it’s learned to get energy just from booze, and his body, in times of withdrawal, can make its own alcohol supply, which an actual real thing. It’s called Auto-Brewery Syndrome, where microbes in the gut can convert carbs into ethanol. Demo must just have the most advanced case of it in human history!


He seems completely neurotypical to me, aside from the hints of both psychopathy and PTSD that come with being a mercenary. I do think he used to have problems from sleep apnea, but some surgery cleared that up. Now he just snores like a chainsaw. (Yes, I know sleep apnea isn’t a mental condition.)


I suspect, but I’m not certain, that he may be in the very high-functioning part of the Autism Spectrum, with savant-like qualities. Maybe he got his 11 PhDs and abilities as a human calculator just from being driven and extremely intelligent, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he were wired differently. If it is the case, he’s learned to compensate incredibly well in his interpersonal behavior. That Texan charm is a pretty effective tool for putting people at ease, I bet.


Like I said before, I don’t like simply labeling characters as “crazy.” Yeah, he’s got the mad scientist thing going on, but I think that stems from Bipolar Disorder. Specifically, I believe Medic has type I, which is what people usually think of when they imagine bipolar behavior: extended periods of elevated mood (or hypomania) punctuated with full manic episodes, which can take on psychotic features. There may or may not be periods of depression. He doesn’t seem to swing that way, but it’s possible.

He’s DEFINITELY a self-medicator. I mean, duh. Huffing Medi-Gun fumes and a bit of drinking probably help to calm him down when he gets too high-strung. I doubt he takes pills for it, e.g. lithium or anti-convulsants, because of the high likelihood of side-effects. I could see him doing some DIY ECT, though. Getting too unstable? A few brain zaps, and he’s right as rain!

Bonus fact! Did you know that a German term to call someone insane is to say that they “have a bird”? It might come from folklore about insane people literally having bird familiars living in their heads, or it might be something like calling someone a “crazy cat lady,” where people who keep birds will talk to them too much and seem a bit off. Just thought that was interesting!


I personally believe he probably has some Agoraphobia. Not to a debilitating degree, but he hates being stuck in what feel like insecure places. It’s actually a symptom of Avoidant Personality Disorder, which I think is pretty likely for him. It’s thought to result from feeling abandoned and alienated by other people at a young age. (*cough*orphanedbybirthparentsandraisedinAustralia*cough*) In addition to agoraphobia, signs include self-imposed social isolation, emotional distance, mistrust, and an inferiority complex. If he does have APD, he’s integrated it neatly into his occupation, where distance is a good thing.


Similar to Heavy, he seems pretty neurotypical to me. It’s possible that he had some similar issues to Scout when he was younger, but if so, he’s learned to compensate. He does exhibit the most psychopathic traits of all the mercs, but like I said before, I don’t believe any of them are actually true psychopaths.


Classic megalomaniac! She’s got textbook Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Everything about the way she presents herself screams narcissism: grandiosity, a thirst for power, arrogance, a sense of entitlement, lack of empathy, and extremely manipulative behavior. Maybe she has good reasons for her narcissism, like being an 150-year-old supervillain, but I digress.

Miss Pauling

Poor thing. I’ve mentioned it before, but my pet theory is that the Administrator broke down her original personality and built it back up to make her a useful pawn, capable of appearing very unassuming and responsible while performing cold-blooded acts of violence guilt-free. She’s a perfect tool, with limited freewill and no room in her mind for cognitive dissonance to slip in. To her, I imagine it feels like living with with Depersonalization Disorder, where either the world around her or her own actions take on an unreal quality as a way of shielding her mind from the nasty parts of her job, but on the outside, the effect is seamless.

You know, as an environment artist, i really really such at painting backgrounds… like seriously? Its embaressing. lmfao
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Anyway, may or may not have gone overboard, but seriously Im like on a painting roll this weekend. Like what. The. Hell.

Kadara the Ruk. Im thinking I should draw Sartaq… but, how TF do I draw him? im so lost. lol

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Why do people call klance canon king? What does that even mean?

HHHH OK SO UH. god this is like so weird to explain but ok …. so like, you may or may not be familiar with the “you know i had to do it to em” meme but yeah it was this meme that circulated the internet a while back. and then uhh the guy who posted the original tweet that started that meme….he tweeted “klance is cannon king” (i think it was like…something someone asked him to tweet? don’t think he even watches the show or knew what it meant or anything lol.) he’s since deleted the tweet i think. but yeah like…it was just such a surreal experience: the “you know i had to do it to em” kid tweeting about klance, the misspelling of “canon”, the addition of “king” at the end that doesn’t seem to have any purpose….iconic. anyway it’s a phrase a lot of the fandom picked up because it’s funny and just has such a bizarre origin. 

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About JBJ's ideal type, how would it be like? thank you ;D

Wooooh I love ideal type questions yay lol I’ll probably go into detail on their types even though some of them already said their ideals, but I’ll explain who they would probably have as an ideal in my opinion


Taehyun said he liked someone who had a nice appearance and a nice personality, so he’d probably go for someone who knows how to take care of themselves, have a caring side and may like someone who is also a bit motherly. He would love someone who was very down-to-earth and generous, because he would be definitely find someone attractive if they had a good heart and he may also like someone who had a bit of a humor that could help him loosen up when he is bothered or stressed about something. Someone who is honest and very likely to be open minded as well

Kenta is somewhat very lively and talkative, so he would like it if someone would understand this and he’d like someone he can learn a lot from. I find him to be the member who doesn’t really care whether he dates someone older/younger, because I think he just wants someone who he can be himself with. Someone that can be quite playful, cuddly, free-spirited and lively but in a timing since he would also like it if they were calm enough for him to become relaxed with. Someone who is like a best friend rather than an overly romantic lover, because he would love to spend his time with someone he knows he truly cares about inside as much as the other is to him

Sanggyun, in my opinion, looks like he who would go for someone with a straightforward but not rude personality. Someone that could understand his personality on being random and that he could be himself around them all the time, not afraid to hide anything as long as the other isn’t afraid either. Someone who may have the same humor as him, but also someone who could even understand his own humor haha. Someone he knows who is able to take care of themselves and present themselves well and someone who has the patience for when he can become stubborn at times or for when he isn’t able to spend time with them. Someone who gives him attention when he needs it and someone who would always be there for him as much as he is there for them.

Yongguk would like someone who had the same interests as him (CATS) and someone who is honest. He can be a little straightforward at times, so he would like it if someone was a bit more understanding and patient too. He can sometimes have a lot in his mind and not be open enough to talk about them, so he would like it if someone wouldn’t push his buttons and wait for him to be able to open up to them. Someone who is able to see the best in him. Someone independent and would make him feel that he is wanted in their life. Someone who he finds comfort with in a way where he can lean on to them for when he needs it, especially if he’s feeling down. Definitely someone whose humor would match his, and someone whom he isn’t afraid to be himself with and who he finds he would always want to take care of.

Hyunbin is most probably gonna like someone who has enough patience for him, whether it because of how busy he is or his personality itself. He’d want someone who is very caring and would always put their attention to him whenever he needs it. I think he can be quite clingy, so someone who probably loves to cuddle lol. Someone who always believes that he can improve on this and that, also someone who is a good listener where he can talk to about anything whenever he is stressed and keep him grounded if he somehow speaks ill when he’s annoyed or bothered. He would definitely admire someone who had a bit of a sense of humor, too, because he loves to have a good laugh. Someone humble and with a giving heart, someone whom he feels he can become a better person with whenever he’s with them.

Taedong hasn’t really expressed anything about ideal types, so I think he would like someone he can lean on to when he becomes agitated or is bothered about something. Someone caring, open-minded, patient and kind. He would like someone who is also able to take care of themselves well and have a little bit of independence, just to show that they don’t have to cling on him all the time. I find him to be someone who would also like a good listener, because he can sometimes become indecisive and not be able to talk properly on what’s on his mind, so he would like it if they would be able to understand him and just be there for him, because he would honestly be the same for the other and be always of aide to them if needed

Donghan is a bit confusing to me lol but I believe he would like someone who would be able to hold him down at times for when he can be too much. Probably someone who could calm him whenever he needs it and someone who would understand his needs and wants, and most importantly his personality. Someone he would love to take care of and he loooooves to be clingy so he would find comfort with someone who loves to cuddle too and someone who he isn’t afraid to be himself with. He is someone who needs a lot of love and care, so someone that could give the attention he needs is likely. Someone whom he could give his full trust to and someone he could take care of him well and love him for who he is.

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Viktor's soulmate being terrified... because she knows what he is. I mean, she's a clumsy bookworm, but she's not stupid. And at first she's: "okay, yeah, I'm dating a vampire..." but she's truly terrified because she gets pregnant. Vampires can't have kids, right? So why should she use protection? Wrong. So very, very wrong. And she's over heard him on the phone sometimes, something about 'pure bloodlines." So, fuck yeah she's terrified, and may or may not be planning to leave the country.



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Choose: Noctis with beard or without beard.

Happy Birthday to this luck boy!!!!!!!

For this day only i’ll accept birthday asks and requests!! You can greet, interact with him personally or ask ANY characters from the dr, sdr2, udg and dr3 series to interact with him (which will all non canonically happens in this au (maybe :^D)).


…Did we just scale to the top of a mountain, and fly back home again?

                                                                     — M20 : Kimi ni Kimeta.

Okay but Peter, Ned, and May getting Greek food and Ned and May both pointing at the pita bread and going “Hey, that’s you, Pita Parker”

Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita