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Secrets {Peter Parker x Reader}


Requested Peter Parker x teenage reader finding out she’s pregnant.

Word Count: 2776 

“Hey, sorry I was late. You said you wanted to talk?” Peter asked, jogging behind his girlfriend. He could feel she was tense and she turned around facing him confirming his suspicions. His eyes scanned her. She was scared to say the least, any 17 year old would be, after thinking  about her situation all night. She was exhausted, and he could tell. She froze, she wasn’t going to tell him, not at school. It was too risky and she was afraid someone might hear. She was hoping to talk to him in the morning, privately, preferably not at school. But he didn’t show, he had overslept, and barely made it on time. He didn’t need any more phone calls to aunt May. She was still coping with Peter. But add in not sleeping, she had been dealing with other things. “Yeah, but not here. Can you come to my house? It’s important.” Peter was almost relieved, he had been on the reviving end of getting a “We need to talk.” text, those were nerve racking. News that couldn’t be delivered over text, it wasn’t good. He didn’t think much of it, and assumed it was about his other identity. He still decided he wasn’t out of the woods. But it couldn’t be that bad right? She was wearing his blue sweatshirt, and had a few books under her arms, tucked securely. Peter took her books in one hand, and intertwined her hand in his with his other hand. She gave him a smile and thanked him. The books were absolutely nothing to him, a perk of having Spider-Man as a boyfriend. 

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I'm a greedy fic reader who needs more fic

Here ya go! Sorry this took longer than last time.

Part One, Two, Three.

A week before training camp begins David comes to visit. He brings his wife Margot and Jonny’s six year old niece, Sunny.

They go out on Jonny’s boat and he helps teach Sunny, who’s afraid to put her face in the water, how to swim.

Margot makes strawberry crepes and doesn’t let them talk about hockey and speaks to Jon only in French. They all tease him incessantly about his stupid waterfall and refuse to even try his kale smoothies. They set him at ease in a way not much else has in months.

“So have you been seeing anyone?” Margot asks late one night after Sunny’s in bed and they’re sitting outside by Jon’s fireplace, half drunk on vodka and lemonade.

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