i may or may not have rolled around in the packaging to absorb its scent

SO MUCH crack!fic this week. I’m sorry, I don’t even know. Today, for AU: Mythological Creatures I bring you Genie!Klaus. Because why not?

As One Wishes To Live

The tarnished gold thing that sat on her mantle was taunting Caroline. It had been there since Sunday morning - when the girls had come over for brunch. It kind of looked like a gravy boat, and Caroline had no idea what its actual purpose might have been. Kat had produced it with a flourish, saying that she’d found it in an antique store and that the owner had said it was guaranteed to make a young ladies’ dreams come true.

But, as Kat had proudly proclaimed, she wasn’t exactly a lady, and Caroline needed it more.

Caroline had protested, and they’d squabbled briefly, much to Bonnie and Elena’s amusement. Kat had won, since she was one of the few people on earth who stood a chance against Caroline’s stubbornness. Kat had plopped the tacky gold thing on Caroline’s kitchen table on her way out, tossing her hair and smirking, in the face of Caroline’s glare. Caroline had moved it immediately, thinking she could better ignore it if it sat over her fireplace.

But that idea had proven false, and Caroline’s eye was constantly drawn to it. Whenever she was in the living room, or even just passing through. She wished she could throw it out. But Kat would never let that go. So Caroline was stuck with it.

It really didn’t go with any of her stuff. But maybe if she polished it? Being clean couldn’t make the thing any uglier, could it?

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