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I wanted a Triple Stryke toy, so I made one.

I decided to grind through the rest of my summer and finish this project I started back in March. Now he’s finally ready to be 3D printed as a small figurine. This is going to be awesome!

Programs used: Autodesk Maya 2016.5, Zbrush R47, View 3D

Story of how I made him below the break! It’s a little lengthy and has some jargon you may or may not understand, apologies in advance!

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Title: Negan’s

Characters: Negan x You

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, oral sex

Note: ………………..this just made me realize how much I suck at writing smut but I did try. Also, this may or may not have a second part…let me know if you guys like it enough to request for a second part lol. Advanced Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all Negan lovers! xoxo

Part Two

It was the night that Negan was going to make you his.

You were on the verge of giving up on life when Negan and his Saviors found you, trapped on top of a huge truck amidst the sea of the undead. All you wanted was to stop all the running and to continue living without having to worry about the walkers turning you into one of them. So when Negan had saved you and offered you a pretty interesting deal, you didn’t think twice and immediately said yes.

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You’ve made it to junior year, which is dubbed by many as the hardest year of your life. This is a crucial year for your college applications because it may or may not be the last grades colleges see when you submit your transcript. Thus, it’s important to make the most of it both academically and outside of school. I recently completed junior year so I can hopefully impart on you guys some useful knowledge for having a successful year.


Ok so this is crucial. Colleges want to see that you’re challenging yourself so try and take as many advanced placement or honors classes as possible (I don’t know how the IB system works so I can’t offer any advice :( ). But also make sure that you’re not taking as many as to completely overwhelm you. My high school has six periods and I took six APs, which was kinda crazy. I did fine and managed to pull off all As but not without insane amounts of stress and anxiety and staying up till 12 a.m. every day. I also had to cram in extra-curriculars and volunteering plus studying for standardized tests, and while I managed to get in the activities I was most passionate about and still was successful in them, I had to cut some stuff because of my course load. Had I taken one less class, I could have still done it. So moral of the story, take hard classes but make sure you have time to pursue other interests outside of school and still have a social life.


These are also crucial for college applications. Most people wait until junior year to take standardized tests so it’s an added workload. First thing to know is what test, the SAT or ACT, your school offers for free. Most schools have a mandatory test date in the spring that you don’t have to pay for. Once you figure out which one your school offers, I would plan to take it for the first time (if you haven’t already) a couple months before the mandatory test date. This will allow you to know the format of the test better and realize your weaknesses and strengths, thus allowing you to prep better for the one in the spring. If your school doesn’t offer a free test date, I would still recommend you take it twice because you have better chances for a higher score. I would also recommend that you take both the SAT and ACT or at least look into both tests and see which format suits you better. Colleges accept the SAT and ACT equally so take the one you’re likely to get a higher score in. Prep is crucial regardless of whether you’re taking the SAT or ACT. Plan a head and have at least a month to study, whether that be through a prep class or prep book. It will make a difference. There’s also the issue of the SAT subject tests which are required for highly selective colleges. I would suggest that you take those at the end of junior year so that you can retake them in the fall if necessary. Make sure to check the requirements for what subject tests your school needs. If there are no requirements take the tests your likely to get the higher scores in. This sounds like a no brainer but colleges don’t care that you know basic Chinese if you got a 600 on the subject test. Take the ones where you can score high because numbers really count for standardized tests. That being said, don’t kill yourself retaking the tests ten if you haven’t gotten your desired score, focus on the other parts of you application as well.


Junior year is the year where you start showing your dedication to your passions. Aim for leadership positions or awards/achievements that show your dedication. It’s still not to late to find your passion though. You can still join clubs and other activities as long as you manage to show what you’ve accomplished in that club when you’re applying to colleges. It’s also time to narrow down your list of activities to the three or four that really matter. Colleges don’t want a jack of all trades; they want someone who has a passion and is really good at something. Being a member of 10 clubs but being mediocre in all of them isn’t better than being involved in two or three activities that you’re really good at and have achieved strong results in. Being ‘well-rounded’ is a myth. Find your passions because colleges can see if you’re only doing something because it looks good vs. because you actually care about it. Extra-curriculars shouldn’t kill your grades. Grades are also important so find a balance that lets you do what you love and be a strong academic candidate as well.


Please be healthy. Eat solid meals, drink a lot of water, get 7-8 hours of sleep, try to eat breakfast, and work out. It will make studying and pursuing your passions much easier if you’re well fed and well rested. All the stress of junior year could really make you sick so love yourself. If you’re really stressed out and can’t handle it, talk to a friend or parent. Don’t kill yourself for the perfect college application. There are more things in life besides getting in to Harvard and what’s the point of going there if you’re going to be an emotional wreck. Love yourself.


Don’t become a recluse. Take time off from your busy life to meet up with your friends and just chill for a few hours. It helps you step back and take a breather and your friends can help you get through the rough patches. Trust me, there will be many of them. Try to have fun every now and then. Time flies by fast and before you know it, you will have graduated all ready. Make some memories that don’t involve studying all day. You’ll appreciate it later :)

That being said, enjoy junior year! It will be challenging but the satisfaction of finishing it will be worth it in the end. Let me know if you have any questions :)

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Would consider Cole & Lili to be "officially out" as a couple now?

lol to be honest, no. as much as I want to believe that people magazine is a very credible source, I’m not gonna believe anything as official unless there’s something from cole sprouse or lili reinhart themselves. 

I know I mentioned before that they don’t owe us any type of response and that we already “know what’s up”, but I don’t think they are “officially out”. 

honestly, despite how much “proof” or “evidence” we have, we are still in very, verrrry heavy speculation mode. and we’re probably going to always be in speculation mode unless we actually get something from lili or cole. I don’t think we are in a place to say that they are officially out when we haven’t even heard from the parties themselves. imagine these were your actual friends and you’re out there, announcing they are an official couple when they haven’t even said anything themselves? it’s not our business… lol. 

unfortunately, there isn’t really an ideal way of getting an official out anyway, you know what I mean? if we were to get a photo of them kissing or holding hands, of course we would enjoy it, but people could take that and preach of how it’s an invasion of privacy. if we were to get a statement from sprouse or reinhart, people could take that and preach of how they were pressured to respond to speculations when they are in no way obligated to. 

I apologize in advance if anything I may have said contradicts things or opinions I’ve made in the past. I may be guilty to some of these things. *insert nervous sweat emoji here* 

The Vertex in Synastry - Angles and Points (Part 3)

North Node/Vertex
North Node contacts in synastry indicate that the planet/point person is a fundamental part to the growth on their spiritual soul path, while for the Vertex person, contacts are set to drastically change their life direction also.
The North Node person had made a soul contract to meet the Vertex person, and this meeting would include lessons for both people involved. The presence of the North Node person may have been ‘I found you just when I needed you the most’ while for the North Node person, the Vertex person would provide them with a lesson that would help them achieve their North Node goals. The Vertex person may very well feel the karmic connection to the North Node person and will often stick by them until they spiritually advance in enhancing their North Node mission and the Vertex person has completely changed their life path (for better or for worse). It’s possible of a past life incarnation together where the North Node person had unfinished business with the Vertex person and they arrive in time just when the Vertex person seems to need them the most.
Upon first meeting, there may be a sudden feeling of 'recognition’ or a sense that both people must be together for something. The interaction may at first feel mysterious and illusive, much like a Neptune context but with a sense of seriousness and need like Saturn or the moon.
The lesson both will learn with depend on which house the North Node person’s Node is in and the house of the Vertex person. The lessons themes will be around the sign involved in the conjunction and any other planetary contacts.

A North Node Transit to the Vertex will be an integral part on the the life path of the Vertex person. New life lessons to proffer the life’s mission will be Introduced, permanently changing the life of the Vertex person. Expect new challenges and changes that will push your along your life path and mission.

South Node/Vertex
This aspect in synastry can be short lived as like the North Node connection, there is a possibility of incarnating together in a past life where a relationship was established but was left with unfinished business where they meet again to complete the interaction together. The lesson here may be much heavier than the North Node conjunction and the South Node person may seem like they are dragging the chains of the Vertex of the person. The interaction may feel very familiar and strong feelings may be established on first meeting. The aim of this interaction is to complete the 'unfinished business’ and move on. The South Node may turn the Vertex person’s world up side down, or simply be an irritation that the Vertex person feels like they need to evict from their life, whether or not they do is a matter of when the lesson has been learnt.

Here you will be asked to face unfinished business from a past life, which may involve another person. The aim is to bring closure and to reinvent where you are heading in life. You will be confronted with the old, to learn and accept what was skipped and/or ignored then will progress and move on from the past.

In this connection, you and the other seemed to meet when you least expected it. A sudden connection is ignited where you feel like this person is an integral part of your soul growth and are instinctively and strongly drawn to this person, and people tend to stay around with those with this connection as long as possible. In fact, there may be a desire to separate and even get away from the Anti-Vertex person but the magnetic pull is so strong, separation may not be possible until the the karmic lesson has been learnt by both people involved. Since the Vertex acts as an electric magnetic force to pull things towards it, an Anti-Vertex to the Vertex is like a perfect magnetic connection - hence why the separation is so difficult. Both people a drawn to each other to turn each other’s lives around and bring a great lesson when it comes to relationships. The Anti-Vertex person has what the Vertex person needs to learn so the joining of these two people is an integral part for soul growth. Lessons may not be easy but they will be learnt and progression will be made. Even if the relationship proceeds to be on and off, there is often a mutual recognition of respect for the other as both encourage each other to be the best version of themselves.

Vertex/AC and DC
More often than not, when this aspect receives a 'Double Whammy’ (both people have this connection in synastry) a fated meeting is indicated. When these people meet, the Ascendant/Descendent person may stand out like a beam of light in a crowed. Their aura seems to be more prominent to the Vertex person and they are automatically drawn to face and interact with them.
This connection also DOES NOT indicate sudden romantic feelings. In fact, upon interactions the Vertex person may in fact dislike the AC or DC person, especially is the Vertex is on the DC.
Because the Descendent also rules over open enemies since the 7th house indicates the qualities we reject and project onto another person. Therefore. The Vertex person may draw the AC/DC person into their life to reflect their shadow qualities and embody the qualities in which they reject. Once the Vertex person can see themselves reflected in the AC or DC person, then the lesson of acceptance, understanding and integration may proceed and the Vertex person can come to a mutual understanding.
More often than not, the AC or DC person remains blissfully unaware that the Vertex person dislikes an aspect of their personality, often remaining innocent throughout the entire interaction together.
It’s also highly possible that the roles in this regard can be swapped whereby the angle person may feel like the Vertex person is an irritation that won’t go away. The aim is to develop a relationship of mutual understanding, whether that starts from feeling of like or dislike.

Vertex/MC and IC
Here the Vertex person draw to them people who feel and act like parental figures and as life guides and/or helpers.
With the Vertex on the IC, the IC person can act like a fatherly guide (with the Anti-Vertex on the MC). The IC may care for the Vertex person offering practical advice and guidance when the Vertex person needs them most. This can be quite a beneficial aspect when this includes and actually family member or close friend.
In the case of the MC conjunct the Vertex, the MC person may nurture and care for the Vertex person and provide them a support base to achieve their goals.
The IC/MC person can very much feel quite comfortable and natural, like a sense of 'home’ to the Vertex person. A life lesson may be learnt by living together with the Vertex on the IC and working together towards a goal together with the Vertex on the MC.

©ellie-mae-astrology on Tumblr

Hamilton in Chicago

It’s Sunday evening and I just work up from a wonderful nap. A nap that marks the end of a busy few weeks and weekends. I realized on Thursday night it was my first night home in twenty one nights!  Somehow I’ve had something to do, someone to see every evening for three weeks!! Nutty, eh?  

Lots of fabulous life events have passed my way recently (birthdays! weddings! bachelorettes!), but first I wanted to jot down my incredible time in Chicago a few weeks ago, because I am still riding the high from Hamilton, seeing my good friends from Boston, and having a spontaneous, hilarious Halloween. 

Back in May a few friends and I received an email from our friend Claire, 

date:Fri, May 5, 2017 at 1:38 PM
subject: Hamilton in Chicago

Hell. Yes.   For those who aren’t sure what “Hamilton” is, it’s a Broadway musical which made its debut early 2015 to incredible reviews.  I’d seen incredible reviews on Instagram, Facebook and occasionally even TV and knew I wanted to see it, but as it’s only in New York City and Chicago right now (and as tickets are still quite pricey and need to be planned in advance) I hadn’t prioritized it… until Claire’s email showed up in my Inbox! 

A few back-n-forth emails later we bought tickets, and I flew into Chicago on an October Wednesday evening, and woke up for work on Thursday morning with a 10 minute walking-commute ahead of me (I’m so busy at work right now, I couldn’t take Thursday or Friday off, so I worked from our office there). 

If I lived in Chicago my camera roll would fill up sooooo fast, as a ten minute walk took me twenty as I just love the city’s architecture so much. 

After a busy day at work, I hurried to meet my friends (Naomi, Claire, Jarod,  Meaghan and Henry) for dinner before Hamilton.  You may remember this gaggle of friends from such events as: the Chicago marathon, Boston, Detroit, Claire & Jarod’s wedding, NYC marathon cheering.  They’re my favourites and we have a wonderful habit of collecting adventures in new cities. 

The musical that is Hamilton is three hours long.  I wish it had been six.  I’m not “in the know” when it comes to broadway or musicals, but holy whoa, it was INCREDIBLE and I really want to go see it again (and again and again).  It was worth every penny, and I was blown away by the talent. 

Hamilton (who’s on the American $10 bill) was one of the States’ founding fathers, and was the first U.S. treasurer.  The musical is about his life, and should you get the chance, I strongly recommend the trip to NY or Chicago to see it; you will not be disappointed! 

After work on Friday I headed to a bar called, “Three Dots and a Dash” to meet everyone.  It’s a tiki bar, and also very cool.  We loaded up on very cool drinks, and ordered a smokey “Bali Bali,” which did not disappoint. 

We then, naturally, went and got deep-dish Chicago-style pizza.  The first time I had deep-dish pizza (after the Chicago marathon in 2010) I was very disappointed.  This time I was not, and completely understood its appeal.  The key is to have all the delicious goods (cheese, sauce, meatballs, etc. in the depth of the pizza!). 

Good thing we fuelled up on cheesy energy, as little did we know it, we had a great Chicago Halloween adventure on our horizon the next day! 

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Just saw someone say on here that trans women founded lgbt+ community...

this damn website actually thinks that Marsha P.Johnson did more for the gay and lesbian community than Harvey Milk

Two different anons but I’ll answer both.

It’s incredibly frustrating to see the Stonewall myth repeated to no end. There have been gay communities in American and other countries before Stonewall. There have been organizations and activist movements by and for gay people before Stonewall. People were out of the closet before Stonewall.

Marsha did do good for the gay and trans community of New York through her work on behalf of the GLF, S.T.A.R., and ACT UP. Do you ever see these tumblr users talk about that? I think it cheapens her legacy to reduce it to what she may or may not have done during the Stonewall riots. 

I’ve also seen people talk badly about Harvey Milk, saying that he was an assimilationist, focused on respectabiliy, bla-bla  but they clearly overlook the context he worked in. The advances in gay rights and visibility made by the 70s were facing a backlash from cultural conservatives nationwide, and Milk was responsible for an ordinance protecting San Fran’s gay population. It’s such important work, and we have to thank all the gay men and lesbians who staffed the movements and organizations that brought us to where we are now. I’m sure that some socialist/radiqueer somewhere can complain about “homonormativity” but at the least, gay and lesbian young people generally feel a lot more hopeful about the future than they would have otherwise (hence the decrease in suicide rates after same-sex marriage). We can’t deny that we’re the ones who helped ourselves and we’ll always be here to help out our kind.

-Mod Amir

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Why does Tumblr blame all men for every bad thing men do, but don't wanna admit they live comfortable lives because good men made medicine, built every city on the planet, and literally got us into outer space?

Not gonna say much since idk why do u ask me this but…
Are you aware that ton of those discoveries and advances made by by man are bc in those years women had no education?

Like do you know how much more advanced would be if women where able to get good education?

And I don’t mean it bc of superiority or something its bc women would have advanced in science too and it would have made us, as humanity, advance faster (bc the more the merrier).

Oh also I may be wrong but wasn’t 3 girls the reason why we landed on the moon? I may be wrong tho

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Hello, I'm writing a story about 2 ( 19-22 years old ) guys who are best friends, but I wanna get straight to the start of the drama ( they go run away from people who one of the guys thinks is following them ). They are practically unemployed, busk, work part time-ish jobs to get by and do drugs and shit. How do I make the reader convinced that they're best friends, that have known each other since teens? Thank you in advance!!!

Have you heard about (my made-up term that may or may not be real) the multi-purpose scene?

How do you write one? Contextual detail. Weave the background information into the plot-relevant scene (multi-purpose scene) and show their prior relationship through the way they interact plus a bit of exposition. Part of this relies on trusting your reader to pick up on subtleties that you show instead of things that you explicitly tell.

Here’s an example.

“Hey, Ahlia,” he said as he walked toward her, eyeing the comfortable outdoor couches but opting to stand with his classmate. Even though he’d known her since entering the university, it still felt wrong to sit when the princess of his nation stood before him.

“You know I was half-joking about meeting me up here, right?” she said. “I know you have actual work to do.”

He shrugged and looked over the railing to the city streets far below, bustling with people on their way home for the evening. “It was time for a break anyway.”

All that shows a decent amount about their relationship:

1. They must be pretty close because “hey” is a casual conversation starter and he calls the princess by her first name. There isn’t even any small talk. 

2. There’s a mention about the time frame of their established relationship and how they know each other. 

3. Ahlia is happy to see him, but in a chill kind of way that means it’s either her personality or they’ve known each other for long enough that she doesn’t have to really react to his presence.

4. Despite his casual greeting, he still recognizes her influential position with his thought about not sitting down unless she did.

5. Ahlia respects him back, shown by her concern over his amount of work.

Not everything needs to be directly stated in exposition for your reader to get the idea, but a bit of exposition is required. Imagine if I’d written out an entire conversation just to convey that they’re students in a university, that she’s a princess, that they’re in a city setting, etc. That’s caused “expository dialogue” and is an easy track to cheesy-town.

With exposition, you just want to be careful to avoid large, blocky paragraphs because you want the conversations to still flow (and show the relationship).

I’m glad you want to jump right into the action because that’s a sign of good storytelling. It’s fine to have an intro scene for your protagonist and multi-purpose that scene to set the world, but getting straight to the drama is often good for grabbing reader interest quickly. The best way to include backstory details is to have a mix of showing and telling with character action/dialogue/thoughts and exposition.

Telling is best used for facts (like the university and time frame mention in the example) whereas showing is better for moods or the details of character relationships (like the casual dialogue). 

So, for your story, I’d have one line that told the time frame of their relationship woven into the scene, and then play the scene out like best friends would interact. This usually means they know a lot about each other, can read subtle signs, etc. Maybe even throw in a funny story about their teenage years if it fits the mood. Enough of the balance and your readers will get it.

Good luck with your story!

Boats Against the Current || Theomione || Post-War AU || Part I

[Un-beta’d. Any and all errors are, naturally, faults of mine.]

~Dedicated to @colubrina, that badass Slytherin anon from the other day ( 💚💚💚💚💚 to both of you amazing snakes), my TumblrTwin @lyndaloyde 💙💙💙💙💙 ), and the crazy bae who gave me the idea @the-before-and-the-after (💝💝💝💝💝)~

He was scrubbing a particularly vile spot of something from the bar when she walked in. Magic had the oddest of limitations sometimes, and whatever concoction had been spilled on the counter earlier in the day had long since dried by the time he’d come in for his late shift. Thankfully, he wasn’t as helplessly ignorant of muggle remedies as the ‘good guys’ would paint him. Bar Keeper’s Friend was an aptly named product; of that he was certain. He was not, however, quite sure just what Hermione Granger was doing in this grimy hovel. Alone, no less.

She sat at his bar, at the very end of it, but she still purposefully chose to be served by him. Not that he was advocating for his coworkers – at all – but still, she was Hermione Granger.

“Aren’t you a tad too pleasant to be down here?” He asked, trying to keep his voice as friendly and commending as possible.

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Full character commissions!

Sketch - 25$ (per add. char + 10$)

Basic Sketch. Hatching may be used to define the sketch. Hatchy!

Refined,Flats - 40$ (per add. char + 15$)

Refined lines with flat colors. Sweet!

Full Render - 75$ (per add. char + 20$)

Fully painted character. Treated with all the love and affection. Magnificent!

A simple backdrop/background may be added. I will not do advanced rendered backgrounds.

Do note that if I deem that a request reaches a degree of complexity I may increase the price. We can discuss the price change. Refer to my gallery to see what I commonly draw. :)

nsfw commissions are fine. I’m open-minded but I do have my limits as well. We can discuss no-nos and yes-yes’s in the mail.

The Process:

Commission Requests must be mailed to ohnarev@gmail.com.

Upon receiving the request and reviewing we can discuss the commission through email. I will show you a conceptual sketch that should prove satisfactory.

Full payment must be made first before I continue any further! Payment will be made through an invoice I will send through paypal.

While working I’ll send updates on the image from time to time. Especially before painting the full render tier.

When the commission is finished I will upload the image in my tumblr and send you a higher resolution version.

Email Notes

Kindly Include the following in your mail. Completeness will speed things up!

1.) The request itself
2.) References of the character
3.) Any specifics descriptions you would like for the commission. (pose,expressions,etc.)

updated on 4-29-16


A part of what made Advanced Generation so awesome to me was the the amount of character development, and I can provide no better example of the great character development then May herself in the episode “Date Expectations”.

The premise of the episode is that Ash and co are on the way to Pacifidlog Town for May to participate in the contest. But the boat they’re taking has engine trouble and they have to stop on a island filled with Donphan in the middle of the mating season. Basically in the midst of trying to get to the other side of the island to catch the Ferry to Pacifidlog and avoid all the lovesick Donphan, Ash and May get separated from Max and Brock but end up on the other side of the island, with the last Ferry to Pacifidlog about to depart.

Ash insists that May go on without them, since the Pacifidlog Contest will be her last chance to get a ribbon to get into the Grand Festival. But May denies the offer to go since she made a promise to her mother that she would take care of Max no matter what and is willing to give up the whole thing at the cost of the Grand Festival she’s been training for all this time. Even Ash is rendered speechless be her resolve.

It really shows a great sign of maturity for the character and does a great job signifying how far she’s come on her journey when she’s willing to give up everything for her little brother at a moment’s notice.

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What are your favorite senpai and kae moments in the manga/anime?

Anon, I’ll have you know this ask made my day and I may or may not have screamed when I read it lol. I GET TO TALK IN SO MUCH DETAIL ABOUT MY OTP YAAAASSSS. These are both cute moments of them together and also a compilation of WHY THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER. I apologize in advance for this long ass post haha.

Anyways, since the anime is still ongoing this’ll have mostly manga related moments. Soooo….


We’ll start with the first few arcs that have been put into episode form:

Multiple things tbh but my favorites are when he tells her, while they’re in the infirmary, that it’s easy to tell it’s her after her losing the weight. She’s still her usual, kind self. The fact that he doesn’t care about her looks in this moment and is solely complimenting her on who she is as a person and treating her the same he always has, I love it.

Then, of course, at the end of episode 1 he accepts her being an otaku. He finds it odd that she thinks it’s wrong to have something she enjoys. He prefers to see her as her usual, happy self. And she is so happy about that. I LOVE THESE TWO.

Him offering to help her study with no ill-intentions is a lovely thing because the others only join in so they won’t be alone together. But he’s doing it because he’s genuinely a nice guy. He has no other intentions other than just helping her.

When he stands up for her against her brother and, again, accepts her love for her BL and anime love. He accepts these things because they’re important to her. And again, no ill-intentions. At this point, he doesn’t even realize he’s in love with her. He’s doing it out of the kindness of his heart.


Now, we’ll go into an arc/arcs that have yet to be put into the anime but I’m really hoping they are.


He gets so jealous/protective when his brother comes into the picture and when he lies and says she’s his girlfriend so his brother will go away, she doesn’t freak out like she has at other times in the manga with other people. He wins the fight between him and his brother for his brother to leave her alone. He was fighting to protect her from his brother, not to get her for himself. MUTSUMI IS BEST BOY.

WHEN HE FINALLY CONFESSES irritatingly along with everybody else but still IT’S THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD.

When she decides to go on dates with all of them after their confessions, his date was so simple and involved something they’re both interested in. He wasn’t trying to impress her with his knowledge or wow her in any sort of way. It was just something fun. And then the most beautiful moment happens AND IF IT GETS ANIMATED MY 2016 WILL BE SAVED AND IT’LL BE THE BEST THING EVER. They’re praying at the shrine and the way she talks about him in her inner thoughts is so different than the way she talked about the rest of them during their dates. It’s very different. Also, during this date there are TWO badumps. Nobody else had two. Just saying. JUST LOOK AT THIS PAGE. I NEED IT ANIMATED OH MY GOD. (This is my ultimate favorite moment of them, btw. The date is.)

When she freaks out that Akane is her special person, the rest of them are annoyed (minus Shima, who wants to fangirl too) but he’s happy she’s having fun.

Of course, the almost drowning, stranded alone together, him taking care of her and not taking advantage of the situation at all are all some amazing moments too. Thank you anime for giving us that out of the manga. I am eternally grateful.

When Igarashi’s former senpai gives Kae shit for not choosing anybody and Kae decides that whoever beats her in that video game will be the one she chooses, Mutsumi won. However, he won to tell her to not force herself. He tells her that they’re having fun and he only won to stop her. THE OTHERS WOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT, OKAY. WE ALL KNOW THEY WOULDN’T HAVE.

And now, in regards to the most recent arc. THE MOST EVIL ARC OF ALL TIME. Mutsumi is the only one who caught on to the new asshole’s rouse. He caught him and confronted him. And then we get this lovely as hell moment oh my god I love it so much

And then when all hell breaks loose with the asshole’s plan, they all go to save her. And she’s reluctant to leave because she doesn’t realize what’s going on and he’s like “REMEMBER HOW I TOLD YOU I’D PROTECT YOU?! THIS IS THAT TIME. JUST TRUST ME!” And ugh my heart. MY HEART.

There are plenty of other, smaller moments that I’d have to scan the entire manga for and they’d take, like, half a day to type all out. BUT, these are the biggest ones for me. 


This is the Hugo Award. You may have heard of it.

Hugo Award nominees and winners are chosen by supporting or attending members of the annual World Science Fiction Convention, or Worldcon. You have heard something about that recently.

The Hugo Award is named after Hugo Gernsback.

This is Hugo Gernsback:

In addition to inventing those awesome television glasses, he spent years trying to make the word “Scientifiction” happen.

“When I coined the word “Scientifiction” in 1915, I knew that sometime or other it was bound to become popular, and I even cherished a secret hope that someday it might appear in a standard dictionary. In any event, “scientifiction” is a word that will grow with the added years. As science advances, scientifiction will advance and flourish. No one of to-day can even dimly foresee what it may produce. There was a time when science made scientifiction. The time has already come when scientifiction makes science. The author who works out a brand new idea in a scientifiction plot may be hailed as an original inventor years later, when his brain-child will have taken wings and when cold-blooded scientists will have realized the author’s ambitions.”

He also wrote a great deal of scientifiction himself.

However, he is probably most famous for starting the first magazine in America devoted to science fiction scientifiction, Amazing Stories.

Then as now, sci-fi engendered very strong feelings in the people who enjoyed it. Earlier magazines devoted to weird and speculative fiction were known for their active letter columns discussing and arguing about the stories, and authors frequently corresponded directly with fans who wrote them through the magazine. Robert E Howard and H.P. Lovecraft first began corresponding after Howard wrote a letter to the editor of Weird Tales arguing that Lovecraft’s anthropology in The Rats In The Walls was unsupported by the latest science. Howard then went on to write about the Picts being the natural enemies of the Atlanteans, proving that hypocritical fedora-wearing fanboy complaints are not a recent development.

Gernsback, however, made a fateful decision that would change the fate of fandom forever; he began publishing the letters sent to his magazine with the author’s full address.

This changed everything. Now you, living as you do in an age of SWATing and doxxing, might think that publishing the physical locations of hundreds of fanatical sci-fi fans (fan – short for fanatic) might be a bad idea. But since your great-grandparents were generally better people than you (other than that one thing) they instead used this information to write letters to each other. No longer did angry fans need to hope that an editor would publish their indignant response to an angry defense of a vicious attack on their favorite story; now they could write their target directly! Friendships were made, clubs were formed and the earliest popular culture fandom movement began to become a community. A community bound together by nothing but their love of the genre and the post office, ready to argue about which spaceship would win in a fight. Arguing about the plausibility of fictional inventions. 

It was the dawn of the era of organized fandom, growing out of the letter columns of pulp magazines. Every obsessive genre fan you know exists because of these letters. By 1939, this community was holding a convention at the World Fair in New York, and doing what fans always do when gathered together; arguing about which authors and stories were the best. To settle the matter they held a vote, allowing everyone who was there to choose their favorites and giving awards to the winners.

This Science Fiction Convention at the World’s Fair was called the World Science Fiction Convention, or WorldCon.

Where they give out the Hugo Award. You may have heard of it.

Who am I? Heh. Well let me ask you something. Who the hell do you think I am? Still got no clue? Well allow me to tell you.

I am the personification of the greatness of Yordles, their strength and genius in physical form. In my chest, there is no heart. What beats in my chest is stronger than a heart, or any form of magic, technology, or even hextech! In my chest, in place of my heart, beats the spirit of all Yordles! That is what gives me strength! What forbids me from giving up, no matter how bad things may seem!

From humble beginnings, I watched as my people, a race of ingenious inventors who made advanced technology become the butt of jokes and receive a simple pat on the head from humans, especially the ones from Piltover. They failed to see what a Yordle was truly capable of and those… sellouts have forgotten what it means to be a true Yordle.

But no more, I say! Now, it’s time to show the world what a true Yordle is capable of! To show that while we may be small, our might is nothing to laugh at! Some used to call me Rumble… but Rumble is no longer around. He is dead.

With my mech suit that I built with my own two hands, I will show everyone just what a true Yordle can do! My drill, that I made with my own blood, sweat, and tears, will pierce through the sky! Not just the sky, but drill straight through the moon and puncture every stay in my path! And someday, even Tristana’s heart! I will drill a path until there’s no where left to go! And when I reach that end, I’ll keep on drilling! I’ll make my own end!

So have you figured it out? Do you know who I am? No? Then you’re dumber than I thought! Well allow me to make this simple for you. I am the strength of all Yordles! One who refuses to sell out. Rumble is dead, but in place, someone newer, stronger, better, cooler! I am Rumble reborn! I am…

SUPER GALAXY RUMBLE!! And nothing can stop me! Not human, Yordle, or even a wall of tigers with smaller tigers for teeth! That, is who the hell I am!

Creepypasta #267: Part And Parcel

“Peter? Peter Emory? Can you hear me?”

 Peter awoke from a strange dream, feeling sluggish and disconnected from reality. Once his eyes began to operate he tried to make sense of his surroundings but failed miserably. It was hard to focus—everything was milky and distorted, as if he was underwater, and he seemed unable to blink away the haze.

 Suddenly, a grotesquely bulbous face floated into view.

 “Ah,” said the face, “I see your eyes moving. You’re awake at last. Listen, Peter, I am Doctor Andrew Gould, and I have some exciting news. Well, shocking news, for you, but I think you’ll eventually reap the rewards.”

 Peter tried to reply, to ask what the hell was going on, but nothing happened. His mouth was unresponsive. Nevertheless, Dr. Gould nodded as if he understood Peter’s concerns, which had the surreal effect of making the doctor’s forehead balloon like a reflection in a carnival mirror.

 “I think you may remember, Peter, that you had an accident? You were riding your motorcycle very fast, much too fast for these backwoods. I’m afraid you were in quite a few pieces when I found you, just down the road from my house. And then further down the road. And a bit more, even further. Heh.”

 What was he talking about? Peter hadn’t been…


 A quick succession of flashing images came to mind, like a video with missing frames. He remembered the pothole that had appeared in the road before he could react. He remembered the bike being wrenched out from under him, and the pavement flying up at his face. He remembered wondering if it would hurt.

 He remembered that it had.

 “Yes, well,” Dr. Gould continued, “by a happy coincidence I was close at hand. And luckily for you, I’ve been looking for a proper test subject. You were practically delivered right into my lap, in a most dramatic fashion, as if Providence was truly at work. I could hardly have asked for a more perfect opportunity to demonstrate my accomplishments. Oh, yes, fortune smiled on us both. And with your help, they will have to listen to me now. They must! There will be no denying the evidence. You, Peter, are undeniable.”

 The more the doctor talked, the more Peter felt a growing sense of dread. All he wanted to know was the extent of his injuries, but at the moment he could only listen to this person who seemed far too pleased that Peter had nearly been killed.

 “You see, my lad, after years of work, I think I have done it. This, er, goo that you are enveloped in? It has saved your life. Resurrected you, very nearly. You have no idea yet how lucky you are that I came along when I did, and that I’ve recently made so many advancements with my, ah, goo. I must find a better term for it. Something with ‘quantum’ or ‘nano’ in it, maybe. It’s exciting stuff, but due to its incredibly unique properties you may at first feel a bit… disorientated.”

 Dr. Gould held a jar in front of Peter. He tapped it, making Peter wince inwardly.

 “For instance,” Dr. Gould said, “you may experience unsettling sensations since your ears and auditory processing centers are in here. Meanwhile, your eyes are… well, your eyes are in there, as you can tell. In another jar. The rest of you is here and there, nearby. I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know I found most of you. All the essentials, anyway.”

 Dr. Gould kept talking. And talking. Peter wanted to scream, but Dr. Gould would not stop, relentlessly explaining himself to his mute and impotent patient. It seemed his miraculous goo kept the various parts and pieces of Peter alive, and though separated by some distance and completely unconnected, many parts worked as if still united.

 It sounded to Peter like mumbo jumbo, or the scientific equivalent to magic. Still, it was evident that his eyes were indeed here, the majority of his brain was over there, and his ears were currently on the move, in Dr. Gould’s hand. The old man carried Peter’s ears around as if dictating into a microphone, and to say it was “disorientating” for Peter to no longer be at the centre of what his senses were experiencing was an understatement. A colossal understatement. Peter felt that in this case, “disorientating” required many more modifiers in front of it, long strings of additional words such as “terribly,” and “horrifically.”

 Despite Dr. Gould’s assertions, Peter did not grow any more comfortable with this living nightmare in the weeks that followed. He still had no voice and had found no other means to communicate, which left him trapped and powerless. He might have been able to blink “yes” or “no,” but with his eyelids apparently located elsewhere (or perhaps missing altogether), even blinking was impossible.

 The doctor did not appear to be interested in establishing back-and-forth communication anyway. Peter was subjected to one arcane experiment after another, while also being forced to endure the non-stop monologues coming from this madman who finally had a captive audience to whom he could explain his acts of genius.

 When, at long last, the doctor appeared to be satisfied by the results of all his tests, Peter found himself being packed at random into dozens of shipping boxes, all bound for a prestigious university. “Proof of theory,” Dr. Gould called this step, with obvious relish. He saved the jar that contained his patient’s ears for last, and as he carefully went about boxing and sealing the rest, he explained how Peter would soon be the most famous medical wonder in history. With more help and funding, the world would watch as Peter’s full resurrection was completed.

 “We will be rich,” Dr. Gould assured him, “and everyone will forever remember the names of Andrew Gould and Peter Emory. And you will be whole again, of course! Your present state has laid the groundwork and shown me the way, and very soon we will be able to regrow you exactly as you were. Or you can make new selections. Yes, consider that during your coming journey—as a reward for your patience I will tailor your body however you wish. Would you like to be taller? Would you prefer fair hair to brown? A chiselled jawline? You have but to request your idea of physical perfection, and I will make it so!”

 For now, Peter could only endure; he had no other choice. Dr. Gould picked up the jar that held Peter’s eyes, gave him a wink that made Peter yearn to have the same ability once more, and sealed him into yet another box.

 The trip almost turned out to be more unnerving than the days Peter had spent listening to the doctor. He heard loud noises, and some of his disjointed parts felt the rumbling vibrations of take-offs, handoffs, and deliveries. More than once his stomach dropped as the planes he’d been loaded onto accelerated, which was a familiar sensation except that his stomach also felt like it was ten feet away. More maddening were the changes in pressure that gave him an insatiable urge to scratch his big toe, a simple task that was currently impossible and which only got worse the more he tried not to think about it.

 He had no idea how long the trip lasted, but after what felt like an eternity of discomfort and darkness he heard a new voice. The voice of a young woman.

 “Euurgh! What is this, ears? And a liver? Look, there’s a kidney in this one. You get disturbing mail, Professor.”

 “Oh, lord,” said an older voice. “Don’t tell me, they’re from Andrew Gould, aren’t they?”

 “Looks like it. Who’s he?”

 “A one-man circus. Sorry, I usually warn new assistants. He’s been annoying the whole medical sciences department for years, claiming he was on the verge of the biggest breakthrough ever. Practical immortality, that sort of thing.”

 Muffled laughter was followed by playful sarcasm. “Oh, come on, Professor. We must use the scientific method and examine his proof! Otherwise, how do you know he hasn’t found immortality?”

 “Because a heart attack proved him wrong,” came the grunted reply. “They found his body right off campus last week. I heard he was trying to gargle some nasty smelling goop when he died.”

 “Oh. Jesus, now I feel like a jerk.”

 “Yes, well… he was irritating, but I don’t think it was intentional. I must admit I’ll miss his rambling letters and emails full of pseudoscience. They were great for forwarding.”

 “What do you want to do with these packages?”


 “Damn, that’s a lot of trips downstairs. Why’d he have to send so many?”

 “Who knows? Hard to figure a nutcase. Don’t even bother, just toss them.”

 Finally, thought Peter.

 Though his eyes were still in the dark, his ears soon heard the approaching roar of the incinerator. He welcomed it. The blank void of nonexistence would at last be his, so much better than the freak show he’d been turned into against his will.

 The university’s incinerator must have been a heavy-duty machine. In fast, sharp flashes he felt himself go, piece by piece, into death. He envisioned the boxes turning to ash, the glass jars splitting and cracking, and the milky goo boiling away in a sizzling hiss as his remaining limbs and organs shrivelled up like blackening bacon. Though the process took longer than his motorcycle crash, this time the fact that he wanted it meant it hurt far less.

 Calmly, he waited for the end.

 But the end refused to come. It was only much later that Peter came to believe he understood what had happened, and why the flames had not granted him the release he craved.

 Somewhere, in an unknown location, he imagined there was a carefully packaged box that had gotten separated from its mates. Perhaps it was sealed with warning tape and sitting in the “Lost, Damaged, & Undeliverable” section of a giant shipping warehouse. Within that box was a jar, and within that jar was a brain, totally deprived of all sensory input. The almost magical connection between this brain and the rest of its body had extended further than even Dr. Gould had anticipated, and now the brain was all that remained of Peter Emory.

 He wondered how long it would take before someone got around to investigating such a box. How long until he was finally incinerated? Or would his brain jar be donated, to end up sitting on a shelf and gathering dust? How long would it take life-sustaining goo to evaporate from an airtight seal? How insane was he going to be by the time he finally succeeded in dying?

 Alone, with only his own thoughts for company, Peter had a feeling he was in for quite a wait before any of these questions were answered.

Credits to: IPostAtMidnight

The Washington-Hamilton personal relationship defies easy deciphering. It is hard not to be struck by its stiffness, even for an age of fussy, punctilious manners like the late eighteenth century. (Among close friends letters never began with first names and rarely surnames but rather with “My Dear Sir.” During the war his officers addressed Washington as “Your Excellency.”) In February 1781, Hamilton had abruptly quit Washington’s staff after a seemingly banal incident at headquarters in New Windsor, New York, during which Washington had rebuked him for (allegedly) being late to respond to a summons. One view is that the incident was the logical consequence of the chemistry that developed after Hamilton joined Washington’s staff in 1777: “Despite what has been written ten thousand times, there can be no doubt that Hamilton did not now become - he was never to become - a particular object of Washington’s affections.” In other words, although the younger man’s services were invaluable to him, Washington remained cold, demanding, and at least outwardly unappreciative. Hamilton may have temporarily found a “new father” and a “new family” but eventually he rebelled.

Hamilton’s own account (Washington, characteristically, did not leave one) suggests a rather different dynamic: the run-in may have occurred because Washington was piqued by Hamilton’s failure to pay attention to him more generally. According to Hamilton:

“The truth is our own dispositions are the opposite of each other & the pride of my temper would not suffer me to profess what I did not feel. Indeed, when advances of this kind have been made to me on his [Washington’s] part, they were received in a manner that showed at least I had no inclination to court them, and that I wished to stand rather upon a footing of military confidence rather than of private attachment.”

Washington was a fundamentally shy character. He stood on ceremony and cultivated a dignified aloofness from his subordinates. Standing nearly six feet, four inches tall, or superbly seated on horseback, he literally towered over them. But he may well have made the sporadic “advances” of friendship that Hamilton referred to. Initially, Hamilton may have reciprocated, thought at a certain point have begun to hold the older man at a distance. Shortly after joining his staff, Hamilton praised Washington as a “Cautious and enterprising General.” After the battle of Monmouth (June 1778), where Washington had halted the flight of the army, Hamilton wrote, “I never saw the General to so much advantage. His coolness and firmness were admirable.” Living with him day in/day out in a series of cramped headquarters, however, Hamilton had to cope with Washington’s irritating slowness in making decisions and his volcanic temper. The vivacious, brilliant younger man, one can practically infer from his words, came to see Washington as a tyrant and a bore.

The context of the early 1781 incident sheds further light on Hamilton’s behavior. Several months earlier, Washington had rejected the request of Hamilton and fellow officers that the condemned spy Major John André, adjutant-general of Sir Henry Clinton, be shot by a firing squad rather than suffer the ignominy of hanging. Hamilton had been much taken, in his words, by the Englishman’s “peculiar elegance of mind and manners.” Hamilton was also tired, frustrated, and desperate to escape a deadening routine for combat duty. On at least two occasions, Washington had turned down his requests to be able to join a fighting unit. It has oddly escaped biographers, moreover, that the famous incident occurred shortly after his wedding and return to headquarters with Elizabeth. In his own eyes, at least, Hamilton was now a man and no longer dependent on Washington’s patronage.

—  John Harper, American Machiavelli: Alexander Hamilton and the Origins of U.S. Foreign Policy

Apologies for the somewhat hastily put together guide, but here’s my limited time commission special! 

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Payments are made in advance, and via Paypal. 
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Hello! Boy howdy, I sure do rely on you a lot. I'm doing a Kurumi cosplay from School-Live! but I'm running into a problem. I've made pleated skirts for other school uniform cosplays before, but Kurumi's skirt is high-waisted. The only high-waisted skirt tutorials I've found are for ruffled Lolita skirts and I'm just not sure how to alter it to fit pleats. Can you help me out? Thanks in advance!

When you made pleated skirts in the past, did you have a waist band? If so, you’re basically doing the same thing except making the waist band much taller. If your other pleated skirts didn’t include a zipper/closure then you may want to include one here so that you can take it off/put it on with ease.

I recommend this tutorial, which covers making the high waist and adding suspenders. However, this tutorial covers a basic pleated skirt + zipper and may give you some guidance.

Hope this helps!

A megalithic structure is some thing big made of rock. It could be a statue, or just some rocks strewn around in a pattern. The truly mysterious thing about the ancients is, how were they able to create such enormous things? They did not have the technology needed to efficiently make them. Stonehenge is a good example. A bigger one is the Great Pyramid in Giza, or the pyramids themselves. Sometimes, even their purpose is unclear (Stonehenge), while other times, the structures in question are mysterious and seemingly supernatural (the pyramids). A megalith (I know, sounds like something from Di-Gata Defenders), a giant rock, is used most of the time, especially in the case of Stonehenge and the Carnac stones. Still, there are a few megalithic structures that are not mysterious (like Great Zimbabwe), but mostly it seems impossible that the ancients made these things themselves. Now, many would like to think aliens helped them. Yet even scientists say queerer things. They suggest that there may have been a lost ancient civilization that was extremely advanced, and they may have given later civilizations the knowledge to build such things. Yet there is no substantial evidence of either. Other examples: Easter Island Heads, Pyramid of the Sun (in Mesoamerica), other pyramids in central and south America, Colossus of Rhodes