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This Week's Selection

Getting tired of these yet?

I hope not =]

Here is a selection of preferences from the blog that you may or may not have known about. Find something you love…

Sneaking Around

The Boyfriend Challenge - Halloween Edition

Keeping Busy While He’s Away

You Don’t React The Way They Think You Should

He Meets Your Ex And He’s A Douche

He Walks Out Of An Interview

You Have A Scar And You Tell Him How You Got It

Inside Jokes  

He Wants You To Move In But You Aren’t Ready

Your Ex Shows Up When You Aren’t Home

Dirty Tweets From Fans

He Whispers Something Dirty To You During A TwitCam

You Meet The Super Fans

You Befriend A Fan

He Makes Fun Of Your Southern Accent

Your Best Friend Has A Baby

He Gets You Something Really Expensive

 His Ex Shows Up While He’s Away 

What His Family Says About You 

He Catches You Jamming To 1D

Childhood Memories

Red Carpet

You Send Him Sexy Texts & Pictures While He’s On Tour 

You Surprise Him With A Gift

He Sends You Things From The Road

You Haven’t Seen Him In Three Months

What You Do That Turns Him On 

How Your Family Handles Him Being Famous

Random Gifts

The Moment You’ll Never Forget

He Picks You Up Because You’re Drunk 

Getting Smashed Together 

What He Brings You Back From Tour

Calls From His Family 

Best TwitCam Ever 

What You Do When You Miss Him

You Straighten Up Rumors


Road Trip!

Punk Series

You Meet For The First Time

He Tries To Get You To Go Out With Him

He’s Persistent  

You Agree To Go Out With Him

First Date

First Kiss

You See Him Get Upset

You Go With Him As He Gets Another Tattoo

The First “I love you”

He’s With You For Your First Tattoo

Out Of His Element

You’re Out Of Your Element

First Fight

You Make Up

Your Family Doesn’t Approve

You Break Up

You Sleep With Someone Else

You See One Another After The Break Up

You Get Back Together 

You Meet His Family

He Takes Care of You While You’re Drunk

A Major Commitment

Request - How He Reacts When The Boys Say Something Bad About You  

Request - He Does Your Hair 

Request - You Go Into Labor While He’s On TwitCam

Request - Family Doesn’t Approve of You

Request - The Boys Meet Your Baby 

Request - He Teases You About You’re New Braces 

Request - You’re Insecure About Being Pregnant

Request - You’re Both Secretly Cheating On Each Other 

Request - Your Eating Habits

Request - You Deliver Room Service to Him 

Request For Katherine - Disney Princess

Request For Ketra - No Matter The Distance

Request For Giovanna - YouTube Crush

Request For Nikki - Nightclub Cofessions

Request For Maya - Early Morning Tour

Request For Marzia - #Fighter

Request For Nora - Breakfast Fans

Request For April - Last First Kiss

Request For Jane - Only Day Off

Request For Breanna - Fights On Tour

Request For Hannah - Making Progres

Request For Shelby - Student Teacher

Request For Sydney - Saying Sorry

Request For Jo - Irreparable

Request For Leah - Closet Klutz

Request For Nathalee - Final Jitters

Request For Norvick - Coming Home

Request For Nia - Birthday Boy

Request For Michelle - Hired Help

Request For Sophia - Haters Will Hate

Request For Cole - Making Introductions

Request For Natalie - New Friends 

Request For Kelsey - Recorded Visual Proof

Request For Zoe - New Hairdresser 

Request For Shinice - Room Service

Request For Kayla - Doing It For Yourself

Request For Sofie - Shopping With Children

Request For Maribel - Playing Nurse


Welcome to the Danielle Panabaker birthday project!

Danielle’s birthday is in 2 months and I think that the flash fandom should do something to show our love for Danielle!

Now, you may be thinking: “Her birthday is in September, we have two months!” Yes, we do have two months but I think that we should start now because of two reasons:

1) A lot of you may want to do fan art and that takes time. Also, you guys will want time to think of a good message to send to Danielle…

2) Also, I am going to need a week or two to edit and I want this to be tweeted to Danielle a week before her birthday so she has time to see it…

What kind of things can you send?

-> A video of you saying a message

->Any fan art you may want to send

->A tumblr message or post dedicated to her

->If you don’t want to send a video of your face, have a blank or blacked out screen and say your message

->Edits or Graphics

I know many of you are busy but if we could send this to Danielle, she would be so happy and its a great way to show or love and support for her!

Anyone in the flash fandom can participate which is why I am going to tag it in all the appropriate tags… 

Any questions, please ask!