i may or may not have done this a few times already

Steve Rogers would like to make it clear that he has absolutely NO intention of wandering into the cesspit that is American politics. 

Nope.  He will happily express his opinions, as any red-blooded citizen of his country has the right to do but actually running for any kind of political office?  He’s perfectly happy being Captain America, thank you.

(His actual rank is actually a few grades higher now, thanks to posthumous and automatic promotions and “Cap” is more of a nickname now than anything else, but Steve’s not prone to pulling rank, unless your name happens to be General Thaddeus “AssForBrains” Ross. 

Bucky has that moment recorded on his phone.  Bribe him nicely and he’ll show it to you.)

Steve’s good friend and resurrected Founding Father A Dot Ham (who may or may not have started adopting Non-Avengers Affiliated superheroes and the entire Hamilton musical cast in his spare time) has already publicly stated that he has no interest in running for public office either.

“Been there, done that and nope, I didn’t even get a t-shirt for my troubles,” quipped Hamilton. 

Hamilton has also expressed his opinions on American politics though, much to the delight of the entire Internet.  He’s pretty much provided material for the Daily Show and Colbert for the next ten years. 

So it was with combined horror and amusement that both men found out that someone with a decidedly evil sense of humor created a mock-campaign party with the two of them on the ticket.

#HamiltonRogers2k16 suddenly went viral and it took some fast talking from BOTH men to convince everyone that a.  Not Their Idea and b.  Not Running OMG R U SRS.

Bucky, being the little shit that he was, posted a picture of himself pouting that his Stevie couldn’t be Vice President America yet…

—  A Blanket Fort Headcanon, Because I CRACK WHAT I WANT, Fandom!