i may or may not have a crush and shes so cool

tbh i’m gonna put all of mina’s failed relationships and one sided crushes into this one timeline that may or may not affect all timelines tbh or at least for some ships ( unless the muns of those ships aren’t cool with it ).

Imagine Wanda Calling Pietro Out About His Crush On You

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“You need to focus, Pietro!” Wanda snapped at her brother, who was once again staring blankly across the training room when they were supposed to be sparring, “The Avengers may be friends, but they may not be so kind as to bring you back again if you die out in another real fight.”

“I am paying attention!” Pietro insisted halfheartedly, his focus still not on his sister. Wanda followed his gaze to see you sparring with Sam; you had flipped the soldier around into a neck lock and cracked a joke about where his wings were now.

“You would certainly be more focused,” Wanda smirked, “if you were fighting Y/N instead.”

The speedster merely turned crimson in response.