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‘Tis The Season

Just a little holiday-themed fluff to try and ease me back into this whole writing thing. Ignores Cat leaving CatCo, because I still like to pretend that that never happened. Happy holidays, lovely people; I hope you have a wonderful (and safe!) few days :)

Cat is quiet as she presses open her front door and slips inside, smiles when she hears the sound of laughter echoing from the kitchen down the hall.

It’s a sound that, up until just a few months ago, had been so rare in her apartment – she was used to coming home from work to find Carter curled up with a book or his homework or playing video games, with Ella nearby watching him with a quiet but careful eye.

Now she is much more likely to find him chasing after the woman that has lit up both of their lives with so much brightness and joy, and today is no exception, as Cat kicks off her heels and pads down the hallway towards the sound of Carter’s voice.

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“Sometimes I keep wondering why a son of Odin would want to order a weapon from an ordinary citizen like me,” the blacksmith said absentmindedly, running a hand through his sweaty hair. He really needed a glass of water right now. A drink, actually.

Loki was about to say something when Tony talked again a couple of seconds after the silence he had put for dramatical effect. With a foxy grin on his face and the prince feared for the cleverness of what would come next.

“Then I remember I’m Tony fucking Stark.”

Oh the surprise.

Sword Fighting for Fic Writers: Chapter Null

You can follow the tag #Swords for Fics if you want to keep up without following me :)

Available Chapters:
1: Dumb Ways to Die  2.May Your Blade Be True! 3.On Your Guard!
4. Making the Cut 5.Stick ‘em With the Pointy End 6. It’s Like a Dance
7. The Measure of A Man 8.A Crossing of Blades 9.Like Chess, but with Knives
An Interlude About Story Telling
10.You Can Barely Lift Your Sword 11.Buckle Some Swash 12.Dual Wielding
13.Everything is a Weapon 14.Got Your Sword!

An Interlude About Story Telling
What to do with all this info

I went into this “brief guide” thinking that I could get it all done in like a thousand words. Maybe just two posts. Instead I’m 9 chapters in and still have more to talk about. All this information can be overwhelming when trying to narrow down to what you actually want to write.

A lot of this info you may never use. A lot of fights are over in 3 moves. Others stretch on in a frantic back and forth. Everything I’ve talked about is just a list of options.

So let’s take a moment to sort out what to do with all this.

Don’t Get Bogged Down By Detail: When actually writing your fight, you can leave out more than you put in. Describing every single tiny thing that happens will slow down the action making things seem long and drawn out, kinda like this guide has become.

We’ve all read bear bones fights and they work just fine. How much detail and what moments you think are important to describe more deeply is up to you. Look for your key moments.

If you do want to describe everything, go for it! Maybe you can make it work? Don’t listen to this naysayer! It says “they fight” in the script then I draw it all out. What do I know?

Emotion: Whatever action is happening don’t forget about the character’s motivation. How they feel about the situation is often more important than the situation itself. You can get through an entire fight just talking about how much the dude is craving key lime pie if that’s your character’s mindset. Most people are already putting emphasis on the character’s goals and fears. Just consider this a reminder to not stop. Good job you!

Tropes and Accuracy: Bugger it all. Do what you want. Tropes exist because they’re fun. Maybe two blades locked in the middle trying to overpower each other while the fighters banter isn’t likely to happen in a real duel, but damn does it make for some good imagery and snappy dialogue! Spins are awesome! Fighting back to back is a wonderful relationship builder! Do a backflip just ‘cause!

If you’re aiming for accuracy, do accuracy!

If you just want a fun adventure, do that!

It’s your story.

In the next chapter we’ll get back into mechanics. See you there!

anonymous asked:

hello! i have a pretty general question. what are common injuries associated with fighting? specifically fist-fights, the kind that are spontaneous and heated and usually public. no weapons, just two people going at it. i imagine even the one who throws the most punches walks away with some damage, maybe to their hands/knuckles?

Hey anon! Fistfights can be associated with lots of injuries!

Bare-knuckle fights are actually relatively good for both fighters, in that the pain in the hand of punching someone someplace hard is self-limiting. Good bare-knuckle boxers will usually try to land body blows rather than head shots, because skulls are a lot harder than fists. However, untrained fighters may not know that, so they may do the dumb and try to punch their opponents in, say, the face and hurt their hands.

Typical injuries after your characters have a fistfight may be:

  • Broken 5th metacarpal (bone in the hand behind the pinky), AKA a boxer’s fracture
  • Broken wrist
  • Broken nose
  • Scrapes on the knuckles, including tooth marks on the knuckles
  • Broken teeth / split lip from the lip being punched into the teeth; this may require stitches
  • MAYBE a broken jaw, though the person doing the breaking would likely also break their hand
  • If someone is  smart and does body shots rather than the face, injury–but likely not life threatening ones–to the spleen, liver or kidneys; they may pee some blood; abdominal bruising is possible
  • Injury to the ear is possible
  • Black eyes
  • Scrapes on the palms of the hands from falling
  • Lacerations on the face if the person used fingernails (typically women do this)
  • Remember that fistfights aren’t benign. It’s possible for a fighter to get a concussion, or even a fatal brain bleed, from a fistfight. Harry Houdini died from a man punching him in the stomach when he wasn’t expecting it; he bled to death internally.
  • Also remember that hands are going to swell after a fight, because, well, you’ve just punched them into stuff a lot, and they absorb the same amount of energy as what they just punched, because physics.

I hope this gave you a good place to start off from, anon! Good luck with your story!! xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Today has been rough...

All day I’ve been in a sort of daze. I’m still in utter disbelief that Trump actually won last night. That we, as a country, actually went through with it and elected this person. I’ve been trying so hard not to let my emotions get the best of me today at work. Honestly holding back tears at times, even now. I wish I could had taken today off but I know they would know why and I’d be given shit for it tomorrow. I haven’t felt my heart break like this in so long. It’s like losing someone you love. That’s how it feels to me. That’s the best way I can describe it. All the progress we have made as a nation can be taken away overnight. I am truly saddened and worried as to the ramifications that his presidency may bring. If we continue to see all this hatred in this country, if it’s anything like what his campaign has inspired, it won’t be good. A lot of people, a lot of my friends may be put in danger. I don’t even feel safe right now, I can’t imagine how those who are women, of the LGBTQ community, POC, or countless marginalized groups feel.  And to know that people I work with, acquaintances, so called friends of mine, and even some of my own family are actually happy about the outcome. He may only be president for four years, but he has the potential to do a lot of damage in that time. And his pick(s) for supreme court over the course of that time is of even more concern. I’m honestly afraid for what may come of all of it. This is all too much. I feel so gutted, how could I be so naive? There are way more terrible, racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigoted, or simply misinformed, and uneducated people in the country than I thought. I should have known this would happen. I should have been prepared for this. This is all too depressing. The sadness I feel is overwhelming. I’m sorry. I just feel so helpless. I can only hope that we all take care one another, stand up for those who aren’t able to defend themselves, and that we continue fighting for what’s right moving forward. 

Eternal: Prologue

Originally posted by b-witched

Genre: Vampire!AU series with the whole package of eventual fluff, angst and smut!

Summary: At the age of 8, defenseless and powerless, you watched, hidden within a closet as the silver-haired woman in red drapes whose eyes glowed bright red as she stole the life of your parents. Disappearing without a trace or clue, you promised to avenge your parents and train to become the strongest vampire hunter who would make sure to protect and fight for her loved ones at all costs…even if those loved ones are vampires themselves. 

Word Count: 2483

Written by: Smuttyfairy

A/N: So here’s another au/series I started that I may or may not finish or write consistently for (although I will definitely try to for this one because I actually thought of a full plot, beginning to end and I will also put the other two AUs on hold)! All members of BTS will be mentioned here, with a special appearance of Monsta X’s Wonho. I also may or may not have just written this more for myself and have really taken some time to think deeply about whether I wanted to include the title “noona” in it or not because that’s who I am to maknae line BUT for the sake of all the readers who read this I decided it would be best to keep it relatable! ^_^

Parts: ProloguePart 1 (M) | Part 1.5 (M) (soon) |

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  • Random Person From My Class (RPFMC): *finds smut I may or may not have tried to write*
  • RPFDMC: What IS this? What is this gay shit? DIsgusting!
  • Me: Excuse me, that´s mine.
  • RPFMC: YOURS? How can you write something this tasteless, this disgusting?
  • Me: It´s called fanfiction.
  • RPFMC: Ugh, noway! That is SO disgusting! You should feel ashamed of yourself for writing something like thiss!
  • Me: I should really start making a list...
  • RPFMC: A list? Of what?
  • Me: Of all the idiots thinking they can tell me not to (try and fail to) write smut and actually expect me to stop doing it. If ignorance is bliss these people must be feeling amazing!
You’ll find pieces of him in every boy you meet but in your eyes no one could ever compare. One boy may have his dark brown eyes, but when your hands are tangled in his hair and your foreheads are pressed together, you’ll notice that there are no freckles splashed across his cheeks. One boy may try to cheer you up by bringing you your favorite cup of coffee, but you’ve grown so accustomed to the way he drinks his, with more vanilla creamer than actual coffee, you’re left sipping the now bitter liquid with a heavy heart. Another boy may kiss you goodnight and leave you breathless, but you’ll remember that when you two held hands, you felt like you were on top of the world.
And you’ll soon realize that every boy will have a flaw, some so minuscule that you know it’s all in your head.
You just miss him.
—  n.g. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #7

Guilty Conscience

i’m a sucker for angst, and it seems you all are too! i actually wrote this the night i finished that request, and have been trying to finish it even since, haha! there may or may not be a part 3, not sure yet lol.

and sorry i don’t have a picture to go with this, i couldn’t really think of anything

trigger warning for abuse, it’s only mentioned, though. o:

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right ‘temps

I’m trying, right?
but there is no, flight
I’ve lost all sight
of how to do what’s

do I not give myself enough credit?
seems I’d rather be shreded?
by wayward thoughs and insecurities
ignoring all my chaarities?

‘cause doing what’s right it seems
is very hard to achieve
gotta daily realize
I’m being attacked from all sides

so yea, I gotta
daily renew my mind
really eschew the lies
ignore the poor thought-lines
and do what’s

may be changing my “main blog” from Inunir to Tilion. idk, I’ll have to think about it

One may never know how much their so thought, insignificant existence, can have on a person. Whether soulmate, friend, or acquaintance upon happenstance, they can change someone’s entire world. Every individual offers a piece of this puzzle of a life. No two are identical, but even so it takes every last piece. Each is beautiful standing alone, but once joined with another the whole image is altered to form a masterpiece. Sometimes, one may try to fit the wrong piece into the wrong space. This doesn’t mean there is “no place” for them, only that they must wait until the exact fit is found. Other times, we find the piece that wouldn’t fit was actually right all along, but only until it was turned to fit the shape to perfection was it able to find its place in the puzzle of pieces.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1045 // @_arainwater_ on Instagram

The next Five Times collaboration between @foxphile, @writerfreak001, and myself has a tentative publish date of February 14th so if you like reading Waige this might be Stuff To Look Out For.

Five Times Walter and Paige Almost Made Love…And One Time They Did

  • Set (obviously) entirely in the future, canon compliant to all aired episodes on its date of publication (unless for some reason Waige bangs onscreen in the next month but I’m thinking that’s not going to happen).
  •  Waige is a couple for the entirety of the fic.
  • Will include a beloved recurring character that Kim’s excited to write.
  • Has a fairly involved reference to the real Walter O’Brien that I personally think is hilarious and Heidi is gonna do a fab job with it.
  • Planes, trains, and automobiles are tied for Public Enemy No. 1.
  • We’re running with something that canon may or may not be actually trying to convey.
  • Will obviously include smut (I’m writing it and I apologize in advance).

anonymous asked:

OMG I just got my mock exam results back and they're all pretty much A* A and B's, the only dip was core science which was a D but yet additional science a B and maths was at a 2 but maths is my weakest subject so I know I need to fix that. I feel like starting to revisit now for when my GCSE's start in May, may actually get me to achieve majority A* and As and at least a 4 in maths, but idk whether it's too soon and whether it'll stress me out too much, what do you think?

well done- i’m so happy for you! 

i think what works varies from person to person, but i personally prefer to revise bit by bit a while ahead of the exams, so in the lead up it’s more about consolidation and practising past papers instead of still trying to get basic facts right. so it might be good to start just tidying up and writing up your revision notes or spotlighting areas that you’re weak- it doesn’t have to be mega intense or anything. maths was my weakest subject too at gcse level (like ‘in danger of failing shittily’ bad) & i managed to drag it up to an A for the actual exam by setting aside a bit of time everyday to drill in the practice and it’s probably best to start that earlier. 

you’re right that you need to be careful not to overstress yourself. these exams are a marathon, not a sprint and it’s also about mental stamina too. so I’d say start slower now and then ratchet up your revision as it approaches. but there’s no harm starting revision now if you feel like it imo and it’ll prepare you better than leaving it all to the last to cram. 

saldkfsjlkda as a general thing like. alibi theory is the first time i’ve ever been like omg!!!! i love and want this to be true!!!! and i realize there are still holes to fill and reasons it doesn’t make sense and i have no idea what will actually happen but what i’m trying to say is i’m actually Not a person who spends a whole lot of time poring over meta bc it stresses me out, i don’t like writing theses on what may or may not happen on my favorite tv show unless it’s an idea that strikes me hot and won’t leave me alone, and i’m Definitely not the person you want trying to help you put together or format a meta post. long story short i’m happy ur here, i’m happy we’re going thru this together, but oh man, i’m not going to be helpful to your meta unless, like, i see it at random and it sparks me to go off and write something in addition

ETA: in my five years’ experience in this fandom, if you want to know more about a thing, google and tumblr search are ur friends

so at my school january is ~independent study month~ where you can kinda do whatever you want so long as it’s academic but i’m doing what’s basically a nanowrimo. i just started yesterday and i’m already at 5k words :’)

but the thing is……….i may or may not just be writing a deancas fanfic with the names changed so that once i’ve submitted it and i can go back and change their names to dean and cas yikes

rn i’m just trying to get to word count so my writing is pretty shitty. i’m thinking that over the summer i’ll pull it back out, clean it up, make it prettier and post it, which makes me really excited because despite the shittiness i’m actually really digging the plot

(it features ghost!cas and army vet!dean who moves into the house cas haunts !)

anonymous asked:

I just found your tumblr and love it do you have any omo headcanons for the Weasley twins I can see them making enemies who would to humiliate them

Oh Lord I love the Weasley twins! And thank you! I’m so super happy hah you like my Tumblr~ Aha, I actually ended writing a potential fan fiction plot XD

Originally posted by hermione9891

For starters, the Weasley twins are masters of trickery. And have pulled their fair share of pranks on the students and staff in Hogwarts. And I can only imagine that some of these tricks may have included the manipulation of the urinary tract ;) I think I actually mentioned one of their possible tricks in a previous Harry Potter ask if I remember right. I’ll need to look back cuz it was in one of my very first asks XD

But anyhow, I do beileve this has gained them a few enemies during their time in Hogwarts. So I imagine a wizard or two may try and get back at them, only to fail in the end. But who is the last person they might expect to seek revenge? Probably their closest friend, Jordan. Jordan will try a spell behind their back or perhaps even use their own tricks against them, such as a special candy or something to put in their drink. Then he sits back and watches them get their  comeuppance.

Once it starts kicking in, the boys can suddenly feel their bladders filling up at a rapid pace. If they are sitting in class, the teacher isn’t likely to let them both go to the restroom at the same time. So they decide to wait it out together. And they are rather good at hiding the increasing need in their bladder. But once they find themselves unable to stop moving, they start becoming a little rowdier then usual, talking and causing a bit of a fuss with the others in order to distract themselves. When class ends, Fred and George are trying to be the first out the door, but they are called to stay after class for a few moments.

One of them manages to escape but the other is not so lucky. The lucky twin makes it to the restroom, and on his way back to the classroom, he finds his twin in the empty hallway, leaning against the wall and trembling as he soils his robes. And the other twins gives plenty of comfort, and offers his own clean robes to tie around his twins waist. Twins gotta stick together!

((*WHEEZES* I AM SO SORRY ACTIVITY HAS BEEN LOW. Between work, theater, other activities, and daily responsibilities it’s been difficult for me to actually get a decent amount of writing done!! But this weekend, I’m gonna try and actually get some writing done and build up a queue that will start. Thanks for your patience!!))

TATK Status Update

(a.k.a. Saro Why Is Your “Updates EVERY 7th and 21st” a Lie?)

so this may not be my first longfic rodeo (it is my second) but for me what works best is having a very, very large buffer of chapters that are in their first draft and just kinda. sitting around waiting to be edited and posted. not only is a buffer great for me since my writing tends to be a little feast-or-famine and having drafts in the proverbial queue can really help out when i’ve not /really/ been writing the fic for a couple months (god i have legit not had a Good TATK Sesh since probably October) but it’s also great to avoid ret-cons.

while it may not be very obvious in a low-stress* fic like TATK, there are actually a ton of little plot threads that I am constantly trying to keep braided into coherency. sure, we may not focus on the Chorus case for a couple chapters but that doesn’t mean it’s not there, and I’m always trying to keep an eye out on the best ways to bring it, naturally, back to the front. but as stories continue to develop the longer you write them, it’s not uncommon (for me) to suddenly wake up and go “god fucking shit i had the perfect opportunity to set up a revelation in this chapter based on a conversation in something i posted two months ago”

there are 12 chapters on up AO3, i am currently ¾ of the way through 15, and my actual chapter-by-chapter knowledge of what is going to happen dissolves into fuzzy conjecture at the end of 17 (which isn’t the end, i still have the later half of the final act to line up, but that’s also when i have to naturally resolve a LOT of shit i haven’t actually known how it resolves. most of which is thankfully mid-priority/side shit since i’ve known the Ending Ending since I posted the first chapter on AO3

TL;DR i thank everyone for their patience. I’ve had a real awful time trying to get back into a writing routine, and the biggest reason i’m withholding chapter 13 is because I don’t like posting things that aren’t totally perfect. As an apology, and because 13 is a rather short/standalone chapter, I promise it’ll be up on the 14th.