i may or may not be in love with her


I cheated and combined days 11 (aged up Marinette) and day 14 (aged up Chat Noir) for Marichat May.  Chat is helping Marinette work up the courage to confess to her mystery crush.  ;3

I used @hchano‘s and @australet789‘s adult Chat designs here and here because THEY’RE AMAZING and I LOVE THE SHORT HAIR.

(Also, a big thanks to @baneismydragon for helping me come up with the cute idea!)


Did she lose anyone in there? Herself. May used to be different. She was always quiet, she was just… she was warm. Fearless in a different way. Getting in trouble, pulling pranks, thought rules were meant to be broken. Sound familiar? But when she walked out of that building, it was like that part of her was gone. I tried to comfort her, but she wouldn’t tell me what went down in there.


Agents of H.E.A.R.T.E.Y.E.S.  😍 😍 😍


Riordan give me stylized CHB outifts for my demigod children please

  • Me: wow I can't believe Chalupa is definitely real & gay
  • Griffin: Lup is definitely real
  • Me: REALLY
  • Griffin: yep, she and Barry were a couple, Lup's the person Barry was talking about when he said his heart belonged to someone else & his love for her saved him
  • Me: wow I can't believe Chalupa is definitely real & bi

MariChat May Day Nine: Bell Collar

They were watching a bad movie.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with this prompt, so have some nap time. Perspective is a sham by the way. Fake.

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Artwork ©: alazic02

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aos appreciation week ★ day 2: who run the world? girls!

female friendship is a sacred, beautiful, wonderful, supportive thing, and to be able to portray that, it just raises the stakes somehow if you really care for each other and you’d do anything to save them. - elizabeth henstridge