i may or may not be in love with hamtaro games

ID #55827

Name: Kei
Age: 20
Country: USA

My intentions for entering a submission:

1. To connect with and learn from people outside of my home country because language, culture, and perspectives interests and inspire me to travel.

2. I wish and hope to develop and maintain strong and healthy long lasting relationships.

Interesting labels:

1. My MBTI personality is INFJ.

2. My astrological sun sign is in Scorpio while my moon sign is in Libra.

What type of person am I?

1. Someone who loves a good laugh, and laughing in general. It makes me feel alive. Can’t live without it or I’m definitely out of balance.

2. A friend who is loyal, supportive, loving, generous, considerate, gentle, kind, affectionate and thoughtful.

3. Somewhat of an ambivert who really enjoys my solitude, peace and tranquility but craves deep and meaningful bonds as well as making memories with others.

4. Never bored, there’s always something to do. I have a lot of interests and hobbies.

Music. Culture. Food. Fashion. Language. Art. Philosophy. Psychology. Poetry. Photography Spirituality. Fictional content. Travel. Technology.

Main Hobbies:

1. Cosplaying

2. Drawing. (Digital and Traditional)

3. Absorbing fictional content.

Fictional Content of choice?

Books & Novels: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, Mystery. (Haven’t ready a decent book in along time though. Developed a poor attention span. Now I mainly read articles of random things I look up on Google or the occasional fan fiction.)

Games: Nintendo & Sony Console games. Mainly a single player type of person. I prefer story heavy games, but the classics are fun to play with family and friends at gatherings.

Favorites include:
The Wolf Among Us. The last of Us. The walking Dead. Bioshock Infinite. Resident Evil. Kingdom Hearts. Final Fantasy.

Other: DDR. Taiko Drums.
Spyro. Sonic. Mario. Pokemon. Katamari Hamtaro. Animal Crossing. Cooking Mama. Zero Escape Series.

Anime: Usually series that deviate from the tons of recycled stories and plots floating around.

Faves include:
(Shoujo) Kurage Hime, Kimi ni todoke, Kare Kano, Mai Hime & Mai Otome.

(Shounen) Eureka Seven, Hunter X Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Other: GTO

I’m pretty open. I’ve dabbled through many genres over the years.
Language doesn’t matter me. If it sounds good to my ears it’s as simple as that.

Preferences: 18-24.
As most people usually state, preferably people who are good natured and lack discrimnative mindsets or values.