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**WARNING: mention of SDCC spoilery teases below** 

I know, I know we’re all still basking in the SDCC afterglow, ‘cause seriously wasn’t it AMAZING….and aren’t Colin & Jen FABULOUS??!!!  Hook fighting with every fiber of his being to save Emma…..Emma loving Hook “so truly and intensely”….Camelot…..Dark Swan….Merida…. SEASON FIVE IS GONNA BE EPIC. But on to the topic at hand, since season five doesn’t start for two months or so (sniff), here are some stories to help distract you. 

Happy Reading! 

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Between Heaven and Hell by alexandralyman

Rated: Explicit           Genre: AU             Chapters: 9/?  WIP. 

Official description: They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. Angels and demons, who can help save your soul or damn it. They are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they stand on opposite sides and are the enemies in an eternal war. But what happens when an angel and a demon find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other? 

I thought I’d encountered every variation of Captain Swan AU that existed, that is until I read this fic. As far-fetched and crazy as Emma playing Angel to Killian’s demon sounds, you’d be a FOOL to pass up this story. It’s one of the most richly drawn and absorbing tales that currently exists in fanfiction. The amount of research and work that must have gone into creating such a historical masterpiece is staggering. The language is precise, especially with the integration of both latin and religious terminology. But the highlight of the story, lies with Killian, Emma, and their relationship. Despite being a demon, the reader is inevitably drawn to Killian and his unique brand of seduction. And while many writers have tried before, there has never been a CS AU pairing quite as star-crossed as Angel Emma and Demon Killian. As much as you know it’s wrong, you just want those crazy kids to get together; to hell (literally) with the consequences. 

Helpless by the-lady-of-misthaven

Rated: Teen & up    Genre: ModernAU/Romance;      Chapters: 6/?  WIP. 

Official description: Killian Jones is a single dad, working for a better life for him and his son Liam. He does not feel like he needs a woman in his life. Until one night he ends up in ER with his son and meets a gorgeous pediatrician, who may flip his world around.

In this tale, Emma’s still the savior, just a different sort. And through that role, she bumps into single Dad Killian. Multiple misunderstandings ensue, yet the electricity between the two is present from the start. Killian and Emma’s characters are at their most vulnerable here. Emma may have a tough exterior, but this is a woman who innately understands that “an earless bunny could also love a noseless bear.” And Killian? I thought I couldn’t love our favorite rum-swilling, one-handed pirate more. Then, I met Lady’s doting Dad, trying to do best by his lovable, scamp of a son, and my heart MELTED. Seriously the Liam/Killian relationship will turn you into GOO. Beyond the Emma/Killian of it all, Lady is generally just a fantastic writer. She’s amazingly detailed. I particularly enjoyed how she incorporates fairytale characters and mythology into a modern setting (e.g. Tinkerbell the cat, Nurse Rapunzel) and the callbacks to Graham’s shoelace and the Swan charm were also welcome additions. Their relationship may not have had an auspicious start, but I’m incredibly excited to see how the Emma/Killian relationship will continue to unfold. 

Ice Melts by swishandflickwit

Rated: General Audiences   Genre: Romance   Chapters: 2. Complete. 

Official description: His eyes turn from a calm cerulean to a literal icy blue, nearly gray, color before they close altogether and just like that, he fades away. But her mother emerges to her line of sight, like the sun after an especially rainy day. “You know what to do, honey.” She does but when it doesn’t work, she feels like she could fade away too. Canon divergence after 4x02. This is my take on Season 4A and while I genuinely love canon 4A, I was still really hoping for a frozen TLK. Alas, we didn’t get it and this story is my closure with that so, I hope you enjoy it!

Considering the mythology of the Snow Queen fairy tale, I had hoped that 4A would conclude with a True Love Kiss. Adam and Eddy clearly had other plans, but luckily Cai stepped up and made my TLK dreams come true. And while obviously True Love is a major theme in the story, the real highlight is how Cai uses the TLK as a vehicle to explore Emma’s abandonment issues–her concern that she’ll always be a Lost Girl who never belongs to anyone. And in doing so, we actually witness Emma connect with Mary-Margaret in a MAJOR way, and also gain a complete understanding of how deep Emma’s love for Killian runs.   It’s so unbelievably beautiful and poignant to watch as Emma’s walls come tumbling down as she struggles towards the end of her emotional journey. A warning: get your tissues ready. I swear, I cried through the entire last half. What I love most about this story is that, in the end, a tale that on the surface seems action-oriented-the race to save Killian’s life-is truly a character-driven piece. 

I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me) 
by amagicalship

Rated: M            Genre: Modern AU      Chapters: 2. Complete.

Official description: Of all the bars in the world, why did Emma have to walk into the same one that her ex-boyfriend Killian happens to be in? And what will happen when the green-eyed monster shows up too?

This brief, two chapter fic, is almost like a vignette: a brief glimpse into how one couple finally gets past their issues and is able to make a real go of it. Carrie does a fantastic job of encapsulating Emma and Killian’s various problems into a two-part story. Despite its brief length, the story’s conclusion feels natural and earned. Historically, Emma’s needed to be forced by an external event for her to come to terms with her feelings. Given that fact, Carrie’s brilliant same bar premise works similarly to the old “trapped in an elevator,” plot. With no means of escape, Emma has to confront her feelings of jealousy and what those feelings really mean. Carrie does a wonderful job of alternating between Emma and Killian’s POVs in voices that are clearly their own. And if all this emotional mumbo-jumbo isn’t to your liking, well I’ll have you know Carrie is practically the Queen of Smut and a Jealous Emma and Killian are a HOT Emma and Killian. Throughout the story, their attraction to each other smolders until it EXPLODES. So….yeah. Go….read. 


Poem Without Words by totheendoftheworldortime

Rated: Explicit         Genre: Modern AU            Chapters: 10/?  WIP

Official description: Looking to make some extra money, college senior Emma Swan takes a post as a model for Professor Killian Jones’ art class. Sparks fly on both sides. Will they give into temptation?

I’m not a huge fan of teacher-student fics, but I’m making an exception for this GEM. Michelle has managed to create one of the single best slow burn Captain Swan fanfics I’ve ever read. The immediate and unbelievable tension created between Professor Killian and Model Emma is phenomenal to witness. Those initial sparks steadily build and only make their inevitable union that much more EXPLOSIVE.  But what’s even more incredible is that despite a slightly complicated situation; the development between the characters is completely natural. Michelle has pacing down to an art form, so the Emma/Killian relationship blossoms in a wholly believable way-nothing about it is forced- which I appreciated.  And as a bonus: keep your eyes peeled for a heart-stopping re-enactment of one of the most famous Captain Swan moments in OUAT history. 

This Could Kill Me (But I’m Screwed Either Way) 

by blowmiakisscolin 

Rated: T         Genre: ModernAU/Humor/Romance      Chapters: 2/?   WIP

Official description: CS College AU: Killian has a laptop disaster the night before a big midterm deadline. Luckily, Emma comes to his rescue with a homemade caffeine hit that may or may not kill him.

Here Mia has managed to create one of the funniest Captain Swan fanfics in recent history. She’s combined witty callbacks to the show with dry humor and snarky lines; resulting in a story that is simply a joy to experience. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a fic that writes Regina as a political science major “too busy locked away in her room plotting world domination to socialize.”  Or Lily, Emma’s “demon cat” that people are surprised “doesn’t start breathing fire.”  Killian’s undisguised horror at Emma’s magical study aid immediately reminded me of season two’s deleted Jello scene. I just about DIED laughing. As hysterical as Mia’s writing is, at the end of chapter two, it takes a turn for the decidedly romantic–an avenue I’m eager to see explored. Really, go read this story–it was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had reading fanfiction. No joke. 

My Thoughts on “Roanoke”

I gotta be honest, the more time goes by, the more dissatisfaction I feel towards the premiere last night. Here’s what I didn’t like:

  • The format of a show within a show. It’s bold, it’s innovative. I’ll give them that. But it makes the show… confusing. And not in the sense that I can’t follow what’s going on. It’s confusing in the sense that I didn’t know what what was “real”. When we found out Shelby miscarried, I couldn’t tell if I was supposed to sympathize with Sarah’s Shelby, since she’s the one we see with blood running down her legs, or Lily’s Shelby, since she’s the one who actually “experienced” the miscarriage. I think Lee is a great character. But which Lee? It’s like I know that Sarah and Cuba and Angela are meant to be actors in a re-enactment, and so I get this sense of phoniness in the story they’re telling. I don’t see Sarah as Shelby, but rather Sarah is an actress who is just playing the part of Shelby. And which version is the “reality” in the world of AHS? Is My Roanoke Nightmare a show that exists in the AHS universe, that someone like Cordelia watches in her spare time? Or is the re-enactment meant to be the reality, and a connection might occur where we see someone like Billie Dean Howard pop up in North Carolina interacting with [Sarah] Shelby and [Cuba] Matt? If that’s the case, are all of the previous seasons just re-enactments? What about the ghosts of the colonists, like Kathy and Wes? Are we going to get flashbacks to who they were and learn more about them as people, or are they solely meant to be seen as scary malevolent ghosts? Will we even get their names? I get the feeling we may not, because we’re stuck in the narrative that only [Lily] Shelby and [Andre] Matt are providing us with.
  • The overabundance of recycled motifs. Mainly from Murder House. See my previous post. It’s essentially the same story only without a daughter and with an interracial couple.
  • The sense that it doesn’t feel like AHS. Some of my favorite things about AHS in general are the soundtrack, the main title sequence, and the super uncomfortable scenes that I would hope my dear mother would never have to feast her eyes upon. This episode did not feature amazing music. It did not have a kick-ass main title sequence (it even reused Hotel’s theme song). And it did not have anything that overly terrifying or gory. I’d let my mother watch that episode in a heartbeat. She might, actually, and may even enjoy it. I know everyone’s gonna say “every year is different”, “they’re trying something new”, and I get that. But as different as the past five seasons were, you could still watch it and know you’re watching AHS. This just felt totally different.

I know I’ll probably enjoy it and love it as some weeks pass and we get further into it, but right now I’m just not liking it all that much. I LOVE that Lily is back in a main role, but she’s stuck mugging to a camera for ten episodes and it’s such a waste of her talent. If the season wasn’t a re-enactment and it was just Sarah-as-Shelby, I think I would enjoy it a lot more instead of Sarah-as-Lily-as-Shelby.

I was going to do this as part of the 5 minute writing challenge that @soakyourskin tagged me into but then I started listening to Golden and ended up with this instead which took a bit longer than 5 minutes, though not loads longer as you can tell from the mess that’s below.

Call it wish fulfilment or a hope for what may be.  Its Ziam to begin with and reeks of OT5 mess and mush though its Zouiam/Zilo only. I’ll do the 5 minute thing later.


He wakes as the sun rises, as it shines through the blinds, his head feels foggy, there’s the hint of a headache and his mouth is dry. 

He knows full well why, and smiles at the memories.  Too much wine last night he knows, too much of everything in fact, he feels dizzy at the thought of it, but it’s a good kind of dizzy,  a heady feeling.  A feeling he’d almost given up on feeling, around them at least. He reaches across to the bedside table, lifting the glass of water savouring each sip.

The left side of the bed is empty, but he can hear water flowing from just outside the room, so he gets out of bed, and heads outside, he’s naked, the temperatures scarcely ever dip below 20 degrees even in the middle of the night and well there’s other reasons why he doesn’t feel the need to get dressed when they’re in their suite. 

Its paradise is this.  Peter Island has been their slice of paradise, of sanctuary since it was recommended to them in 2013.  The view as he walks across to him is just of sea, with other islands in the distance, the sun is bouncing off the sea, and the sea is all kinds of colours, turquoise, blue combined with the gold of the sun.

He could stare out at the view for hours on end, they have.  Just them, legs dangling off the cliff, just them, feeling small and yet feeling like they could conquer anything, like they’ve only just started achieving all they want to.

Then he sees him.   The shower is outdoors,  it’s completely private,  there’s rocks and then water which tumbles from the rocks, in a waterfall kind of effect and stood beneath it back to Zayn is Liam.

Liam who’s currently running his hands through his hair,  he had it trimmed before they came away but as always it grows so fast and starts to show signs of the natural curl in his hair, then he runs his hands across his body,  the sunlight accentuating every single curve, every single part of his body that Zayn could map out even with his eyes shut, even from a distance of a thousand miles,  massaging the shower gel onto his arms and then reaching down to put it on his legs and all over his body and then he turns and his eyes are shut for a moment, till he stands under the water and he rinses the lather from his body and then he opens his eyes and smirks as he sees Zayn.

‘Rude to stare Malik’

Zayn grins and pads over softly to him, till he’s next to him, placing a hand on his waist and pressing his lips to Liam’s before he says.

‘Not as rude as it is to come out here for a shower without giving me a shout’ and then he adds ‘Morning’

‘You looked so asleep Zayn, and I couldn’t wake you and besides its not as though we’re pressed for time’  and he kisses him back, soft lips on his own.   And then with a devilish smile, and a sparkle in his eyes he says ‘I think I may have missed a bit though, still feel proper dirty’ 

‘Is that your mind or your body you’re referring to there Li?’  They smile at one another and then their foreheads touch and Zayn chews at his bottom lip, before he pulls Liam’s body closer to him and well hello, that took longer than he thought  as his dick wakes up fully and as his mouth opens and Liam’s tongue meets his and he reaches for Liam’s arse before he feels Liam pushing him away for a moment before sinking onto his knees and he can feel Liam’s hand start to pump his dick and Zayn shuts his eyes, reaching a hand down to rake through Liam’s hair.

‘I can’t leave you two alone for 5 minutes can I?’

Liam pulls away and they turn as one.

‘Morning Louis’

‘Don’t you two morning me you filthy pair’  Louis has his arms folded and he’s doing his best attempt at looking cross but trouble is it never works as the smile tugs at the side of his mouth.

‘And please for the love of David Beckham and all things holy, put some clothes on’.

Liam and Zayn leave the shower area and walk past him and no disrespect to Louis but he’s soon put paid to any thoughts of passion anyway.

Zayn heads to the dresser, pulling out 2 pairs of shorts and throws one pair to Liam while he puts his own pair on.

Louis carries on talking, he’s sat on a  chair in a corner of their room.  ‘I wouldn’t mind but I came to you two for sanctuary, them 2 other idiots are sat on the main terrace having breakfast. reminiscing and being all emo and any minute now they’re going to be in floods of tears and singing the entire Up all Night album if we’re not careful so I come to you two, my old buddies, my partners in crime, but of course you’re too busy being like bunnies to rescue your dear old friend’

Zayn ambles over to him and ruffles Louis hair and says ‘since when did you turn into a grumpy old man Tomlinson?’

Louis just raises his middle finger but then he stands up and pulls Zayn into him.  ‘I missed this so much, even though it’s never stopped, not really, still missed it’  and then he pokes at Zayn’s stomach and points at Liam.

‘You two aren’t allowed to be out of my sight for longer than a couple of weeks in future okay?’

‘Now look who’s being a needy emo little so and so Tommo’ teases Liam but as he reaches them both, Louis pulls him into a hug and Zayn back into his other side, all the weight, all the cares continue to fall off Zayn’s shoulders.

This last 2 weeks, it’s just been them, the 5 of them, literally just them, no bodyguards, no need for them and minimal staff on the island at their request,  and yes perhaps the diet of Pringles and mars bars and the odd BBQ hasn’t been the healthiest  but it doesn’t matter,  the dark circles under their eyes have gone and if they show at all now, its because they stayed up all night, chatting nonsense again and after 6 years you’d think they run out of stuff to say, even nonsense, but that never happens.

The slump in their shoulders is gone now, the weight in their expressions, the deadness in their eyes has been replaced by something alive, something real, something that when they look in each other’s eyes now reminds them of the hope they felt back in 2010, the excitement and the anticipation and next week it starts again, and there’s a feeling of excitement and nerves that builds in each of their stomachs as they think of it. 

The Instagram post that will go out first and then in a week or two after that, whenever they feel like it because that’s one thing they’ve insisted on from the start, that this will be at their pace, their timetable because god knows they need it, they’ll head back to life, to what their futures will be and that’s still a little bit uncertain.

Though there’s a little bit of talk of heading back to the studio together and they’ve spent lazy days and lazy nights scribbling ideas for lyrics while Niall plays chords on his guitar but while that may be uncertain because they have their own ambitions now, what’s less uncertain is that they can start to do what normal friends do, interact, just like the old days, and if that raises questions, well they already feel strong enough to deal with it and there’s that unfamiliar feeling, the one that they’d each not dared to face the future with 100%  for a long time.

Louis clears his throat, and they part from each other.

'What we gonna do today then?’

'After we’ve stopped them two re-enacting 2011 and 2012 in song you mean? Liam replies with a smile.

Zayn heads to the door, opening it, hearing Louis and Liam follow behind.

'I fancy sitting round and seeing how many packs of pringles I can eat today’ says Louis.

'I doubt you’ll ever beat that record from last week’

'Challenge accepted Malik’ and Louis slaps him on the shoulder beyond Zayn turns and shakes his head on it.

In the distance, they can hear Niall’s guitar and familiar chords and 2 voices singing 'so so come on you got it wrong’ and as the 3 of them look at each other, they smile fondly before shaking their heads.

'I swear to god I’m going to throw them in the pool and fling Niall Horan’s guitar into the ocean'  and Louis shouts the words.

And the sound of the singing gets louder, and well stuff it, no one else can see them or hear them.

So they join in, just for 5 minutes okay?  

All Hallows Eve - Part Ten

TITLE OF STORY: All Hallows Eve
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A village girl is late returning home on the most ghoulish night of the year and is chased through the dark forest only to be saved by something - someone - just as strange and monstrous.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS Ugh, I’ve been tweaking this chapter all bloody day. Next chapter might take a day or two longer than usual. I’ve got the ending done but my brain decided I needed another chapter in between. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading. xoxox

Previous Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

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