i may not be crafty skilled like some friends but i am mad woman with glue


I have been having fun with hexagons.  This is my new wall art I made for myself by going decoupage mad on a stretched canvas. I have always loved the look of stretched canvas art, but it’s so pricy, so I made my own!

Kickass Women of Marvel, taken from some of my favourite comics (I stuck to the Marvel ones only for this one, though so tempted to add Bitch Planet stuff). Currently on wall at home, hence the pretty green, but most likely going to the boring white office wall to make it less boring white & remind me to be kickass too on days when I need it. 


The latest decoupage project - a second glasses case (first here) with what is some of my favourite art of Hawkeye visually - from Hawkeye #2. The whole circus visuals were just really lovely.

(plus, that wig. seriously Katie Kate, I hope you got to keep that)

Really happy with how this one turned out. Especially the layout on the bottom with being able to fit the bottom layer to fit through, & getting the bullets to mostly line up on the front from the two panels.

(Also I have been reminded that I do not need 2 glasses cases, & that I’m taking up half the den with my projects now, so I have set up an etsy shop for my projects, starting with this one. Which will invariably pay for more projects & comic books. the ciiircle of liiiife)


You and I remember Budapest very differently …

Because Strike Team Delta is full of win, and because Secret Avengers deciding to title their first post-Avengers movie comic ‘Budapest’ & make it a complete mindfuck … I needed a Strike Team Delta project.

And because they ARE strike team delta, I felt compelled to make something as appropriate as possible - in this case a little trinket/jewelry/desk box with a secret hidden stash compartment. 

Because strike team delta has secrets everywhere, yo.

(artwork taken from Secret Avengers, Hawkeye & the new Black Widow, + some budapest quote typography work done by me.  More details on construction etc. on the etsy listing.)