i may not be crafty skilled like some friends but i am mad woman with glue


So. Although I started out this weekend planning out layouts for Secret Avengers / Strike Team Delta pieces, my Hawkeye feels took over. (because last Hawkeye. FEELS. god).

So I finally finished my H is for Hawkeye(s) desk art. It has a lot of the scenes of the two hawkeyes, both good and bad (and seriously, smaller does NOT mean easier when it comes to decoupaging letters I have learned)

And then I had some leftover pieces, plus some of the art from my buttons, and well, the fun of upcycling is that I always have bits and bobs about to play with, and so we got a barrette too!

(both on etsy, as tempted as I was to keep the H, but no room/must behave - if the insane clutter in the backdrop of the one pic doesn’t give away the state of my desk)


Finally calling this done I believe. I was tempted to do some bright red blood, but I figured that this, simple and classy, was appropriate.  Because Hannibal is a classy guy … well, except if he thinks you’re rude that is. (on etsy)


So here’s the thing. I started decoupage as a way to relax & for friends. And then figured as times were really tight & my comic funds (the only indulgence I really had going) were dwindling, I’d try to make enough to cover what I was buying.

I wasn’t expecting for it to go as well as it has. I got to go see Cap 2 completely because of the decoupage. It’s not a money making empire extraordinaire & never will be, but it is giving me the ability to have something that’s not just going straight to keeping the bills paid.

So. Because I am thankful and humbled by the interest my stuff is getting, and cause Cap 2 you guys, the feels you gave me …

Everything in my shop is 10% off this weekend with coupon code OHCAPTAIN. (Hell, I’ll apply it to my destash shop too if you want)

And as a tumblr only option bonus for you, in your checkout notes, if you want any of the buttons I make as an addon for your order, just tell me which one and it’s yours. (also applies to both stores, cause seriously, you people rock)


Finally finished my Guardians of the Galaxy box.  Because I figured the secret box related theme & feels in the movie meant that if anyone was going to have a secret storage box, it would be Peter Quill.

So GOTG and GOTG related comics, and the space-iest turquoise I had (for Peter it had to be something bold).



REALLY chuffed with how this turned out.  First real experiment with serious image transfer, and then with a layer of decoupage on top to sort of ‘pick’ out highlights.

The white becomes more of less the background colour, so the hot pinky-purple really kinda glows through - which I really like the look of. I really need to find me some more bright cool objects to try this technique with.

Because boomerangs.



Another desk accessory for the fancy cannibal. Because when I thought ‘who would have a hidden book safe, it was the guy with the giant library and enough secrets to fill one.

Decorated with lots of hannibal related imagery, but created in a way so it could actually hide in a library - with one little clue (because when I thought 'what book would he disguise it as so that the spine would look normal but you would KNOW, a book about Leda & the Swan it had to be)



I … may have a bit of a fixation on Strike Team Delta. And especially Budapest.

(I partially blame Clark Gregg for mentioning it in a recent interview meaning I had to do a totally 100% budapest piece on this tin)

Decoupage pieces are from Secret Avengers (the Budapest comic of course, & another later issue), and some photoshopping of the quotes from the avengers for edging. (more pics on etsy)


So it started out with the question ‘what would you decoupage over a horse-styled jewelry box and the only answer that made sense - in a haha type way - was Loki.

And then it became how can we go all the way with this? Well, it is a jewelry box. So! We have Loki talking about magic (because shinies) We have burdened with glorious purpose (again, shinies). We have a bottom half that is all about Loki kicking ass (and protecting your shinies).  And we have on top, a comment about kneeling (in case you need a box for proposal jewelry. I can’t resist a pun that good).

So the latest project is a small Loki jewelry box, primarily MCU tie-in comics (so Tom Hiddleston in comic form) with some green text box goodness from Agent of Asgard.  The box is solid wood, with black trim and lined with red felt to protect your jewelry, whether it be proposal level or just some fav earrings you need a god to keep an eye on.

(on etsy - also has more info/photos)


So here’s the thing. I was a comic book addict when younger. And then I went through a phase where I couldn’t find anything I liked, and I stopped reading anything other than the stash of comics I had carried with me through my life. Still a comic book fan, but not an avid reader. My friend & drift compatible brain sharer Brie told me no, listen, you have got to read Hawkeye.  And I did. And I went wow. And gimme more. And now I have a new pile of comics, a regular pull list, and a compelling need to modpodge the hell out of comic art.

So now that the USPS has FINALLY delivered the christmas present (priority mail my ass), I can post these. aka my most ornate decoupage with comics (+ a tiny bit of photoshop) project yet. Even the inside cover was done, though I didn’t get good enough pics before mailing sadly.

(and thank you Mr. Fraction & Mr. Aja for having an artist in Hawkeye’s building and a girl with short spiky hair, therefore allowing me to use pizza is my business to fully custom the book spine to show what brie does when she’s not being an avenger.)

(also thank you gods of Marvel, for having a character named Jess, therefore allowing me to use a ‘dear jess’ letter on the front of a gift from me, a Jess. Because I can’t resist bad jokes apparently).

(and a belated - damnit USPS - christmas to my fav avenger.)