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Hope punk

Playing off of an idea from here about a potential genre called hope punk. The idea being that having hope and demanding a better world is a subversive idea. I had just started working on a new story, and I realized it wouldn’t take much to amp up the hope.

Every good story has some kind of conflict, whether it’s external or internal (ideally both), and the more I thought about things, the more I realized that the true enemy of hope isn’t fear or anger - it’s apathy.

How many of you have heard “Well, I’m sure someone will do something about this”? Or “You need to go through the proper channels if you want to make a change”? Or even “The election’s over, what’s the point in protesting?” (I’ve gotten that last one from my mother directly.)

This is the attitude that we need to fight. It’s not just about pushing against the obvious threats, as most people* can agree that racism, anti-semitism, and hatred of all kinds is bad for humanity as a whole. The problem comes in deciding how to handle it. To quote Terry Pratchett, “the phrase ‘Someone ought to do something’ was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider ‘and that someone is me’.”

Well? That someone is us, my friends. I may not be able to fight on the front lines, and my platform may be small, but this is the language I have to make a difference, and it’s time I started using it.

Keep the faith. We can make change happen. We don’t have to take this lying down.

*I realize this is a somewhat naive belief, but as much as I may dislike people in general, I still have faith in them.

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What the hell us going on? Antis are really turning against Rey? I mean wow....

It’s amazing that we all kind of saw this coming. 

There’s a subset of Star Wars fans that literally only care about Rey insofar as she might further the Skywalker story. That’s it. She’s Luke’s daughter and “heir” to his narrative (or, less commonly, she’s Han and Leia’s other kid so she can be “the Skywalker” and push out Kylo) or she suddenly becomes just another female protagonist to malign and complain about.

There’s a recent precedent for it, too: antis clung to Jyn Erso when her character was first revealed because there was a chance that she was Rey’s mother. People were adamant that was the case, even after Daisy and Felicity both were like, “…yeah, no.” After Rogue One premiered and it became glaringly obvious that Jyn was not the SkyMom (spoiler: due to her being, you know, super dead and all), suddenly all you saw about her character was how obnoxious and whiny she was. She didn’t prop up the “Rey is a Skywalker” theory, so she was suddenly disposable.

It would be funny if Rey herself weren’t receiving the same treatment now that it’s almost a definite that she’s not a Skywalker and she’s confirmed to have an important character arc with Kylo Ren. And some of the main culprits are, you guessed it, hardcore antis who are also Fn/rey shippers. As people like @kylo-wouldnt-like-those-chips​ have pointed out quite eloquently for a long time, there’s almost been this strange undercurrent with a handful of people that Finn’s character needs to be given Rey as a “prize” somehow, that his value is tied to whether or not she’s a critical part of his narrative (hence the insistence that Fn/rey is the only valid ship, the intense pushback to any scenario but Rey and Finn being the sole protagonists of the story**, etc.). This was partly manifested in the initial anti hatred of Rose, that she was a “downgrade” from Rey (I believe someone used that exact term, but don’t quote me on that). 

Basically there’s a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle misogyny that’s been running through the whole anti thing for a long time, and I think a lot of us kind of knew that when push came to shove, they would turn on Rey for being anything other than what they expected, if not demanded of her: a pure, uncomplicated Skywalker legacy character with a romantic arc with Finn who kills Kylo Ren and experiences no real character growth or nuance. 

Reylo shippers may not always agree, but I think the vast majority of us would take Rey having a fully-realized story that allows her character reach her fullest potential over our ship and/or pet theories being canon any day. 

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If Red is really Liz's father, then why does Solomon ask himself in season 3 about the relationship between Red and Liz: father-daughter or May-september or a little of both? And what about the declaration of Liz ... Raymond I do love ... you. So a May-September relationship between a father and his daughter? And a daughter saying to her father I do love you ???

Well first of all, I don’t think Red lies to Liz. And he has clearly told her he is not her father and that her father died in the fire. 

So he is not her father - even if we never get Lizzington. But we still could….

Yes their relationship has always been ambiguous. We got notice that something weird like this was up back at San Diego Comic Con with this comment by John Eisendrath (and with James trying to stop John from giving away the whole thing):

And then we have this dialog from E01x02:

Red: Anyone asks, you’re my girlfriend from Ann Arbor.
Liz: Absolutely not.
Red: Fine. You can be my daughter.

Plus the Solomon quote: What is the deal with you two anyways? It’s what everybody wants to know. Some say it’s a daddy/daughter thing. Others swear it’s May-September. I prefer to believe it’s a little of both.

Plus this very non-fatherly look from Red:

Plus this quote from Liz:

There’s a lot more obviously. And I have written about this in the past. But the point is, I do agree that he is not her father. Their connection is much more interesting than that.

Thanks for the question #Anon

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This makes me really upset about the whole kpoperic thing bc not only is he shaming people with dark skin as well as fat shaming, he's saying that Jimin is fat when he is WAY underweight for his age (I think he's like somewhere around 120 lbs but don't quote me on that) If he think that's fat then Jesus Christ what does that make me being 180 lbs?? This guy may have his opinions but he is by far the most negative person I have ever seen on this website. No "fan" should ever act like this.

I agree 👏🏻

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hi!! what are your fav Kaisoo gifs ? (btw I love u and your blog v much <3)

Hello anon,

it’s been like a long time since you sent this which I apologize for but I am answering now and I hope you see this! (P.S they’re not all gifs, some if not most are videos cause a, I couldn’t find the gif version or b, the gif version doesn’t exist). Also I avoided using the same gifs as my last kadi masterpost.

(In no particular order)

Kyungsoo laughing so hard that he needs to lean on Jongin

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Dec 13, 2016 at 5:55pm PST

Can I just say that i’ve been obsessing over this video for like the past four days?? Everything about this is just so pure! From Kyungsoo who is laughing so hard that he must grab onto Jongin, to Jongin glancing over and then reinforcing his smirk is just simply amazing. As always, their body language is so comfortable with each other. Normally when people notice someone’s face is close to theirs, they immediately cock their head back in shock or discomfort. Jongin however doesn’t react except for turning back and smirking a bit (or smiling slightly at least, with the vid quality I can’t really tell).

(edit: there are gifs of this if you want them here)

Jongin’s reaction to Kyungsoo’s verse in My Lady

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Dec 10, 2016 at 8:25pm PST

Oh my gosh there is literally so much going on here like wow. So the video shows Jongin staring into Kyungsoo’s soul because you know they ‘friends’. Then when Kyungsoo starts going ‘uh uh uh’ Jongin’s head snaps so fast into his direction I literally thought he broke his neck lmao. 

Now my favorite part of this video is when Kyungsoo sings ‘Chocolate’. It’s so tragically beautiful when Jongin turns his head because he can’t contain his smiling. It’s so beautiful because Jongin literally could not contain himself and I love that. I’m guessing Jongin has a thing for when Kyungsoo says ‘chocolate in the song’ haha, it clearly makes him a little fanboy. It’s unfortunate though because he had to turn away probably because he doesn’t want to risk something. A lot of people when with someone they like, they will turn away whenever that person makes them smile too much or blush, in a way to not expose the idea that they might like that person. This is exactly the thing we see with Jongin. 

Then we see it happen again when kyungsoo adorably goes ‘door’ a second time. As you can see in the video, Jongin stays turning away and either laughs lightly or forces himself not to laugh louder (I can’t give a specific since he’s turned away). 

Kyungsoo with Jjangah, Janggu, and Monggu (Jongin’s dogs)

Again, another pure moment. Ah, there’s so much yet so little about this gif that makes it great. I really love how it really shows kadi in their ‘behind the scenes’ form. I also love how comfortable the dogs are with Kyungsoo. So many people claim that kadi aren’t close/were never close but then why are jongin’s dogs so comfortable around them. Now I am not much a dog person but don’t dogs get fussy around people they haven’t met? Especially if they try and hold them? I know there’s a statement that claims that dogs can sense if a person is good or bad but that varies from dogs to dog. dogs can learn to trust/sense certain things/people too so you can’t really use it against the gif, only for it.

Anyway, It’s quite clear that these dogs love Kyungsoo and are comfortable around them and Jongin certainly is acting as if this is normal (they look like an adorable family :) ) You can even see two of Jongin’s dogs running up, wanting Kyungsoo to hold them too. This is all just so domestic, i love it.

Kadi after they found out they were gonna be on the same team

I love this gif just because of how precious this is (*winks* you see the theme here).

Just look at how wide Jongin is smiling, he’s just so happy to be on the same team as his hyung. Kyungsoo as well, and they aren’t fake because you can see the pull of the eyes :) Then obviously the hug is adorable, I love how that’s their first reaction to being on the same team. Most friends would just be like ‘yesss’ followed by some hand clapping or half assed hugs, but this, this is a nice genuine hug. A hug sparked by happiness and pride.

But what really makes this gif, is Baek. He literally looks at them and goes something like ‘haha these romance sappy dorks’. Then he turns away and looks towards the camera/audience/host and gives the express little laugh almost like saying ‘do you guys see these romance sappy dorks?’ It’s almost like when you catch your friend talking to their crush and you have your moment of joy for them and then you turn to your friend making sure they see it too. 

Kyungsoo and the damn flower crown

Isn’t it interesting that Kyungsoo happily wore one when there was about 100 fans, a few staff, and just Jongin with him (kadi fanmeet sponsored by lotte in case you don’t know what i’m talking about). But here, with a ton of people, a whole bunch of staff, and all the members, Kyungsoo immediately takes it off. if you see the whole gif set, you can see that at first Kyungsoo almost lets Jongin but then proceeds to immediately take it off. Now I have this whole theory about the possible persona the core (a term used to mean the original/start) of Kyungsoo has while with Jongin but that’s a theory for a different post, coming later at some point.

Anyway, I really enjoy this because it’s obvious Kyungsoo isn’t disturbed by this but I bet if any other member did this he wouldn’t react as calmly lmao (did you mean: Chan_yeol). And I also think it’s cute that Jongin expected it but did it anyway. If you refer to the gif set again, you can see that Jongin finds it oh so humorous that Kyungsoo takes it off. In my opinion, I think that Jongin was testing to see if Kyungsoo would readily wear it again like in the mini fanmeet or if in privately Kyungsoo doesn’t mind them, what his response to wearing it in public would be. Then somewhere deep inside Jongin, he knew that (at least this publically) Kyungsoo wouldn’t wear it so he found it funny. 

Overall this moment is just adorable, beautiful and funny :)

Jongin Comforting Kyungsoo

This whole moment is a blessing to my eyes. And honestly May (faakeid) described this moment so nicely that I’ll just quote what she said because I agree so much:

“This will always be one of my favorite Kaisoo moments. It’s nice to point out how, while the other members kept laughing, Jongin just patted his shoulder and hugged him reassurent. It was like a way to say “that’s okay to make mistakes, I’m here and I believe in you”, and it was beautiful. The best part was that after that, Kyungsoo sang it perfectly!” (x)

Well that was six of my favourite kadi gifs/videos lol. There are plenty more but because of storage issues on my phone I had to delete some other great ones. But, I do have a lot of them reblogged on here so I might make a part two if you guys want (i have over 50 pages on my kadi tag and this post would take me four times as long to complete if I looked through every single one for a specific gif).

I hope you enjoyed and satisfied what you wanted!

“Everyone has their invisible cloak of all things past.” 

a doodle that started to get out of hand but i managed to keep myself from going whole hog on, tho now i’m losing my mind looking at it. halfway through i decided to forgo my plan of regular coloring and go for a kintsugi, scar emphasized look. 

Alhanin may be a chill person but she did dedicate herself to Mythal and justice. That has never been a fun job.


Not many of you may agree with me, but I actually like Mary. She’s cute and funny. I know there was this whole secret side to her, but it’s not like she lied about her love for John. I ship Johnlock super hard, but it’ kinda more of a brotp the more I rewatch Sherlock. I really like John and Mary together. Don’t worry though because I’ll still post Johnlock. I think Sherlock and Mary make cute friends also.

*Also check out this awesome etsy account. She just started off, and I like the t-shirts. They’re funny quotes from our favorite guy! 

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