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Don’t You (Forget About Me): Chapter Two

Summary: Seven kids are brought together by Saturday detention. Through a series of confessions, they become closer than ever.

Also known as, the Breakfast Club AU we’ve all been waiting for.

Warnings: Cussing, bad jokes, people being mean to Stan and Richie :(

Word Count: 1727

Ships: Reddie, Stenbrough (hinted at, more prominent later)

Author’s Note: Well… I have no self control. I meant to post a chapter every other day, but since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I likely won’t be on very much, I thought I’d post now.

I can’t tell y’all how thankful I am for how much love this fic has received in only one day. I love you all, and I hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint. It’s a little shorter than usual, but a lot happens. A lot.

Let me know what you think!

Richie had been mistaken.

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anonymous asked:

do you think that there are no talented white actors/actresses? or that they're just fewer than talented actors/actresses of color?

I think there are talented white actors/actresses. Meryl Strep? A goddess among mortals. Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench, show-stopping. Daniel-Day Lewis? Amazing! But I think, overall, POC are better actors and actresses. 

Why, you may ask?

The answer is simple. For the most part white actors/actresses just need to be reasonably attractive by Hollywood standards, (typically white, slim and blonde-2 out of 3 can be cosmetically altered), while POC have to truly be phenomenal to get even the smallest roles. 

Take Jennifer Lawrence for example, she’s actually not that great (of a person or actress) and yet, for whatever reason, she’s Hollywood’s newest Blonde Obsession. Also, just look at what pops up when you google “Best actors and actresses”:

Literally 44 white actresses , 9 of whom are dead, show up before Viola Davis of all people! And NO Actresses of other ethnicities.  Like….VIOLA DAVIS! The only black actress to be nominated for 3 Academy Awards, and the only black actress to have the Triple Crown of Acting (A Tony, A Golden Globe and an Oscar)! But she’s 44th on the list?! And that’s because in Hollywood, talent is secondary to beauty and beauty in Hollywood is always determined by how eurocentric you are. 

So sure, there are talented white actors and actresses, but POC are ALWAYS more talented because our talent has to be extraordinary from the get go to get even a quarter of what some of these mediocre actresses have attained


Pet Request for: Anonymous

anon:  Can u make a dog that looks like a polar bear and a cat like a penguin it may be hard and very weird but I know u can do it also the rest is your decision but have fun with it if u can

CC needed: Quartz Eyes


Tray Files:
Origin: boeybum

A Message from Me: This gave me some serious christmassy vibes. If I wasn’t hyped enough as it was already, I certainly am now! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Bamboo tablet to give away

This tablet has been with me for years, it has been the device that has gotten me so far on this blog and ceativity. I absolutly love and cherish it for all it has done for me. But now that i have recently purchased the tablet of my dreams meaning i sadly need to give this one up or it will collect dust in a drawer and be forgotten.

I dont want to sell it or throw it away. Id like it to help another artist who needs it. This divice may look worn but thats because its so well used and used often. It still works like a champ though and hardly ever had a problem. 

If you are interested please leave me a message and add why you think it will help you. I plan to ship it via USPS and you don’t have to worry about paying for shipping.

Ingredient List

As I near my fifth year in my Sebastian file, I am starting to plateau and look at achievements. One of them requires cooking every recipe. I decided I would need to write down all the ingredients I’d need so I could stock pile them and then quickly click and go all in a row.

I also decided I should share this on my blog so perhaps other players wouldn’t have to do the same. :) I might be short on some (I did double check though!) or I may have added an extra but I am someone who ALWAYS keeps extra ingredients anyways, just in case.

I broke down recipes that contained recipes (ex. Complete Breakfast contains hash browns. Instead of logging ‘hash brown 1’ I elected to put 'potato’ and 'oil’ additions into their respective slots).

Happy cooking!
-Farmer Samantha

egg 10
cave carrot 5
milk 12
bok choy 1
cranberry 4
artichoke 2
leek 1
dandelion 1
vinegar 4
cauliflower 1
cheese 3
sunfish 1
bream 1
wheat flour 22
hazelnut 4
parsnip 2
tomato 7
beet 1
potato 3
oil 12
winter root 1
squid 1
periwinkle 1
void mayo 1
sea cucumber 1
corn 3
blue jazz 1
morel 1
common mushroom 3
kale 1
green bean 2
yam 2
pumpkin 3
sugar 16
carp 4
salmon 1
amaranth 1
kale 1
tuna 1
red cabbage 3
garlic 2
fiddlehead fern 1
poppy 1
clam 1
lobster 1
snail 1
mussell 1
periwinkle 1
crayfish 1
mayo 2
largemouth bass 1
hot pepper 2
rainbow trout 1
green algae 5
white algae 2
wild plum 2
melon 2
apricot 1
blackberry 2
apple 1
rhubarb 1
eel 2
fish 2
seaweed 1
rice 2
radish 1
eggplant 2
sardine 2
blueberry 2
coconut 1
shrimp 1
radish 1
maple syrup 1
crab 1

Something that I don’t think people understand is that certain jokes are okay for friends to make… but not for strangers to make.

I insult my friends all the time.  My friends insult me all the time.  We’ll say creepy and inappropriate things to one another just to make each other uncomfortable because it’s funny, but we never take it seriously.  We know one another and we know we don’t mean it – it’s meant in jest, and it’s taken in jest because we’re so familiar with one another and because we’ve broken all the ice that needs to be broken.

But when somebody I DON’T know tries to make a joke that’s either too personal or too harsh… look, pal, you may know me, and you may know what my sense of humor is, and that’s great.  But I don’t know who the hell you are, and from my perspective, you’re some random stranger who’s coming up to me and crossing a line without having the necessary history with me to make that line crossable.

Please.  Don’t assume friendship with somebody just because you follow their work.  You might know who they are, but they don’t know who you are.

What to do when you fell out with your practice

Because I sure as hell needed this post when I did.

1. Realize that it‘s okay. Accept that it happened. Forgive yourself for it.

Maybe life got in the way and you just didn‘t have the time or energy or possibility. Maybe something happened on your path that got you scared, frightened, panicked, or even disgusted so that you had to take a step back and retreat. Maybe your focus simply shifted. Maybe you got bored. Maybe everything just got overwhelming and you weren‘t able to juggle magick and the mundane at the same time. Maybe mental illness got in the way.
No matter what the reason for your fall out was, accept that it happened, forgive yourself for it. Because it‘s okay, life happens in phases, and no matter the reason, how big or how small, it‘s part of your journey and totally fine. These things happen to the best of us, so don‘t blame yourself for it. It really is okay. Pinky promise.

2. Reconnect with your god(s) and/or non-physical friends, if needed.

If you‘re a spirit companion/have spirit friends like me or are devoted to a god or certain deity/ies, your time with them/devotion to them probably fell under the brick as well. If it did, reconnect. I promise chances are they‘ll understand. As I said, life happens, and they know that too. They probably saw what you were going through. Explain what happened to them, apologize, and move on, if they allow it. Just spend more time with them again, greet them good morning and wish them good night again, invite them to join you throughout your day again. I promise, any good relationship will hold, just show that you really are sorry and put in effort to show that you care again. I’m sure they missed you as well so it’s time to make up for the time you lost!

3. Don’t overwhelm and overestimate yourself.

Chances are the longer your fall-out was, the more your “psychic muscles” lost in strength. Your intuition may be a bit more out-of-tune, you may have more trouble hearing/seeing/feeling/sensing spirits and energies. Maybe you have more trouble programing things or adding energy to objects than before. That’s okay! It’s totally fine and normal, just don’t be surprised if it happens and know that with practice you’ll be back to old strength in no time! Until then, start small and work with what you have.

4. Start small, don’t rush it, one step at a time.

Start drawing a daily or weekly card again. Start carrying crystals with you again. Start laying them out under the moon to charge again. Do small rituals like maybe doing some bath magic before you rush head-first into a huge complicated thing again! Again, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Also, you want to build a routine again to not risk falling out again.
Some ideas on what to do when building your practice up again:

  • lay crystals, items, water, anything out under the moon/sun to charge 
  • talk to plants
  • draw a daily/weekly card
  • pick a crystal to carry with you throughout the day in the morning
  • say mantras in the morning
  • infuse your tea/coffee with intent
  • send out your energetic sensers when comfortable and at home. slowly but surely
  • meditate. 5 minutes in the evening, 5 minutes in the morning. at least.
  • go for a daily walk at a certain time 
  • look through your grimoire/bos if you have one. write in it again
  • doodle little sigils in your free time
  • and many, many more

5. If needed, make a schedule.

As I said, you may want to build a routine. If those work for you, make a daily or weekly plan. Look up transits and check when you have time, then create your own magical schedule. If need be, set some reminders on your phone. Just try to be disciplined about it for a while so that you get back into your practice smoothly!

6. Reinvent your craft.

You probably changed since you last practiced, or maybe there was a reason IN your practice that caused the fall-out. If so, identify what it was. Reflect on yourself, your practice, your life. How can you make everything run together more smoothly? Maybe you want to focus more on the mundane than the spiritual, and if so that’s totally fine. Adapt your practice in a way that fits and feels good, it’s all yours so feel free to do whatever you want! Maybe you want to shift the focus IN your practice, or maybe you want to stop doing something, maybe start doing something else (instead). 

(Optional) 7. Talk to others. 

Sometimes it is so, so hard to not feel incredibly bad and like you fucked yourself or your life or your relationships up when this happens (and not just in relation to magic but other things as well). Please know that you’re not alone on this and if your own up-lifting thoughts and words are not enough, seek validation outside. I promise that’s not a selfish or vain thing to do, it’s natural and human and you deserve to be told that you’re doing just fine. Go to a trusted friend, family member, maybe blogger, anyone. If you want, you can always come to me. Talk to someone about how things are going now, talk to them about the things you just did to make yourself feel good about doing this. 

💗 No matter what, it’s all good. I promise. These things just happen and there is no reason to blame yourself - please take good care of yourself and know that you come first - magic and everything else second. 
I hope this was useful to some, I know it helped me as I’m just getting out of a fall-out, too. I hope you all have a magical day~! 💗

idk when we’re releasing this but my god does the chapter cover make me laugh LOL

Furniture Glitches for Fun and Justice

Friends, I’ve seen a couple posts go around concerning some new furniture glitches in 4.1 with the storage feature, but so far no detailed English compilations. So here’s a few I’ve found.


- Make sure you have Display Preview turned on, otherwise these won’t work.

-To use glitches #2 and #3, you are going to need to bind the Subcommand function to a key/control. 

- I am reproducing these via PC and keyboard/mouse. This should not change how the glitch works, but may mean your interfaces look and/or function differently.

-No items are duplicated or lost through the course of these glitches. We’re simply messing with where we get to put them.


1) Placing items directly from storage
2) Floating items off a wall
3) Floating items on any horizontal architecture

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Damian getting to be a tween and limbs growing and gets clumsy. He eventually ends up getting hurt in public, maybe at WE. Maybe he busts his lips or smashes his chin open, and everyone is like “ohhhh my gosh that’s a lot of blood!!” And he just sniffs, “I’m fine.”

But all the employees are like “no you should probably see a doctor, we’ll call your dad and he can take you”

“do not call my father”

“come on kid you’re bleeding all over my desk”

“it’s nothing”

“there’s no need to act like such a tough guy that looks like it hurts”

“I’m not acting–”

“Sandra says that Mr. Wayne will be here in two minutes”

Bruce comes down and is a little surprised at how serious the wound is. “Oh yeah,” he observes, inspecting the boy’s chin. “Got yourself good, may need some stitches. Come on.”

Damian sulkily follows his father out of the office, shooting death glares at all the supportive words and looks.

Damian protests under his breath, muttering, “It’s not even that bad, I could have just waited until I got home.”

“I’m here now, might as well not bother Alfred with any more blood and scrapes than we need to.”

Eventually it culminates to not-quite-a-fight inside the doctor’s office. Or Damian trying to fight and Bruce side-stepping every comment.

Doctor: Any allergies?

Damian: Yes, I’m allergic to the BULLSHIT KNOWN AS HUMANITY

Bruce: He’s allergic to pine nuts.

Come On Closer [One-Shot // Roman Godfrey x Reader Imagine]

Originally posted by okeaanoos

Warnings: Adult Language, Minor Blood-Play, Tiny Hints of Domination / Submission Play, Sexual Themes / Smut. 

(Also, please ignore any and all spelling or grammar mistakes. I’ll probably spot most of them after I post as I usually do and fix them later.)

Author’s Note: Whoops… My hand slipped. *Shrugs innocently* It slipped and created way more than I had originally planned to create, to be honest. However, I’m hoping you’ll like this just as much as the original version I planned to create; since the premise is still the same regardless of the end result lol.

[This one-shot was inspired by this imagine scenario, which you can view here.]

Musical Inspiration: Come On Closer by: Jem [Side note: I’ve always loved this song for years – and now it has finally came in handy.]


I had been his friend for years, and while that never bothered me, I also wished a part of him would see me differently. Nothing he said or did, ever surprised me at this point in our lives. That is, until one night when we had been drinking and he confessed something to me that would cause me to accidentally alter the course of our friendship forever…

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safe and sound

Summary: You hate the fact that with every thing he does, Steve makes you fall for him more and more; even though he doesn’t know it.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 2,172 [I’m sorry]

A/N: Can you tell I’m in love with Steve? hope you all enjoy, I’ve got one more fic coming for ya this weekend! xx | masterlist

Originally posted by taikka

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what is it with kids diagnosing themselves with personality disorders on here after simply relating to some posts…

your personality isn’t even fully developed until a certain age

if you’re young and concerned about your mental health, that’s okay… just don’t go saying “I do _____, so I must have ____!” You are not a mental health expert. If you think something‘s wrong then there probably is something wrong, but you don’t need to jump the gun and diagnose yourself. What you experience is valid, but just because you relate to a diagnosis and have some symptoms doesn’t mean you 100%, without a doubt, have that disorder.

I believe in self-diagnosis when you’re looking for support for more common things such as anxiety and depression, especially since those can be symptoms of others disorders, so I’m not dissing on that entirely.

Do: utilize the internet and find coping strategies for certain symptoms you may be experiencing, look for help if possible

Don’t: go around telling everyone you have a specific disorder and know everything about it when you’ve never been told that by a professional.

Personality disorders are extremely complex, so much so that some psychologists don’t even like giving a pd diagnosis. If you don’t have a psychology degree you really shouldn’t be diagnosising yourself with something like that.

It also bothers me because some young people on here act like having a superiority complex makes you a narcissist or acting like you are a “fearless edgelord” makes you a sociopath or getting upset when someone leaves you makes you a borderline. This type of stuff increases the stigma and is a drastic minimalizaton of the reality of these disorders.

Bruised Boyfriend- Steve Harrington

Summary/Request: Anon said: Steve Harrington request of being Dustin’s older sister and becoming close to Steve post season two and he comes to you to patch him up after a fight and after much prying, he finally he tells you it was because Billy was picking on Dustin again and Steve nows you would murder anyone who hurt Dustin because y'all are close. And you end up confess your feelings because Steve’s an idiot for getting into a fight but you appreciate how great he is with Dustin and just a great guy?

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warnings: Swearing and mentions of physical fighting

Word Count: 1341

Never was it a surprise when the ever so handsome Steve Harrington would show up unannounced at your house. Ever since he and your younger brother Dustin became close, Steve was over rather often, most of the time without any previous planning. Not that you were one to complain about the sweet boy hanging around, in fact your attitude towards his random drop by’s was nothing but positive. But what was a surprise was Steve standing outside your front door with a busted lip and a bruising left eye. A wave of worry and concern had washed over your face quickly as he asked for your help to get him cleaned up. “Jesus Steve, what happened?!” You asked while you took his hand, leading him into the kitchen. “Oh you know, just clumsy me.” He said sarcastically, making your facial expression change from concern to fed up real quick. “I’m serious Steve. Your lip is twice its normal size, your eye is turning purple, and your poor knuckles are all scuffed up!” Standing up on your tippy toes you shuffled through the tall cabinet, gathering some first aid supplies before turning back to the wounded boy. “It’s nothing babe, don’t you worry your pretty little head about it.” He said with a slight groan as he propped himself up on the kitchen counter. “It sure doesn’t look like nothing.” You muttered under your breath while unpacking the bandages you had in your hands. Over the past few months not only did Steve become close to Dustin but he also became a lot closer with you. The more he was over at your place or lingering around Dustin, the more time you two spent together as well, the both of you inseparable. (Which only drove Dustin slightly crazy)

You soaked a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol, looking up at Steve with a look of concern and caution. “This is going to sting.” You warn him, his eyes shutting softly before you began to dab the cotton ball over the small cut just above his eyebrow, the semi dried blood wiping off. Steve let out a soft groan, the alcohol stinging the fresh cut just like you had warned, his jaw clenched as he reached out to grip onto your hip. You felt your heart flutter in your chest from his more intimate touch, his fingertips pressing into your skin gently, never hard enough to actually hurt you. You finished cleaning him up in silence, cleaning all the cuts he had and wrapping his scuffed up knuckle; racking your mind as to what had happened to him while you put a final bandage over the slit above his eyebrow. Pulling yourself from his grasp at your waist, you reached into the freezer to grab a bag of frozen peas, place it over his bruising eye. “Thank you Y/N.” Steve murmured as you stood before him, your eyes narrowed and your arms folded over your chest in curiosity. “You can thank me by telling me what happened to you Steve.” A stern tone of voice slipping out from your lips, not even focusing on the fact that he still looked devilishly handsome with a purple eye and puffy lip. Steve sighed, hopping down from the countertop, watching him wince at the pain he felt when he lifted his hand to run it through his hair. Silence came again and you huffed, extremely fed up with his lack of explanation.

“Are you going to tell me or what Harrington? I’m going to ban you from this house and my brother if you don’t confess in the next five seconds!” You somewhat shout at him, anger evident in your voice and facial expression. “Okay! Alright….Jesus Y/N, don’t bite my head off.” He exhaled deeply, avoiding eye contact, running his finger over his wrapped up knuckles. “I was dropping off Dustin at arcade and ran into Billy…” He started, your angry demeanor staying the same after hearing that. Of course it was Billy, you should’ve known, no one else in this town ever had a reason to pick a fight with Steve. “God, that son of a bitch just thinks he’s such a hard ass doesn’t he!” You exclaimed, shaking your head. “What was he saying now? Or was he just so much of a prick you couldn’t resist taking a swing at him?” Probing more at the subject, Steve’s eyes widened slightly, going silent when you had asked more. “He was..” Steve paused, not sure if he should even continue knowing how you’d react to the rest of his statement. “What Steve? He was what?” He sighed, looking up at you, “He grabbed a hold of Dustin and started picking on him, called him the toothless wonder of the world.” It was as if a rubber band had snapped inside of you, your face turning a bright red, your blood practically boiling at this new information. “HE DID WHAT?” You roared, fisted clenched tightly as you paced around the kitchen, plotting Billy’s murder. “That fucking asshat! Laying his filthy, scumrat hands on my baby brother! Ugh god! I could, I-I could kill him!” Steve watched as you exploded with fury, he had never seen you like this before, your eyes glowing with rage and your mouth as dirty as a sailor. “I pulled him off of Dustin and told him to go inside before I decked the prick and he fought back, clearly.” Your head shot up at Steve, your gaze running over his poor beaten face, knowing that Billy had picked on Dustin and beat up Steve only sparked more resentment inside of you.

Pushing himself off of the counter he came towards you, grabbing your shoulders to stop your angry pacing. “You’re going to burn a hole in the floor if you keep walking with such anger in your steps, Y/N.” He said, trying to make you laugh but from your serious expression, it didn’t work. While his joke didn’t make you laugh, the tender touch from his hands did help you calm down a bit. “How can I not be angry Steve? That brainless sack of shit is picking on my brother and he beat up my boyfriend.” Once the word left your mouth your eyes widened and you turned to look at Steve. “S-sorry, I just, it just slipped out.” A blush forming on your already somewhat red cheeks. While you were busy chastising yourself and blushing at your unruly mouth, Steve was staring at you with a smile on his face. The two of you never made anything official, as far as the two of you were concerned, you were just really great friends, even if there was something more stirring between you both. “Hey, I know you’re mad but after the suckerpunch I nailed on to that bastard’s face, I don’t think he’ll try messing with Dustin again…No need to plot his death, your boyfriend took care of it.” When you had said the word you felt nothing but embarrassment for yourself, but when Steve had said it, with that goofy grin of his on his face, you felt a rupture of butterflies stir in your stomach. There was a small distance between you and Steve, his hands dropping from your shoulders to take a hold of yours. “You’re an idiot Steve Harrington, and while you may be an idiot you are also the most…amazing, handsomest, caring guy I have ever met. Thank you for looking out for Dustin, I know he really enjoys the bond you guys have.” Your words were spoken with a sudden change of tone, a softness laced in your voice. Steve gave you a half smile half smirk as you kissed his bruising knuckles, closing your eyes to savour the newfound intimacy.

“And if he ever, EVER fucks with Dustin or your pretty face again, I will end him.” Steve chuckled, shaking his head at you now, hands cupping your cheeks before his lips pressed against your own.

Author’s Note: Thank you for my very first request! I hope whoever requested this likes it as much as I liked writing it! Let me know what you guys think! Send in any requests if you have any. xx Lexie. 


Mornings and Unwanted News

Requests: Multiple for part 2 of Nightmares and Bruises.

Prompts: 4. “I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me before.” and 13. “Can’t we just lay here for a minute?”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word Count: 839

A/N: Thank you for all the requests for part 2 of Nightmare and Bruises!! This is going to be a mini-series. I will be making another Masterlist for it and I will tag it when it’s done. Sadly, requests are closed at the moment so I can get through the ones I have.


Series Masterlist

Originally posted by bigbadroman

Y/N was woken by the light streaming through the curtains that she had forgotten to close after Billy had climbed through the previous night. She groaned and lazily went to move to close them but the arm around her waist tightened and pulled her back against Billy’s bare chest.

”Can’t we just lay here for a minute?” Billy buried his face in the back of her neck.

“I was only going to shut the curtains.” Y/N chuckled sleepily.

Billy’s grip seemed to tighten comfortably around her and she didn’t try to get up again; only turned over and buried her head in his chest to get away from the light. He smiled dozily and kissed the top of her head as she curled into him. Neither of them wanted to get up and neither of them had too; it was a Saturday. They continued to lie in each other’s warmth until Y/N’s alarm sounded telling them it was nine o’clock. She sat up and slammed off the alarm before turning to look at Billy who was now laid on his back looking at her with a smile.

“What?” She asked as she ran a hand through her tangle hair.

“Nothing. I just think you look cute in the morning.” He replied and sat up as she climbed out of bed and threw on her dressing gown.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me before.” Y/N muttered and looked at the floor.

“Well they should have.” Billy stated.

“You hungry?” Y/N yawned and started walking out of the room without meeting his eyes.

“Starving, princess.” Billy climbed out of the bed and pulled his button up shirt on before following her downstairs.

They went into the kitchen and Y/N pulled out the eggs and some ham. She began preparing an omelette as Billy leaned against the counter and watched with a smile on his face. Y/N had very quickly become his safety blanket and he believed that was one of the things that had caused him to fall for her.

“You got any plans today?” She questioned as she skilfully flipped the omelette and then dropped the toast down in the toaster.

“No. Not really.”

“You want to stay and watch a movie?” Y/N said not turning to look at him so he would see her blush.

“Sure, princess.” He smiled widely at the idea.

So, that’s what they did. They spent the day on the sofa watching various movies and just enjoying each other’s company. That was until the phone rang. Thinking that it would just be her parents, Y/N shot up to answer it and was surprised at the caller.

“Y/N?” Steve’s voice drifted over the line.


“Yeah, I need you to meet me at Dustin’s.” Steve’s voice was slightly unsteady.

“Why?” She questioned; fearing the worse. She glanced at Billy to find him already looking at her.

“He-we think that he may have found a sort of baby Demogorgon thing.” Steve said.

“Demodog!” Dustin’s voice called in the background. She could basically feel Steve’s eye roll over the phone.

“Where are you calling me from?”

“The Wheeler’s. I came to find Nancy and found Dustin instead.” Steve clarified.

“Okay, I’ll meet you there in 15.” Y/N assured him before shakily hanging up the phone.

Billy had got up from the sofa. “Everything all right.”

“Yeah.” Y/N tried to keep her voice steady. “Steve needs me to meet him at this kid called Dustin’s house about some stupid science project we promised we’d help him with.”

She was already walking up the stairs and he was quick on her heels. “You sure you’re okay?” Billy asked carefully. He knew something was up but he didn’t know how to ask.

“Yeah.” She said as she pulled the bag she hadn’t seen since last year out from under her bed. The stuff inside clanged as she threw it on her back. “Look, I should be back tonight.”

“Okay. I’ll come round.” Billy said as he followed her out of the house and watched as she locked the door. “You need a lift there?” It was starting to get dark.

She shook her head. “I can walk.” Without thinking she walked up to him and placed a kiss on his cheek. She didn’t give him chance to react as she quickly walked off leaving him dumbfounded but smiling none the less in the middle of her drive.

friendly reminder to my fellow witches!

don’t overwork yourself!

anytime you do magick, you expend not only physical energy but spiritual and/or magickal energy as well. it won’t do you any good to spread yourself too thin! so here’s a few reminders for you!

feeling low on energy?

  • take a break!
  • eat something if it’s been a while!
  • drink something!

feeling tired?

  • get some rest!
  • even a 10-minute nap is helpful!

feeling like things just aren’t working out?

  • take a break!
  • come back to it in a few hours or in a day!
  • you may just be running low on energy, but you may also need time away to look at things with fresh eyes!

that’s all I have for you for now, but keep these things in mind when you’re doing magick!

How to study when you have no idea how to study

(This is kinda for a pretty serious study session, so if you’re opting for a 45 minute study plan then this isn’t for you, sorry)

First things first, find a place to sit.

  • You may have already created a perfect study space for you, but sometimes it isn’t enough to get “into” the studying part.
  • Find a spot where you think you can spend some quality time for the day, and collect every possible thing that you might need to study.
  • Textbook first, followed by your class and handmade /digital notes + paper and pens and highlighters and midliners and whatever floats your goat tbh. Make sure you have all the content that you need to study with you.

Clear up your study space.

  • Get rid of everything that’s not going to be required. This includes all those other books on your desk, your planner (if you haven’t included anything about your study session in it) and anything that is taking up unnecessary space. Your study area needs to look as neat and motivating to you as possible.
  • Keep a tiny water bottle nearby, along with some nuts or maybe junk food. You know you won’t transform into the perfect student overnight, it’s okay to enjoy a bit.

Getting “into your element”

  • First of, determine your test’s portion. Sometimes the entire chapter isn’t included in the exam, only a part of it is. Know what part you’re supposed to study.
  • The textbook is your bible. My teachers always say that no matter how many reference books and notes I refer to, the best information I can get is using the textbooks. So open them (for real) and see for yourself.
  • Tick the topics you are going to cover in the textbook.
  • Start reading the textbook, and by reading I absolutely do not mean skimming through it and considering it done. You know it doesn’t work that way.
  • Underline stuff you find important with a pencil. You obviously can you highlighters as well, but what happens then is that whenever you refer back to your textbook it’s this big mess of neon and it will make reading difficult for you. Use a pencil, make boxes around subtopics, underline phrases, make doodles to explain stuff, go crazy. Studying can be fun if you want to have fun doing it.

This is what my textbook looked like after “actively reading” through my textbook.

Try watching this video for a better understanding on active reading : https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=578s&v=K4Tn4tv836A

Retain what you just learned

  • You may have heard of this method before, and trust me when I say it’s helpful af.
  • You just went through the textbook, now write down the main points on a blank sheet of paper. Only the main topic, subtopics and examples. Whatever you feel outlines the topic.

This is how my outline looks :

Try to condense the info down as much as possible, kinda like you’re making a cheat sheet.

Also, if possible do not loose this paper, because it will help rewiewing the chapter later on when you sit to revise.

Find out what you need to understand now

  • Chances are you have retained maximum information already, but hunt down the text for anything you do not understand clearly. Mark it for future references.
  • Use all studyblrs’ favourite Khanacademy and CrashCourse videos to clarify the topic. You can use a friend’s help, and in the end teachers are always ready to help out!
  • Mark this chapter as done in your study planner, if you do not have one I’d highly recommend making one as it is tremendously helpful. Mine looks like this :

There you go, you’ve accomplished something, so go ahead and reward yourself!

*pats you on the back* you did well my child… This potato is proud of you….

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