i may make one of these for every character

  • because I didn’t know what asexuality was until I saw it online
  • because for the longest time, I thought I was just broken
  • because finding out there was a label for people like me, that there were others like me, was one of the best days of my life
  • because people still react like it’s impossible, or will go away once I meet the right person
  • because no one knows what it is and it shouldn’t be my responsibility to educate every single one of them
  • because I am told that I will get over it
  • because asexuality is used as a trope for people who are cold and heartless and don’t know how to love
  • because we are compared to robots or plants
  • because people think we have been assaulted or traumatized in some way, and that this is just a reaction, and not just who we are
  • because there is no mainstream media character I can point to that has been identified as asexual
  • because when even thinking about characters who may be asexual, the only ones that come to mind are written that way as jokes or to make a point about their personality
  • because people still think the a is for allies
  • because there are kids growing up right now that feel just like I did and they won’t learn about asexuality until long after they think they’re broken too
  • because everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes
  • because we exist and we are here and you can’t keep ignoring us

the fandom interpretation of d.va sucks ass honestly

give me a strong independent d.va, standing up for herself, her country, and what she believes in.

give me a d.va with more character than “gamer girl”, i want to see the d.va who had her country taken away from her at 19. who joined the army and livestreamed every fight she was in, knowing full well it may be her last.

give me a d.va who isn’t babied by other overwatch members, and is taken seriously as a member of the team even though she is young.

i want a young, fun d.va! but i also want a serious one, one who can make decisions in the heat of battle, and one who is an inspiration to people. 

i want people to see her as more than an immature kid or sexy gamer girl, and as a strong fighter and smart woman. 

I am over the moon that season 4 may be about Sana. honestly, Skam is the only show that represents Muslims girls the way they should be represented, I’ve watched every show that had Muslim representation but always felt uncomfortable until I watched skam.

Usually Muslims girls in the media are just oppressed by islam, terrorists, uneducated, or just the noise in the background that barely do anything but be white washed. Sana represented a confident, and educated girl. Also, I love how she’s a simple girl character, deals with the same stuff any girl deals with, for example, fitting in and making friends.

Sana is one of the rare Muslim representation, so an entire season about her will bring more representations. hopefully this season will bring all kind of muslims, the good and the bad so the people get to see that all religions, races, and genders have two sides, so we can’t judge an entire group of people based on one individual action.

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So... I was looking at some of the reaction stuff you were sorta answering and there was this one where you stated, after someone made up a scenario (it was like "Chara: You're human? That's hilarious." And frisk was like everyone is human right here.) You stated, "Not just human, but the same human!" So, is that implying that maybe Frisk is making all of this up in their head, or something of that nature? Unless I misunderstood the words.

You may be misunderstanding! That reaction post was in response to the goofy little “Charatale” drawing I whipped up on a whim. I said that to highlight the absurdity of having every single character replaced with the same person (Chara). “Charatale” has nothing to do with Caretaker, other than sharing a similar look. ;D

As for “The Caretaker of the Ruins,” I can confirm that Frisk is not making anything up in their head. It’s all very real.

i love harold finch. i love him. god, my heart hurts because i’ve never had a disabled character like him before and it means so much to me.

he uses the number scale to describe chronic pain, on screen. sometimes, in scenes that are otherwise unrelated, he’ll grimace and touch his back or neck absentmindedly. he’ll offhandedly mention his limitations (“i may have a great many talents but active pursuit is not one of them”) without any hint of bitterness or shame.

i’ve never seen any character on television talk both frankly and casually about chronic pain before the way he does. fgs, they gave him an entire monologue about his relationship to pain in one episode and thinking about it still makes me feel weak in the knees.

we see him doing physical therapy on screen. we see him make references to having tried medical marijuana. we see him using a wheelchair, a cane. we see him limp, visibly, every time he moves. we see him be unapologetically noticeably disabled without it ever feeling tokenizing or othering.

he’s allowed to be a disabled character without being a Disabled Character. he’s allowed to have motivations and feelings and story lines that have absolutely nothing to do with disability but that still don’t ever forget that he isn’t ablebodied. no character ever condescends to him, but they don’t expect more than he can do either. he isn’t pitied for it by the narrative, and he isn’t being put on a pedestal for it. he simply is.

idk, seeing disability be treated as something so normal and accepted is so important to me as someone who still struggles with so much internalized ableism every day especially when it comes to being visibly disabled in public. being able to connect to a fictional character in that way means more than i can say.

What does Molly deserve?

If I see one more answer that Molly deserves more or something else or she was not written well, etc., I may just flip my shit.  She’s a character, in a TV show that only has six hours every season.

She’s strong and competent.  Sure, she loves a man that may not return her affections (gasp, I hope not), but does that make her weak?  Does she deserve more?  If this is her choice, why is that a problem?  I don’t see that as making her weak.  To me, it seems like she does go out there and get what she wants.  Look at where she is in her life. She’s made a family out of people that normally would never have anything to do with each other.  She has people that care about her, which is more than a lot of people in this world can say. 

Does Molly even know at this point what she wants (this of course always comes back to romance)?  Sure, she thought she had it in Tom. That was a big mistake.  I really do love how the writers handled her. She’s a real, honest to goodness character, not some plot device.  So many people in this world feel the way she feels. 

As a character, she has a major character arc of her own. She’s gone from a somewhat mousy, not able to get through a sentence without stuttering, to a woman who takes on one of the smartest men in the world with just a look.  We don’t get to see her do a lot of this onscreen, but we can all imagine how much more confident she is in every aspect of her life, not just dealing with Sherlock.

So maybe the word deserve needs to disappear from our vocabulary when dealing with a fictional character.  We all deserve to be happy, have friends and family, have a significant other. We don’t always get what we want though. Molly is realistic in that she makes the best of it, treads through the muck, and gets to the other side in one piece.

Ok, getting off my soapbox and my ramblings. I have no idea if any of that made any sense at all.

P.S.–One of those episodes in season four will get nominated for an Emmy.  They are just that good.

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Send 🔥 for an unpopular opinion || ACCEPTING!!!


I think people shouldn’t be judged on how much NSFW they rp. NSFW being sex, gore, and whatever other things you’d lump under that term. People should be able to rp whatever they want without people judging them, or thinking less of them because of it. It is their choice, not yours.


I feel like people should respect and show love to all of their followers, not just the ones they are mutuals with. I’m not talking about roleplaying with everyone under the sun, but just reblogging a post every once to show your appreciation. It may sound cheesy as hell, but everyone likes to know they are appreciated and noticed.


People shouldn’t be catching crap because they play a villain as, well, a villain. I find it extremely petty that me and some other rpers on here have gotten hate on here for making our villains evil. I’m just going to flat out say it: Why would you play or follow a villain if you can’t handle playing/seeing an evil character? It makes no sense. It really doesn’t.

Captain America: Civil War

Yes, I saw it last night. It’s so good. And I went in with high expectations.

A lot of people were worried that the plot would be bloated and unevenly paced and there would be too many characters and it just wouldn’t achieve the elegance of TWS… and of course they were right. Like, come on, that’s a given. But it’s good, man. It has the emotional sincerity and commitment to character conflict and political consequences we loved from TWS.

Random thoughts under the cut:

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(so,... basically:) white ppl: look that's just my opinion but I don't think people should pick white characters and headcannon them as POC. I may have 99.5% representation in every book and TV show or movie that I watch, but if you headcannon one (1) white character as POC, I'll be really offended. I need to be able to relate to them all, period. also that's kinda racist too, and totally makes me, a white person, feel oppressed. I mean, you get your 0.5%! whitewashing is just #EQUALLY bad.

That appears to be the message that anti POC headcannoners are trying to make, yes

Welcome to Half-Hearted! I’m mostly making this to stop flooding my other blog with silly comics. X3 This is not an RP blog but I am willing to answer some questions in-character, as though they were responding to texts or emails.

I may one day draw out the events that led to this AU, but it takes place after the true-pacifist ending of Undertale. So beware of spoilers!

It’s constantly said that a single human SOUL is equivalent to nearly every monster SOUL in the Underground. At the end of the game, Asriel is doomed to revert into a sociopathic, loveless flower after returning all of the SOULs he stole because he no longer has the power to maintain his form. In this, literally, half-hearted idea, Frisk breaks his SOUL in half in order to prevent Asriel from losing himself! This has some rather unforseen though probably not unwelcome side-effects~ Still half a human SOUL being equivalent to probably hundreds of monster SOULs, the two are still incredibly powerful monsters, but simply want to live out the lives that were taken from them.

I hope you enjoy this silly idea :) And I suggest also looking into Dreemur-Reborn’s work as it was [obviously] a major inspiration for it.



i am

▸ over 20
▸ AST (GMT-4)
▸ active
▸ lazy lit +
▸ able to play more than one gender
▸ tired

looking for partners who are

▸ 18 +
▸ lazy lit +
▸ active
▸ able to play more than one gender

▸ prefer to roleplay over email but may be swayed into other mediums. no messengers, however. i would prefer to ooc in a separate email thread but may give out skype after a while. i don't use hangouts/discord/aim/any other instant messenger.

when i say lazy lit, i mean my intros are usually 800-1200 words per character and my replies usually 400-700 words per character. i’m not really interested in going above this atm.

if you’re someone who can only get out one reply every two weeks or less, sorry but i don’t think we’ll click. consistently waiting multiple weeks for a reply tends to make the roleplay lose momentum and me lose interest. i totally understand when things come up that mean replies will be slow for a while, but typically, i would like to get at least three responses per week.

i enjoy and encourage doubling though i do not require it. i play males and females when doubling, though one of my mains will typically be a female oc. my pref is m/f but if you’d like to do a m// or f// or nb pairing as well, that’s fine by me.

limits are about what you’d expect (no sexualization of minors, no romanticized/sexualized abuse, no hard kinks). mature themes are fine by me but if you come at me with your kinks in your first message (or ever) i will ignore you. i’m not looking for pwp/smut-based/kink-based rp. let me know if you have any limits/triggers/squicks before we get started.

i would prefer that you have played all three games or are at least willing to look up the lore as necessary. if you haven’t gotten around to all the dlc that’s fine.

▸ there are way too many ships and characters to list all the ones i am interested in, so i'll make it easy: i will play just about any canon character from any of the three games/dlc with the exception of solas, iron bull, and loghain. i would like to play against cullen, alistair, anders, or maybe solas. my preferred ship is canon x oc (or canon x pc as in cullen x inquisitor, alistair x warden, etc), but i’m open to canon x canon and oc x oc. i will likely play one of my protags (warden/hawke/inquis), but if you have a non-pc oc you want to kiss a canon, that’s a-ok with me.

as i mentioned, i’m also down for oc’s in thedas. filling in those pesky gaps, going on some inquisition business sans inquisitor, etc. i’d also be willing to explore some pre-game timeline. swing by the first blight. etc.

i'm open to au’s, though no fluffy modern stuff like college au or road trip au. i like that kind of stuff, but prefer to keep them as fluff one shots alongside the Serious Business™.

i don’t particularly have any plots and it would be utterly dependent on what characters we wanted to use, so we can probably come up with that stuff together. that said, if you have any plot cravings/ideas/etc. feel free to throw them my way. healthy balances of angst/romance/adventure are generally the quickest way to my heart.

i’ll just leave it at this because everything else is just stuff that can be figured out together. send an email to xtheirin@gmail.com if you’re interested. please ensure you include what character(s) you would like me to play, what character(s) you would like to play, and any ideas or cravings you have.

thoughts: sora and character development

Okay, so I’ve been talking about doing this for a while, but after screaming at ilusionada​ for a while yesterday, it kind of inspired me to actually get this done. Maybe because it bullet-pointed all the things I want to hit. Of course, this is all personal interpretation, but I’m using what’s actually seen in canon as my sole base for this.

But I really, really want to talk about Sora’s development through the course of Kingdom Hearts. Because he absolutely is not a static, one-note, happy-go-lucky character. His characterization isn’t defined solely by those traits, and I really, truly feel that his actions in every game make sense for the context. I’m going to leave KH1 out of this, because I feel like it’s straightforward, and I’m only going to touch on Chain of Memories because I’ve touched on it a little  in the past. That said, this may get pretty lengthy, since I have a lot to say.

I don’t really find anything inherently wrong with how he was portrayed in CoM, but I hardly think it’s the apex or climax of his development. He does show a range of emotions—defeat, loss, frustration, anger that’s almost irrational. But all the same, those weren’t the most natural or organic of his reactions. They were born from being toyed with, from Naminé pulling his memories apart and replacing them, along with some really blatant goading by way of Repliku. And that’s fine. It’s great that we got to see it, but I can’t help but disagree when I see people say that it’s the only time he really develops, or that his portrayal in KH2 was “out of character” or that his portrayal in DDD was “regressive.” I have a difficult time seeing things that way, and here’s why.

When Sora wakes up in KH2, the surface memories of everything that happened in Castle Oblivion are gone. Sure, they’re somewhere deep in his heart, deep enough that meeting Axel again and seeing the coats of the Organization members didn’t trigger anything. All the same, Roxas has been forcibly brought back to him, and up until their face-off at Sora’s Station of Awakening, there’s definitely some dissonance and unrest. Right from the start, Sora is in kind of a precarious situation; they wake up in an unfamiliar place with no idea how much time has passed (presumably enough, considering Sora has all but outgrown his clothes, which I’m sure he felt quickly enough, even if it wasn’t pointed out til later). He’s quickly faced with enemies unlike what he’s seen before, and tires out until Mickey gives them help.

But during all of this, that sense of familiarity thanks to Roxas’ memories and influence are there. We see this when he leaves Twilight  Town, with this melancholic thoughts about how he feels like he’ll never see the place again, or the tear he sheds when leaving Hayner/Pence/Olette. Even the way Sora gazes out the window of the train as it moves along the tracks is vaguely reminiscent of Roxas.

And as the story goes on, we see a lot of different things happen. We see Sora start largely okay. We see the little things start to get under his skin. We see his emotional stability waver on more than one occasion. We see him try hard to keep his promises to his friends and a happy face whenever possible.

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A PSA about Undertale AUs

I’m going to go out on a limb here and actually express an opinion not explicitly asked for. I generally avoid doing so, because I generally find putting unprompted opinions the equivalent of hitting a brick wall–the only one who ends up hurt is yourself.

But this is a topic that has given me a fair deal of notoriety, and some recent things have prompted me to address it directly.

I love the AUs.

This doesn’t mean that I love every AU, but I love the fact that they exist.  I love that there are hundreds of people actively inspired to create.  I love the people who devote time and love to works of fiction that may never see the light of day.  

I don’t really believe in bad AUs. There are AUs that are a tad unndercooked, AUs that make me personally uncomfortable, AUs that can only be AUs because they technically used Sans as a model for one of their characters.  But these do not make them bad.

Rather, I consider them as catalysts to original thought.  They are often the first mode by which we beginning building–a solid basis that will eventually lead to independent, creative stories.  A good example in the Undertale fandom is @coulsart, who has transformed fanart into an incredible and intriguing set of characters that I am excited to hear more from. 

However, we can’t all be Coul, or @renrink or @dokudoki or @happikattwuzheere.   We are all at various stages of learning, and should be given room to grow.

They will not grow if we stifle creativity because we classify it as “bad” and tear down artists and creators in the early stages of their development.

I have recently become aware of a couple of blogs that actively seek out beginning artists who are young or inexperienced, then repost their art without permission for the sole purpose of publicly mocking it.  

This. Is. Wrong.

It is not constructive criticism.  It is unkind and crushing and mean.  It has no place in a professional world, and it especially have no place in the fandom for a game that pleads, at its core, for people to be kind.

I will not list the names of the blogs who target kids for the sake of cruelty, because as disgusted as I am, I don’t want them to be attacked by a mob. What they are doing is wrong, but we’re no better if we resort to that.

Instead, I offer the following plea: be kind, be patient.

I know many of you are disillusioned with the millions of sans copies that are shipped with each other. I know many of you find the artwork “ugly” or the characters out of character “mary sues,” but I raise you this: Have any of you not gone through that phase.  

Can any of you tell me that you haven’t made a ridiculous crossover, drawn an embarassing OC, written awful fanfiction.  Have any of you not imagined yourself a character in your favorite fantasy world, and felt safe in your imagination where you could make everything go right?

It’s embarrassing to think back on now, but it was crucial to our growth and development. Yet each of us, artists and creators, were allowed to grow up and grow through it.  We must now pay it forward to the next generation.

In two or five or ten years, they’ll look back on their own work with embarrassment.  There is no need to make them ashamed in the present. Build them, teach them how to give and accept constructive criticism, give them time to mature, and in a few years I think we will all be amazed at their progress.

If you cannot bring yourself to do that, then think back to the Undertale.

Think back to a game that started all this madness, and remember what made it so good.

Be kind.  Not because you must be, but because you have the power to be cruel.

The world is cruel enough without us adding to it.

–Fireflysummers OC Designs, Age 17

every year i try to make that one drawing that is different like in a way i did the drawing of this with a pencil and paper. Now look at it after i’ve done the rest on the computer.

The Idea is from looking forward to what may come in 2016 that has to do with pokemon.

So the wings are to be like the phoenix where when it falls it’s not gone for good.  

Character is Lysandre from Pokemon


can we all just appreciate this heartbreaking scene from the new chapter. BC JUST LOOK AT THIS SHIT, IT ONLY TOOK TWO PAGES, TWO DAMN PAGES TO MAKE ME CRY.




I CAN HONESTLY SAY MOBLIT IS ONE OF THE MOST SELFLESS SNK CHARACTERS IN MY EYES and i’m so sad hanji lost her other half/ her protector.

R.I.P Moblit Berner

I’m in the (slow, very slow) process of making a font straight from the Observer’s text. Most “handwriting”-style fonts always bothered me because you have maybe two variations - if you’re lucky - for each character, so it never looks natural (since no one writes anything exactly the same way every time). I’m aiming to fix that with this by including every single dang letter that four-eyed demonic thing ever scratched out. Look at all those Os and Es and Ts. Look at them.

As it is, I’m only halfway through HELLOTHERE, so this may take a while, fyi. But would people be interested in a download link for this when I’m done (probably in a week or so)?


you all know that the tfc fandom can be a pretty dark place and hey, sometimes that’s not a bad thing!

with the material that we’re given- angst and pain and tears is a pretty reasonable choice and i for one love having my heart ripped out once in a while

but that may not be the thing for everyone all the time, which is the reason for this little thing!!

i got the idea from @pjopositivityproject who does an excellent job spreading good vibes in the pjo fandom xx

how it works: 

  • do you have that one fic/writer/person in the tfc fandom that you really appreciate? submit your thoughts about them here! we’ll post everything anonimously :)
  • or you have too much love for that one character? let it all out in our inbox/submissions!!! every happy little thought about all of the characters!!
  • if you make happy edits/headcanons/fics etc , feel free to tag them with #tfcpositivityproject so we can see them! (same goes for selfies!!)
  • there’ll be no angst on this blog, so this blog will be a safe place for everyone who needs it!!
Romance: It’s Okay to Write a Romantic Sub-Plot

 Anonymous asked:

Hello! I’d like to thank this blog for being so helpful in my times of writing struggle. I’m really grateful, but also having some trouble. Lately I’ve been worried that adding romance to my story will upset many of the readers. It’s not the defining plot, because I want to leave that subject for the audience, but having a romantic relationship is the desire of my characters at a later point in my story. I don’t want people to be put off by it, but I don’t want to remove it either. Any advice?

Aww, thanks! I’m glad to help. :) <3

This may seem counterintuitive, but don’t make writing decisions based on what readers are saying. There are critics and fans of every genre, every sub-genre, every plot, every trope, every cliché, and every story element. Sure, there are lots of readers who complain about romantic sub-plots, but for every one of them you’ll find another reader who loves them. It’s far more important that you follow your heart and write the story you want to write, and the story that wants to be written. If you want to write a romantic sub-plot and it works for the story, write a romantic sub-plot and don’t apologize. It’s your story, your romantic sub-plot, and even if some readers roll their eyes, many others will gobble it up. :)

Just fyi

I saw some posts from a person who shall remain nameless (we all know who she is) and wanted to put this out there: I ship Caryl. Sure it may never happen on screen but I still ship it. There is nothing anyone can say that will change that. Never hook them up? Still ship it. Kill one or both off? I still ship it. Put them with someone else? Still shipping it. Make Daryl’s character boring and stuck in a rut? Still ship it. Make Carol a total and complete bad ass? So shipping it. If people would spend more time enjoying their personal ships and less time trying to tear down my ship, they would probably find the “Zen” their idol talks about. In closing: I still ship Caryl with every breath of my shippers trash heart and there is nothing anyone can say that will change that.