i may make more it's really satisfying

Thank you mashima for Fairy Tail and all of its amazing characters :’))))))))))))

And thanks to all the wonderful people i’ve met in making Fairy Tail more joyous 

Hopefully this will not the last time we’ll be seeing them <3<3<3

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Yea I agree with the other anon if your in love with someone you shouldn't be with someone else for multiple reasons. You aren't giving yourself fully to the other person you aren't actually in love with them since you are with someone. Yea I don't see what you don't get about that? If felicity gets with Ray then yea I agree she isn't in love with Oliver because if she was she wouldn't be able to be with anyone else it would feel wrong hell it would be wrong because it's not who she really wants

This is in response to this ask.  

Listen.  I don’t know what to tell you.  You don’t understand what I don’t get?  Same goes.  For me, it’s simple; that’s why I get it.  You’re painting love with a black and white brush.  Maybe that’s been your experience.  It has never been mine.  

If you truly do believe this then I think this season might be a ship-breaker for you.  And I’m sorry for that, I really am.  

I keep wondering why some of you have these strange views on love and romance and I keep coming back to … Twilight.  I remember reading those books and thinking that the themes were a bit on the dangerous side, toxic.  I remember wondering what sort of message young girls would get from reading it, and other books like it.  And now I know.  This is what happens.  Now, we have women who believe that to be in love means you have to give up your *self*, that obsessive, possessive love is the only real love there is.  I just find that so sad

Would you rather Felicity, after Oliver broke up with her (because make no mistake, that is what he did… he told her they could not have the relationship she wanted to have), have shut herself up in her townhouse, staring out the window, wallowing in her grief.  The way that Bella did when Edward broke up with her?  Maybe you do but for me?  Hell. No.  She loves him, she loves him so much it probably burns, but the important thing is that she loves herself more.  And I am so glad for that because THAT is an example that young women need to see. 

(Plus, I feel like everyone is now expecting she’ll have sex with Ray. My gut tells me that she won’t… or at the very least, that we won’t see it.  But ultimately I don’t think it really matters if she does because its her life, its her choice and she’s an adult who can make decisions for herself.  If that’s a deal breaker for you, well, then I’m sorry to hear that.  May you find a more satisfying ship elsewhere.)

idk about you guys but I’m personally satisfied with barn mates

At least with how it ended–lapis’ character development wasn’t forced. She’s one to hold grudges and its hard for her to get past them, as we know a little bit from mirror gem/ocean gem.

In barn mates, she was able to at least come to terms that what she was doing wasn’t right (after steven, the only person she really trusts, calls her out on it) and make an effort to change it–even if she didn’t apologize outright (something like that may take more time)

I just feel like if she did it would have been too much of a drastic flip in the episode–potentially even out of character–as well if the episode had ended on better terms perhaps. Mainly because this is lapis’ first step toward character development and given what we’ve seen of her character so far–i dont think it would happen suddenly or drastically. 

after all, relationships take time and work

shes a very complicated character and character development like this will also take a lot of time and work, so I’m interested to see how she develops in the future

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Do you ever get that feeling that Rogue may sometimes be really unreasonable to Remy and that maybe, just maybe, she doesn't love him as much as he loves her? Boy was that painful to say, coming from a Romy shipper.

I don’t think either one of them loves the other more than the other, I think they love one another differently.  They have different needs, desires, and insecurities, which is pretty normal for any couple.  I think its those insecurities that make up the biggest problems for them.  Rogue learned, out of necessity, how to be emotionally close to someone without touching, but never was able to satisfy her longing for a normal romantic relationship.  Gambit had almost the exact opposite experience, having lots of physical intimacy, but little emotional involvement.  So while Rogue feels insecure about the physical attributes of a romantic relationship, Remy finds it hard to believe they he is deserving of unconditional love.  They need separate things to over-come these insecurities, which is a big factor on why they haven’t been able to settle down permanently together.

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i really wish that for ryuko matoi you tried to be a little more in character during the photos, i mean your cosplay LOOKS great but the complete cosplay is all about being in character right? just that photo-ready trying to be pretty smile bothers me it's very ooc

Well it may surprise you but I have tons of photos where I make an angry face, but I don’t like them. I’d rather I be happy with the photos I pay for than post photos I’m not as pleased with to satisfy somebody else’s weird need. 

I mean, this message just comes off like you’re butthurt that I can sync with Senketsu. kindly fuck off into your land of fantasy. I’ll just be smiling and imagining Mako-chan readying for a running glomp from off-camera. >_>


Rilaya Week - Day 4: Under-Appreciated Moment(s)

1) 1x03 - Girl Meets Sneak Attack

Riley wanting to grow up and keep pace with Missy Bradford. Maya tells Riley that Missy Bradford’s decision to grow up fast has nothing to do with Riley. Maya loves Riley just the way she is and tries to help her see the value in going at her own pace. I love this scene because it shows how Maya is really very good and very wise at her core. Being unaffected by the pressure of her peers is a true strength and she uses her strength and wisdom to try and help the people she cares about.

2) 1x04 - Girl Meets Father

Maya starts to talk about how her dad doesn’t live with her. Riley takes Maya’s hand and softly tells her, “It’s okay.” One of the things I love about Riley and Maya is that they’re very accepting of each other, in spite of the fact their lives are very different from each other. Riley wants Maya to know that it’s okay, that she’s okay, exactly as she is. And Riley is visibly emotionally affected by the urge to comfort Maya here. It’s great how they’re always there for each other.

3) 1x16 - Girl Meets Home for the Holidays & 2x04 - Girl Meets Pluto

Defending each other when Shawn makes the other one feel bad. Riley and Maya having each other’s backs is always great. Maya gets passionate all throughout 1x16 in defense of Riley and it’s beautiful. Being so forthright with the adults in your life can be an intimidating prospect, but neither of them shrinks away from the challenge. Riley’s not often as bold or direct as Maya, but she’s quick to swallow her inhibitions when Maya’s happiness is at stake.

4) 2x05 - Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

This argument demonstrates a lot about Riley and Maya’s dynamic. I’m most intrigued by the way the blocking and body language changes for them in this one. I keep meaning to do a proper full analysis of the episode, but I keep not doing it. Maya becomes intensely guarded though, physically reflecting her emotional state. Riley gets confused and angry. Even just in the physicality of it, they really demonstrate how this argument is different from any disagreements we may have seen prior to this. The heightened sense of conflict makes it all the more satisfying when they resolve it. And the absence of their usual body language here really serves to highlight its presence in the other episodes. The shadows provide a contrast and help us to appreciate the light.

5) 1x01 - Girl Meets World

Riley: I think too much and you don’t think at all.

Riley: I just wanna stand by my girl.
Cory: You missed the moment to stand by your girl. You were so busy trying to be her, Riley, you forgot the best thing you can do for her is be you!

Balance. This is one of my favorite themes in just about anything, but especially in relationships. Riley and Maya have such a balancing impact on each other’s lives and it’s absolutley beautiful. They’re similar in some respects, but different in a lot of ways. Book smarts and street smarts, naïveté and wisdom, hope and cynicism. What’s great is that their differences are so well-matched. Their personalities complement each other wonderfully. They’re at their best when they’re together.