i may make a set for that anyway

let’s talk about history maker

so i’ve got a lot of feeling about yuri!!! on ice and i’ve only been in the fandom for about three days now but let’s go

so we all know the boss ass opening for yoi. it’s gold. if you haven’t listened to it i’m sorry you haven’t lived. 

this may be a little long, so i’ll add a cut but keep reading cause i think this may be important 

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I’m gonna make it official when the mini comic is ready: PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE ACLU AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD. 

Because honestly, with how things are right now, these people need all the help they can get. At the moment I may seem rather calm, but I can assure you, I am quite livid right now and I’m going to stand up and help anyway I can. So why not help with art? 

I’m going to be setting it up with my agent, but once everything is in order we’ll have it to where you can request which organization you would like to donate to when you purchase the book. 

There will be three versions: 

RED HEAD DRAWS: A SKETCHBOOK BY CORIN HOWELL – any books left over from the Kickstarter. This includes “The Owl’s Knight” and “BOUNTY BOTS” as well as various sketches, pinups, illustrations, and what not that I’ve drawn over the years. 

BOUNTY BOTS (Standard) – Bounty Bots the comic.

BOUNTY BOTS: EXTENDED – Includes the behind the scenes, character sketches, etc. 

These are the options I have now. Pricing will be decided when the books are printed! I hope you all will enjoy the books! :) 

Stay tuned. 


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But it's still months until that supposed release date in april/may. Who's to say that he won't start doing promo or being more active before that? People are already ripping him to shreds even though nothing has happened yet and I'm so sick of it.

No one (that I follow, anyway) is ripping him to shreds. People are just making speculations based on what’s currently known to us and what they seem to be setting up. It’s very possible it’s the same old 6 month Fakeout. We’re all saying “IF…”. Hypotheticals, people.

Hi guys! I have a week off and I’m bored so… blogrates. Also some other stuff. 


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I managed to squeeze in at least one Valentine’s Day themed set of wings, though I think there may be some fae who would wear them throughout the year. I took the painted pattern from the peacock colored Aynia wings and re-worked it to make heart shaped ‘eyes’ and used pinks, reds and purples in the palette on top of the iridescent Lilac base film with black veining. Available tomorrow morning at 6am PST for $359. 
Too bad I didn’t have time to finish a Valentine themed crown too, what do you all think of making one anyway even if it’s not delivered by Tuesday? Are reds and pinks wanted no matter the season?

#fancyfairy #fairywings #faeriewings #valentinesday #valentine #hearts #iridescent

To those of you who are suffering from mental illness who are undertaking the Junior Cert or Leaving Cert Examinations this week (Applies to everyone else too):

I haven’t seen much of this around so I thought I’d write something :) I’m sorry please don’t take this TOO seriously I am trying to be helpful and I hope I don’t come across as rude in any way! This may not apply to just Irish students, it can apply to those taking finals or SATs or whatever exams you may have in your country.

-Take care of yourself during the time. You’re probably going to be even more stressed and exhausted than usual. Even if you truly can’t sleep, go to bed early anyway. If you’re having intrusive/stressful thoughts, maybe listen to music 

-Make sure to eat properly, even if you don’t want to. If you struggle with eating, remind yourself, set alarms, or ask a trusted person/friend to remind you. Your body is going to need nourishment to fuel your brain, and even something as small as a piece of fruit (like an apple or banana) is better than nothing.

-Coffee may seem like an obvious solution for combating tiredness and for instant energy, but if you suffer from exam anxiety or an AD in general, try to drink as little as possible. Caffeine makes anxiety and your nerves 100x WORSE. (I know this one from experience)

-between exams try and spend some time outdoors. Good weather is promised for the exams and it may be refreshing and calming to be outside instead of cooped up inside all the time. I know people who bring their books outside and sit and study somewhere quiet. This may help you to calm your nerves.

-In the exam hall, don’t stress over others. Personally I’m in my own room during my exams due to my own anxiety but if you’re in a centre with hundreds of others, don’t take any notice of them. They’re NOT looking at you. Chances are they’re just as worried as you are and really couldn’t care less about you, they’re focused on their own exam.

-if you’re anything like me by the time you get home from exams you’ll have lost all motivation, energy and will to live and will instantly flop into bed for a couple hours, if not the whole evening. Try to avoid this. When in motion stay in motion, and instead go to bed early that night. You’ve done well to get up.

-If possible, try and get some form of exercise on the weekends or a day off. Even a 20 minute walk will do! It may seem daunting but the exercise will release endorphins and make you (hopefully) feel calmer, more content, and oftentimes more motivated.

-Spend some time with family and/or pets during free days. When you’re not studying, spend time with other people. This can be a way to de-stress. Personally my dog helps to calm me down when I have an episode.

-If you’re on any medication, don’t stop taking it for the sake of exams, (it sounds stupid but I’ve heard of people doing this)

-Similarly, I wouldn’t recommend taking any kind of relaxant or pill the day of/night before your exam that you haven’t used before. Rescue Remedy is a popular choice, but I mean things like Xanax. It could have disastrous results.

-I’d recommend finding a friend you can rant out stuff to. Like your worries for the maths exam, what might come up on the science papers, how you think you did, etc. While sometimes this can be more harmful than good as it CAN turn into a comparison of who found it easier (and the “oH MY GOD they found it easy that means I’m stupid I failed” effect), it can also be a sense of comfort and may help you. 

If you want you can even inbox me and go “yo so I’m fucked for maths wbu” and I’ll probably reply with a “hey m8 SAME!” or anyone else. Tumblr JC/LC students are all in the same boat. We’re all going through what you’re going through (you might have it worse however with illness)

-Find something to work for. Maybe it’s the college you want? or a pair of shoes your mother promised? or a trip to a Gaelic final? for me, it’s the prospect of gaining a new graphics tablet. (and a trip to comiccon haha) Set yourself something to work for, or maybe ask your parents to buy you something you’re looking for if you succeed.

-Don’t lose sight of summer. summer is soon. think of all that freedom. You’ll be free. Able to do what you want. Meet your friends, go on holiday, even watch netflix all day like a pig. (me lmao) It’s all so soon. You just have to get through these next few weeks. You can do it. 

-Don’t feel bad about not being able to do higher level maths. most people can’t.

-Your best IS good enough. You are good enough. You do know more than you may think. 

-Not being able to do a question does not make you a failure.

-failing an exam does NOT make you a failure

-you are good enough and you can survive this.

-Exam results do not reflect your worth as a person. In fact, they do not reflect your intelligence. They reflect your academic skill and memory recall.

-Life goes on after the exams

-Life exists after the JC/LC

-You can do this I believe in you you are strong

-Make me proud

NCISLA Set Visit?

Since some people have been asking based on past years, this post is to let you know we won’t be sharing any new BTS insights this year (at least for S8).

Why, you ask?

Isn’t three enough?! Like that alone didn’t make us seem/feel a bit “stalker-ish”?!

Anyway, let’s just say it’s a combination of “adulting” issues. BFF Kara (@iwannabemewhenigrowup) elected to fully remodel her master & guest bathrooms in her relatively new condo. As for me, I’m co-leading a university honors group to Europe in May and am going through an extended dental procedure (again - as always?). We’re also starting to plan a long overdue return escape to Hawaii. And I have to admit our most recent set visit experience had a slight note of disappointment.

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Talk about being late to the party, anyway, I’ll start off by introducing myself, I’m Kassie and I currently reside in the cold country of Norway setting me in the GMT+1 Timezone, you may or may not have seen me around on tumblr as I believe I’ve been in a couple rps with some of you? Or at the very least follow you from my rpt, but anyway, since Riverdale came out, I like many others have found myself falling more and more in love with Camila Mendes each week, so of course, making an OC with her faceclaim is only nature. Under the cut, I’ll try and throw some basics out at you and attempt to keep it short and sweet, please like this if you’d like to plot with us, or msg me on here and if you prefer plotting over skype (I’ll give that to people over message) 

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While digging around my doll stuff today, I realised that both Flea and Adinael were wearing half-finished dresses, so I set up the sewing machine (for the first time since I got it two years ago…) and finished up these dresses. 

I forgot how hard ‘Dina is to take pictures of. My flat is dark as it is, but because ‘Dina is white skin, artificial light makes them way too over-lit, and natural sunlight - Well, it happens around here about fifty days a year and we just had two weeks of it. If we’re lucky, we’ll get sunlight again sometime in May. xD Anyway, please ignore how poorly lit the lower two photos are, they’re just to show the whole dresses. 

Flea’s wig is glorious. 

ok so this book im reading ok it’s talking about the Midrash and it shared one midrash about making humans ok and i love everything i read about Midrash because context and everything makes this religion so great to me. 

Ok so while the Creation was going on G-d said “let us make man” and the rabbi’s interpreted that ‘us’ to mean G-d had a group of Angels helping him set things up. but they were kinda iffy on if humans should even be a THING

So one group of angels said he should make man because man would be loving and honest/righteous. Another group said he shouldn’t because man would be cruel and their lives would suck/be full of conflict, basically. And it was a huge fight between the side like nothing ever seen and the argument kept going and going and going 

While this was happening, G-d went off and made man anyway like “i recognize they may hurt themselves, but i know what i’m doing”

And it’s supposed to show G-d’s omnipotence while recognizing human fragility ok. But all i keep imagining is that G-d took into account both sides, nodded in a way that a force with no physical body can, and went “they’ll work on it” and smacked us down here like a bunch of play-doh people on an arts and crafts group project that not everyone is working on because 2/3rds of the group are busy yelling about semantics. 

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For a dang good gaming pc thats affordable; Dont buy a premade one, they tend to cost too much and suck. Buld your own online (i used ibuypower) You may need to look more in to good parts to use for preformance, but a good way to cut corners on price is to remove unnecisary parts (like a cd tray, most stuff people download things online anyway) I bought my ibuypower for $1,000 and it runs games like gta5 and WoW on ultra settings.

Hey thanks so much for the message! So I need to buy a pre made one- I am not a computer person and I cannot afford over a thousand for a tower. However I am looking at that make for pre made ones! I did not know anything about the company so it is nice that you mentioned it?

but my favorite parallel in the atla universe that no one ever talked about was in season three; in the boiling rock when mai betrays azula, someone mai knows to be dangerous and unstable and vindictive, and azula asks why she would do it, mai says “i love zuko more than i fear you”. when faced with the reality of having to stand in the line of fire to protect zuko, mai did it without hesitation

and it happens again when zuko accepts azula’s request to an Agni Kai and katara doesn’t understand why he would let his sister split them up and he tells her that no one else would have to get hurt if he went in alone and then, when faced with the reality of having to stand in the line of fire to protect katara, he jumped in front of lightning for her without hesitation. he loved katara more than he feared azula

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You have a right to your feelings, often times I feel the same type of thing. Is it selfish? Eh, who knows. But sometimes you're entitled to think of yourself and how you feel.

THANK YOU! I just think that some people on here ARE selfish. They make content, they want people to like and reblog their content, but they DON’T reblog others hard work. Like do people realise how long some gif sets take to make? Or art? Or fanfics? They can take HOURS. I try to share everyones work (except I don’t share a lot of fanfics cause I like to reblog if I read it, but I get too distracted - sorry to my fanfic mutuals) cause I KNOW what kind of time they may have put into it. Even if it’s an artist starting out, and some would say their art isn’t as good as some of the bigger art blogs, they deserve to have their art get exposure. 

Anyway to sum up; I’m sick of these blogs who want others to boost their work but don’t boost others.

Edit to add: That to me the blogs that are dedicated to their own work don’t count. Also if people miss some posts that doesn’t matter. What I’m more talking about is when you share like 30 of their posts, and they shared none of yours. :/


I. Am. Wiped.

I just got home from work and it wasn’t busy or anything really but I am so tired 😴

My day consisted of; an easy, short run, Gilmore girls, greys anatomy, and criminal minds, a 8 hour work shift, lots of vegan noms, and now back home, sipping on tea while watching some more criminal minds before going to bed in a few minutes!

I think I’m going to not set my alarm to work out or anything in the morning just so I can catch up on sleep. Idk. I also really want to work out, so I feel torn lol
I can always sleep in on Sunday bc it’s my day off.. so I may just make myself wake up early tomorrow to work out bc of that haha
Buuuut sleep sounds so good 🙃

Anyways, I hope you all had a good day but maybe not so wiped out as my day made me!?

And for the anon hat asked, here’s an average day for me; steps, calories burned, distance walked.. all that jazz! This is with a short run, typically my average run is about 6 miles (today was only a 3.5 miler) so it’s typically a bit higher.

Oh yeah I never did mention this but I may be making a plush for once in the near future.

Basically I was approached irl by a friend to make a horse using old shirts that belonged to her dad. For context her dad died a few years back and loved horses so she figured it would be a good sentimental thing to do with those instead of throwing the shirts out or giving them away.

Notably I haven’t been given the clothing yet but once I do I’ll probably set aside whatever I’m doing and make that since its really important obviously. 

Anyway in the meantime I may try to make something random just because I’m sorta rusty and making artisan crafts so I rather not screw things up on something like this. Not sure what I’ll make. Perhaps something with that purple fabric @gomecatnip sent me a million years ago. It was originally going to be used for a plush toy of Darwin but since canonically Darwin’s hair is no longer purple I could definitely use that for something else now.

A Method for Clearing a Tarot Deck

There is much talk of “clearing” and “cleansing” a Tarot deck between readings. The implication in most discussions of this is that the “energies” or forces at play within one reading may taint those of subsequent readings, thus making them difficult to interpret. I didn’t initially believe this when I began reading as a youngster, namely because all the methods I had read about seemed excessive. And, anyways, it was rather impossible for thirteen-year-old me to find crystals to set atop my deck (one method I have seen), or a way to bury it in salt (another method). Furthermore, I was a kid, so I really lacked the patience to care about such things!

My readings throughout this period were accurate enough, and from that, one might extrapolate that there is no need to clear the deck after a reading. Later experiences decidedly turned me off the concept, for the most part. During my time spend attempting to be a good friend to the wannabe-Atlantean psychic I’ve mentioned on here, I definitely got this feeling. He was constantly picking up various decks of mine while visiting, and would make claims about how much “bad energy” had collected about the deck.

 I assume there was nothing to this, because my readings chugged along quite well. In fact, he probably only did it because I’d said I didn’t cleanse, blasphemy to him. At one point, I was outraged as he picked up my absolute favorite deck and declared that he had just experienced a vision of “faces screaming.” He all but demanded I buy some expensive crystal to cleanse it. It isn’t as if he were selling the crystals - I think he just wanted someone to join in his excessive and unhealthy trinket collecting.

Thus, for the greater part of my Tarot career, I did nothing to cleanse my decks. In the past year or so, however, I had been having certain feelings that suggested I should find a way to clear them, albeit in my own odd fashion. This was perhaps due to spending so much time around people who habitually did so, but may also be a result of reading for strangers. I believe that, since strangers are unconnected to each other, it becomes difficult to read for one after the other without some ritualized (or other) action to signify the beginning and end of a reading. This may not constitute a proper cleansing or clearing of the deck, but it’s how I see it.

I had no intention, even given this intuition, of buying a bunch of crystals to perpetually leave atop my decks when not in use. That made little sense to me - what is the crystal supposed to do? Absorb the force of the previous readings? Wouldn’t it become “full” eventually? I don’t comprehend this practice. If you do it and it works for you, that’s wonderful, but, since I fail to understand it, it will no doubt never work for me.

Other methods of cleansing fell short for me, as well. That tried and true suggestion found in many books about putting the deck back in order seemed like a good idea initially. I soon realized that it caused more problems than it solved. It interfered with the already difficult to achieve randomness of the cards, and took precious time. When you’re at a party and doing five or six readings an hour, this can be a major issue! Thus, I resolved to find a way of so-called cleansing that was practical, effective (for me), and fit within the paradigms of my reading practice. 

I eventually saw a thread on a Facebook group (the Tarot ones tend to be quite decent, unlike the magick-focused ones) where someone had asked the members to post their strategies for clearing or cleansing their deck. I was surprised to find out that many other people had notions similar to mine. Like me, they saw cleansing as a metaphorical act. In case you couldn’t guess, I believe that the purpose of cleansing (at least for me) is to symbolically begin and end a reading, thus helping the reader to move into a state of greater focus. I hope that makes sense. Anyways…

I read some interesting things in that thread. Few used crystals or salt or engaged in Byzantine ritual purifications designed to excise “negative energy.” Rather, the thread was flooded with what seemed like quite useful folk traditions originated in various parts of the country (and some from abroad, though the group was largely American). Some folks recited a poem over the deck, or a small prayer if they were religious.

 I was particularly taken with one lady’s method. She described how she would gently tap the deck on her reading space three times before beginning and ending. I was unsure of the symbolism behind this, though there no doubt was some. The idea of tapping the deck on something, though, interested me, and I ultimately made it my own. The next bit of this requires some explanation and delves into my native territory of Thelema and ceremonial magick… here goes!

As I’ve mentioned before on here, I’m a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Thelemic fraternal Order and secret society designed for the promulgation of the Law of Thelema. Suffice to say, I take my OTO membership very seriously. You must realize that, for the most part, secret societies are not games, and deserve a solemn approach. Now, within the OTO and Thelema, there’s a tradition that is performed before meals. It isn’t a secret of the Order, so I’ve no reason not to write about it.

It’s commonly referred to as “saying Will,” and is often seen as a New Aeon alternative to “saying Grace.” Most Thelemites would probably find “saying grace” to be an Osirian ritual abrogated in the Aeon of Horus, thus Will replaces it. It is performed before most meals shared by OTO members, even if they’re in public. There’s a restaurant here in Dayton that the OTO frequents, and we’ve done it there numerous times. No one seems to notice. Anyways, it involves what is colloquially known as “pounding it out.” One raps on the table, often with the handle of a knife or other dining implement in a pattern.

The pattern goes like this. You tap three times, then pause. Then, you tap five times. And, after another pause, three more times, for a total of eleven taps. There’s a particular call and response that goes along with it, following the tapping, that you can look up if you want. Initially I didn’t understand this and was quite mystified witnessing it at events. Eventually, I worked out the symbolism of it myself.

Within the Western Magickal Tradition, the numbers six and five are particularly important. Six is the holy hexagram (hehehehehe). It represents the macrocosm or heavenly perspective, epitomized by the classical planetary forces. This is the “above” in the oft-repeated statement “As Above, so Below.” It is a slice of the universe decidedly above our own, and many would even argue that the wisdom one receives through Tarot and other forms of divination must necessarily emanate from this realm or even above it. In “saying will,” the three taps that surround the middle five taps total to six, of course, and thus represent this macrocosm. As to why they’re separated by five other taps, well…

Five is the number of the pentagram, another important symbol within my Tradition. Many Wiccan, neopagans, and other less ceremonial practitioners will recognize it as representative of the four elements, and Spirit. There’s a lot of controversy regarding the meanings associated with the pentagram and which way is up, but the components remain the same regardless. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and, well, Spirit. These, contrary to popular belief, did not originally represent terribly lofty spiritual forces, but were rather a symbol of the manifest physical universe as it emerges from Spirit, which acts as a bridge from the macrocosm. 

You may wonder why the tapping goes Three-Five-Three, instead of Six-Five or Five-Six. The reason for this is that, within this small ritual, the five elements are portrayed a resting inside (as well as streaming from) the macrocosmic world of the planetary forces. Hence, the tapping of “saying Will” is a neat ritualistic shorthand for the formula of “As Above, so Below.” Isn’t that perfect for Tarot?

Thus, to begin and end a reading, I often tap it on the table or what-have-you in that particular pattern!