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Prompt: eggs and/or unity

 Martin & Douglas are watching a DVD in GERTI as they await instructions from Carolyn.

In comes Arthur with his usual excited tone…


Arthur: Evening chaps. Oh Are we watching the Great Escape again?!

Douglas: No, we’re just contemplating a great escape Arthur. Carolyn is on the phone to Mr Goddard.

Arthur: Oh I thought he’d forgotten about us again. Never mind. He’s a nice man.

Martin: Arthur, he’s a horrible man. Another horrible client who Carolyn seems to want to bend over backwards for – at our expense.

Douglas: Ahhh but he’s a very RICH horrible man Martin…

Arthur: So what are we watching?

Martin: It’s called “Sully”…

Arthur: Isn’t that the one about the plane that nearly crash landed into the Hudson River??

Douglas: Yes…. Odd choice of in-flight movie, given that we’re currently sitting in a GERTI….  A plane that flies, quite literally, on a wing and a prayer….

Arthur: [Excited] Apparently there’s some brilliant Easter Eggs on this one!!

Martin: Some what?

Arthur: Easter Eggs? They’re like hidden extra features on the DVD. You have to find them, like an Easter Egg Hunt!!


They play around with the menus and find a secret hidden flight simulator feature

Arthur: This is BRILLIANT!!

Martin: Actually, it is quite good!

Douglas: So we’re sat in an actual plane, pretending to fly a plane… just another run of the mill day at MJN Air…

Can we, like, talk about this?

Victor is quite obviously concerned about Yuuri’s well-being. He wants what’s best for him and wants Yuuri to succeed. 

However, it is likely that Victor has never been in this sort of situation before. 

Yuuri is “the figure skater with the world’s biggest glass heart.” He’s sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve.


Victor does something pretty shitty.

I don’t think Victor quite handled this situation as well as he could have, but he did move it forward. He wants to forcefully motivate Yuuri, even if that meant breaking his heart.

This is when Victor realizes he fucked up.

He’s used to being selfish, so Victor probably hasn’t comforted anyone like this before.

And then we find out that Yuuri is more worried about Victor than he is about himself since his actions do have an impact on Victor’s reputation. (Oh, Yuuri… you selfless cinnamon roll…)

Yuuri obviously does have doubts.

And Victor does reaffirm that he doesn’t want to stop being Yuuri’s coach.

And Yuuri knows this. He logically knows this even if his nerves make him doubt this fact.

Continuing with the fact that Victor probably hasn’t ever had to comfort people in his life…

Victor feels like he has to rely on past experiences. I personally feel like this conclusion of Victor’s makes it seem as if he kind of wants to get through this uncomfortable situation. Kissing seems like the easiest thing to do, right?

But Yuuri refuses! Yuuri wants something more than a useless kiss. He wants Victor’s faith in him, even if Yuuri doesn’t have enough faith in himself. Yuuri wants Victor to have confidence in him.

This is very important. And Yuuri is demanding for Victor to stay by his side, come what may. 

Ways I am exactly like Maria Reynolds

• half-dressed
• apologetic
• a mess
• looks pathetic

Something I’d really like to see in VLD S2: Lance turning the cradling moment into a run-on joke.

Everyone chilling in the common room: “Boy I sure wish I had someone to cradle me in their arms.”


After a touching/serious character development moment: “It’s not a bonding moment unless someone cradles you in their arms.”

Last episode: “So, are you going to cradle me or, what?”


“Is that a threat or a promise?” ‘,; )

*dad voice* “Lance.”

Okay but imagine Nancy and Eleven being friends.

Like it could start with El pulling Nancy aside one day and just apologizing and sobbing because she couldn’t save Barb and how it’s fault and Nancy just hugging her and telling her it’s okay and it’s not her fault. So now when El starts to feel bad she goes to Nancy who tells her stories about Barb and eventually Nancy starts to talk to El about her problems (mainly about Steve and Jonathan) because even though El’s clueless about boys and love she always listens to what Nancy says. And one day El asks Nancy what nail polish is and that’s how Mike found Nancy and El laughing and painting nails and honestly it made him so happy to see that El and Nancy got along. And to know that El made a friend and that Nancy is starting to be her old self again.


uuu thank u anon!! i hope this can explain it :^o

i use overlay all the time to make colours more vibrant and to make areas warmer or cooler. good for colourful ambient light (like glowy magic stuff).

multiply is really good for establishing a light source very quickly!! play around with the hue to get shadows with cool colours. for more detailed work you can use two or three tones on a multiply layer for more dimension.

screen is something i only recently started using regularly! it’s really great if you have a very bright light source. you can also use screen and paint on the edges of a backlit character to make the lighting more intense. a good thing to know about screen layers is that the darker the colour you use, the less it lightens; using black on a screen layer leaves no effect on the colours underneath (the opposite is true for multiply layers!).

and you can also use these layers for an entire painting instead of just on a character! i don’t have a visual example on hand, but stuff like making the area around a warm light source warmer, making a light source brighter and more vibrant, or using gradients set on multiply or screen are just some of the ways you can apply these to a full painting :)


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lil nina and lil sonny are very important to me (and to each other)