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1-Minute Anime Reviews

This season is fantasy, fantasy…and more FANTASY~!

So what did I pick up this season? A whole lot of strange, mixed things.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (S1) & Virgin Soul (S2)

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary:  A bunch of angels and demons who try to wake up the destructive Dragon Bahamut, versus a bunch of angels and demons who try to stop said dragon from waking up…and in between them, a couple of eccentric bounty-hunters caught up in the middle of the mess. Gets even messier in S2 with a girl who turns into a dragon whenever she sees a hot guy. Fun times.
Story: B/B+
Characters: B+
Overall: B+/A-
Commentary: By the same studio that animated Yuri on Ice, except with far better budget/management because the animation for this show is generally pretty easy on the eyes from beginning to end. First season is over, and second season is currently airing; and I gotta say, while the series doesn’t bring much new to the table in terms of plot or premise, it is insanely fun and well-balanced. This is not only a show that’s done great, it’s also the kind of show that can be recommended to just about anyone. Based on a mobile game, but is surprisingly a really good standalone adaptation. Pure entertainment.

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou

Genre: fantasy
Summary: A hermit loli-witch leaves her cave to find her stolen spell book and runs into a witch-hating tiger-man who wants to become human. They form a contract in which he protects her until she retrieves her grimoire, and in return she’ll transform him into a human once the goal is fulfilled. 
Story: C
Characters: C+
Overall: C+
Commentary: I’m not really sure why they made an anime of this, it’s not only predictable, but also really mediocre in terms of…well, everything? But I guess the furry is kinda cute. There’s often a lapse in logic but at the very least, it’s a moderate show, so you won’t pop a vein watching it. 

Rokudenashi Mahou Koushi to Akashic Records

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary: A subpar spell caster / lazy mooch is forced to teach at a Magic Academy on his master’s order. Not only does he lose to his student in a spell fight, he’s flippant, doesn’t take bets seriously, and begrudges having to work. However, he may secretly be more talented than he lets on…
Story: C+
Characters: C+ 
Overall: C+/B-
Commentary: There were one or two entertaining moments, I have to admit; after all, the protagonist is a sly, underhanded charlatan… but the best way to describe this series is that…it feels distinctly like it belongs in the late 90s, early 2000s; a very generic anime from that particular era. That’s the kind of feeling it gives off. It’s not amazing, just barely passable. This is definitely more of a particular crowd’s kind of show (what with the sexy garters on lolis—).

KADO: The Wrong Right Answer

Genre: sci-fi, drama
Summary: A formless being from another dimension coined the Anisotrophic descends upon earth, dons on the skin of man, and offers to mankind the keys for transcending their mortal limitations. The world is at a crossroad. To rapidly advance or not? May the discussions begin.
Story: 🔥  <-fire I ate.
Characters: 🔥 🔥  <-fire burning my stomach lining.
Overall: 🔥 🔥 🔥  <-still on fire and internally screaming.
Commentary: You might have already seen my earlier review on KADO, but I essentially love/hate this show because I was led to think it was going to be a show about clever negotiations but ultimately ended with a fist fight. And while I still might recommend it just for all its obscurities, because it IS different, and could be a source of inspiration to some—I suggest viewers watch it with, not a grain, but two fist-fulls of salt and be prepared to get frustrated at some point. 

Oshitsu Kyoushi Haine

Genre: slice of life
Summary: In a fictional, Victorian-esque setting, one tiny but supremely talented tutor is summoned to the royal palace in order to groom and raise four troublesome princes into proper candidates for the throne.
Story: C+
Characters: C+
Overall: C+/B-
Commentary: Not a very creative or inspiring series, but generally relaxing, mildly entertaining and appealing enough to be a decent time-passer. Admittedly, it’s more of a visual guilt pleasure geared towards a female audience than much else. I’m kind of amused though, that super newbie seiyuus (minus Aoi) are the main cast and the more famous ones play support XD…


Genre: card games, shounen
Summary: An aloof guy (with outrageous hair) who tries hard not to stand out in a crowd in real life (are you serious?), while in virtual reality he is secretly a powerful duelist known as Playmaker. Playmaker logs onto the duel server to fight against a renegade group of duelist called the Knights of Hanoi, who are also after him because he harbors the snarky A.I. Ignis in his duel disk. Chasing after them seem to be one of Yusaku’s 3 goals…much like his 3 reasoning for everything.
Story: IDK what I even say about this, it’s typical young-shounen?
Characters: ’_’) the usual archetypes thus far with not much variation.
Commentary: I actually had to drop the show quite recently because it was just going nowhere fast (yell at me if it magically somehow becomes amazing later on) — Anyway, I gave it a good shot. I really, really liked Ignis (the only deuteragonist I actually do like? Bonus points for being voiced by Sakurai), but pretty much disliked everything else. Although to be honest, I had already disliked this show from the early concepts. It was the first time I saw the previews/trailer for a new YGO series and knew I wouldn’t like it from the get-go. Yusaku is exactly the sort of typical protagonist I’d find in an Isekai novel (most of whom, get on my nerves); and even then by comparison, he’s one of the least interesting and more awkward of the bunch. Moreover, I have watched, very literally…every single Shounen anime within the last couple of decades and this show is among the most cringy of its kind (kimoi is the word that’s in my head). I’ve never dropped a TCG show nearly as fast as this one. If I were to keep watching, it might just barely be for the TCG. (I also can’t stop chortling at the name Knights of Hanoi, I keep picturing Vietnam…And what’s with all these chuunibyou, goosebump-inducing names…)

The only good thing to come out of this is now my friend who likes Vrains can’t poke fun at me for liking certain kids shows.

Uchouten Kazoku S2

Genre: slice of (tanuki) life, fantasy
Overall: A-
Commentary: This series is already moderately famous so I won’t get too deep into it, but Uchouten 2 is just as lovely as Uchouten 1. This show is hands down my absolute favourite of the season. It’s strange, wacky, exciting, and very close to home sometimes. The themes are solid, the narrative strong, and the characters absolutely charming. It’s an overall magical account about family and personal nature, and I highly recommend it.


Genre: action, fantasy, drama
Summary: What happens when your novel creations come to life and try to confront you, the creator, as well as all of humanity? Are we also a creation of someone else? Things get a little strange and analytical in RE:Creators.
Story: B+
Characters: B+ 
Overall: B+ (thus far)
Commentary: This is an on-going show. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out in the end but so far I’m enjoying it quite a bit. They sometimes run a little too long on expositions; which to me is totally fine, because it’s the good kind of exposition—like a second wave of Log Horizon.
I came into this show expecting it to be some sort of terrible adaptation of a light novel (because the title name, seriously) but pleasantly wound up with not only an anime-original (with concepts from the creator of Black Lagoon!), but also a very serious tone for such a whimsical premise. The characters have notable depth to them and engage in a fair amount of discussions with substance…they express the kind of opinions that are so well-aligned with their nature, it gives off the sensation that they’ve broken away from being mere puppets of the script. For me, it’s always deeply interesting when characters can express themselves and act/react accordingly with an agreeable sense of logic (—in other words…my god, another rare show where characters can actually think for themselves—and this was not meant to be ironic).

anonymous asked:

I have two ideas in my head: 1. it showing harry around ur hometown and where u grew up and he's just in total awe of u and where u come from despite the fact that growing up wasn't easy. 2. u bring him home to meet ur family but ur fam keeps making fun of u (telling him about ur one direction phase or something) but hes fine with it but ur embarrassed (I brought a boy home to my fam and all they did was make fun of me... I wasn't fun). You don't have to do either of these, just some ideas!

Oh my God I have feelings galore. I hope you like this!

Originally posted by ohbabyyeah

“I’m going to warn you now, my family is a little…weird,” you tell him as you both sat on the plane.

 You and Harry had reached that point in your relationship when it was time to meet the parents. Harry of course was immediate into you meeting his family and that was a great experience. You were so in awe where he came from, such small humble beginnings. You make the comment it reminded you of your small town minus the mountains. But now it was your turn, and you never been more nervous.

You grew up in Cherokee, North Carolina. Your mom married your now stepdad there when you were around five or six. It was a struggle, being the minority of an Native American town, but your stepdad told you once that in the eyes of God and the Great Spirit you were just as Cherokee as they were. And you took that with you to this day.

“Yeh think they’ll like me?” Harry asked, clearly just as nervous as you were if not more so.

“Oh my mom is going to love you, my dad and the rest? I am on the fence about,” you admitted. Your stepdad always grilled your exes, he wanted his little girl to have someone who was strong and able to provide. No doubt he would give Harry the same treatment. 

First you had to fly, then drive the rest of the way there. You tried to focus on the roads but you couldn’t help but see Harry every now and then. His face was glued to the driver side window, when you could see he had this look about him as if he was seeing something he never saw before, maybe he didn’t.

“Yeh had to drive through these narrow roads er’ry day?” He asked in amazement and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sometimes, when it snowed was when it got a bit scary but if you can survive The Dragon Trail you can survive anything.”

“Whah’s The Dragon Trail?” He asked with a raised brow, you soon showed him, the turns and whip around’s through the mountains. You were certain he almost got motion sick, but you soon made it.

It was mainly a tourist town, but the off seasons were hard. It was pretty much dead except for the locals. Every sign had both English and the traditional Cherokee language. It was near spring time, so things were blooming and coming back to life, memories of childhood all came back to you. But Harry, Harry sat there with his mouth slightly open with awed eyes.

“Are you okay?” You asked him as you drove through what was deemed Downtown.

“Yeh showed me pictures buh…seeing it in person is…” he stopped talking, just looking around where ever he could look. “Baby, yeh lived in such a beautiful place!” You tried so hard not to laugh.

You finally make it to the log house you used to call home. Stepping out of the car you saw your mom come out of the door and pulled you into a hug.

“I’m so happy my baby’s home,” she spoke squeezing you before looking over to see Harry. Ever the English gentleman he holds out his hand to her.

“Hello, I’m Harry,” he always introduced himself by his name. She took his hand but she had a smirk to her.

“Oh I know who you are,” she giggled and you could feel the blood leave your face. Please don’t, please don’t.

“They made it?” You heard the booming voice of your stepdad, a towering 6 foot Cherokee man with his salt and pepper hair pulled to a ponytail.

“Daddy!” You run to him, wrapping your arms around him in a big hug as he lifts you in the air.

“There’s my little amayeduhi,” he gives you a bear hug before setting you down. “Is that him?” He whispers, nodding his head to Harry.

“Please be nice Daddy?” You beg him but he holds his hands up.

“I’m always nice!” He insisted then walked shaking hands with Harry. “Charles.”

“Harry, it’s an honor to meet yeh Sir,” Harry replied, you could see he was sweating bullets.

“Well come on in and set your things, everybody’s coming over for dinner,” your mom announced. You sort of groan internally, if she meant everyone. It was everyone in the L/N family. Your step brother who was also visiting with his wife, your younger half brother who was a senior in high school. Not to mention your uncles, aunts and the seven male cousins you had. This may easily turn into a nightmare.

You and Harry settle in your old room, one where your mom turned into a guest room so all your old things were not there…thank God. If Harry knew…

“Yeh in your head again,” Harry commented with his arms wrapped around your waist.

“What did I tell you about that?” You look over your shoulder at him but he just smiled gently kissing your lips.

“You wanna see something cool?” You asked, seeing the spark in his beautiful green eyes. “Come on,” taking his hand you walk outside in the back yard, walking along the little dirt path until you reach where you wanted to show him.

A little creek flowed with the smallest waterfall thanks to some rocks, you sat near it, showing Harry to do the same.

“I used to come here all the time after school, my mom would have to yell at me to get back in the house,” you laugh a bit. “I called this my fairy land. I’d play on the creek or sing to the top of my lungs with my iPod as I just sort of pace up and down here.”

You never liked showing that side of you, the side that was soft and gentle. Years of your own struggles and heartaches wanted to make you seem more tough. But Harry saw right through that when you two first met, he allowed you to have that little piece of yourself back. It used to bother you at first, but deep down you were grateful he came into your life at just the right moment.

“It’s beaut’ful,” he commented as he smiled at you. “My little Mountain Princess.”

You groaned, acting as if that made you sick but he just smirks more kissing your cheek.

“Thank you for showing me this, jus’ makes me love yeh more really,” again you groan with a small eye roll but you lay your head on his shoulder and just enjoyed the sound of the water. You told him once he needed to stop being and saying things because your heart could not take growing so much, which was true in some way. Eventually you both came back, seeing the cars indicating the family had arrived.

Just as you came in and saw everyone you felt your smile grow. Your whole family, the people you knew and loved, all together laughing and carrying on…it was similar to Harry’s home in a lot of ways. That was when it hit you, you two were more alike then you thought, “two halves of the same person”, your friends would call you two. You then noticed Harry looking a bit…you actually couldn’t describe his face but you knew something was up.

“What is it babe?” You ask.

“Yeh know, I was actually afraid my hair would be too long,” he commented. That was when you got it, all the guys in your family had long hair, if not longer then Harry’s. Including your Grandpa who gave you a big hug and smooch on the cheek.

“Pepaw!” You giggle but he shakes Harry’s hand as well as they introduce themselves.

“It’s gonna be a while till supper, the guys are going to start some a game of Stickball,” you hear your mom tell you.

“Whah’s thah?” Harry asks and your eyes lit up taking his hand.

“Oh it’s fun to watch come on,” you both sit on the porch as you see the guys start the game. Harry, after seeing how it worked, chimed right in when asked if he wanted to play. You sat there in awe, seeing him run to catch the ball in the basket, he was taking this like a duck to water!

“Wow, he’s the first,” your Aunt June commented as some of the women watched with you. “None of the boys you brought ever played…let alone with such enthusiasm!”

“Yeah…he’s different alright,” you commented to yourself as you see Harry look at you with a smile. You even gave him a little wave feeling your heart burst just from the sight.

When it was finally dinner Harry kept wanting to hug on you as you squeal trying to get away.

“You smell like recess!” You exclaim making him laugh.

“Your li’il sayings I swear,” he peppers your cheek in kisses while you try to push away. Your mom cooked your favorite meal, Beef stew and rice with bread rolls and mac & cheese. It was not the healthiest food, a far cry from the West Coast kale smoothies but you enjoyed the shit out of Toad in the Hole so it was Harry’s turn to try some Southern cooking.

“I hope it’s okay, I think I did the rice wrong,” your mom spoke but you assured her it was okay. “How is it Harry?”

“It’s really gud,” he nodded with his mouth full of food. “Thank you so much for this.”

“Oh it’s my pleasure! I know Y/N doesn’t eat all that much so I want her to eat and you too!” Gotta love your mom.

“Harry cooks sometimes,” you insist and he nods in agreement.

“I try ah least,” he agrees. Eating with Harry in your old environment felt amazing, seeing him just laugh and carry on with your family members…like he had been part of it all along. You just burst with admiration and happiness…that was until:

“Do you want to see pictures of Y/N when she was little?” Your mom asks, that was when the warm fuzzy feeling crashed down.

“I love to!” Harry chirps up and you suddenly felt you want to die. Your mom warned you she would do it…but she never actually did it until now! Dinner was already done, you were trying to be quick about doing the dishes as you watch your mom and Harry sit on the couch as she flips through the picture book.

“That’s her when she was seven, we used to have a stomping dance block in town where a band would play. She’d dance and dance!” Your mom explained, Harry was glued to the picture book. You finally did the dishes and rushed to his side.

“Mom can you help with something?” You ask but Harry was waving his hand at you.

“Noh now I wanna see these,” you never wanted to punch him in the arm then in that moment.

“Oh! And here she is in Santaland, it’s a Christmas themed attraction. She would cry and beg us to go there, even in the summer so she could ride the Rudolph ride.”

You groaned, as she showed all the old pictures of you. This went on for a couple of minutes, finally it was time for everyone to go on to bed. You were already in bed and comfortable as Harry came got comfortable himself getting in bed.

“And you thought they were not going to like you,” you smirked at him.

“Yeah, yeah,” he rolls his eyes at you but snuggles close to you giving your cheek a kiss. Suddenly he snickers, you raised a brow.

“What?” You ask.

“I just…I just remembah that picture of you with that dipah on your head,” he began to bust out laughing, you of course turn with your back to him and curled away. “Oh come on love!”

“No! No Big Spoon for you,” you mutter.

“Nooo baby please?” I’ll stop, I promise!” He swore, even tried to make you look at him as he pouted at you. You gave him a look, then looked back away.

“Not working,” you tell him but he persists.

Please love?” He pouts more, trying his hardest to make you look at him. “I’ll let braid my hair.”

You only huff in reply and he acts as if he gave up. Turning over onto his side.

“You never close your eyes, anymore when I kiss your lips…”


“And there’s no tenderness, like before in your fingertips.”

“Harry I swear to God.”

“You’re trying hard not show it…Baby!”


“But Baby! Baby I know it!”

You whip over, covering his mouth with your hand.

“We are not trying to wake everyone in the damn house.” You spoke with a clear tone, suddenly you feel him licking your hand making you squeal before he makes his attack wrapping both his arms and legs on you in a death grip.

“Harry!” You yell but you laugh as he tries to attack your face in soft kisses. “Okay, okay you win.”

“I always do,” he smirks giving you a kiss on your lips. “Now come on Lily the Mermaid and spoon me.”

“I was 8 years old I had a a vivid imagination,” you do your best to explain. Harry of course didn’t hear you or decided not to hear you as he pulls you against his back to hold him. Making sure he held your had as it wrapped on his waist, giving it a gentle kiss. You just smile and tell him goodnight before going to sleep.

The weekend in general was a success, but as you were on the plane back to LA you couldn’t help but be curious as to why your stepdad decided to induct Harry into the tribe name. He never did it with any of your boyfriends before.

You had a feeling you and Harry needed to have a little chit chat.

I Am An Alpha Ch 2: They Took Him

It’s getting dark. In the early stages of winter the cold is biting at my cheeks turning the normally tan color a pink hue. I don’t mind the chilly air, in fact I prefer it to the hot humid days of summer. Not to mention there is nothing more fun than running through fresh snow. But today isn’t a nice little frolic through the field I’m on a mission, well sort of.

“Kookie-ah! Kookie-ah!” I call as I rush through the forest in my annoying human form instead of my wolf upon the request of Jin. It takes longer for the wolves of this territory to realize that we are here when we are humans. Sadly for us, Jungkook forgot about that and transformed when he rushed to find something that caught his attention even in his human form. And as his guardian it’s my job to fetch him and then return to the rest of the pack. “That stupid boy is going to get me killed as usual,” I sigh.

“Hyung, can you stop talking bad about me when I’m within hearing distance?” The young wolf appears with his signature grin on and nothing else.

“What do you think you are doing? Why did you transform back without clothes near by?” I rush to him and quickly pull out an extra pair of pants and a shirt for him from my bag.

He accepts them and begins pulling them on, “I had to transform back about a mile away and run the rest back to you. I ran into another alpha near the water fall we were at last night, I think he might be trying to track us.”

“Jin hyung is the best at erasing our scent, that alpha won’t have a chance in hell at finding us. Now put on your shoes so we can get going, wolf or not you are going to freeze out here. The others are already at the camp.”

He nods and slips on the boots I offer him. The hike back isn’t too bad, a few miles but nothing we haven’t done before. Kookie is strangely silent on our way there, I notice right away but blame it on the cold. Half way there after I offer him my over sized sweater I know something is wrong with him.

“What is it?” I mumble softly as we climb over a log.

“What is what?”

I sigh, “Kookie, don’t lie to your hyung.”

He is hesitant to show the information, “That wolf I saw, I didn’t just see him, I may have engaged in a bit of an altercation.”

“Since when do you use the word altercation? Stop taking excuses from Namjoon,” I stop and turn around to face him as his words sink in. “What do you mean by altercation?”

“He saw me before I had a chance to get away, actually he smelt me or you, I guess.” Kookie stares at the ground nervously, not something I usually see from the young alpha.

“Is my scent showing or something? I slept next to you and Jimin last night so I should be reeking of alpha, not the other way around.”

“I know that but he looked up at me,” He hesitates, even stops as he tries to find the correct way to describe what he saw. “His eyes turned gold, I think I found your mate or he found me.”

I stop in my tracks. “Mate?”

The word screams in my mind, mate, mate, mate. My wolf wants to turn back, to run to him and cling to him like I wanted to all those years ago. His picture flashes threw my mind and even though I’m scared of what kind of monster I know he is, he’s my mate. He won’t hurt me. Jungkook sees my obvious desire to run and quickly grabs my wrist to keep me from doing so.

“Hyung please,” He suddenly begs. “He is powerful and scary and I’m scared he might hurt you. What if he takes you away? Or maybe he might hurt us for being in his territory-“

“His territory,” I cut him off. My eyes go wide as I realize whose territory we must be in. I grab his hand and begin dragging him faster.

“What’s wrong? I thought you wanted to run the other way, what about your mate? Don’t you want to meet him?”

“I’ve already met him,” I admit, giving the younger an ashamed look over my shoulder.

“You met him? When? Why haven’t you told any of us? Why haven’t you gone to him?”

“Because just as you said, I was afraid he would hurt me. I thought that he would separate us or kill you guys in rage at the situation I was in.” After clearing another mile and our pack scent is in the air I stop and turn to look at him. “I met him the day I found you. We were raiding the village and the black dragons busted in and started slaughtering our pack.”

Kookie nods, “I remember that day, that wolf tackled you and Jin busted in to save us when they were attacking.” I shiver at the vivid memory in my mind.

“That was him.”

Confusion covered his face, “But wasn’t his wolf black?”

I nod, unable to ever forget what my mate looked like as he ran away.

“This wolf was light gray, it looks completely different than that wolf.”

I tense at the new, the realization of this other wolf being my mate opens to more than I want. I pull Kookie along faster, “We will talk about it more once we get to the others, I need to talk with Jin and Namjoon about this before I’m sure about what could be going on.” I begin dragging the younger back again.

“Hyung?” Kookie mumbles.

“Yea?” I glance back at him again only to see him staring back into the woods completely horrified. I pause for a moment, confused about what he could be doing but then I hear it. Someone running strait towards us. “Is it him?” In my human form I can’t smell the wolf yet but as my body begins to tingle and the magnetic pull I felt year ago starts to drag me closer to the on coming wolf.

“We have to run!” The younger commands, this time he’s dragging me towards our pack. “Jin hyung! Namjoon hyung! This is the black dragon’s territory!” He begins to yell, hoping that maybe they could hear us. I pull my hand away from the younger, he looks back confused, “Hyung what are you doing?”

“Run Kookie,” I push the younger away.

“What? I’m not going to leave you.”

“I’ll be fine, you go take the others to our rendezvous place. Once I have him distracted I’ll meet you guys there.”


“Kookie, go now! He won’t hurt me!” Just as the words are out of my mouth the wolf is there, tackling Kookie to the ground. And just like before it feels like my whole world is paused. But this time it’s a slightly smaller wolf, light gray, like Jungkook said. I’m to dumbstruck by the sight of this new wolf that also appears to be my mate that I don’t notice Jin sneaking up behind me. One of his arms goes around my waist while his other hand goes to cover my mouth. He pulls me away from the scene in front of me. In that moment it is too late for me to escape his grip. We are tucked behind a tree and I know he is doing the thing where he hides out scent and makes it as if we disappeared.

“Hyung!” Kookie cries as the obviously more mature wolf growls down at him. I fight against Jin’s grip without any give. My pup, I scream in my mind, my mate is attacking my pup and that angers me more than I want to see my mate. How could he just attack him? What if that had been me? Would we have just repeated what happened 30 years ago with another wolf? How can he not see past the scent? How can another one not see me standing right in front of them?

Jungkook’s cries for help have stopped. Jin allows me to glance around the tree with him, keeping a strong hold on me. The wolf must have knocked him out because now he’s just laying there, and for a brief moment I think he’s dead. I can feel my face pale and my heart stop. He can’t be dead. My pup is not dead. A growl erupts through my chest, loud enough for the wolf to hear. But before it can come investigate Jin is running with me toward our camp sight a bit farther away, out of the wolf’s senses range.

The others all stand when we arrive but those smiles drop when they see both Jin’s faces and mine. I know Jin isn’t happy, with bloody bite marks on his palm and probably a bruise on his chest from me hitting him. When he finally lets me go I quickly spin around and punch him in the face, knocking him back in his ass. I’m over him in seconds to continue my punching but Namjoon is quick to pull me off.

“What the fuck?” The head alpha growls.

“Why did you pull me away?” I scream at Jin.

Joon growls once again, pissed at the possibility of me raising my voice at him, “Why the fuck are you hitting him?”

“He left our Jungkook to die! How could you leave him? I could have handled it without your help!” I continue to fight against the alpha holding me. Another alpha appears, and just like the others he’s emitting his dominance over me in waves, trying to get me to submit. The three younger boys realize what they are doing and quickly join in, knowing how strong willed I am it will take all of them to calm me down.  After another minute I feel my omega instincts kick in and I find myself letting out small whimpers. Joon lets go of me and allows me to fall into Yoongi’s arms. I’m shaking in his arms as I let his warmth consume me.

“Now Hyung,” Joon says with a sigh as he sits down at one of the logs surrounding the fire they had built. “What the hell happened, where is Jungkook?”

Jin drags himself over to another log while Yoongi sits down with me on his lap, trying his best to actually calm me down, and not force it. Jin watches as I tremble when he speaks, dominance still thick in his voice, “We ran into one of the owners of the territory.”

“What?” Jimin is on the edge of his seat. “I thought we were too far on the edge of their land for them to find us.”

“Well, something seems to have brought them to us.”

“Do you know who the pack is?” Joon wonders.

Jin sighs, “Black Dragons.”

“He fucking brought them back to us,” Hoseok groans as he stands up to pace.

“Hoseok,” Joon warns, “Calm down.”

“How can I calm down when we are sitting in the territory of the pack who has been chasing us for thirty years? They slaughtered the lot of us when we found that brat and got Jaebum’s team the one time we met a few years later. It’s as if that kid is leading them to us.”

“He’s just a pup,” I growl back, my omega instincts begin to fade as I try to regain my usual dominate personality. “He is part of our pack. How can you say this stuff? He has been with us for thirty year, we ate dinner with him, slept next to him, how can you just call him a bad egg and let him die?”

“We are not leaving him to die,” Jin snaps, “I just wasn’t going to let them get you.”

“He wouldn’t have hurt me,” Even I don’t believe the words coming out of my mouth.

“Just like the other one? I don’t want to have my shoulder shredded again because you were dumbstruck by a pretty alpha.”

My eyes narrow on him, “You know?” I never told him, I never told anyone that I had found my mate.

“Of course I know. I saw your eyes light up when you saw him that night. I didn’t know it was more than one of them until a few minutes ago.”

“Wait,” Hoseok jumps in, “Does that mean it was you who brought them to us?”

“So what if it is? Are you going to get rid of me too?” I accuse.

Jin quickly interjects, “He couldn’t even if he actually wanted to.” The oldest glares threatingly at the younger. “Hoseok, stop with your empty threats.”

“I didn’t threaten her. I was just making it public knowledge that the reason the legendary blood red army was wiped out because they were looking for her.”

I scoff, “You’re welcome.”

Jin rolls his eyes, “That doesn’t matter now, does it? Now it’s on us for coming to them. We are on their territory so they had every right to attack us. They probably smelt Insoo’s scent on one of us and came rushing to find their mate.”

Yoongi hums in agreement, his grip on me tightens protectively, “They are going to be pissed that they found Jungkook instead of Insoo.”

Jimin clicks his tongue, “They are probably going to be more pissed that their mate’s scent is all over another alpha.”

“So we should go now, so I can explain,” I say eagerly.

“What if they are as dangerous as everyone says and they slaughter the rest of us?” Taehyung wonders mindlessly. We all share a look, “I mean they almost killed us back at that village. What is going to stop them from doing it now?”

“I will.”

Tae shakes his head, “Sorry Hyung, you can’t just save us with just a pretty smile or be your normal aggressive self. These are cold-hearted alphas that have killed as many, if not more, people than us and they really had a choice in it.”

“I’m with Tae on this,” Hoseok agrees, “We should have a plan so we don’t get ourselves killed.”

“What if I go find him and say there was a misunderstanding?”

“Yes, of course that will work,” Hoseok scoffs, “And what makes you so sure they will release Kookie after you go to him? What makes you so sure they haven’t already killed him?”

“You guys calm down with the hostility,” Joon warns. “We need to remember that pup isn’t like us, he can’t handle being captured.”

“Maybe if Insoo hadn’t babied him his whole life he would be able to some what take care of himself,” Jimin snips.

“He is a normal alpha, sorry I didn’t raise him the same way we were. I thought it would be nice if at least one of us weren’t prone to nightmares. Sorry that I didn’t bring out the whip and punish him properly. PTSD isn’t something I really enjoy so I figured I shouldn’t pass it along.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Than please tell me what you mean Jimin since you didn’t punish him at all either these last thirty years. I’m pretty sure you babied him more than I did.”

Joon sighs, “Okay I’m tired of this shit. All of you shut up. Insoo please stop fighting with everyone, we are not leaving Jungkook. Everyone else, stop being assholes, I’m not the type of alpha to leave my pack members behind and you all know that.”

“How are you planning on getting him back?” Jin wonders.

“I have no idea. Jin is the only one who could sneak in there without being sniffed out and I’m not going to send him in alone.”

We are all silent for a moment, the air is heavy with unsaid words. Sitting around the fire we watch as the sun completely sinks, leaving us in darkness. I know what I should say, I should offer myself. Trade my freedom for Jungkook’s and live happily ever after with my mates. But I’m scared. Yoongi senses this and quickly begins trying to sooth me. Jin comes over a moment after and takes me from the younger.

“You know you don’t have to go,” He mumbles into my hair after I tuck my face into his neck.

“But I want to go to him.”

“Than why do you reek of fear?”

“Because I’m scared.”

He scoffs, “You have had to live your whole life pretending to be an alpha, lead a unit in the most feared werewolf army and survived. How can you be scared of a few alphas? You are too strong to let them hurt you, what do you have to be afraid of?”

“I’m afraid that they might hurt you. I couldn’t imagine you guys dying because of me.”

“I don’t have much to live for,” He shrugs. “I’m a very old wolf, I’ve lived a long life and done plenty of things. I can be done with my life. These bastards have done the same.”

“Don’t include me in that,” Jimin, Tae, and Hoseok interject together.

“I’m still young!” Tae whines.

“I haven’t even met my mate yet,” Jimin joins in.

“We still have so much to live for!”

“But we need to save our pup,” Joon reminds them sternly. He looks at me with soft eyes, “But we also don’t want to force you to go to your mates if you don’t want to. So you have to give us the okay before we can even try to figure out how we are going to do the trade.”

I take a few deep breaths before nodding, “I can do this.”

I’m Not Ill pt.3

//Trigger Warning and Disclaimer: mentions of mental illnesses, physical abuse, and light mentions of death. //

Summary: Namjoon gets a hold of two patient files, and in the midst of tranquility, something unexpected happens.

Words: 3k+

“Namjoon, when are you going to show me his records?!” To say that you were aggravated was an understatement.  It’s been weeks now, and still, no one has given you a clue as to why Taehyung was apparently dangerous. Mrs. Kim still refused to let you get a hold on the patient files, and everyone else just blatantly avoided the topic.

“I told you, be patient! Now what was the thing about his meds?” You decided to meet Namjoon in a nearby coffee shop. All you asked for was a job, so that you could finally pay your rent on time, but instead you got a puzzle no one wanted to help you solve. 

To say that Taehyung didn’t grow on you would be a lie. Ever since you ‘planted’ your poppy flower, he’s never left your side. And you didn’t want to leave his either. His child-likeness made him more like-able. Even Yoongi, who looked as if he had a grudge with everyone, stuck around him.

“Shouldn’t they do something about it? I mean, in a non-violent way.” you said, stressing the last part. “If he doesn’t want to take them, then we can’t do anything about it. We can’t force feed him. And mixing the pills in his food didn’t turn out well.” Namjoon leaned back, exasperated. You flinched, hearing his words. It was true though, and you didn’t want to repeat Taehyung’s anger.

“There’s what?!” You could hear Tae’s voice all the way up to the front desk. You and Jackson proposed the idea to Mrs. Kim, and she was more than thrilled to hear it. She got the “It’s for your own-”

“Bullshit! I call bullshit on everything on you say! You’re all liars. Jungkook’s right, you’re all liars!” The remnants of his oatmeal were on the ground. The second he tasted something different, he freaked out. Now, the table in front of him was flipped, and you were next to Jackson, trying to calm him down.

“You put something in it!” He pointed an accusing finger at Daehyun. He was the one tasked to prepare Tae’s food that day, and something must’ve gone wrong with the mixing. The older boy shook his head. “No! It’s the same thing you’ve been getting ever since.”


It took five guards and two nurses to sedate him. It was difficult to get in a shot since he was flailing his arms a lot. Yoongi offered to drag him to his room, but not before getting in a few words with you. 

“Jungkook, hold him for a bit.” Yoongi muttered, stomping his way over to you. He grabbed your arm and gripped it tightly, but not enough to hurt. “What were you thinking? There was no way in hell you’d actually think this would work- he almost had a switch for fuck’s sake!” Yoongi whispered to you.  

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to-”

“To help? Well it sure didn’t work. Don’t fucking go behind his back to do things like these, because he really trusts you, and I don’t want him to get disappointed by whatever fuckery you’ll come up with.” He finished, giving you one last cold glare, before heading back to help the younger one with Taehyung.

“Yoongi has a point, you know. It’s been a while since Tae trusted someone, especially a staff member, like that.” You stared at Namjoon as he slowly drank his frappe. It was hard figuring out how Tae’s brain worked. How he could go from cuddly and sweet to yelling and fuming in a blink of an eye.

“I just- When Jackson told me that he’s been there for a few years, the only thing I’ve thought of was to get him out. Doesn’t he have a family?” Namjoon winced as you said that. 

You didn’t tell anyone, but you went through the visitor’s log one time, and there was no one who was was listed for Taehyung. It was as if this boy was the only one for himself in the world, and you just can’t accept that.

“He doesn’t like talking about it. But last time I heard, he used to live with his father and his sister.” Namjoon downed his drink and reached into his bag. He passed you two folders, both of which had the hospital’s logo on them. You raised an eyebrow in question.

“I couldn’t get the files from the fourth floor up, but I know that you’re probably familiar with Jungkook and Hoseok. I got you a little something. Consider it as a sorry for not answering your questions.” he shrugged, motioning to the files. Hesitantly, you reached for the one nearest to you, and it happened to be Hoseok’s.

“You found him where?!” Your eyes widened after reading the first few lines. “Fun fact, I’m literally the one who found him. I was walking home one night, and I saw him passed out by a gutter. I thought he was drunk or high or something, but then he jolted up. He looked so confused, and the first thing I thought was to bring him home.”

“Real smooth, Joonie. I didn’t know you were into guys.” You smirked at him teasingly. He rolled his eyes. “Anyway, we kind became friends, and I told him to go get a check-up from a psychiatrist, so he did.” He picked his chair up and placed it next to yours. “He’s a really nice guy. And he’s just there for a few months until he gets his narcolepsy under control.” You nodded, understanding the situation.

You took one last look at Hoseok’s file, before closing it and moving on to Jungkook’s. As soon as you saw the initial report, everything clicked together. “I had a hunch.” you whispered. Namjoon looked at you with sad eyes.

“Jungkook… may take longer to recover. He’s still too wary about… well, everyone. Everyone except Taehyung, and we really don’t know why. Two weeks after he was admitted, we just saw him talking to Tae, and after that, he never left Tae’s side.” Namjoon leaned closer, just enough to read the file. “His parents left him there six months ago. Over the course of those six months, only his brother visited him. Three times.” he muttered, voice laced with distaste. 

“Kookie….” You didn’t understand how people can do that. Leave someone and shut them out for good. Act as if they never existed. You saw a bit of Taehyung’s personality in Jungkook. They had the same way of looking at the world like it was their first time seeing it. Except Jungkook acted rather scared than curious. 

“Is he getting better though?” you looked at Namjoon, hoping for a positive answer. However, all he gave you was a hesitant face. “Listen,” he said slowly “Paranoid Personality Disorders take a long time. He may need therapy for a few years, just like the fifth-floor patients. We need to be patient with them.” 

You stared at Jungkook’s photo. It was attached by a paper clip, and the edges already started to fray off. He was looking at the camera, distress evident in his face. His hair was slightly disheveled, giving out a vibe that he hadn’t slept in weeks. 

He looked fairly younger, even though the picture was taken only roughly six months ago. His cheeks were chubbier, and his skin was a darker shade. He reminded you of one of those boys you and Namjoon always saw at the arcade. The ones who usually held parties at their house while their parents were away. Who’d sleep with anyone they can get without any second thought. The ones who usually wasted away.

It was clear that Jungkook was far from that. He could barely talk to anyone, much less look someone in the eye. He was restless, and plagued by constant worrying. But he won’’t waste away. You won’t let him, or anyone in that amned psych ward for that matter.

You nodded at Namjoon and placed the folders carefully in your bag. “Thank you, Joon. I should get going now.” You placed a lollipop in front of him. He gave you smile and took it. “My pleasure. Call me after your shift, okay? Maybe you can slip a few more hints of me.” You laughed, patted him on the shoulder, then headed out. 

The second you stepped in the hallway, Taehyung came running to you. “Y/n! I missed you so much!” You got used to his hugs, remembering to step back a little, so that you won’t get tackled. Recently, Taehyung developed the habit of nuzzling into your hair, which he was doing right now. His breath tickled your ear, and you felt blood rushing to your cheeks.

He pulled away, and placed his hands on your shoulders. “What are we going to do today?” he asked excitedly. “Well, I was thinking since it’s close to lunch time, we could eat first. Then maybe-”

“Yes! Eat first. We could eat with Kookie, then we could play some games with Yoongi-hyung. I haven’t introduced you to them yet, right?” Before you could get another word out, Taehyung had already dragged you to a table where Jungkook sat by himself. “Oh, hyung.” His voice was small, eyes narrowing as he looked at you. He cocked his head slightly to the side, and gave the older boy an unsure glance. 

“She’s nice. I told you, she’s nice. No need to worry about her. She’s just joining us for lunch, that’s all.” Taehyung said in his most reassuring voice. However, Jungkook just shrank back in his seat and continued picking at the chicken on his plate. 

You understood him, and decided not to push your luck. You would’ve loved to talk to him, but you doubt he’d respond, much less spare you a look. Shifting in your seat, you got your bag and took at the pre-made lunchsets you cooked for them. You saw Jungkook sheepishly peek at the pastel yellow tupperware you put in front of him. You took the blue one and gave it to Taehyung. 

“Woah, you made this for us?” A big smile made its way to his lips. You nodded happily at him. Namjoon was picky when it came to his food, so seeing someone appreciate your food without complaints warmed your heart. 

Taehyung got up, disappeared behind the counter, then soon reappeared with two pairs of chopsticks. He chucked one to Jungkook, then began opening his lunchset. “Wah~ Japchae! Jungkook-ah, your noona made us japchae!”” His cheeks were stuffed, but you somehow understood what he was saying. You chuckled, and ruffled his hair.

On the other hand, Jungkook didn’t seem to resonate Tae’s enthusiasm. He stared at the unopened lunchbox in front of him, contemplating whether to accept it or not. “Ah, you’re really nice, noona.” he said meekly. He appreciated the effort, but he just can’t shake off that feeling he had. A warning siren lit up in his head, and he just so badly wanted to ignore it, because he knows that there was no way you can hurt him. Right?

“Kookie, why aren’t you eating? You were complaining about your food a while ago, and this one’s way better. So what are you waiting for?” Taehyung stared at him expectantly, which made the younger one more nervous. He didn’t like being put on the spot, and he didn’t want to disappoint Tae by refusing the food. But something didn’t feel right for him. 

Noticing his distress, you decided to help him out of it. “It’s okay. You can eat it later. Just have Jackson microwave it, and it’ll taste just as fine.” Jungkook looked relieved upon hearing your words. He nodded, his fingers ghosting over the lid. 

Taehyung didn’t give much thought to it afterwards. He finished his meal, savoring the last few bites, before turning to face you. “Do you wanna play that game now?” you nodded, and looked at Jungkook. “Do you want to join us? Tae said Yoongi’s playing too.”Jungkook’s eyes lit up at the mention of Yoongi’s name. He curtly nodded, his eyes still avoiding you.

Taehyung took your hand and stood up. “Jungkook-ah, we’ll just call him. Don’t leave us hanging, arasseo?” He didn’t wait for the younger boy’s reply before walking upstairs to get Yoongi. 

Aside from Taehyung, you also wondered why Yoongi was there. Just like Hoseok, he looked normal, like any other boy at your university. And his friendship with Taehyung is what piqued your interest the most. They were obviously opposites, one being animated, the other rather lethargic. 

Halfway through, you tugged Taehyung’s arm, pulling him back. He immediately stopped walking, giving you the chance to lean close to him. “Tae” you whispered. “I’m going to ask you something, but you need to promise me that you’ll keep your voice down.” He nodded, whispering back an “Okay”.

“Tae, do you and Yoongi talk about, well… life outside?” he looked at you, confusion written all over his face. “What do you mean ‘outside’?”

You struggled, tying to find the correct words. “Uh, I mean- not to intrude, okay? I mean, life before this.” You gestured to the space around you. Taehyung still didn’t seem to get it,and you just sighed. “Nevermind. It was just a weird question.” He slolwy nodded, but it bugged him that he wasn’t able to help you.

You saw his frown and guilt began to fill you. ‘Shit, did I hit a touchy subject?

“Hey, TaeTae, don’t get upset. It’s nothing, don’t worry. I’m sorry for suddenly asking it.” You pinched his cheek softly, which made him smile. The boy practically melted in your touch. “Okay. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.” His words came out as a soft murmur as he leaned into your hand. “Don’t be. Now, let’s go get Yoongi.”

There were only two things that Jackson told you about Yoongi. The first thing being not to wake him up. He was restless, even though he slept most of the time. He just needed time for himself to crawl out of his shell. The second thing was that you weren’t allowed to throw any papers out from his room until he tells you to.

“He likes writing music. It’s his outlet and his coping mechanism, so I’d rather not mess with his lyrics.”

This took you by surprise, seeing that Yoongi wasn’t one for expressing his emotions. Still, you thought that it was a beautiful way of coping. It made you sad that there was a boy locked away from the world, writing amazing songs that only the walls of his room will hear.

“Y/n, we’re here.” Taehyung knocked on the door. “Yoongi? We’re gonna play downstairs, can you come with us?” No response. Taehyung knocked again. “Yah, Min Yoongi. Do you wanna join us?” He was getting impatient, and you could tell by the rapid tapping of his foot. He went to turn the knob, but discovered that it was locked. “Yoongi, are you okay?”

He was met with more silence, then suddenly, a piece of paper slid under the door crack. You pointed towards it, and Taehyung picked it up. 

‘I’m busy’ it simply said.

“Aish. Well, you can catch up if you feel like it.” Tae folded the note and kept it in the pocket of his white pajamas. “Come on, y/n. We can’t leave Jungkook waiting.”

“Wah your cheeks are just so cute! Look, look, I’m drawing a flower for you! One day, I’ll get out of here and buy you a real one!” After what felt like a hundred rounds of UNO (with Jungkook losing most of them), the three of you found yourselves in the ‘garden’ again. Taehyung was busy giving you a rose bush. Before that, you managed to sneak in a packet of marshmallows and you had a competition with Taehyung to see who could fit most of it in your mouths. 

Jungkook settled to be the referee, still cautious of the food you gave. However, it was clear that he enjoyed it, judging from the muffled laughs he gave. Halfway through, he got a pen and paper and started to draw. Not long after, Jungkook started to join him, while you sat back and watched them.

“Wow Kookie, I didn’t know you could draw that good.” What you said made Taehyung look over to the younger one’s paper. He nodded in approval, and Jungkook blushed. “Oh, uh, thanks, noona.” He gave you a small smile. He figured that if Taehyung trusted you, maybe he could trust you too. 

That smile soon vanished as he looked at the clock. “Hyung” he said quietly. “It’s meds time.”

The color drained out of Taehyung’s face. You could see his jaw tense, and for a second, you thought he was going to yell again. “I don’t want to.” He hissed. His knuckles were turning white from the tight grip he had on the crayon he was holding. Jungkook looked to you for help, fear in his eyes. 

“Jungkook, go ahead. Leave him to me.” You patted his back and scooted closer to Taehyung. 

“Hey, no need to get worked up.” You nudged his head onto your lap, and he gingerly laid there, looking up at you. You stroked his hair, also making sure to massage his scalp. He hummed, enjoying the feeling of you being so close to him. “But I don’t need those. I’m fine! Look, I’m healthy.” He raised up an arm and flexed it, whining more as you chuckled at him. 

You cupped his cheeks and stared at him. “Taehyung, why don’t you like taking your meds?”
“Becuase I don’t need to. They make me feel like something’s wrong with me.” he pouted.

You sighed, tousling his bangs. “If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.” You offered. His face lit up again, and he finally smiled. “You really are the best, you know that?” He laced his fingers around yours, and you stayed like that. No one needed to talk, for it was a comforting silence that surrounded you.

Taehyung felt calm in your presence. It reminded him of home, or at least the bright parts of it. Things he used to do, used to love, came back to him. Riding bikes across a park, the warm sand between his feet when he went to the beach, the fresh air around him as he stood in his grandmother’s farm. It was the little things he missed that you reminded him of.

The peaceful moment got interrupted by a few shouts coming from the lounge. You looked out the doorway and saw Daehyun with two other nurses running towards the stairs. “Y/n, we need you at the fifth floor!” Jackson burst in the room, but soon left, following the other nurses.

Taehyung sat up, looking at you with wide eyes. “Tae, I need to go for a bit. Find Jungkook and stay with him, okay?” He nodded as you scampered up, exiting the room.

“Let go! Get the fuck off me!” Yoongi was being held back, a nurse each holding his arm. Daehyun and Jackson stood at opposite ends of him. “Where did you get it?” Daehyun hissed at him. Yoongi refused to answer and only fought more against the nurses’ grip. He was shaking his head so much, then finally stopped when he saw you. 

“Y/n, tell them to let me go, please!” The boy was desperate, his voice hoarse from screaming. His eyes were glistening, and tears pricked the corner of his eyes. In the right light, he almost looked scared. You were about to comply to him, when Jackson stopped you. 

“It’s kind of a serious situation right now. That kid-” he pointed to Yoongi. “-got his hands on a lighter.”

“Nothing happened though, did there?” Yoongi stopped struggling and focused his attention on Jackson.

“Something could’ve, Yoongi. It’s not just your life on the line here. You could’ve set something on fire and-”
“Maybe you should stop treating me like a murderer!” his voice boomed

Jackson stopped talking. Even the nurses holding him loosened their grip. Yoongi eyed the floor while all eyes were on him. Slowly, you walked towards the poor boy. He looked so vulnerable; broken to be exact. You gently touched his shoulder and bent down to try and look at his face. 

The other patients peeked behind their doorways, watching the scene unfold. No one said anything, then Yoongi looked up to you. Tears streaked his cheeks. He took shaky and heavy breaths while he straightened his back. 

“Take the lighter away. I’ll talk to him.” Surprisingly, they obeyed. Jackson shoved the lighter in his pocket and signaled the other nurses to leave. He gave you a knowing glance.”Leave the door open.” You nodded at him, and guided Yoongi into the room. 

You went out, feeling mentally and emotionally drained. The good news was that Yoongi felt significantly better. What felt like years of bottled up anger and sadness all came crashing down on him, and you were there to witness it.

“Don’t tell anyone about this, y/n-ah. Especially not Taehyung.”

His voice was weak when he said that. You promised him, wanting him to trust you. The boy didn’t need any more let downs. 

“Y/n, we-”

“You needed to tell Mrs. Kim. Don’t worry, I understand.” You gave Jackson a small smile. He returned it, nodding. “Taehyung’s with Jungkook in the garden. You can go with them if you want.”

“I’d love to.” As you headed towards the all too familiar door. Jackson called out to you again. “You’re doing well. Keep it up, and you might get what you want sooner.” He gave you a thumbs-up and walked away.

You looked at the spot where he once stood. At this point, you didn’t want just the patient records. You wanted everyone out there. You knew that life wasn’t a fairytale where everyone got a happy ending, but you sure wish it was. Because if Yoongi, the most apathetic-looking person, has a breaking point, surely Taehyung had one too. And you just didn’t want to see that.

anonymous asked:

this is so ANGSTY but PLS angst for cleanse!1!1 lolol anyways, MC catching RFA + V & Saeren... cheating on her ;-; (but like it could be those "this is not what it looked like" kind of things) thxthx



He slowly moaned out the woman’s name slowly as he came once more. MC was out of town for one more day and he was saddened, he needed his pleasures to be fulfilled but without his MC–

“J-Jumin…?” MC stood in the doorway, tears running down her face as she sees Jumin bedding the woman, the woman let out a moan and blushed “JuJu~ Why did you stop~? DOn’t focus on her~ I’m the real deal–” She was just off by slamming of drawers, MC had packed more stuff into her suitcase and quickly left. Jumin was in a state of shock that he made the woman leave and went to the chatroom to see Zen was already questioning why MC was asking to come over to his place. 

‘Mc come back, i’m sorry’ was all that he texted before Zen started yelling at him and logged off to pick up MC. 


We all know Zen loves to flirt, but this had gone way far from flirting. Having the woman straddling him and having a fierce makeout session on the couch, the time MC would’ve come home came around and yet, she didn’t come home. Zen was worried but pushed the thought out of his mind as the woman in front of him started to go on a whole new level of pleasure. 

Later that next day, the woman had stayed over and MC was still not home. Zen had woken up and went to the front door to check the mail. Only to find one napkin and it said ‘We’re over’. Zen freaked out and went to the chatroom and reread the messages and slowly broke down.

Mc: Jumin can i come over for the night… Possibly for a while..?

Jumin: Of course, but if i may ask. Why not Zen…?”

MC: {{MC HAS SENT A PICTURE}} This is why. 

In the picture held Zen slowly screwing over the woman on the couch and it was slightly blurred due to probably shaking hands.

Jumin: Right, i’ll send Mr. Kim to pick you up now.

Saeyoung: I’m sorry MC…

Yoosung: You deserve better

Jaehee: I can’t believe i’m his #1 fan….


(i can’t really thing for anything for her! Sorry! To me she’s loyal af)


He has had this enormous crush on this girl named ‘Trixi300′ on LOLOL and she was visiting town today! But today is the day that MC leaves to go on a trip with her family. Yoosung instantly inviting Trixi over 30 minuets after MC leaves. Hours pass and finally MC leaves as Trixi shows up four minuets after MC left. 

Yoosung was finally getting his dream, to kiss his crush on LOLOL… Maybe something more? MC was late for her flight so she needed to book a new one. Going back to the apartment to only see Yoosung on his gamer chair moaning out Trixi’s name as she gives him the best blowjob an innocent boy could ever get. MC cleared her throat and she sighed as Yoosung started to tear up.

“Why did i even try, she’s probably more like Rika than i ever would be.” MC stated and left, calling up Saeyoung if he could stay with him for a while, Yoosung was getting dressed but by the time he pushed Trixi out of his home and his pants up, Mc was already gone with the wind.


He was always having struggles with work now, MC was the only one to calm him until he met.. Her… Vanderwood introduced her to Saeyoung, thinking he still had no girlfriend/boyfriend and was needing to release some pent-up stress. One day was his unlucky day.

Saeyoung was slowly screwing over the woman in MC’s shared bed with him, thats when MC decided to encourage Saeran to at least form some type of brotherly bond again. MC opened the door to Saeyoung’s room to only be met by a woman’s voice and Saeyoung’s moans. She instantly broke down into tears after Saeyoung moan the girls name and Saeran took her away from the home.

Weeks later after MC’s disappearance, the chick stopped visiting Saeyoung and thats when he got worried. Why is MC never visiting her loyal boyfriend? Hacking into her phone, he saw all the pictures of him cheating on her and some pictures of Saeran and her after those pictures. He had lost her after seeing the picture of MC and Saeran kissing in a photo.




He had been cheating on MC for weeks now, he felt guilty because he was leaving her alone a lot but he knew his best girl was never going to leave him… Right? One day he went to the chick’s place and MC followed, peeking through their window she watched Saeran makeup with the girl and take it to the floor where he teased the other woman and made her come. Upset and disgusted, she ran back, packed her stuff and ran to Yoosung’s place. She completely traded phones and electronics so that Saeran could never find her. 

Once Saeran got to the house, he noticed a few things were gone and the pictures of him and MC were face down. Upset, he went to the bedroom to try and find her asleep but the drawers were pulled out, everything of hers was gone. There lay on the perfect fixed bed was a picture of her and Saeran. But ripped in half where MC was on one half and Saeran on the other. He had done it. He lost his best girl.

Roommates (3) (JB)

Request: Part 3 of Roommates. On the way back down from the hike someone gets lost/hurt and it causes tension between the two of you? As leaders? + Where Jackson almost catches you guys doing something (oral or a steamy makeout) and you guys barely manage to cover it up

Length: 2,439 words
Genre: Angst/Drama/Fluff/Suggestive

*A/N: Part One // Part Two // Thank you so much to troubledseoul and katiekittybones for helping with this :-)

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Another Suitcase in Another Hall

Or the three times Amelia Shepherd left, and the one time she stayed.

This is a fic I’ve been wanting to write for awhile now. It’s based on one of my favourite songs from the musical Evita. It is a flashback on Amelia’s life, including what should have happened at the end of 13x9. Thanks @jordan202​ for being my beta, and thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber for making me cry every time I hear this song.

I don’t expect my love affairs to last for long
Never fool myself that my dreams will come true
Being used to trouble, I’d anticipate it
But all the same I hate it, wouldn’t you

It’s important to know when you’re not welcome and Amelia Shepherd could tell that time had come. Her family hated her. They pretended to be there for her, to support her, but she knew she was only bringing them down. Hell Derek had to literally save her life; you can’t come back from that. Slowly it begins to tear a family apart. She knew they loved her, but there was only so much they could suffer through at her hand. She was clean now, she knew it would stick this time, but none of them seemed to believe her. As long as she was still in her mother’s home she would not be able to move on from who she was. She needed a fresh start; she had gotten into med school, despite all of her siblings doubting her ability. She may have been a druggie but she was not stupid. She didn’t tell any of her family members, but she was determined to go off and prove she could do it. She would no longer be the black sheep of the family. She didn’t tell any of them she was leaving, she didn’t even say goodbye. She just left a note.

Mom, Derek and sisters,

I am so sorry for all that I have put you through. I know how much of a burden I have been for this family, and how much pain and worry I have caused. I can’t see you all suffer anymore. I am clean now, I know I am, but I need some space to live with it. I need to meet new people who won’t immediately think I will relapse when I have a bad day. I love you all, but I need some time to prove to you and myself that I can do this.

And with that Amelia picked up her bag and left the only home she had ever known. This was the first race in a life time of running.

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Title: Sheltered

Paring: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 1,189

Theme Song: Corner by Allie Moss

Request: Hey so I’ve had a rough day and I was wondering if I could get a super duper fluffy imagine where the reader is dating Dean and she’s feeling sad and he’s really adorable and tries to cheer her up with cuddles and movies and whatever else you think :’) thank you so much!

A/N: I hope your day gets better, anon! Hopefully Dean will help. :)

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You strode down the hall towards your room wanting nothing more than to lock yourself away for a little while. You slammed the door behind you a bit harder than you meant, rattling the pictures you’d hung on the walls with the force of it. Standing in your room, you wrapped your arms around yourself, huddling in and away from the day you’d had. Fully clothed, shoes on and all, you tore the comforter away from you bed and crawled in, pulling the covers all the way over your head so that you were buried.

A muffled knock came to your door.

“What?” you yelled irritably. You heard the door squeak as it opened a few inches.

“You ok?” you heard Dean’s gruff voice ask.

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[2/3] Enstars: B’s-Log March 2016

Released in January 2016.

Unit Song CD Vol.8: Trickstar Cast Interview

Comment from Mr. Kuwabara, the music director:

Rebellion Star
“It’s a unit like a newly-born star, comprising of boys who want to change and create a new history in their school, so I wanted to make a song that has a sense of hope and future.”

“I imagined it as a song that is sung in the event “Spring Storm! Dancing Petals, Sakura Festival” after they managed to surpass their opponents. It is a song that is infinitely cheerful and can cheer you up.”

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merry-kuroo  asked:

Hi! Don't know if this has been done, but how about GOM + Kagami's s/o convince them to get a Tumblr and now they are completely addicted to it?? Thanks and I love you and your blog <3


Akashi: “Sei, it’s actually a good site. You post or reblog stuff that you want to be in your blog and when people will like your posts, they will follow you!” you explained since he questioned y ou about what’s addicting in Tumblr.

“Followers? They’ll follow me?” he asked, trying to hide that amused smile on his face. “I’m impressed.”

(A week after)

You noticed how late it really was but Akashi was still wide awake facing his laptop. You tried to recall if you had homework to give him reason to stay up late on a Saturday night, but you didn’t have any.

“Seijuro it’s late already. I thought sleep is important? You keep on telling me that and now you’re the one who’s staying up late!”

“You go ahead, (f/n). I just need to track the addresses of my blog followers. They need to be punished since they didn’t obey me, Akashi Seijuro. I asked them to talk to me, yet no one came to my ask box and leave a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. How dare they defy me? Anyway, good night. I’ll go to bed immediate once I’m done here my dear.”

Aomine: “What can you even get from there? I mean it’s just a site. Come on babe! Making out with me is a lot more fun, you know?” Aomine couldn’t handle the fact that you were actually spending more time on a blogging site than with him. He couldn’t see the point of choosing Tumblr over having sexy times with him…he just couldn’t.

“Well, it literally has everything that interests you…” you simply said. “Try to make an account and you’ll surely get me.” You didn’t have really try to convince him, knowing that maybe he’d just become too lazy to create one.


“Well, yeah.”

(A week after)

“Daiki let’s watch a movie together,” you invited as you scanned through the list of movies you have on your laptop. “I mean you’ve been spending too much time on Tumblr these past few days.” You were actually whining now, but he seemed not to get the memo.

“You just go ahead, (f/n). There are new updates in this Mia-chan blog. I’ll just follow after I finish scanning through the pictures.”

And you honestly tried your best not to hit his face with your laptop because Aomine…really?

Kise: “You should try it, Ryouta! Other models have a blog of their own, you know?”

After hearing that from you, he immediately snatched your laptop from you and logged your account out before creating one of his own. That information was enough to finally convince him and create a blog. You immediately regretted about saying such to him since he happened to become addicted to it right away.

(A week after)

“Kise Ryouta! Give me my laptop back! I need to submit a paper in History so please!” you yelled as you sent glares at your boyfriend. You didn’t really mind him using your laptop (he had one of his own but he didn’t know where he put it so he always borrowed yours), but the paper was an essential part of your final grade and you just couldn’t just let your boyfriend’s addiction become the reason of a late paper.

“(l/n)cchi! Five more minutes! I’m changing my theme and I can’t look for a good sidebar picture. What do you think? This or this?” he asked as he showed you two of the thousands of pictures he had. “Or should I just take a new one?”

“Are you serious? For real? You just changed your theme yesterday remember? You were bragging about a fan who volunteered to code for you and you’re changing it again?!”

Kuroko: “I don’t understand why you always have to share your experiences to people who live across the globe, (l/n)-san,” Kuroko bluntly said as he noticed how hyped up you were while answering a message sent to you about your latest post.

“I don’t know. I mean, I guess it’s because I can related to them and vice versa? It’s amazing to have internet friends too, you know! Especially when you two have the same interests! The connection will just be established right away and before you know it, bam! You’re like friends for so many years now.”

(A week after)

“Good morning(l/n)-san. I’m sorry to interrupt your sleep but, may I borrow your camera again?”

“J-just get it from my drawer,” you grumbled. “But seriously Tetsu…3:30 AM?”

“Well, like you, I managed to find friends on Tumblr. After this, may I borrow your laptop? I need to upload the pictures soon so that they can see it right away. Most of my Tumblr friends are from the US and I don’t want them to stay up too late just to see Nigou so I decided that maybe I should be the one to adjust.”

Midorima: “Tumblr? The blogging site? How absurd,” he simply scoffed when you mentioned to him that he should try to use Tumblr, too.

“Would you still consider it absurd if I say that there’s an Oha Asa blog and tons of other blogs of the same kind?”

(A week after)

“Shin you’re not listening to Oha Asa anymore…” you said, still not used to the fact that your boyfriend stopped listening to the horoscope every early morning.

“I follow Oha Asa on Tumblr so I don’t necessarily have to listen to it, unless I need to check things twice.”

“Oh you’re really a Tumblr user now? I bet you’re addicted to it!” you teased with that sly smile of yours that always made your boyfriend blush like hell.

“O-of course not!” he said defensively.

“Says the guy who has 1750 posts already. Are you reaching the daily limit?” you giggled noticing how the shade of red on his face deepened.

Murasakibara: “(l/n)chin I want to crush that laptop so much. It’s taking all your time from meeeeee,” the purple-haired boy whined. “What are you doing anyway?” He gave you a pouting face with a glare and you swore to the heavens that it was the cutest.

“I’m just on Tumblr, Atsushi!”

“I wanna crush Tumblr.”

“Even if you find out that there are tons of food blogs?”

(A week later)

“Atsushi! Himuro-kun is here already. I think you two have practice!” He was inside your shared bedroom and ever since you mentioned about the food blogs, he couldn’t help but create an account of his own just to reblog stuff that interested him (pretty much everything). He’d whine about how hungry he becomes by just looking at the pictures but he’d still stay on the site.

“Tell him I’m busy,” he shouted with that lazy voice of his. “Say (l/n)chin, do we have some heavy cream and condensed milk there? I saw a recipe on how to make a two-ingredient icecream. Oh wait is Murochin still there?”

Kagami: Curiosity was really killing him. What’s so addicting in Tumblr anyway? It’s just a blogging site yet you stay up all night just by scanning pictures and reading various materials.

“Well, Taiga, the Tumblr community is pretty big. I sometimes get my clothes from here you know? There are so many online shopping sites that have Tumblr as their host site. They have everything for anything!”

(A week later)

“(f/n), can you please pass my laptop?” he asked since you were relatively nearer to his computer.

You giggled, reaching out to him. His laptop was pretty heavy and yours weighed nothing compared to his. “You’ve been using your laptop quite often Taiga.”

“Remember when you mentioned about online shops?” he smiled sheepishly. “Well I created an account and looked for official sellers of basketball shoes and I happened to find one…” he explained, showing you the site. “And look, I just ordered a new pair of shoes from Nike.”

“But looks like you’ve been posting a lot, too,” you giggled pointing at his post count. “Let me see your posts!”

Your boyfriend became flustered the moment you opened his blog. You, on the other hand, couldn’t help but giggle due to the amount of recipes he’s been posting and, well, they actually managed to get tons of notes.

“So is this why you’ve been taking a lot of notes lately while you cook?”

Poison and His Antidotes

“Have you told your husband about the feelings you had last session?” Dr. Keith asked softly as she mindlessly scribbled her pen against the clipboard perched on her lap.

Dean’s eyes wondered around her office as he shuffled his feet nervously from where he sat and swallowed the lies he wished he could tell her. “I didn’t.”

“May I ask why not?”

“I’m paying you to.” Dean sent her a smirk but her eyes never rose to meet his. Clearing this throat to pretend that joke never happened, he sat more upward in the chair and clasped his hands over his lap. “I was gonna. I had everything all planned on how to tell him… but it’s so hard. I mean, I love him. I can’t… I can’t tell him that I…”

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