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Now for something a little experimental. These celestial inspired Salome fairy wings have a baroque flourish added to the base on the front and back, plus Swarovski crystals and gold foil tips. Some of the crystals in the ‘eyes’ near the edge are star shaped.
The flourish is something I’ve been wanting to add for quite a while and I finally dove in, sculpting it from scratch. It’s cast in a polyester based thermoplastic that is environmentally friendly and biodegrades in the soil, though for future casts I will have to use something else as this took much more work hours than I can fairly charge getting it to cooperate with me. It may take some time to perfect, but I do like the way it looks and in fact next time I think it will be more visible from the front :) These will be available on Tuesday, March 21st at 7pm PST for $450.

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Blog Updates + Theme Changes!!!!!

Hello, everyone!!!!

I’m sure you are all aware that this blog hasn’t been active in quite some time. We lost several admins and changed management which made us unable to post. Thankfully we, the remaining admins, have gotten reorganized and are looking to start posting again very soon.

Before we can start posting we have decided to update our blog theme, as the current one is outdated. We will be doing that over the next day or two. This means that our blog may look funny while it’s under construction. We apologize for this. If you face any issues with our new theme once it is completed, we would appreciate it if you sent an ask and let us know what the problem is. This will allow us to make our theme the best that it can be.

Lastly, we will be looking for new admins to work on the blog in the near future. We will be releasing further information and an updated admin application very soon, hopefully within the next week. If you are interested in becoming an admin, turn on notifications for this blog so you will be first to see that post.

We hope you are all excited for the new changes to this blog and we thank everyone for being so patient with us during this time ^-^

— The Admins

Free Commission Samples

Heyo, friendo’s.

So, I will be re-opening up writing commissions again sometime in the near future. However, unlike last time, I want to have actual samples that I can show to prospective clients so they have an idea of what it is I can deliver for them. 

That being said, I’m going to be offering some free drabbles for ya’ll! (with the knowledge that said drabbles will be placed in public domain for sample purposes). 

Click for more info below! 

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Late Letter

Dearest Lady Brynn,

I apologize so much for the lengthy delay of this letter. I had hoped to write to you sooner, but the escalating situation in Lake Doric has left me with very little in the way of free time, and I fear that will not change anytime in the near future. Regardless, my fiancees and I would still love to have you over to the Jardin Estate in Ascalon Settlement at some point to catch up with you. It may take time, but I don’t think us running into one another at the Tea Shoppe was merely happenstance.

Knowing you, I’m sure you’re quite busy these days as well; I think that’s often the curse of women in our position. Until we do get the chance to see one another again and trade tales of the last year, I pray that the Six watch over you and guide you along safe paths.

Lady Alexandria LaCoria-Eskara

P.S. I may have mentioned running into you to Lady Cartwright, so there’s the chance you will be hearing from her soon. Gods know that a mother loves to show off her child to any friend she gets the chance to.


Hey guys! So Admin R and I have been talking, and we’ve decided that this is a matter that we need your opinions on. We were thinking about having our first event, which has been fully planned and is ready to go. It’s not an overly complicated event, and it’s pretty low pressure. We think that it would be a good way to help you guys establish some more plots, and give you something a bit different from the usual to write about. We also feel that having something interesting going on may draw in more members. However, on the flip side, we do realize that there aren’t that many of us here right now. We would like to know what you guys think: Would you like to have an event in the near future? (More than likely starting this weekend and running for a week or so, just to give you lots of time to write out your threads and have fun with it) Or, would you prefer we wait until we have a few more members? Let us know what you think by commenting on this post! We love you guys!

- Admin D

Newest news

Hey everyone!

Hope you are well and having a good start of the year.

I’ve been really quiet lately, and may even be quieter in the near future.

I’m afraid I still don’t have any “very good news” for you.

This is more like an explanation of why I’ve been quiet and why I won’t be more active in the near future.

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I’m not dead! I’ve just been busy, inefficient, and ended up watching all five seasons of The Wire twice (that show is way too phenomenal). 

So here’s a video I intended to release on the exact same day as my review of episode 73 (Too Far), which came out two months ago. Huh, time does gets away from us sometimes…

Also, I am working on Adventure Time Season 7 reviews! The release schedule for new episodes was so rapid I got left behind, but expect the first few to start churning out in the near future!

Starting with this video (and perhaps I may go back and do this for some old ones), I will also be uploading subtitles to YouTube to improve the viewing experience for those who want them. Which also means I will have transcripts for my videos, and thus I will be posting them here in conjunction with posting the video itself.


Based on the events in the episode “Too Far”, there appear to be signs that Peridot will develop romantic feelings for Amethyst. Let me say that I’m not one for shipping, and I usually do not care who ends up with whom in a story as long as the relationship is interesting and developed well. The reason I’m proposing this hypothesis at all is that I think it is in fact being foreshadowed despite how unlikely it seems.

“Too Far” sets up that Peridot does not understand why Garnet would stay fused when there is no need for violence to be utilized. It has been demonstrated by now that Homeworld sees fusion merely as a militaristic application, and does not hold fusions in high regard. However, Peridot has not actually ever shown to be against the romance between Ruby and Sapphire – she is just dumbfounding by their constant fusion. This leads us to the question of whether Peridot comprehends romance in the first place, and whether Homeworld suppresses gems having genuine emotional connections between each other. I have to make the assumption that romantic feelings between gems are highly atypical in Homeworld society. Thus, at the most basic level, Peridot does not understand Garnet because she does not even comprehend romantic feelings.

In this same episode, it is set up that Peridot essentially admires Amethyst. Admiration even results in imitation, where Peridot laughs nearly uncharacteristically at what name she gives to objects, which before she did not find amusing in the least.  Let us be honest, she is basically going “Notice me senpai!” Peridot’s voice is practically ecstatic when she thinks Amethyst is talking to Pearl about how much fun she had with her.

So in an episode which ends with Peridot saying she wants to comprehend the attitudes on Earth, she was dumbfounded by the physical form of Ruby and Sapphire’s love, and developed a strong attraction to Amethyst. But what seals the deal for me and actually made me consider this idea, is the aftermath of Peridot tackling Amethyst. This scene was sooooo evocative of the trope commonly found in manga and anime where the protagonist knocks their love interest over and lies on top of them, which is done either by accident, or as in Peridot’s case – to save them from something. We even got close-ups on the wide-eyed faces, followed by a desperate lunge backward and an apology about how it was all an accident. This feels soooo deliberate that I can’t just imagine the scene having no larger significance. I cannot see the sapphic undertones in this scene being there merely for fun and laughs. Let’s say that nothing romantic does happen between Amethyst and Peridot- what would the point of this scene be? If Peridot just landed on the ground beside Amethyst instead of straddling her, nothing would be altered. A scene staged so specifically like a romance-anime trope after Peridot has earlier been shown to not understand Garnet and admire Amethyst… it’s hard to draw a conclusion other than there’s some foreshadowing going on here.

I’m not saying there will definitely be a full-blown relationship or that it will be reciprocal, but even it being one-sided for Peridot would certainly create a new and interesting dynamic – that’s for sure. I used to think Peridot’s first fusion would end up being with Steven, but now I’m predicting that it will be with Amethyst instead.

Before this episode, I think this idea would have been ludicrous and just downright silly. But with this many signs crammed into 11 minutes, I can’t help but think there may be something here. What are your thoughts?

   Due to the fact that there are 223 of you all that have followed me in the short time I’ve had this account, I wanted to say thank you to each and every single one of you because you all have been simply amazing. Now, I may not have had the opportunity to talk with every single one of ya’ll but I can say that I would like to do so nonetheless or at least try in the future. I hope everyone is enjoying their Holidays and here’s to a new year awaiting us in the near future! 

   Now, lets get to spreading some of that positivity, shall we~? 

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