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A lot of thoughts on season 4

Okay, okay I haven’t done a real post about all my thoughts on season 4 yet. I’m a sucker for long posts and I looove analyzing everything. And SKAM is just the perfect show to analyze. The metaphors and symbolism is EVERYTHING! This post will be long!! (sorry)

We have already got sooo much from the season. Multiple updates a day. Clips every day (so far). I really hope they keep it up the entire season. So far, we have a little more than 16 minutes of eps 1. We could get a short clip today (maybe Sana talking to her brother about not getting involved with her friends?) And then a longer clip Friday. For some reason, I have a feeling that the episodes will be a bit longer this season compared to season 3, because it seems like they have A LOT to cover in 10 episodes. So, I’m hoping they are aiming for 30+ minutes rather than 20. But we’ll see!

So, we got the trailer. I already wrote a bit about it, but I didn’t fully cover it. I think it’s safe to say the correct timeline of events is the timeline of the reverse trailer: Starting with Noora and then the domino effect going from there. According to the trailer Sana will be the one starting it all. She trips Noora, who falls.

From what we have seen so far, it is pretty clear that this will have something to do with boys! Either something with William or some of the boys from The Balloon Squad (or both). It is clear, that Sana doesn’t want the girls to get involved with her brother and his friends, but at this point they are not respecting her wishes (let’s get back to this later). They want Noora to find a new crush/hookup and The Balloon Squad is the target. At this point I think this will be what triggers Sana to do what she does. The girls will push her to the edge, and she will do something. In the trailer, she clearly trips Noora on purpose, so I think she is definitely triggered by something (because otherwise why would she do it?). But I don’t think she knows what kind of drama this will start (the domino effect).

The next in line is Vilde. Noora falls into her, and tears her pearl necklace in the fall. A white pearl necklace is known to symbolize innocence, purity and beauty, and I don’t think that the use of a pearl necklace to be torn is a coincidence. 

Vilde has so far been portrait as a bit oblivious and very absorbed with her own image and appearance. Her thing with Magnus also seems very sweet and innocent. This will somehow crack, and Noora will be the one starting it. Vilde has already begun to appear really shady. She seemed head over heals with Magnus, but she was very quick to find other boys interesting (= Sana’s brother). She may play it off as finding love for Noora, but be careful Vilde!

Next up is Eva. She is not directly affected by Vilde, but more indirectly trips do to what happens to her when the necklace tears.

She spills her drink on Chris, and I think the drink-spilling may symbolize that this has to do with her drunkness. We know the girl can get wasted!! I have no idea what it will be about, but she may do something when she is wasted, which she may regret and will affect more than herself.

To be honest, I have no idea what the Chris thing is, but I may think Chris is not symbolizing herself. It is more likely that she symbolizes ‘the one filming’ (I did write a small post about this earlier)

We know the one filming is Mikael, and it would make sense that whatever hurts Even, is something from his past. I look forward to knowing what happened in Even’s past, but I’m also very anxious to see him hurting. He is my baby, and if someone hurts him on purpose, I will end them! But the trailer also shows us that Isak does not leave Even’s side for one second! He goes down with him and has his back. This really comforts me. Evak is power couple no. 1!!

Okay, so moving on from the trailer… We have yet to make it to the first full episode, but sooo much is already building up. It is clear, that Sana feels like she doesn’t fully fit in with her friends. They clearly don’t understand her religion/culture and it annoys her! You can’t blame them for not knowing everything, but I think the issue is that they don’t even try to understand. They just assume things instead of actually talk to Sana about it. I think she would gladly answer their questions and talk about her religion and the culture her family comes from. All this adds on top of them not respecting her wishes for them to not get involved with her brother and his friends. I think all of this will strengthen her relationship with Isak. The two of them became close last year, and he actually talked to her about her religion and views on the world. He asked questions and they both challenged each other and grew as human. I think Sana will feel like she could actually talk to him about things she cares about. The fact that the girls only talk about sex and boys clearly frustrates her. I think she would love to talk about her feelings on the subject, but that their lack of interest makes her keep her facade of not caring about it at all.

We don’t know how her relationship is with Even yet, but they could easily had become friends over the last couple of months (the time between the end of s3 and now). The fact that he knows the Quran and therefor maybe understand her more and doesn’t just assume things could be a big deal.

From the latest text update, the girls could end up partying with The Balloon Squad (against Sana’s wishes). This party could be the first step into drama town! Maybe The Balloon Squad ends up having a clash with The Boy Squad – Magnus being jealous of whatever Vilde is up to and Even being confronted with his past. He could even be taking totally off guard, if they randomly end up at the same party. Does Isak even now what happened at Bakka yet? It has to be something big, since it made him change school and take his last year in gymnasium all over again.

I’m excited and anxious about this season!! Oh boy, oh boy. If you made it this far (I know this is a really long post) Please give me your thoughts!


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◇ Taeil begins to get more protective, and you have no idea why.

◇ Taeil x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ requested by anon; mate vamp au with NCT taeil?

◇ asdfghjkl for some reason I’m not that happy with this one… Taeil is so hard to write for!! I hope this is enjoyable anyway!


It wasn’t often that you’d have the pleasure of waking up next to Moon Taeil — and that’s the first sign that something’s off.

He usually awoke in the very early hours of the morning to begin business with his brothers (he was very fond of the whole early bird catches the best worm phrase, too), the only trace of his existence the ghost of a kiss on your forehead and — normally — a note explaining his absence and wishing you a wonderful day.

You weren’t sure what made this day different than any other, but when your eyes opened at 8AM Taeil was still laying behind you — and fully awake, too.

“Taeil?” You murmur in disbelief, eyes groggy and voice murky with sleep. Your eyebrows furrow in confusion, taking in how he had his arms around your form, a hand laying on your stomach — he never usually spooned you, he much preferred having you lay on his chest.

You brush that minor detail off, rolling over to face him. He smiles in greeting, brushing his thumb over your cheek fondly. “You’re… still here?”

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Suggestions for Foreign Language Base Vocabulary

this is all from Polyglot: How I Learn Languages by Kató Lomb. 

Let me include a short list of words you will need if you want to make contact with someone who doesn’t speak your mother tongue:

  • Contact-making words – Hello. Excuse me? Thank you. Please. I’m sorry. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Good-bye.
  • Ready-made formulas –  I’m from the U.S. I don’t speak… Do you speak…? Please say it again. Slower please. Where is…?
  • Pronouns – I. You. Whose? Mine, yours… Who? What? This, that.
  • Adverbs of place, time, etc. – Here. There. Where? To the right. To the left. Straight on. Already. Yet. Still. Now. When? How many? How much? Many, much, few, little, more.
  • Auxiliary words – Have to, must. May. Can. I’d like… Why? Because…
  • Inflected forms of “to be” and “to have” – [Language dependent]
  • Numbers (and dates)*–  From one till ten, till a hundred. Days of the week, names of the months. Today, tomorrow, etc.
  • Important verbs – Leave. Arrive. Come, go. Start, finish. Eat, drink, look for, find, buy, get on, get off, have, know.
  • Nouns – It is a difficult question as their priority depends on the situation. For a tourist: room, bed, bathroom. In a restaurant: soup, bread, meat, water, beer, pasta. If you have some money for shopping, you don’t have to do anything but point. You will be understood.
  • Adjectives in the positive and comparative degree –  Big, small. Cheap, expensive. Hot, cold. Good, bad.

This list, of course, can be extended and reduced at will. You can also play with it by checking how many forms you can instantly express in their foreign equivalents.

Unfortunately, there are a host of expressions that play a greater role in making you fluent than verbs, nouns, adjectives, and all other “responsible” word-classes. I call them filler words because their common property is that they don’t change the essence of a sentence, they only supplement it. Such filler words are quite, obviously, rather, of course, well, in fact, though, mostly, certainly, instead, a lot, still, anyway, etc. It is not easy to memorize them because there are no objective concepts attached to them, yet I recommend learning them with all my heart.

Since we are discussing filler words, let’s not forget filling clauses, either. These are usually sentence-launching expressions, not even bricks of the building of language but in fact ready-made slabs of it. They can be carried to the spot in prefabricated forms and plastered in immediately. Their great advantage is that they provide transitions between banal discourse and important discourse. In addition, they allow time to recall expressions that have sunk deep into your memory and to strike the tuning fork, which I have mentioned several times.

*originally this category was just “Numbers”, the (and dates) is my addition for clarity 

Engraved pt. 10

<– Engraved 9 | (<– Crowned 1) | Engraved 11 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 8161 (sorrynotsorry)
Warnings: Angst. fainting, sexual innuendo…guns, bruises, wounds.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: A little happy trip present from me to you @oh-beyond enjoy ;) pup, new girl, all the good things. Guys let me know what you think ;) feedback much appreciated.

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Your pov

“So.” Baekhyun started as you walked into the room with a beer, a bottle of diet coke and a hot tray of nachos. “You fucking the hitman?”
You didn’t reply, as you sat the tray down, places his beer in front of him and took a sip of your diet coke.
“You’re going to ignore me all night?”
No reply, you just reached for the nachos and pulled one of, stringy cheese trailing behind and revealing salsa underneath.
“Angel, humour me. Don’t be like this.”
“You gonna be an annoying little shit all night, I ain’t going to talk to you,” you said, but you had a smile on your face so he probably knew you were playing.
He took his own nachos, and the crunching was loud in the room. “Before you nag I’ll turn on the music.”
“I’m not getting a headset?” you pouted, actually very disappointed, you were sort of looking forwards to it.
He shook his head. “Nope, this is not some chat line.”
“As if you and Chanyeol don’t discuss girls on the floor to have a threesome with,” you bit, facing the screen and taking some more nachos. 

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“Protecting” you

A/N: Hi guys! I might do a part 2 if i get enough feedback! :)

Also sorry for any mistakes, english isn’t my first language.

Summary: Peter wants to break up because he is sure that’s the only way he can protect you. 

Words: 842

Hope you like it! x


You just couldn’t believe your own ears.

“Are you serious right now, Peter? That “ohh I’m trying to protect you so I’m breaking up with you” thing is old now! Stop quoting some stupid books or movies because this thing never works out and you know it!” He just closed his eyes, taking a big breath. God, he loved you with all of his heart. He would do anything for you. And right now his heart was breaking into pieces as was yours, causing as much pain. But he believed he was doing the right thing. By keeping you at distance he was keeping you safe, right?

“I’m sorry, I’ve already made up my mind!” he said clearly as he opened the door to his flat. Luckily, Aunt May was still at work so she doesn’t have to witness this ridiculous situation. You slammed the door and walked over to the counter as Peter took milk from the fridge. You were fuming. You were facing each other, your hands on the counter as he was casually drinking the cold milk.

“Peter, you can’t make a decision for me. We had started dating before all of this madness happened and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t feel safe with you!” You were desperately trying to get it through his head that you were well aware of all the consequences but he seemed to not be listening.

“Listen to me, Parker!” He saw your expression and honestly, he didn’t want to do this anymore. He wanted to admit he was wrong and move on but he knew he shouldn’t. You were risking your life by dating him and he just couldn’t let you get hurt. So he cleared his throat, straightened his posture and put a new mask on his face. One, that would make you want to leave him. “It’s not like we were ever going to last long, though.” You watched him say this sentence so confidentially, without any show of pain or hurt. And that really hurt you. Suddenly, you felt tears running down your cheeks as your heart broke in half.

“Oh, really? Wish you would tell me that 2 fucking years ago before we even started, asshole! We’re done, Peter! For good.” You managed to say, your voice breaking every few seconds. And he was suddenly regretting that, not because he felt like his heart was actually broken, because he saw how much he hurt you as you said your last words before grabbing your backpack from the counter and storming out of the flat. He was so mad at himself. So damn mad. But it was better this way. You will move on soon and you will be safer than you would ever be with him. He grabbed the bottle of milk and smashed it on the floor. It didn’t make him feel any better. He was trying to push his thoughts away, he needed to find something to occupy his mind or else he would go after you to apologise and ask to take him back. He was going to his room with his chest rising and falling quickly and when he opened the door to his room he was met with a few pairs of eyes looking at him.

“Wha-what are you doing here?” He tried to play it cool, managed to fake a little smile. Nat, Clint and Wanda were sitting on his bed, Tony was holding some things that Peter had left on his desk, while Steve and Bucky were standing in the centre of the room. But they didn’t answer his question and he could read their faces.

“Um, how long have you be-i mean, have you guys, um-”, he was making gestures with his hand while the other one was scratching his neck, “-heard everything from over there or…” The thought of what was going on only minutes before was making him feel sick.

“Yeah. What the hell was that about?” Tony answered for everyone, earning a glare from Nat and Steve. Peter rubbed his hands together which were incredibly sweaty and looked at the floor. “Why are you here, anyway?” Ignoring Stark’s question he tried to change the subject. He definitely wasn’t discussing his relationship problems with them.

“We were going to take you with us on a mission but I don’t know if you should go now…” Nat started slowly, looking at Steve to back her up. Before he could add something Peter spoke, “Why? I’m okay, just let me grab my suit and we can go.” Everyone could see that he was just pretending but they knew they actually needed him for this mission and it couldn’t wait.

“Alright, kid. Suit up, we’ll be waiting at the roof.” And then they left him alone, he took out his suit and laid it on the bed. His face was in his hands and he exhaled loudly. It was supposed to be a good decision, yet he felt like he made the biggest mistake in his life.

Five in the Morning- Angelica Schuyler X Reader

Once I started reading, that’s all I was doing for the night. It didn’t matter that I had set several alarms throughout the night to try and get me to periodically take a break and maybe go to sleep because I knew once I opened the book that it would be one of those nights. I felt my eyes begin to close to my annoyance and I forced them to stay open so I could continue reading again. A satisfied feeling sat in my stomach as I watched the right stack of pages grow smaller and smaller until… finished. I closed the book, smiling a bit before realizing that it must’ve been at least a couple of hours. I groaned, turning over in my bed and I squinted at the window, seeing light coming through curtains.

Shit how long was I up for? I wondered and I saw my phone lying on the floor, discarded along with a charger cord and headphones. I reached over to grab it, nearly falling over the side in the process. The digital clock read 5:09 am and I set my phone down on the bed and I sat up and approached the curtains wearily, knowing that if I did this now, I wasn’t getting any sleep this morning. I opened them up, the first rays of sunlight filling my room and illuminating the sky in beautiful colors. I frowned a bit, knowing that I was going to hate myself later for not getting any sleep.
I absentmindedly began to play games, sending requests to my friends and not thinking anything of it before putting my phone back down, realizing that it was at three percent. I began to walk to my kitchen when I heard my phone buzz and I frowned, wondering who in their right mind would be up at this time. I picked my phone up and I stared at the name on my phone.

The Sassiest Schuyler Sister: wth are you sending me candy crush requests at five in the morning

I opened my phone and I opened Messages, staring at the screen before typing quickly.

Me: why aren’t you sending me candy crush requests at five in the morning

I exited our conversation and went over to mine and Lafayette’s conversation.

Me: please play candy crush

I knew he would be up, considering he always was at this ungodly hour.

French Fry:why are you up already? have i been sucked into an alternate universe in which you *gasp* get up early?

Me: i may or may not have started a good book last night

Me: therefore causing sleep to become unimportant

French Fry: i’m out getting caffeinated drinks right now, i’ll be at your apartment in ten.

Me: bless.

I smiled a bit and I exited our conversation and went into Angelica and mines conversation, seeing that she had left a new message.

The Sassiest Schuyler Sister: guessing you found a good book last night so that’s why you are still up

Me: no i am just really passionate and dedicated about candy crush

I smiled as I sent the message, knowing that she would either be shaking her head or laughing, or possibly both at the same time.
Someone knocked loudly on my front door.

“My slightly insane friend, I’ve brought offerings!” Lafayette practically yelled and I laughed a bit before running out of my bedroom and opening the door to let Lafayette into my apartment. He was holding five cups and I took the one he handed me gratefully. He set everything down on the table and looked at me seriously. “You look tired.”

“Thanks I try.” I rolled my eyes at him and he grinned, rubbing my hair and messing it up. I looked at him, raising an eyebrow at the remaining four coffees.

“Are you going to drink all four of those?” I asked him and he grinned.

“Ah, no. They are for Laurens, Hercules and Hamilton. And me of course.” He told me and smirked slightly at my caffeinated beverage, which I began to eye suspiously.

“Laf what did you do?”

“Nothing?” He tried and failed miserably to look innocently at me. I shook my head and I continued to inspect the cup. On the part where you’re supposed to write the persons name, he had requested the barista to write ‘date angelica’. I felt my cheeks turn red and I looked at Lafayette, who was choking on his coffee with laughter.

“I may be tired but I can still kill you.”

“I believe you but if you are in jail then how are you going to see Angelica?” He teased and I punched him without force.

“Okay but don’t you see what I see in her?” I asked him, looking at him as if he is crazy. He smirked and looked at me.

“No but please do tell.”

“Laf she is… amazing. I mean have you seen her smile…? Have you seen the way she looks when she is thinking about something? She is amazing. Her mind is extraordinary and she gets so silly when no one else is around. And her eyes! Her eyes light up every single time she reads something amazing and she starts saying the words out loud when she is reading! And…” I noticed I was staring off and when I turned back to Lafayette, he was smiling. Not smirking or snickering but smiling, genuinely excited.

“Y/N, I think you love her.” He said, his smile soft.


“Have you heard yourself talk about her?”

“I mean yes but… I don’t think she loves me in that way. I’m her best friend.”

“And so you’re just going to stand to the side?” He asked and I nodded.

“That was the plan, yes.”

“God you’re worse than Burr. Just kidding.”

“No you’re right. At least Theodosia and Burr are dating. He told her and I’m just waiting for Angelica.”

“You just don’t know how to tell her and that’s alright. Just take your time.” I heard a knock on my door and I moved towards the door and opened it, not expecting to see Angelica. When she saw me, a relieved smile until she studied me closely. Her smile reflected her concern and she grew more worried.

“You look exhausted. Lafayette, get back to the boys and please don’t give them caffeine.” She said, crossing her arms. Lafayette held his hands up in surrender and he smiled a bit before he grabbed the cup holder containing the coffee and he left, hugging me before he did. Angelica watched him leave and she hugged me after he did. I relaxed into her touch. She backed away and looked at me.

“You really need to sleep more.” She whispered and I shook my head.

“I’m not tired.”

“Look me in the eye and tell me that you aren’t tired.” She countered and I laughed.

“Okay okay you caught me. But I am going to make breakfast or something first.” I protested and she shook her head.

“You are going to end up burning your apartment down. I’ll make some just go to sleep, alright?”


“You are desperately in need of sleep. I’ll wake you up in several hours.”


“Of course. Now have a good sleep, Y/N.” She smiled and headed into my kitchen and I went into my bedroom, closing the curtains and I plopped down into my bed and passed out almost instantly.
Several hours later, I felt someone shaking me gently from sleep.

“It’s too early.” I groaned.

“It’s noon. I figured that seven hours of sleep would hopefully be enough for you.” Angelica said, a joking tone in her voice.

“What did you do for seven hours?”

“Cooked pancakes for you and read a book. I must say that Lafayette has an amazing nickname for you, on that cup.” She added and I sprung up, looking at her.

“Oh sh-”

“I feel the same way, if it’s any consolation.” She smiled and grabbed my hand.

“It is.” I smiled back and she leaned over and kissed me gently.


I’m rewatching the entire series over the summer - not only because my memory bank is in dire need of refreshing, but because what else are we supposed to do during hellatus? Meet up with friends, go to the park, enjoy the sunshine? *snorts with derision* (okay I’ll be doing that too) (I’m not staying in all summer watching SPN and writing meta) (*shiftiest eyes*) I wanted to do this as part of this awesomeness and will attempt to catch up. If I can’t: *shrug* What can I say? Real Life and all that. Yes, friends in the park with sunshine. (be honest) I work. A lot. Of the hours.

But to make it up to you, I’ve planned THIS

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No, I’m not going to dress up as Marilyn Monroe and come to your house and shower you with champagne. (or am I?)  No, don’t be silly - I can’t do that! Instead, I’m going to encourage you all to drink! By introducing the Spectacular and Penultimate and so very Necessary Drinking Game. (*SPNDG for short) For those who do not partake of the alcohol or for those of you who are underage there will be soda pops involved. (considering how much I curse I sincerely hope each and every one of you are of age)

You with me here? AWESOME! This will be us come end of summer:

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Though possibly not quite so fishy… Either way, we’ll be ready for S13, peeps!

So, I had this ambition to do this Snapshot Commentary thing for each episode, getting through one or two a day. This post has taken me four days, the hours I’ve had to invest interspersed unevenly at best, and @margarittet was nice enough to do the maths - my ambition would take me over two years to fulfil at this pace. Yah. And as I lack a Time-Turner (god I wish I had one WHY JK ROWLING??) I may just have to watch the series as planned and write meta on the episodes that stand out as deeper narrative beats, both plot and character wise. Fuck. I already know there are so many of them. But I’m excited to get started! Writing this meta has been so much fun and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I know I’m probably repeating stuff someone else has already said, but do you know what, I haven’t gotten to say it, so I’m saying it for myself now. Keep a lookout for them drinking prompts, because that means fun times up ahead, and don’t forget to drink responsibly. (remember nesnej) (oh god we’re all gonna get sloshed) (or very, very high on sugar)

Here we go!

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He Needs The Attitude Adjustment

In hopes of making up for the long wait of that last one, I managed to get my next prompt written already! This one was actually difficult when it came to deciding the ending, but I decided to leave it a little open-ended in case I wanted to come back to it. ALL feedback always appreciated. Thanks for reading! xx

Prompt: May I request a fic where the OC is an SVU detective but she and Barba are in a secret relationship but one day someone (is in you hands who) starts flirting with her and Barba is really jealous but tries to hide it because the squad is already suspecting about them? Please 🙏🏼🙏🏼. You’re amazing and I LOVE everything you write. Seriously, you’re incredible ❤️❤️.

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So let’s take a look at this. I already saw someone explain this but basically, Mephi is planning to get some alcohol and Shura seems to agree 110%(Lewin slapping his forehead…?). 

When I looked forward, I saw something that made me catch my breath. Now, it may not be a big deal but I feel like stuff like this takes YEARS to happen, especially with these people.

Three people are starting to drink and they’ve already done the thing with their glasses. Do you see where I’m going with this?? It’s definitely not the students because none of the students have short sleeves. But guess who does?

Now, who is the one with dark sleeves? It could be Rin… But he’s underage. And he’s wearing a checkered shirt. So that leaves…

Yes, yes… It’s not dark but that’s because he’s wearing a coat. If you go back to the first picture, you can see that he’s taken off his coat and his sleeves are dark. So now, there is one more left. Now, I kind of had a hard time with figuring out who the third one is. I can’t see the sleeves or anything that would hint towards a certain character. So I naturally assumed it was:

Here is what I based this out of. There are only three people behind Ryuji, Shima, and Koneko. It’s Mephisto Lewin and Shura. Since I’ve already found out Shura and Lewin, the other one has to be Mephisto. He’s the one who planned the drinks after all. So there it is guys… The three most unexpected people getting drunk together happily. Wow.

Truth or dare

Requested imagine where you’re best friends with Tyler and have a massive crush on Josh. Tyler and Jenna tease you guys about liking each other, and they eventually confess their love to each other. 

Had a lot of fun writing this one, so enjoy! Next one on here will be a smut, ha!

It was when Josh was dating Debby that your true feelings for him came out. Jenna picked up on it the first time the five of you hung out together. It made you feel incredibly uncomfortable. Like you were third wheeling on their double dates. Eventually, you’d started declining their invites.

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AN\: lol it’s been literally forever. Oops. Anyway, I wrote this. So here you go. Let me know what you think! I take requests!!,,, unless ur request is like lame and I dont feel like it idk. Luv u all <3

Pairing: Dylan Sprayberry x reader ((sorry I don’t like putting in (Y/N) so I just put in Zoe okay))

Word count: 1,754

Warnings: na

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I walk through the automatic doors and am greeted with an onslaught of people rushing in every direction, knocking into one another and looking frantic. I look side to side, trying to figure out where to find it in this mess of bodies. I see the produce aisle and start heading towards it. A lady in front of me spills popcorn everywhere. I keep walking, picking up my speed now, and bumping into people passing by. Suddenly, alarms start going off and sprinklers from the tall ceilings go off. People are yelling now and rush to the exit. But I’ve only got one thing on my mind and I’m not leaving here without it. I toss the hood of my sweatshirt up over my already soaked hair and stick my elbows out to plow past the people blocking my way. Suddenly, I see them.

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The show in the middle of nowhere

Hi everyone! Sister J here! Long time no blog - I guess that’s what happens when your band apparently hates your state and your travel options are limited. I did see the boys in Indianapolis last year, but moving and switching jobs kept me from the blog-o-sphere! Okay, excuses over. Let’s talk Burgettstown - or as I like to call it, the show in the middle of nowhere PA. Why there is a 23,000 seat amphitheater there, we will never know.

So, joining me for this adventure is Sister K, C and A - C and A making the trip all the way from the UK! Great fun to finally meet them. We also met up with two other lovely ladies that we shared the GA line with last year in Indy. Parking lot opens at 3:30pm - doesn’t stop us from driving up starting at 10 am and begging to start a car line. Doesn’t work. We start driving. McDonald’s, Cracker Barrel, back to the lot, back to McDonald’s, back to the lot, and back… and back… I think you can catch our drift. No lining up early. After hours of avoiding the cops (not joking), we finally time it right and get in the parking lot.

Security issues, credit card entry problems, other entrances getting in before us… the list of complications is endless. As Sister K and I have always said - GA is not hard, but these venues make it so much harder than it needs to be. Two of us get center rail. The rest of us are right behind them. Not rail. Bitterly disappointed, but shake it off for the show.

Marcus and Ben come out and help Kevin Garrett for his last three songs.

Then it’s showtime!

The new stage set up is outstanding! I feel like prepping to open for U2 may have inspired them a bit! Open with the new song Blind Leading the Blind - solid opener, always a risk to lead with a new song, but the crowd seemed into it and everyone around us had heard it already… LOL.

Jump to song three - Below My Feet. Security starts getting active. I look behind me and there is a girl obviously not doing well - swaying back and forth and looking about ready to pass out. Others around us heard threats of violence. Marcus stops singing - asks if everything is under control and then mutters under his breath about not drinking so much! Always something in the Pit, right? They get right back into the song. We were worried this would bring Marcus down, but our cheering and general enthusiasm seemed to get him back on track!

Ditmas was great as usual - we were ready for the climb through the Pit, but Marcus wisely avoided that area, probably based on the earlier incident. However, he did make a lengthy stop to hug a little boy who had a sign proclaiming it his first concert and his birthday. Lucky. He also got a half sung Happy Birthday into the mic. 

We did catch him on the way back however… each show I get a little closer… LOL.

Dust Bowl Dance + Fire = MAGIC!

Encore and then it’s time for the “b-stage” - aka even CLOSER to us!

Got to hear Cold Arms, which I love. Poor Marcus, quiet songs in amphitheaters filled with drunks just doesn’t work. Then, they bust out this gem!!

Our video stunk since the light was right in our faces and we couldn’t see them - but this was insane. Ted loved that we were singing along. Seemed like an audible since there was some discussion and Winston got his banjo after the song started. Never heard them do this without Old Crow Medicine Show (FYI, it’s THEIR song not Darius Ruckers… and technically it’s Bob Dylan’s, but I digress).

Encore included I’m On Fire, I Will Wait and the always amazing The Wolf. Best closing song going right now IMO. 

And then it was over…  Setlist and picks procured from the always helpful security guards working the front, who also fed us girl scout cookies!  

A few non-Marcus photos…

Had a nice chat post show with this lovely horn blower. 

And just like that is was over… until next time Mumford and Sons! How about we pick a date in Ohio, okay? All photos courtesy of Sisters K, C and A! 


Damon x Fem!Reader

Requested By @wonderfullifeofisabella

Damon sighed as he slumped down on Alaric’s sofa, the look on his face had the hunter contemplating whether he should move just to keep, the many issues his friendship with the oldest Salvatore caused, at bay.


“(Y/N)’s going to leave me.” The vampire sighed.


“Don’t be stupid Damon that girls crushed on you for years and you love her more than… well I’d have thought you could, not that I was aware you had feelings.” Alaric smiled when Damon glared at him before quickly continuing.

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Hello, baby. Part 18

I wake up, separated from him.
I hear the shower running and I curl myself in a ball under the sheets. I don’t want it to be morning yet. 

 “Care to join me doll?” I hear a laugh in his voice. 

I pop my head up and look at him with eyebrows raised. He’s got just a towel on and the extended invitation sends a chill through my body that I have missed. 

Originally posted by hazelhil

“What’s in it for me?” I laugh 

“Whatever you want doll.” He walks over to me and lays down in the bed and grabs me close. 

I cover my mouth, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. “Good morning” I laugh and put my face in his chest. 

“It is a good morning.” He sighs. 

My body is under the sheets and he is laying on top of them, I want to wrap my arms around him but I’m confined. I wiggle myself out of his grip and he laughs.  
“So, the shower is still running?” I sit up on my knees and smile at him. 

“After you doll.” He lets a grin show. 

I jump out of the bed and run to the bathroom, I grab the mouthwash under the cabinet and take a couple caps full and swish it around. I’m bent over the sink as I spit the blue liquid out and I feel his hands on my waist, caressing almost at first. 
I let out a soft giggle and he grips them harder, my laugh turn into a soft sigh as he presses himself against me.
I’m still bent over the sink and we can see each other reflections in the full mirror in front of us.
I bite my lip as I feel every inch of him against me. He lets out a groan as he sees my facial expressions.
He reaches one of his hands up my side keeping his thumb pressed against my back, I reach behind me and grab his wrist and bring it to my chest.
He’s bent over me, his chest is on my back.
His one hand is busy with my chest, I let out small whimpers of pleasure, I missed this.
My hips are moving against him from the sensation of his touch. His eyes are darted at me through the reflection.
The shower is still running hot, steam is filling the bathroom. Sweat is forming on both of us from out own increased body heat and the added effect of steam. The hand that was on my chest is reaching around my neck. His other hand leaves my other hip and he takes the towel off himself, he reaches that hand between my legs, my moan is almost a shudder and my eyes close.
He lets out a growl, I know he’s watching me. He pulls down the underwear that he left me in and I step out of it obeying his moves.
I feel him resting against me, more chills are sent though my body.
He slowly slides his finger between my slit and I let out a louder moan. He makes his moves like molasses, he knows he’s teasing me. He reaches my clit and his finger runs circles on it. My legs feel like they are going to give out. My moans become more frequent, I can’t even manage words. He has complete control over me in the moment.
My hands press against the fogged mirror and I try to dig my nails into it as I reach my orgasm.
He trails his fingers down my spine as he watches me collapse over the sink breathing heavy.
He adjusts himself and I can feel him start to press inside me. 
“Fuck.” I moan out and he presses in more, one hand he has on my hips and the other is pulling my hair back.
“Such a pretty sight baby.” The whole sentence comes out in a growl. I can hear him moan as he pulls himself back out and i let out out a deep breath.
I look in the mirror and out eyes meet, I feel like flames are surrounding us. I bite my lip.
“Ask nicely doll.” He smiles at me.
I let out a laugh, “Daddy, please fuck me!”
 We still have eye contact through the mirror.
“Your wish is my command.” He grips my hair tight, my neck is extended back from him pulling, my back is arched and he lets out a grunt as he thrusts himself in me.
My moans meet his. The position is perfect as we move together, his grip on my hip is going to leave a bruise, his hand is tangled in my hair, I watch his arm flex every thrust when he pulls my hair back harder and I moan “daddy!”
I can see the chill run through him.
His pace picks up and my hands are on the mirror again pushing back. He lets go of my hip and reaches around me and his hand finds my clit, I almost instantly buckle at the knees. He lets go of my hair and catches my hips.
“You are fucking good baby girl!” He lets out a loud grunt.
I’m not going to last much longer, “Daddy. Daddy!” That’s all I can manage in between breaths.
“Go ahead baby!” I don’t try to hold back. He grabs onto both hips and squeezes them tight as we both cum.
The bathroom isn’t steamy anymore, the water is still running and I know it’s cold by now. I stay bent over the sink with my head and arms resting on the counter.
He pulls out and wraps the towel back around his waist. 

“We almost made it to the shower.” He laughs and turns the water off. 

I give what I can of a laugh and let out a deep breath. 

“Come on, get in the shower and I’ll have some food waiting for you downstairs darling.” He gives me a grin that I’m almost positive was just full of ego.
He walks out the door and I manage to get in the shower, it was quick and cold but the cold water didn’t feel horrible, it almost relaxed me. I get out and throw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts that were not meant to leave the house.
I tie my hair up in a bun and make my way to the kitchen which smells delicious. J is changed into his normal, nice, expensive attire that I will never understand. 

“Over here dear!” Jackie calls me to the table even though J was sitting on the couch. It’s already 2pm, so lunch is served, i find my seat at the table and begin eating. Jackie sits next to me and we make small talk till I am finished.
I offer to clean up but she won’t let me and she shoos me away.
I go over to J and sit on the couch next to him.

“How was lunch baby girl?” His focus is on a folder in his lap.

“Good!” I smile at him even though he isn’t giving me a glimpse. “Aren’t you hungry?” I put my hand on his knee grabbing his attention.

“I already ate darling.” He moves my hand away, “Im working. We can play later.” His voice is sarcastic. 

“Then why aren’t you in your office?” I move closer trying to be as annoying as possible.

“It is being cleaned doll.” He is short in tone and words.

“Why?” I start to laugh, Im annoying myself.

“You really want to know?” He closes the folder and looks at me with a stare.

I nod and bite my lip and smile.

“It’s bloody.” He opens the folder back up and a smile appears.

“What? How?” I sit back, “You had a meeting while I was in the shower?! I didn’t even take a long shower!” My face screams confused.

“It wasn’t much of a meeting. More like, an offering.” He laughs a little bit.

He is so twisted sometimes, most of the time, almost always.
I brush off the fact that people are cleaning up a dead body upstairs.

“What are we going to do today?” Im pushing his buttons on purpose.

“Whatever you want doll, just let me finish this, ok?” He is trying so hard to stay calm.

“How much longer do you think you will be?” I try to keep a serious face but it starts to break.

“I do not know Kat. Please! Go entertain yourself elsewhere.” Its starting to show in his voice.

“Can we play a game!” I am sitting on the couch on my knees facing him.

“Fuck! You are being annoying right now! Yes, whatever you want doll! Just let me fucking work for a few minutes!” He pushes me back.

‘BINGO!’ I fall backwards on the couch and laugh, thankfully he didn’t push me very hard. 

I let him finish his work and I am sitting watching a movie.

“What movie?” he asks walking in the room.

“Another girly one.” I sniffle, I have already cried a few times from the movie.

He laughs, “What about that game you talked about earlier?” He comes over to me and runs his hands down my arms and kisses my neck. ‘Not that kind of game’ I laugh in my mind.

I stand up quick, “Im so glad you remembered! I forgot about the game!” Which I actually did. 

He looks agitated already, “What game is this?” 

“Let me show you! I have to get everything set up.” I get up and walk into the lounge.

“Set up, huh?” I can fucking hear him get turned on.

I come walking out with a full bottle of whiskey and 2 small glasses.

“You want to play a drinking game? You are horrible with alcohol.” He shoots me a confused and concerned look. “I may have fucked you into crazy but darling, you still can’t handle alcohol.” he laughs.

“Ha ha ha. You will be the one passed out drunk this time Mr. J!” I give him a smirk. “We both start off with one shot each” I fill the small glasses, mine with less and he notices. 

“You are already cheating!” He laughs.

“Fuck you.” I fill mine up all the way. “Cheers loser!” We clink glasses and drink. It burns all the way down into my stomach. 

“So, what is this ‘game’ Kat?”

“21 questions!” I smile hoping he is amused, he’s not. “With alcohol!” I add. Still nothing from him. “Rules, I ask you a question and you can answer or you can pass, if you pass, you drink. Same rules apply to me. Sounds fun, right?” I hope he doesn’t see where this is going. 

“We can’t just play blackjack or something?” He is already fed up with me.

“Nope, we are playing.” I sit down at the table and he sits across from me. 

“You ask first J.” I smile at him and its not returned.

“Ok, favorite color?” He tosses his hands in the air.

“Really? Uh, I would have to say green.” I wink at him, again not returned.

“Do you like me better now or when you first met me?” I lean on my elbows.

“I like you better on your knees.” He gives me that fucking grin.

“Drink.” I lean back and cross my arms.

“My pleasure doll.” He pours himself a shot and takes it in one gulp. 
“Would you rather sit on daddy’s lap or face?” He laughs at himself.

“Face.” I roll my eyes, this is not going as planned.

“Oh, baby.” He growls and I can’t help but smile.

“How many girls have you slept with, been with?” I give him a smug look.

He stops laughing, “You really want to know?”

I nod. I can’t take it back now.

“Well, I don’t know. Not 100′s but more than 10.” he shrugs his shoulders. 

I don’t really feel anything about it, I wasn’t around, how am i supposed to care about his past women. I just smile at him, “Your turn.”

“You aren’t going to go bat shit crazy on me tonight, right?” He leans in.

“No!” I laugh, “Nothing can change that so, it really doesn’t matter to me.” 

“Well what abou..” He shakes his head, “Fuck that, i don’t want to know.” He leans back in his chair, “Whats something you have always wanted to tell me but haven’t?” 

I think about it for a second, “Well i have said ‘Fuck you’ and I have said “I love you’ I think that pretty much covers the spectrum.” I laugh. 

He doesn’t say anything. I still wish I could read his mind. This might be the chance. “What were you just thinking?” I ask and he snaps out of his train of thought.

“Nothing.” He is short and pours himself a shot and drinks it.

“Such and honest boy!” I laugh 

“Are you afraid of me?” he cuts in my laugh. 

“What?” Im not sure if I heard his right.

“Are you afraid of me? Do you think i will hurt you still?” His stare has gotten deep. 

“No. I mean I know you could. I don’t, i don’t think you would, on purpose. I guess.” Im not afraid of him but I know he can still hurt me. Physically and emotionally.

He pours himself another drink and drinks it. Im lost looking at him, trying to see where he is going mentally.

“When was the last time you loved?” I keep my voice soft, we both are leaning on the table which brings us closer.

He stares at me, lost in thought, his own thoughts. I don’t break him out of it. His eyes seemed glossed over, its been a few seconds and he still giving me this deep stare into my eyes. 

“I haven’t.” His mouth barley moves as the words come out. Our eye contact doesn’t break but I can feel my own chest feel tight. 
Not out of emotions for me, but for him. 

“J.” I whisper. He snaps out of it, sort of. 

He leans back in the chair and is quiet for a few moments, he fills up for another shot and takes it with ease. 
“Could you live without me?” His voice is soft.

I have a hard time with the truth or a lie, I go for it, “Yes. It wouldn’t be easy, it would hurt a lot, I would always have constant reminders of you. I wouldn’t be the same. But I could survive.” I go wit truth. I could live without him, I wouldn’t want to though. 

“Good answer.” He blinks a few times and nods to me.

“What do you miss about life before me?” a smile flinches on my face.

“As of recently, less bruising from inside my own house.” He lets a small laugh escape him.

I can’t hold a full smile back and finally he responds to it with a full grin.

“Whats the deal with you and Jackie?” He laughs a little more.

“Well, thanks to you, she is my best friend and I can’t thank you enough for her.” I smile, “She actually likes working for you, you help her provide for her kids and family. For a few brief moments she hated you, but that can’t be surprising.” I smile at him and he smiles and shakes his head at me.

“Ok, enough, go.” He leans further back in his chair.

I take a few moments thinking about this one, he has had a few shots now so its now or never, “Do you want kids one day? A family?” 

His answer is quick, “No. Never!” He look in my eyes, “Do you?” He is staring intently at me and i meet his eyes and feel frozen.

“Uh, I mean like far down the road, maybe.” I stumble on my words. 

“Kat, I can’t give you that, a family. I can’t do that. That’s, it’s not me. This is me. Im the fucking Joker.” His voice is stern and slowly builds to anger. He stands up, “Don’t ever fucking ask me about bringing a child into my world again Katrina. Do you understand?”

“Ok.” is all that comes out in a soft whisper. My heart sinks to a pit in my stomach, i feel my eyes starting to well up. I don’t know what I was thinking asking that.

He grabs another glass full of whiskey, chugs it and throws the glass against a wall. 
I jump at the sound of the glass breaking, a few tears start falling down my face. I feel bad for pushing him, I didn’t know this was a difficult subject. 
He walks away and runs his hands though his hair in a rough manner. He paces the floor in front of the table I am still sitting at.
He looks at me, tears are slowly coming down my face, i bitting my lip hard trying to hold back everything. I am looking down in my lap, I can hear him walking towards me. His bends down next to me and puts his hand under my chin so I look at him, I refuse. 

“Darling, please.” he tries again, I let him.

Our eyes meet, mine are red and his are crystal blue.
He kisses my cheek, “Thats a trigger.” He kisses my lips.

I wrap my arms around his neck and dig my face in his shoulder, “Im sorry J. I didn’t know” Im hugging him like its for my life.

“I know darling. I know.” His voice is low in my ear, his arms slowly wrap around my waist. 

We stay there for a moment. 

“Lets go for a drive?” He pushes me back to look at my face, he has a smile on his.

I nod. He picks me up and sets me on my feet, “Wait here.” 

Minutes go by and I hear an engine, i walk to the front door and open it to peek out. 

It’s so beautiful.

Originally posted by begavet

I swing the door open and run to the car, “Get in baby!” J yells from the driver seat.

I do just that, he looks at me with that big grin and I can’t help but flash one right back.

We take off, he goes so fast i can barley see my surroundings. The adrenaline is pumping through me. I let out squeals and screams throughout the ride.
We both laugh together, this is our kind of fun. 
This is us.

We stay out diving till the sunsets, or at least till we both some what forget what happened.

He open the door for me once we pull up to the house. I take his hand and we both have big smiles on out faces. I think that was the most fun we have had together that didn’t involve sex or murder.

We get inside the house and i go towards the kitchen and he goes towards the stairs, “Where are you going?” We ask at the same time, I laugh and he shakes his head.

“Im hungry!” I laugh I keep going towards the kitchen and pull out stuff to make a peanut butter and jelly, i look at him asking if he wants one, he shrugs and heads up stairs. I make him one anyways.

I bring our food to the room, he is sitting up in bed and has a TV on, I never even knew there was one in here. It was thin and came down from the ceiling, nothing is ever simple with this guy.

I look at him surprised, “What the heck? You have been hiding this from me?” I hand him his plate and sit criss-crossed on the bed next to him.

“I usually like to do other things in the bedroom, doll.” He smiles at me and I feel my face go red. “I do have more work to do, so you pick a movie and I will be in soon.” He get up and starts walking to the door.

“Wait” I set my plate down and grab his that he left on the night stand, i stretch over the bed and reach it out to him, “You forgot this! I made it, with love!” I let the O drag out and I smile at him.

He shakes his head at me, trying to hide a smile as he takes the plate and closes the door behind him.

I pick a romantic movie, again. I get comfortable and start the movie and eating my food.

I was already watching a second movie and there was still no sign of J, I get up and walk over to his office.

“What are you doing up still?” His eyes shoot at me.

I try to speak and then I look around the office, remembering someone was dead up here earlier. I feel nauseated knowing that. 
It was different killing someone and then leaving, not having to ever think about where that body way laying.
Killing someone and then having them lying there, dead, in a room, in your house.
I feel like I could still smell death. 

J runs over to my side as he sees I am going to be sick.
He has me kneel by a pot with a plant in it, he knows I won’t be making it to a bathroom. 

He sits by me rubbing my back as i feel like my insides are going to come up. 
“Im sorry.” Manages to come out of my mouth in a muffled voice.

He lets out a small laugh, “Its ok doll.” 

He gets me to the bathroom, I brush my teeth and he helps me back into bed, he kisses my forehead, “You are warm.” He stands back and looks at me, “Do you feel ok?”

“I’ve felt better.” I close my eyes and snuggle myself into the sheets.

“Ill have a doctor here in the morning.” He gives me another look, “Good night Doll.” He is hesitant on leaving but he does. He leaves the door wide open just in case. 

“Good night J.” I whisper.

Mystic Messenger Male MC Fourth Day Casual Route 3:24 am Don’t Drink Coffee

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Zack didn’t know what time it was when he finally rolled over to his side as he scrolled through his playlist. After picking a song he brought the blankets to his chest and closed his eyes. Then he opened them. He just couldn’t sleep. Rolling over again he noticed he had gotten a text. Oh, it was from one of his classmates, Dal-Sung. “Oh damn, I left my book behind.” He rubbed his eyes suddenly feeling tired at the thought of school, and responded. Just as he closed his phone the RFA notification lit up. Well…what the hey, what’s one more hour of no sleep?

He felt himself automatically smile. It was Seven.

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Drinking Games with Colossal Boy

(a story I wrote)

Winter is not mild at the University of Abilities.

I muttered obscenities at the falling snow and clouds as I trudged through the snow after a long Friday afternoon of classes. The placement of UofA in the Midwest was supposed to be a gesture of centrality, a statement that the school would be the premier facility in the nation for the education of individuals with abilities. And that it was; UofA had succeeded beyond wildest expectations in the decade it had been open.

But it was cold. And I’m from California.

There was an upside to the frigid January weather, however: it made for great house parties. Rather than be spread out over barbecues and other outdoor events, those students that liked to party descended upon a select few houses every weekend for absurd amounts of revelry. I discovered this “tradition” my freshman year, and, as a sophomore, I and three of my friends landed a lease for one of these party houses. Finally, as juniors, we were throwing our first winter bash.

Hundreds were invited, from freshman to seniors, but there was only one person I was excited to see: Gim Allon, or as the media had taken to calling him, Colossal Boy. Gim was a transfer from a small private school on the East Coast, and he had already caused quite a stir in the campus social scene, for a few reasons. The first was that he was stupidly, unfairly, impossibly hot. Taken from the same mold as Liam Hemsworth, this kid radiated attractiveness. The second reason exacerbated the first: his ability was quite a show-stopper. Simply put, Gim could grow. It was common to see his head poking above the trees of the wooded UofA campus during training class and to hear his footfalls softly thundering across the quad. During move-in weekend, he helped freshmen on the upper floors of his dorm move their furniture in, by passing it through their windows. Because of this, it didn’t take long for the entire campus to be familiar with his adorable face. The third reason was the linchpin: though Gim had been a student at UofA for over a semester now, no one had ever seen him at a party or bar. He was completely absent from campus nightlife, and no one knew why. This made his rumored attendance at my party tonight an incredibly rare occurrence.

Though my mutual friends assured me that he was indeed coming, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I busied myself with cleaning while my some of roommates picked up the kegs, and the time inched by toward 9pm, the starting time of the party. Every 15 minutes I would pull out my phone and check the Facebook event, frantically scrolling through the “Attending” list. It wasn’t as high as I would have liked, but hey, it was our first party. Each time, Gim’s name was absent, and I sighed.

My latest sigh prompted a snigger from Luke, one of my roommates, who had emerged from the shower. I flashed him a glare.

“He’s coming, alright? I confirmed it with Natalie this morning”, Luke said. I slumped in defeat.

“That obvious, huh?” I had been nervous to come out to my roommates at a military-minded school like UofA, but I needn’t have worried; Luke, Rob, and Josh had become incredibly dedicated wingmen, since each of them had girlfriends and were sad that I was being left out of their absurd triple-dates. In fact, I had them to thank for Gim’s alleged attendance tonight: I had drunkedly confessed my infatuation to Josh, and he and the guys secretly plotted for Gim to be at the party. I didn’t know how they did it, but I was incredibly thankful. The thing was, I didn’t even know if Gim was gay. I had one friend who swore that he was, but all he had to go on was that he hadn’t dated any girls yet. I brushed the thought aside, yet again, and pocketed my phone.

The first guests arrived shortly after. The first retinue was the girlfriends, of course, gliding and dazzling (literally, one of them can fly and another manipulates light) into the room armed with wine. I had to hand it to my roommates, they each had incredibly beautiful girlfriends. And nice, too. I fought off the pangs of loneliness as each embraced their significant other, and began cleaning an already pristine glass. Over the next few minutes, some of the closest members of the gang arrived, and slowly the party began to bustle.

At 9:15, the doorbell rang again, and I opened it absent-mindedly, assuming it was Jill, or Joe, or William, or whoever else, but it wasn’t.

It was him.

There were two others beside him, but I barely even noticed them. He was tall (duh), probably 6'4" at least, wearing a button down and dark jeans under a warm black coat. I found myself at eye level with his chin. He was looking down on me with a soft smile, and I had to crane my neck slightly to make eye contact because he was standing right in front of me, at the threshold of the front door. Part of me wanted to just stay there. Thankfully, while the lower functions of my brain went haywire, years of socialization allowed me to take charge of the situation with poise.

“Welcome!” I greeted warmly as I took a step back and gestured the trio inside, out of the increasingly snowy evening. The weather was picking up in intensity. I attempted to play the part of host:

“I can take your coats; beer is in the garage, wine in the kitchen, bathroom down the hall next to my bedroom. Enjoy the party!”

The two girls immediately thrust their coats upon me with a smile, one making a dash for the bathroom and the other for the wine. Gim took a slower approach.

“Hey, I’m Gim,” he said modestly, offering a hand. I struggled to extricate a hand from the mountain of girl-coat that had descended upon me, and I flailed a hand toward him while saying with probably too much enthusiasm, “Nice to meet you, Gim! I’m James.”

As he pulled off his coat, he eyed me struggling to contain these absurd garments. My six-foot-tall self should not have had a problem with these coats, but for some reason, my extremities were hardly behaving. I needed a beer.

“Here,” Gim said with a laugh. “I’ll take mine to the coat room.”

“Thanks,” I returned with a laugh, “Follow me.”

The coat room was Rob’s bedroom, which was right across the hall from mine. Gim and I exchanged the standard college introduction as we walked down the hall, threw the coats into the corner of the room, and headed back to the living room. The hallway wasn’t very wide, and Gim and I were shoulder-to-shoulder the whole walk. Well, more like shoulder to bicep. We were met there by Josh, Luke, and their girlfriends, who immediately introduced themselves to Gim. Each of them shot me a mischievous glance as they shook hands with Gim. I silently thanked them for baptizing Gim into the party smoothly, and then noticed that my throat had gone dry in the minute of introductions during which I had been silent.

“Want a drink?” I asked, turning to Gim. The rest of the circle of friends already had red cups in hand.

“Nah, I probably shouldn’t,” Gim replied, looking down in a small gesture of embarrassment.

“What!? Why not? The beer’s actually pretty good!” My roommates nodded enthusiastically, gesturing with their cups.

“No, no, it’s not that. Alcohol, uh… It messes with my powers,” Gim said with a sigh. I was intrigued. More than intrigued: a thousand fantasies rushed across my eyes, and I may have involuntarily shivered a bit, but I pressed on.

“How so? I’m sure all of us have done stupid shit with our abilities when drunk.” Again my roommates nodded enthusiastically, the girlfriends joining in. They’re the best.

“Yeah?” Gim perked up a bit. “Sorry, I haven’t done much drinking at UofA yet. Well, when I drink alcohol, my body responds as if I were poisoned, and I grow to dilute the effects. It doesn’t even work; I still get drunk, it just takes a bit more than normal. I can’t shrink back until I’m sober.”

Luke started cracking up; he’d already had a few drinks. “Dude, that’s nothing. When I first got drunk I blew a hole in the roof of the dorm, and Josh’s girlfriend nearly destroyed space-time. How big we talking?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Not that bad; like a foot per drink. I’ve just been a little nervous to get drunk. At my last school I fell on a kid and put him in the hospital.”

“Relax,” Josh said, reaching up to put a hand on Gim’s shoulder. “This house is full of super-powered kids. We’ll cut you off if it becomes a problem.”

No one else seemed to be reeling from the math Gim just unveiled. A foot per drink!? Good Lord.

“Beer pong?” Luke offered. “Josh and Gim vs. James and me?” I smiled, shook away my daydreams, and nodded vigorously.

“Uh, sure,” Gim said sheepishly. “But I should go back and get my suit. I don’t want to rip my clothes up.”

I had to turn away to hide my red face. Luke covered for me, though he was hardly subtle.

“Nah, man, that’s fine! If there isn’t a little skin showing at the end of a night of partying, it was a lame party. Plus your dorm is like a half hour away! Don’t waste that time just for modesty.”

“But James could just–” Josh began, but Luke cut him off.

“Let’s get started!”


We cleared the kitchen table and set up the cups. Spare ping pong balls were placed next to the sink. Luke and I lined up on one side of the table, Gim and Josh on the other. Josh, standing only 5'7", looked comically short next to the imposing Gim. The cups were filled generously with beer, and the game began.

It was decided that we would go first. Luke, who is a very good beer pong player, casually lined up his shot, and sank the cup at the tip of the pyramid. Josh took the cup and drained it. I sighed in anticipation. It was my turn to shoot.


Josh and Gim both missed their first shots too. Gim looked embarrassed, but Josh assured him that he was just warming up.

As the balls came rolling back to our side of the table, I picked mine up with slightly trembling hands. Luke patted me on the back with a chuckle as I lined up my shot. I made eye contact with Gim, and without breaking it released the ball.

Plop! The ball landed in the cup closest to Gim. Gim looked to Josh, who gestured toward the cup. Gim gingerly picked up the cup, appraised its contents, and them smiled.

“Here goes!” And he drained the cup in a single gulp.

Luke, Josh and I raised our eyebrows to see what Gim was talking about. Nothing seemed to have happened. Luke sank his ball as well, which meant that we got to throw again. Luke sank his easily, and I, with determination, echoed my motions from last time. Eye contact with Gim, throw ball. Plop! I was very excited. Gim took the cup without any hesitation and drained it. He shook his head a bit as he lowered the cup from his mouth, beaming. He seemed to be having a great time, but where was the growth I was promised? I couldn’t tell if he was taller, and Josh was a terrible benchmark, since he was so much shorter already.

We lined up to take our third shot in a row. Luke lined up, but totally woofed it. The ball sailed over the table and hit against the back wall. This made me nervous. As I attempted to repeat my earlier success, I locked eyes with Gim again. Wait… were his ears at the level of the poster before? I could have sworn… The thought lingered in my mind as I released the ball.

Plop. Luke was ecstatic. “Dude, you are on fire!” he exclaimed. Turning to the far side of the table, he pointed at Gim. “Go on, drink two!” Gim looked confused. Josh turned to him and explained, “If someone gets three shots in a row, it counts for two cups.” Gim shot me a look (grin? glare?) and grabbed two cups in hand. He poured the first into the second and drained the second cup without a moment’s hesitation. As he put the cup down, I began to notice that the sleeves of his shirt no longer reached his wrist. I bent under the table to pick up Luke’s ball, which had rolled back to our side of the table, and I looked over to Gim’s legs. His pants now showed a good two inches of ankle. He was wearing low-cut socks. I couldn’t believe that it was working.

As I rose to my feet with the ping pong ball in hand, I was greeted with the sight of Gim unbuttoning one of his shirt buttons. Luke noticed as well. “Ah, feeling something, are we?” Gim smiled sheepishly. “Maybe a little?”

“A little!” Josh exclaimed. “Dude, you’ve grown like 3 inches.”

“More than that,” Gim said with the hint of a smile.

Luke suddenly gasped. “Wait just a second!” He dashed into the garage, leaving the rest of us confused. I couldn’t stop staring at the shirt that was now obviously too small on Gim. The sleeves were halfway to his elbows. As he reached down to loosen his belt, I watched the fabric stretch taut across his back. When he straightened up, I noticed that the door frame behind him seemed awfully close to his head.

Luke returned with a tape measure in hand. “Let’s get scientific!” he cried, as he unfurled the tape measure and put it up against the kitchen wall. He reached up to fasten the top of the tape measure to the ceiling, but he couldn’t reach. As he looked around for a chair, Gim stepped over.

“Here,” he said with a smile, as he took the tape measure and easily stuck it to the ceiling with some duct tape. He didn’t even have to fully extend his arms. He turned and put his back to the wall. “Well?” he inquired, still smiling.

He really seems to be enjoying this now, I thought to myself. I wonder…

Luke backed up, stood up on a chair, and squinted at the tape measure. “6'7”,“ he decreed. "Wait…” he said, as Gim straightened up. Or did he just grow some more? “6'8”. Wow!“ Gim gave a small bow as the small group of partygoers "oohed” and “ahhed”.

Gim eyed the door out to the garage. “Well, time to start ducking,” he said with a playful sigh, as he bent his head and stepped into the garage. He turned back, bent down a bit so he could see through the doorway, and looked at me.

“More beer?”

I smirked and eagerly followed him into the garage, where there were just a few other students, all of whom gawked at the tall man with undersized clothes. He approached the keg, but looked confused.

“Never used a keg before?” I asked with a laugh. “Here, bring your cup over here.” I grabbed his hand with the cup and moved it over to the keg. Man, those hands were big. It looked like he could put his hand around the cup and touch fingers on the other side. and I put the nozzle in his cup and began pumping the tap. “So far so good?”

“Yeah man, this is awesome!” Gim was beaming. “Thanks so much for letting me come to the party!”

Gim’s cup was full. I gestured for him to take over pumping as I placed the nozzle within my own cup. I had barely had anything to drink. As he pulled and pushed the tap, I noticed those sleeves, which seemed to be even higher than before.

“So, no more shrinking for you?” I asked. “Let’s see,” Gim replied after my cup was filled. Gim took a step away from the keg and closed his eyes, concentrating. “Nope. I’m only going up tonight, it seems. I bet I could eventually learn how to shrink down when drunk, but it’s like suppressing your gag reflex: it takes practice.”

I did a double-take at this interesting choice of example. My wildest dreams again sprung to mind, but I wasn’t ready to play all my cards just yet. “Ah, gotcha. Well, I’m glad you haven’t practiced. This is fun!” With that, I turned to go back inside the house. Was that too obvious? Shit. I turned back to see a peculiar smile dash across Gim’s face before he followed me inside.

Gim promptly smacked his head against the doorframe. “Shit, I must not have ducked enough,” he remarked with a grimace as he straightened up inside the kitchen. Gim’s nose looked to be at the level of the door frame now, which meant that he had grown even more during our time in the garage. A measure confirmed this: “6'11” now, and you haven’t even drank any more!“ I stated with barely contained glee from atop the chair used to see the tape measure. Gim turned, and for once we were eye to eye. "Watch this,” he said with confidence, as he brought his full cup of beer to his lips. In four gulps, he drained it.

He gave an involuntary shudder as he finished the glass, and I watched his head creep up the wall. “7 feet now,” I said with a small laugh. He surged up again, and he had to resettle his feet because his stance had changed. “No, wait, 7'2”! That was a big one.“ Gim’s sleeves were almost at his elbows now, and the buttons of his shirt were strained across his toned chest. His shirt had ridden up so much so that his belly button was showing, with a little bit of happy trail. His pants were showing serious shin, and his belt was hanging from his waist unbuckled. Gim noticed me looking down and turned to me with a smirk. We were no longer eye-to-eye; once again, I was looking at his chin. "You haven’t seen big yet.” Whoa.

Those words caused me to take a step back, forgetting that I was still standing on the chair. I lurched backwards and began to fall. Gim’s arms shot out around me, catching me and bringing me close to his chest. Unfortunately, this sudden movement proved fatal for his shirt. All of the buttons ripped clean off, and the collar tore along the back. The upper sleeves tore a bit as well, revealing biceps that flexed in order to keep me from falling.

“You alright?” he said as he steadied me on the chair. “Here,” he said, as he picked me up by the armpits and placed me on the floor again. Now I was at eye level with his exposed sternum. Toned pecs peeked through the tattered shirt. He himself looked a little flushed. Thankfully, the kitchen was empty, so no one noticed our little episode. “Had a bit much to drink?” he said with a laugh. I almost replied, “You’re one to talk,” given his current state, but then I realized that I didn’t want to discourage his drinking. Sneaky me. Instead, I gestured up at him with my own glass (which amazingly hadn’t spilled), and said, “Cheers.”

Sorry I Made Fun of Your Eyebrows

Okay, I don’t think the Christmas special was my favorite special chapter ever, that honor probably belongs to 413 Days, but this one had its moments. At least until it got super creepy.

It made me think about why Gajeel doesn’t have eyebrows. And suddenly I had my own headcanon for it. I do semi-plan on doing Gruvia and Nalu post Christmas one shots but I shouldn’t really say anything for sure because I am terrible at keeping fanfic promises.

Anyway, on to my terrible headcanon.

Gajeel glanced at Levy, currently dead to the world, before looking back at Panther Lily. The Exceed looked up at him. “How much do you think she’ll remember?”

He shrugged. “Nothing if she’s lucky. It’s a night I wish I could forget…” He scowled, thinking about the game Erza had made them all play. “No wonder that idiot and the stripper don’t like being around the girls when they’re drunk.”

“Erza is terrifying in a whole new way when she’s drunk.” Lily fluttered over Levy adjusting her blanket. “Are we staying the night?”

“Yeah. If she gets sick, someone better be here.”



“When are you going to tell-”

“Shut up.” He growled. “Now’s not the time.”

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