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angsty 144 with jimin please thank you ❤❤ love all your stuff btw❣

#144: “I cheated.”

It was 3 AM, and you were still awake, waiting for your ever so faithful boyfriend to get home from his drinking extravaganza. You had already received a call from Namjoon apologizing, that he knew Jimin didn’t mean it, that he didn’t think about it before he actually did it. You weren’t mad - he was drunk, you may have done the same thing, but he should know right from wrong. The door slammed and there was shuffling, then Jimin walked into the living room, half-sober and stumbling over the rug. “You should fucking know better.” You started, and he looked over to find you curled up on the couch. “I cheated. I’m sorry. It was stupid and I was drunk - more drunk than I am now and I-” Jimin began to explain with a sigh, but you interject. “Don’t give me that shit, I know you know well enough to see the difference between your own girlfriend and a stranger!” You yell, and Jimin hangs his head. “You’re an idiot, and I don’t want to talk to you. Sleep on the fucking couch.”

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(This was super fun to write, so I may do a part 2!) ( I did the part 2!)

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You were in bunker getting a cup of coffee in the kitchen. It was already noon and your body couldn’t seem to wake up already. Although, that may have been due to the case you worked secretly after midnight. You blew into the steam wafting up from the black liquid, then decided to add milk to cool it off, so you could drink it faster. The cream swirled around giving the fragrant beverage a pleasing caramel color. Dean shouted your name from down the hall.

“Yeah?” You called back. You took a sip then yelled, “I’m in the kitchen.”

You heard his heavy footfalls start coming toward the kitchen. From the murmur of voices bouncing off the walls you could tell someone was with him. You moved the mug to your lips then yawned. You were wiping a teary eye when Dean popped into view. You haphazardly wiped the mess of hair out of your face and offered him a sleepy smile.

“Good morning.”

He sized you up with an incredulous look. “It’s noon, y/n.”

You shrugged. “I’m not saying I don’t believe you, but I don’t see a clock anywhere.”

“Whatever, look I want you to meet someone.”

You hesitated. Casually crossing your arms over your chest to hide the fact that you hadn’t bothered to put on a bra, you feigned composure. After another sip of coffee, you replied, “Oh yeah? Who?”

He stepped back from the door holding his arm out as if to direct traffic. A girl your age with a bright fresh face, large eyes, and vibrant hair strolled in with an unusually peppy walk. If someone had gotten knocked up by the sun and bore a child, this girl would have been that solar-human incarnate. She grinned in a way that used every muscle in her body and you nearly shielded my eyes from the sudden brightness. Her energy sapped yours away, but you found yourself responding with a smile brighter than your usual. She bounced up to you and shot out her hand.

“Hi! I’m Charlie.”

You turned to put down your coffee cup when she gave a carefree shrug and threw her arms around you instead. The embrace was quick and tight, ending as abruptly as it started. You barely managed to keep the coffee from spilling. Her hands lingered in a friendly reassuring touch as she continued her greeting.

“It’s so nice to meet you!” Her voice was as energetic as her appearance indicated. “It’s nice to actually meet another girl around here. Not that Dean and Sam aren’t nice! And not that it matters that you’re a girl! I mean, it’s not your only redeeming quality. I’m sure you’ve got lots of qualities! Like some people are-”

“Charlie!” Dean interrupted when I shot him a bewildered look.

“Ah, right. Right. Short and sweet.” She said to herself, “I’m Charlie… but I already said that.”

From the expectant look on Dean’s face and from the snippets of conversation where he or Sam would recall memories of Charlie with a fond look on their face you knew this meeting mattered to him. You took a deep breath and refreshed your smile. It was easy enough. She seemed non-threatening.

“Hey Charlie. Nice to meet you. I’m y/n.”

Dean clapped his hands. “Great, so  you two get to know each other. I need to check in on Cas.”

He pointed at us before back out through the door. When he disappeared from view Charlie gave you another excited grin. Unsure of what to do or say  you gestured to the coffee machine.

“You want some? I just made it.”

“Oh please! Coffee is the nectar of the gods and my lifeforce.”

You smiled naturally. “Finally! Someone who makes sense!”

“Dean and Sam, not so much with the coffee?”

You made a noncommittal grunt as I turned to into the cabinet. “Eh, they’ll drink it, but they don’t appreciate it on the same level.”

Sam walked in. He waved at Charlie with an affectionate grin. He wore his jogging clothes: a sleeveless tee, basketball shorts, and sneakers. The fitted shirt was soaked with sweat. She wrinkled her nose at him. He wiped his face with a towel and threw it over his shoulder with a laugh. That laugh felt like liquid gold rolling down your back causing you to shiver.

“I’ll pass on the hug for now,” Charlie said, “at least, until after you shower.”

“Fair enough.”

You knew exactly which smile was on his face without needing to look. You tried to take longer selecting a cup hoping to make him wait, so you could spend more time occupying the same space as him. The room darkened and the light scent of sweat mixed with that intoxicating woodsy deodorant Sam wore embraced you covering up the smell of coffee. A long tan arm reached above you. You leaned back intent on giving him room, but your back brushed against his chest. You froze, the heat of his body, still high from his workout, radiated from him. Your cheeks warmed and your heart unwittingly speed up. You glanced up, his face, inches from yours, smiled and you forgot how to breathe.

“Good morning, y/n.” His voice was soft and smooth like clean egyptian cotton. It served to relax you and cause you to tense up all at once.

“Sam!” You exclaimed, his name coming out breathlessly.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He replied taking cup from the top shelf with leisure.

“N-no… I was just getting coffee… for Charlie.”  You explained for no reason.

His gentle smile moved to Charlie. It morphed into something slightly different than came back to you. “I’m happy you’re getting along.” His hazel eyes lingered on yours. “I’m going to take a shower.” You swallowed, pulse suddenly rocketing away. The way he spoke made it sound like an invitation. Your heart pounded in your chest hard enough for you to feel the thump against your sternum. His eyes dipped to your throat where he could see the tick of your pulse in the hollow of your throat. The blush from your cheek bridged across your nose with such intensity you were beginning to sweat yourself. His eyes fell from you clicking toward Charlie.

“Remember you owe me a hug.” He said before leaving.

Your eyes never left his retreating figure. It wasn’t until you could no longer hear him in the hall did you remember to breathe correctly.

“Um?” Charlie piped up trying to process what had just happened.

“Oh, right! Sorry!” You apologized as you noticed the empty mug dangling precariously in your hand. You could still feel his warmth and smell his scent. You poured the coffee and turned to hand it to Charlie. She met your flustered face with an enthralled devilish smile. “Uh, Charlie?”

She took it and sang, “Girls night!”

Part 2


liz: well,after he woke up, we had a little chat and i found out that he was actually already stabbed in his left shoulder

so i might have felt a lil bad…okay really bad- sand then i bandaged him up,gave him something to drink and to eat.

guess he wasnt hungry,he just drank the whisky.

then eli came in and just started playing around with cals tail- i thought this would end with me stabbing cal again,but instead he played along with him

man this guy may look tough and scary on the outside,but he sure as heck is a soft ball …of fur– pfff

looks like ali made a new friend.

He does look pretty messed up though…like really tired…..and not because he almost ran out of blood- i mean like he looks super tired for some reason- from inside and outside too-