i may have squealed a little when i saw this

Yesterday I took my dog to the eye vet and when his appointment was finished and we went back out to the waiting room I saw a pug and I may have squealed and done a little excitement jump :/ lol the owner of the pug looked at me like I was crazy and I had to explain to him about how much I love pugs. lol I had no control over my reactions when I first saw her ^-^

rollsapple  asked:

OK I just wanted to say I may have squealed a lil when I saw you followed me cause I think you're real cool and luv luv luv your blog and aghhh yeah much love your way <3

*does a little jig of happiness then has to stop to fan herself because blushing* *not from dancing* *from happiness* Thank you, my lovely, so very much! I feel light as air! All the love back at you. All the love. <3<3<3


//Gift for ya ! !MA angel of death Talon protecting unarmed sissy !

“I’ve got you, let’s go home and get you patched up. …Heh, funny how you need your little brother to come to your rescue so often.”

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Looks like lashton had a drive in movie date!!

yes i know i saw and i may or may not have squealed a lot ok i imagined them cuddling and ashton slightly tickling luke just to hear him giggle and luke saying “stop it ashton i’m trying to watch the movie” and ashton’s all just “oh the movie’s more important than me?? :(” and luke gets really serious and looks at him straight in the eyes and it makes ashton’s smile fall a little but when luke says “nothing is more important than you” ashton just smiles again and wider than before he beams and radiates happiness and love and fond and everything great in the world because he’s so happy that luke loves him as much as he loves luke and they talk about how much they love each other at a drive in movie date :(((((