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Responses to {Part 23} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

(I have also included asks that I received in the hours before IWSY was posted ^^)

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As I may have mentioned before, I kinda have this habit of constructing big, elaborate fantasy settings without any idea of what to use them for. They could make for decent novel concepts, if I had any ideas for plots or characters, or they could work well as RPG settings, just without any plans for system mechanics or anything else for that matter. There seem to be other people on this site who enjoy reading these kinds of things as much as I do, however, so I’ve written up blurbs on three of my most recently active ideas for a lark. 

Some people have OCs, I suppose, while I seem to have settings instead. Either way, asking me questions about any of these concepts is a great way to get me to talk for a long-ass time about my purposeless pet fantasy worlds. 

Space Fantasy: All sorts of Standard Fantasy Worlds exist on different planets but they don’t actually matter as much as the cultures and factions that live in space full-time. Fantasy Space works more or less just like real space except that stars are vast and slow-thinking gods and ships can go faster than light by riding the love poetry stars send to one another. Living in space is hard, so the cultures who do so usually don’t have any other option. Space empires are really impractical but that doesn’t stop people from trying, and battles between ships tend to be 1 on 1 rather than involving giant fleets. Also, said space battles are fought with giant magic robots, because I’m shamelessly in love with the idea. 

Weird Fantasy: It’s the future, humans are all dead, and all sorts of strange creatures have inherited the earth. These include, but are not limited to: sentient beetle colonies, animated human skeletons, sentient plants (or rather, sentient non-human souls that grow plant bodies for themselves), the dreams of slumbering dragon monsters, dogs, and robot space probes returning to earth and wondering what the hell happened while they were away. Society is very cosmopolitan, with people from all the different species living together rather than in totally separate societies. A lot of the story’s focus would be on the complexities and challenges of people with such different needs and natures living together, and the different ways they all try to connect to the extinct humans whose ruins still cover the earth. 

Gothic Fantasy: Once, the nobles of the great houses drank the blood of dragons to attain great power and longevity, but now that the dragons have been hunted to extinction the nobles have nothing to prey on save for each other. Both the land and its people have been twisted by centuries of rampant blood magic;  ordinary people descended from living weapons of war learn to fear the monstrous strength that lies latent in their bodies, while others embrace their dark side and seek to create a world in which mere humanity has no place. I imagine lots of focus on the wars and politics of the cannibal vampire nobles who all want to drink each others’ blood. The setting stems from an idea of people finding magic, dedicating their entire society to it, and then looking at themselves in horror at what they’ve done to themselves with its power.  Definitely the darkest idea on my back-burner to have started life as a concept for a Naruto spinoff in highschool. 

rewitching  asked:

Hey! I recently adopted a spirit from another adoption blog,and I was wondering if you have any advice for creating an astral space for companions (Ive yet to astral travel :/), as well as communicating and sensing your companion?

Hey hey! Okay, right after I post this, I will reblog a thingy with ways to sense a spirit companion!
As for making your own astral space!
Spend a slightly longer than normal time mediating. Then, stand up. Not physically though. Imagine your astral body, your spirit, standing up. If you have never done this before, you may see black tar or anything gross and icky that you normally don’t see physically. You’ll want to clean this (with air, fire, water, earth, a broom, anything) before you go into your astral space. Now is also a good time to check your wards.
If you still have enough energy to go to the astral, open your bedroom door. Make sure you open it to a giant space. Don’t worry you can float through it. (Also, when i tried to step into this space, i hit stairs that I had to walk up. Dunno why, go with whatevee happens)
Next, command land to be made. Creat mountians and rivers and hills and lakes and trees and creatures with your hands. It can be as big or as small as you like it to be. And you can always change it later.
Now, you should ward your astral area. Use standard wards, or anything! I have a rooster named Lenny who eats negative spirits who get past my medium strength ward. He then tells me immedently when he does this.
If you have ever played minecraft creative mode, this part is sorta like that. To build your own house, or whatever, will a material in your hand. Then build! I literally had minecraft blocks that I willed into actual wood the moment i was done, but you do you!
Want a good indicator if this is real or just imagined? Plant a bunch of plants. The next time you visit, they should be bigger or wilting (unless you visit like, an hour later. Or even the next day. Give it time.)
Don’t forget to name your astral space too!! P is still annoyed with me, because ours doesn’t have a name, and so it sounds very generic when i talk about our adventures!^^;;; ha.

Anyway, don’t forget that this needs lots of energy, and that it may take a day or two for you to finish building it.
Also, it is safe here. It is not the actual astral, so as long as its warded and you didnt make or let negative spirits in, you won’t be harmed or none of that. Invite your companions in for fun and adventures!!!

Good luck and have fun starling!!

Guuuys! 😱😵


And why?🙊 I can barely believe that there are actually so many people out there who like my stuff… 🙈 (Gee, I sound almost like Robbie now, don’t I?😅)

Anyway, a HUGE thank you and HI to everyone! 😊

And…to celebrate this a bit, I’ve been thinking about trying to write a part of the mini fic with lazycity (smut) content… I can’t promise anything, since I’ve never done this before, but I’d give it a try🙈
(Some of you may already expect something like this to happen, anyway 😁😉)
BUT! Although it would/will be playing during this fic, and even be posted instead of the usual update on that day, it won’t affect the story in a way that you HAVE to read it, to understand the following parts! So anybody, who doesn’t like and doesn’t want to read nsfw WON’T have to read it! It would just be…a bonus, for those of you who like this stuff😁
…And my first try of writing actual smut 🙈🙊😅 (Never getting bored of trying new (writing) things😁)

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this!😊
Love you guys!💜

BQ OR B Chapter 4: Potato Chips

Chapter 4 is here! thanks for being patient guys! There’s two more parts left, and the next one might be a bit late because I have yet to edit it and part of it still needs to be finished, but I’ll do my best!

Just like how last chapter was NicoEli focused, this one has a bit more NozoNico than NozoNicoEli. I hope you guys enjoy it anyway c’:


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It seems like a lot of people are under the impression that autistic people don’t like socializing because we don’t like other people as much as allistics do (hence some scientists actually trying to investigate whether autism can be “cured” with oxytocin). I don’t think that’s true for most of us, or at least it’s not because we are just inherently antisocial. I think it’s because of the expectations of how a “normal” person is supposed to be and the constant effort to fulfill those expectations.

Me, I used to love socializing as a kid. Every time I saw a new person at the playground I would try to make friends with them. And I would get upset if they didn’t want to play with me. But then as I started growing up I learned that the way I socialize is inappropriate and rude and wrong, and in fact a lot of my behaviors are wrong, and a lot of things about me are somehow unacceptable.

So I started monitoring myself and paying attention to everything I do and say. I started copying other people to seem more normal. I started stressing about being around other people cause every conversation was like an exam I didn’t know how to prepare for. And then despite my best efforts I was bullied for several years and developed social anxiety and now not only do I feel compelled to be careful about my every word and every move, I also feel incredibly anxious and stressed when I seem to do something wrong.

And as a result socializing and being around people is not an enjoyable activity anymore, but not because I don’t like people - it’s because I don’t like all the acting and thinking and effort that I have to put into it to not seem weird or rude and not to be mocked and bullied. For me going to the cinema with a friend is more like an obstacle course because I have to be on guard 100% of the time and pay close attention to everything in order to at least partially pass as neurotypical. Now around a person I trust, like a close family member, I can be myself and I don’t get as tired from socializing, or at least not more than your average allistic introvert.

So basically if you know an autistic person and it seems like they aren’t very social, that doesn’t automatically mean they don’t like people. It’s possible they like people a lot, and want to be nice, polite and be accepted, so they put a ton of effort into passing, which drains their mental energy super quickly and it makes them wanna stay home and recharge. But all you need to do to make their life easier for them in that case is to tell them you accept them the way they are and give them time to build that trust. Then they can be themselves most of the time around you, and they’ll probably hang out with you more often.


SO I said I was gonna post something before new years but I didn’t have time to get anything new done, so here’s a couple of character designs from the comic I’m currently working on that I did earlier this year. I’m not sure what her name is, but you may notice some resemblance between her and the protagonist, Lucille (the lady with the eyepatch).

Big new years resolution for me is to actually start, develop and finish more than one personal project this year. I tend to talk myself out of a lot of things (story ideas, designs etc) wayyy before they ever reach the outside world so I feel like I probably waste a lot of effort. Looking back on my computer at all the stuff I’ve drawn this year I feel a bit ashamed that so much of it is probably just gonna reside on there forever - in 2017 I’m definitely going to see some things through to completion.

I still like these designs but I think they’re maybe a bit too precise. I’ve been drawing with a more wobbly freehand line lately - which is slightly more relaxing and also means I can produce work faster. It’s a balance I have to find.

Anyway - if you’re reading this you made it through 2016 in one way or another, so well done. Here’s to 2017 being better. x

I know a lot of my followers are American and maybe don’t know what’s going on with Scotland/Brexit/independence referendums, and I’m really fucking mad about it, so I wanted to make this post.

Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, has told us we aren’t allowed to have another Independence Referendum before 2019. Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, had been meeting with the PM to try and negotiate a suitable time for us to take another vote on Independence, and she (along with most Scots I would think, I know I am) is shocked that the PM has turned around and said no to a vote before 2019.

Why do Scotland want another Independence Referendum? We want one because Scotland voted to REMAIN in the EU. We don’t want to leave, and if we stay a part of the UK we will be forced to leave the EU. We don’t want this to happen, we’d rather be a part of the EU than be joined with England any longer. That’s the shortest way to say it, EU > UK.

Why 2019? Nicola Sturgeon and other members of the SNP (Scottish National Party, the party that holds the most chairs in Scotland) have been thinking about making autumn 2019 a good time to hold another referendum. This means, if we chose to leave the UK, Brexit wouldn’t be in full effect yet and we could happily stay in the EU. It’s also far enough away to give everyone a good amount of time to campaign, and think about how they want to vote.

Why has Theresa May said no to 2019? May has said no because she wants to give Scotland an ultimatum. Basically by saying no to 2019 she’s telling us, sure, you can have another vote after that time all you want, but you can’t have it before the whole UK is already out of Brexit. She’s done this because she thinks that us Scots should give Brexit a chance and see what it’s like before we go leaving the UK. It also means Scotland would have to go through the hassle of joining the EU again, and she thinks this will deter us from voting for Independence.

Why is all of this a problem, and y u so mad about it Moody? Well, friends, lemme tell you a thing. First of all Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative Party, a party which out of 59 available House of Commons seats in Scotland, only hold 1. They hold 1 seat. And they’re dictating to us when we can and cannot hold a vote. Forget that she’s the PM for a second. Think about that. 1 out of 59 seats in Scotland, and she’s telling us how to run our country and thinks she understands what the Scottish people want? No.

Secondly, she’s made this decision before she even hears what the SNP have to say on the matter. The SNP are holding a meeting on Wednesday (from me posting this, next week) to talk about another referendum. May doesn’t even know what the SNP fully want to do yet because they haven’t had their meeting yet, and without hearing the SNPs general opinion post-meeting, she has said no. Jumping the gun a bit, huh?

Thirdly, it’s not up to her, it’s up to the Scottish people. I mean sure, she’s the PM, she’s said no to 2019, that was her decision. But what exactly is that achieving? Other than making it harder for Scotland to join back with the EU after we leave the UK. Nothing. She just doesn’t want to deal with Brexit and Scotland leaving the UK at the same time. Learn to multitask, PM, or hand your job over to someone who can.

Scotland want independence because we are sick and tired of having to follow everything England does. The entirety of Scotland voting one way could be overruled by the entirety of London. Just London, one city. We have less say than one English city. We’re sick of this bullshit. Did you know that England’s nuclear weapons program, Trident, is located in Scotland? That’s right, just in case someone decides to bomb us to get rid of our weapons, they put them in Scotland so they’d bomb us instead of England. Tough shit on you if we get our independence, looks like you’ll be having to deal with your own nuclear weapons from now on. Get that shit away from us.

I am angry because my country doesn’t have a say in its own future, I am angry because the English government that rules over us doesn’t give a crap about us, I am angry because we are treated as worthless ‘lesser Englishmen’, when our culture and people are entirely different to England’s. I am angry because I’m tired of the English government shitting all over my country. Fuck you, we want Independence, and delaying it won’t stop it from happening.


Graves wondered why it took so long for his colleagues to notice the cuckoo in the nest. By then it has already tipped all the eggs out and well on its way to being a fat parasite. Maybe that was why Newt was able to spot the imposter for what he is. Magical creatures expert indeed.

I should never paint at 2am at this point I am operating on my insanity alone. And I may have been reading too much angstyGraves post-Grindelwald fics of why no one in the MACCU noticed the substitution but a stranger whom he has never met before did (although I’m a fan of Theseus and Graves tots being pen pals and fellow Auror brothers in arms).

Victor’s career

I was thinking a bit about the fact that Victor is five-time consecutive Grand Prix winner but like it is said that he was on the top since he was 16 so does it mean he’d won earlier but failed when he was 21 or that he started to win regularly when he was older (quite uncanny when you look at the average skaters age)? So how in my opinion his career looked?

Firstly, I’m sure that Victor started to win when he was 16, we know he won his first European Championships then so even if he wasn’t the best in the world yet he already was the best in Europe and in his age category (we also learn in ep 1 that he’s beaten world record in junior division year before so).

 And I think that we have even a more obvious proof here because it may be suggested in the 10 episode that Victor won the first Winter Olympics he was able to take part in. I can’t find the original post but someone noticed that when you look at one of the medals on Victor’s chest, the most exposed one:

It looks oddly similar to Torino 2006 medals:

Which would mean that Victor won his first Olympics being just 17 (and is obviously very proud of it). So he was already the best of best then. I’m also pretty sure that one of the medals with blue ribbon could be Vancouver 2010 medal and there’s really no reason why Victor shouldn’t win it if he was already the best (and I bet he’s Sochi champion too). And after Vancouver, he’s won every one of Gran Prix Finals that we know for sure. So what intrigues me is what was happening between 2006 and 2010 Olympics?

The first reason why Victor could not be able to win every competition before would be the fact that there were some older more experienced skaters which would be logical except that we never hear about anyone being even close to Victor’s league. Every skater from Chris to Yurio looked to Victor at some point. It’s like no one really remembers times before Victor, he was the legend when he was 16 already and we never see anyone who could be any threat or an inspiration for him. So I think that even if Victor lost some competitions then he was still considered the best and champion-to-be. 

And the only other possibility is that Victor could get injured at some point. This is just my headcanon now but I guess that he could get a really serious contusion when he was about 19/20 years old and he had to take a year off the ice to recover. I think it would make so much sense if that was the “dark moment” of his professional career, the one when he cut his hair and changed his style. And he would make his comeback right before Vancouver which would be a very nice similarity to Stephane Lambiel’s story (that wonderful skater that had his cameo in 12 ep) and I don’t know how much canon it will turn out (if will ever get any info about Victor’s past lol)  but I love this idea and I thought I could share it. 

Just you know, Victor starting to win everything and then suddenly he pushes himself too far and he don’t even know if he’ll be able to come back (poor Yuuri crying whole night because of his idol), getting depressed and cutting his hair but then working two times as hard as before and coming back just to surprise everyone and win his second Olympic gold. So much Victor style.

So this is it I just had this idea but I like it and maybe it will help someone with writing about Victor’s past idk. I’m just very curious who was winning when it wasn’t Victor himself I really hope will get to know more about Victor’s past next season!

How to Get Away with Murder by hollycomb

When @hollyhark said she was going to do a Hunger Games fic I may have jumped up and down in glee. Then@bona–mana drew the most beautiful drawings for it and I got inspired. Then ran to my art pad to draw this. I drew it before the story was posted so it’s more my own personal vision of things to come.

Sangwoo is in love

Because I love Killing Stalking, it’s complex, intriguing, well written, beyond the usual confines of its genre and it deserves to have some serious meta written about it.

Two things to keep in mind before reading:
1) I’m only focusing on Sangwoo, depending on how this post is received I may do a follow up on Yoonbum.

2) I will be talking from the point of view that Killing Stalking is a bl and therefore Sangwoo and Bum will become a canon ship irrelevant of its level of healthiness. This in no way to be viewed as the start of a shipping debate.

Tw: discussions of rape/sexual abuse from Bum’s uncle as well as domestic violence regarding Sangwoo’s father.

Now that’s over with let’s talk some Sangwoo!

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We did it!!

( The excited Peridot above was drawn by Castypha, one of our contributing artist’s!)

We did it, and it was great! On Tuesday, at 12am, we closed out with approximately 251 Pre-Orders! Whabamo-Kapowie!, completely obliterating my original expectations! The excitement for this project is truly inspiring, and now, we can move full speed ahead into the compiling + printing physical copies process! :D Thank you all, without your support, this Peri-Zine wouldn’t have been possible! I’ll for sure be posting a picture of the Zine’s when they arrive, and plan to begin shipping shortly thereafter throughout December & Early January at the latest! (I’ll try and get the majority out before Christmastime, but please bear in mind that international shipping may take longer, as this is a busy time of year for the postal service!) And, Wow, Thanks! :3c


  • Frank: There's a Chinese saying, 万事开头难
  • Frank: It means, all things are difficult before they are easy.
  • Percy: That reminds me of an American saying
  • Percy: Fuck everything.

Silly bbs

anonymous asked:

You've probably been asked this already so you don't have to repeat yourself if you don't want to, but how do you feel about all the discourse and criticism in the fandom as of late?

I have answered this before, but I’ll reiterate. Basically my stance is this:

If you’re an SU cr//it blog, I can’t tell you what to do, and I’m not going to. You’re just as free to share your opinion as anyone else on this site.

But I need you to at least understand and be aware of what you’re doing. Because I know there’s some who may not be. (And this is directed to those who make daily critical posts, not to the ones who point out something every now and then.)

You’re making a show known for love and acceptance become famously hated. People who have no idea what SU is who may see what you say will never bother touching the show, because they assume it’s trash.

That’s the power of ‘first impressions’. If the fandom was like this when I first considered SU? Hell, even I may have turned away. Because the reason I picked up this show was due to the positive messages spread from fans. Seeing Ruby and Sapphire’s love. Seeing Greg being a great dad. Seeing the diverse cast of characters and scenery.

You’re boiling down beautiful values and lessons to meaningless frames. You’re turning the attention away from what the show teaches us to how bad it looks to you.

And children are a huge part of this. This show is intended for children. Them, as well as young teenagers entering the fandom, are very very impressionable. When you stop talking about the lessons SU teaches and start talking about the skewed proportions, you’re taking their attention along with it. They won’t care about the meaningful moments in the show anymore. They’ll only care about sharing frames and clips to make fun of and criticize along with you.

I don’t want that. So many of us don’t want that. We want to enjoy the show, and we want the kids of today to enjoy the show, and no amount of joy you may receive from getting a few thousand notes on your latest crit post will justify what it’s doing to the fanbase as a whole.

I’m seeing kids 14 or 15 joining the trend. I’m seeing so many blogs pop up with ‘critical’ in the name. It turns my stomach. It was never meant to be this way. Not because SU is perfect, because it’s not. But because it never deserved the sheer amount of hate, nitpicking, and harassment that you’ve given it.

So I ask you to make a conscious decision: continue creating and spreading critical posts, or step away from it and be one less blog adding to the cesspool of hate.

I love this show. And I don’t know when or why so many of you stopped loving it. But please … please stop ruining it for the rest of us, and please stop ruining it for the future fans-to-be.

“The same man? You mean, that twisted monster crow and Sensei? Yoshida Shouyou is dead. And vengeance is right before my eyes.”

BTS As Things My Roommates Have Said Pt 2
  • Jin: I'm a single mother of 5 can I please get the discount
  • Yoongi: I want to be the next Kanye just lest problematic
  • Hoseok: I am Lucifer, your problematic fav
  • Namjoon: Call me daddy one more time and see what'll happen
  • Jimin: I may look gay and you're right
  • Taehyung: Before anyone asks, yes I bought 12 cases of Oreos for myself
  • Jungkook: please stop calling me a fuckboy you have already ruined my self esteem enough