i may have posted this before but

  • chainsmokers, before the performance: i'm kinda nervous about introducing the next performance
  • post malone, to bts before their performance: turn that shit up
  • jared: i gotta have a moment to recover from that performance.
  • interviewer, after namjoon said 1D is the biggest band in the world: they /were/
  • corden: i may introduce you the biggest band in the world
  • corden: i've been trying to book them for a year now
  • me: *goes to cry from happiness in a corner*
How to Write When You Don't Have Time

I might be losing my mind a little bit, but I swear someone asked me how to write when they don’t have time, but now I can’t locate the question in my inboxes or messages, but I thought I’d address it just in case someone actually did ask me this question.

First off, let me start by saying, I may not be the best person to answer this. I’m not married, don’t have kids, and I work in the writing industry. So if anyone reading this has their own expertise to add to this post, please leave a comment for others.

Before getting too far into this topic, I want to acknowledge that some people may be dealing with a lot of life challenges at the moment, with serious health problems, being a caretaker for a loved one, serious financial problems, and unforeseen life crises, and may be legitimately unable to work on their writing because they ran out of today’s time yesterday and their physical and mental stamina ran out before they got out of bed this morning. If you find yourself in such a category, don’t fret. Life happens. It won’t be this crazy forever.

But for the average person who has at least half a grip on their crazy busy life but can’t quite squeeze writing into said life, here are some ideas that might help.

1. Get more out of your schedule by living with more intention.

Some of us human beings struggle to live intentionally. We pull out our phones to check on something, and before we know it, we’ve lost an hour to the social media black hole. Or we sat down to take a break and suddenly Netflix is asking us if we are still watching Stranger Things.

I know what some of you are thinking: Isn’t this post supposed to be about people who are too busy to write? Not about people who are just sitting around?

My point is, whether or not you actually spend hours unexpectedly watching Netflix, there are probably parts of your day you are living without intention, which usually means time is slipping through your fingers.

Not everyone wants to live every hour intentionally. Many cultures and lifestyles around the world don’t; they just go with the flow and do whatever, like the beach lifestyle.

What I am saying is that if you are a busy person who doesn’t have time to write, and you want to have time to write, this might be what you want to look at. Do you have behaviors and parts of the day where you are unintentionally losing time? Do you have the tendency to procrastinate things you don’t want to do, for example?

Intentional living doesn’t mean you never get breaks. It means that when you take a break, you take breaks you intended to take. It doesn’t mean that you never have free time. It means that when you have free time, it’s something you intended. Intentional living means making every hour count, and getting rid of moments where time doesn’t. It means when you are doing something, you are doing something, not kind of doing it. If I’m cleaning my room, but sort of just leisurely cleaning it, I’m probably losing time. But if I decide to draw upon more intention, and clean my room more intentionally, I’ll make an effort to do it in a more efficient manner and get done quicker.

So look at your lifestyle and see if you can free up more time by living more intentionally. And notice that I didn’t say you had to live at max capacity intention. I said more intention.

2. Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

There is a business show I love to watch called The Profit. In it, successful business man Marcus Lemonis goes into failing businesses and helps build them back up. One of the things Marcus says is that it’s better to work smarter than it is to work harder.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Here is a simple example. Let’s say I’m working really hard at doing the dishes. I’m working as hard as I can, but my methods are random. I hand-wash and put the dishes away one by one. I’m putting a lot of time and effort into getting this kitchen clean. But you know what’s better than working harder at that method? Working smarter.

Instead of hand-washing everything, I put them in the dishwasher. Instead of putting items away one by one as I wash them, I put them into piles and take the whole stack of plates to the cupboard at once.

Working smarter is about looking for ways to work more efficiently. It’s about finding ways to get more done in the time you have, and finding easier but still effective methods.

Pretty much everyone is doing something that could be done more efficiently. When you work smarter you can free up more time. Or, when you write smarter, you can get more done in the amount of time you have.

3. Stop using mental energy focusing on the fact you don’t have enough time.

My dad is a really busy person. One thing he said to me several months ago has stuck in my mind. He said, it’s amazing how much more you can get done when you stop thinking about how you can’t get it done.

This is probably going to sound weird, but the way we think is also a usage of time–our mental time. The mental time we spend thinking about how we feel sorry for ourselves is mental time we could be putting to use in a different way. You might could even say we can try to think with more intention or to think smarter. Instead of thinking about how I don’t have time to do something, I could be spending the “mental time” and “mental stamina,” thinking about how I can do that thing more efficiently.

Feeling sorry for ourselves about not having time often leads to sluggish demeanors and attitudes, and only makes it that much more difficult to be productive. It’s like we’ve dropped a boulder in our own path that we now have to push out of the way before we can continue.

The older I get, the more I realize, how we think about things is everything.

Unfortunately, though, when you make statements like that, you get a whole bunch of people going out and trying to micro-manage all their thoughts and feelings, and they actually end up just suppressing said thoughts and feelings.

It’s not about suppressing–it’s not about telling yourself you aren’t allowed to think or feel that way, that breeds resentment toward self and unrealistic expectations. Instead, if you have a problem with the way you think, you acknowledge it and move on. Or, depending on how serious it is, you acknowledge it, work through it, and then move on. It takes time–maybe months or years–but eventually it won’t be a tendency to think that way anymore. I am a strong believer that in most circumstances, we can eventually change how we think.

Anyway, my point is, stop using your “mental time” on thoughts that aren’t helpful to you. You don’t need them anymore. It’s not helpful to focus on how little time you have. What is helpful is focusing on how to best manage the time or task you have been given. What is helpful is spending your mental stamina on how you’ll build your better life, realistically.

4. Stop procrastinating and implement the 20-minute rule.

Learn to start doing something you don’t want to do, when you should do it. Don’t watch an episode first. Don’t play Candy Crush first. Sit down and start working. Remember, it’s okay if you really, really, really don’t want to do something. You are allowed to feel that way. But what matters is that you do it despite it.

My brother and I have a method for when we don’t feel like working on something. It’s what I think of as the 20-minute rule. Now, I don’t know psychologically why this works, but it works for both of us almost every single time. And I’ve seen it work for many others.

When you don’t want to work on something, you sit down and work on it anyway, telling yourself you only need to do it for 20 minutes. Now, you need to actually do the work intentionally–actually put in effort, not just sit there–and I don’t know why, but almost always, by 20 minutes in, you realize it’s not that bad. It’s like my dad always says, “Nothing is as bad as you think it’s going to be.” After 20 minutes, it’s easier to work longer, and I just keep working anyway.

You can try this with anything you don’t want to do, in order to get it done quicker so you can free up writing time. But you can also do this with writing, when you finally have freed up a few minutes to write and don’t feel like writing. Just give yourself 20 minutes. I bet 9/10 times you’ll want to keep writing after the 20 minutes.

5. Use the percolation approach to writing.

There are discovery writers, people who like to just sit down and start writing and “discover” the story as they go; and there are outliners, people who like to outline the story before they start writing. But there is also another writing approach that’s very common that we don’t talk about much, which is the percolation approach.

Percolation is when you get ideas for a story, and you let them sit in your mind for a while until you are ready to write them. If you don’t have a lot of time to write, or time to set aside to consistently write, the percolation method is a good one for you. You probably have ideas of what kind of stories you want to write. Let them sit in your mind. Let your subconscious take a stab at them. Think about them when falling asleep at night, or in the morning before you get out of bed.

When you feel ready to write the scene and have a few minutes, you’re all ready to go.

I think most writers use a little bit of all three methods. The tricky part about percolation is you might hit an area that doesn’t eventually come together on its own, so you do need to sit down and work it out. But, heck, you can even use the percolation method scene-by-scene. When one scene is ready to write, you write it. Then you let more ideas percolate, and then you write that scene. You don’t have to write chronologically either. Write the scenes you want, and before you know it, you might have half the book in your head done.

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littlestfangirl  asked:

What do you think Ravus's reaction to Tumblr would be like?

I think we all know what Ravus’ reaction to Tumblr would be like:

  • “What in the name of the Astrals is a blog?”
  • “This post says I said that. I did not say that!”
  • *snorts* “Okay, I would definitely say that.”
  • “These children have no idea how to capitalize.”
  • Gayvus Nox Fleur-bae. Hm. Yes, clever.” *types a long threat in the creator’s ask box*
  • *clicks Keep Reading on a vague post* *opens pornographic fan art*
  • *clicks every Keep Reading he sees thereafter*
  • “Does the Chancellor know of this site? No? Oh, thank the Heavens.”
  • “Follow? Why would I want to follow anyone? You should all be following me.”
  • *finds any post hating on Noctis or Ardyn* *cackles*
  • *searches for more hate*
  • “Me, salty? Salty?! I have no idea what it means, but I do not like it.”
  • “These children have never seen proper punctuation before.”
  • “Why is Lunafreya a homosexual in this drawing?”
  • “Why am I a homosexual in this drawing? I am not a homosexual.”
  • *sees @ffxvthirstressIgnis Scientia Issue*
  • “I may have to rescind my last statement.”

Originally posted by stephicness

**I’m open for commission**
Please note that while I am Australian I am using $USD to display my prices!

You can contact me through Tumblr by messages or email me at holly.artcave@gmail.com

Sketch $5 / Lineart $10

These can be anything from a bust to a full body drawing and anything in between, costs will vary on complexity.

Flat (simple colours) $15 / Bust $18 / Full Body $22

Flats will come cheaper with simple colour schemes ($15) or a full colour bust and full body for extra ($18-22). Prices will vary depending on detail and complexity of characters.

Full colour and detail: Bust $25 Full Body $30

These prices are negotiable and are seasoned to change depending on complexity and detail.

Details under the cut –>

Things I WILL draw: characters I may or may not know, OCs and DnD characters (with good references), humanoids, animals, Gravity Falls / Rick and Morty style, creepy gruesome shit like 10 eyes and 3 mouths with disfigured arms - I love me some odd monsters, fantasy/scifi, I’ll only draw up to 4 characters, general fluff and cute shit I guess, etc.

Things I WON’T draw: solely backgrounds (I have no confidence in this field but I’m also highly unpracticed), mechs/vehicles (maybe simple ones at an extra cost), comics further than 3-4 panels, propaganda/offensive material, NSFW (fetishes, incest, pedophilia etc), Anthro/Furries, hardcore violence/gore (general blood stains and shit is fine), tattoo designs, brands/logos.

**I reserve the right to decline any request before and after commissions have been started. I will ask for a 50% deposit of the total price before I start and the remainder after sketch confirmations. I will allow up to 3 revisions until I charge extra. You may not redistribute my work or use it commercially, you may however post your commission to other websites so long that my page is linked and credited. As it is my work I reserve the right to post them on my public pages if I so feel. Payment methods will be through PayPal invoices only.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your blog and I love even more your art! I think you are an amazing person!! How can I be as cool as you? (Or at least draw a 1/10 as good as you?)

Hey! Hi! Thank you! 
1) Hahaha I am nottttttt cool I promise so like don’t even worry about that
(just be yourself man, find what you like, and just like. Be About It unashamedly. (provided it’s not anything harmful to others or illegal or morally bankrupt, you know!) But yeah! Just find your thing or things that you enjoy learning about, practicing, doing, etc. and everything else will fall into place eventually.

2) Drawing tips! How to draw better? Draw A Lot. I should have taken a photo before I cleaned my studio of uhh all my check please stuff laid out like oh! 
This was in May.
and like okay so 

In his book, On Writing,  Stephen King (who, regardless of whether or not his writing suits your tastes, can fairly objectively be considered both prolific and successful by most standards) states 

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

And honestly the same advice goes for artists if you change it to “observe a lot, draw a lot”




That’s like One Year’s worth of sketches and drawings and paintings laid out and I didn’t even start emptying the sleeves like those are stacked 10-20 sheets thick. I got into the Check Please fandom pretty solidly 1 year ago, so if you look at my Art Tag, everything in it (and that’s NOT including everything unfinished,all the preliminary sketches, everything in my sketchbook that will never see the light of day etc.) has been done within 1 year’s time, and while I was off work for 2 months for top surgery this last summer? I usually am away from my home studio for 50+ hours a week due to work/my commute.

If you want to improve at drawing? Do it a lot. Try to make each new thing you draw or paint better than the last in *some* way. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or better in EVERY way, but try to improve the composition, the anatomy, the storytelling, the color, etc. something, beyond where you were with it in the previous piece. and if you ever feel bored, and want to use your time productively? Observe things.

I feel like no creative person should ever feel the need to say “I’m bored” (except during precious self indulgent breaks where you just decide to do something mind numbing because you’re burnt out! YEAH! WHOO)  because literally everything around you is something that you can study to inform either your writing OR your drawing. I don’t always have a sketchbook with me, so like, there are a lot of things I see that I try my hardest to commit to memory so that I can draw it better or with more feeling than I could before I studied it?

Find details that make objects or people unique and USE those. Instead of drawing general things, draw specifics- don’t just draw a character in a t-shirt and jeans and generic sneakers, inform your drawing with things specific to their character- draw them in a sweater they got from Salvation Army, their favorite pair of boot cut levis that they splurged on, and a hand me down pair of Doc Martens.

I was going to go into doing the same thing with objects and places but I’m in a mood (aka I am T IR ED ) where I’m just going to end up rambling and sounding like a crazy person going on a tangent WHOOPS.

Uh. Yeah that’s my rant sorry sorry sorry. I hope i didn’t come across too harsh or anything just like, if you feel like you’re not strong at something, or you’d like to improve, just keep fucking trying- change up little things- trying the same thing over and over again is good for some things, but to improve, you’ve got to take risks and experiment and fail a little Fail A Lot.

If there are any specific drawing/painting/art/technique questions that you or anyone else has! I’m always happy to try to give insight into the way I work. But yeah just in general, the best advice I can give is draw as much as you can and then push yourself and draw a little more.

Hey for a real treat, under the cut are two watercolor paintings of queer boys from like 9 and a half (?) years ago in March 2008 compared to two watercolor paintings of queer boys from this year, 2017.

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anonymous asked:

hi so i am 21 yrs old and after reading things like some of your posts and other articles and things I've started to think that I may be autistic but like I don't know what I should do I'm worried I'm being a hypochondriac and just like. self diagnosing myself with something I don't have, tho I think I experience a lot of the symptoms/traits? and like. how do I go about being diagnosed? should i go about being diagnosed? will it matter? I would like your advice because I really respect you

thank you so much for respecting me, and tho this has happened several times now, i’m still astounded whenever somebody asks me about this sorta thing

first of all, don’t worry that you’re getting it wrong or overthinking things. self-diagnosis is a valid part of being neurodivergent. and also every professional diagnosis STARTS with somebody beforehand being like “i think i might…”

not that every autistic person needs a professional diagnosis to count, of course

anyways, if you feel you relate to the autistic experience, then your wonderings about this are perfectly justified. and in my eyes, you feel you’re autistic? you probably are. and if it turns out you’re not, there’s no bother, okay?

so don’t worry about that

if you want to go professionally diagnosed, go do it. tho if you’re american, i warn you, this is gonna make your life harder. heck even in australia, being autistic comes with certain restrictions. in america it’s worse. especially since doctors cost money over there. so if thats the case, it’s not worth it

i’m australian and i got professionally diagnosed when i was 17. and like, we already knew. i’d read up on autism for years before and i knew it applied to me. soon as i read the wikipedia pages on asperger’s syndrome and autism i was like “uhm holy shit? this is me.” and i delved into the community right away

based on MY experience (so i dunno if this works for everybody) if you wanna be prof diagnosed, you mention it to your GP. you say “i think i’m autistic” (it’s important to say think because doctors like to maintain superiority over patients at all times) and they’ll ask why and you give a few of your reasons why you suspect this. hopefully you’ll be referred to a specialist and you go to them

the people for that are neurologists and psychologists. you go to some appointment with them, they ask you questions for a few hours (and, this is important, you must have a parent or guardian with you when this happens)

and they’re generally friendly and nonpressuring

and eventually you’ll get a phone call or a letter about the results

again, this is what happened to me, it may be different now. and different in other countries. and my tests included brain scans for my own specific reasons

so experiences may vary

so basically if you wanna be prof diagnosed, and it’s safe/practical for you to be, you can look into that. just discuss things with your doctor. also i’d never respond to somebody going “i think i’m autistic” with “yeah just ignore that”

again, being just self-diagnosed is perfectly fine. i promise it’s doing no harm to the autistic community. and prof diagnosis is a privilege not everybody can have, so i’d never be like “NO, you have to be CONFIRMED to be autistic!”

because that way of thinking is bullshit

so, in short

  • do what you want, it’s your brain, your life
  • the more the merrier, we’re happy to have you
  • read up more on the subject and community
  • and good luck

Recently a post, that stated very serious accusations swept through tumblr. I, like many others read the post that started from an anonymous blog. My first thoughts were ‘this sounds awfully familiar’, as I continued to read I realised why. I was here when Addy found out that her co-writer was a minor, I watched Addy take a step back and distance herself from said minor. I watched as Addy worked to build herself back up from this.

Addy doesn’t know me, she may find my URL familiar because I like to support lesser known authors by reblogging fic posts. I have no loyalties to Addy and her friends, I don’t talk to any of them at all. But the accusations made against them were false. I have stood back and watched as more evidence came forward, I waited. I wanted to be sure in what I was saying before speaking up and now I can say that I am.

To Addy @tvshows-addict @cuethetommo @twopoppies @nottooldforthisship and @littlechilllarrie know that I’m one of the few who stand with you, I will support you in whatever the future brings for each of you. I reached out to Gina via message just a few nights ago and from one interaction I can tell what a lovely person this fandom is now loosing. You will be sorely missed Gina and I’m so sorry that it came to this point. I wish you nothing but the best in life going forward.

To everyone reading this, please go and take a scroll through any of these blogs. Look at the evidence that they have brought forward and make an informed decision. Accusations like this have real life consequences and I encourage you all to think before accusing others of such a horrible actions, without evidence. This is all I will be saying on the topic as I do not want to speak for or over those who are involved. In the words of Harry Styles, treat people with kindness

Awhina 💕

Vacation time

Hey friends… So I have been dealing with an overload at work, some health issues, and now vacation time is here…. So I will be behind for the next three weeks.  Let me know if you still want me to write late reviews of Blindspot…  I am already two behind… Very depressing… but I can finish Ep 303 before I leave.  I already know Ep 304 left everyone saying… WHAT??  So if you are cool with me taking my time, I will post… Otherwise, I may have to abandon ship on reviews…  RL so complicated sometimes.  

Biggest bummer, I will be behind on the crossovers and that just leaves me feeling all sucky inside…. 

But then again, I really need the downtime… So YAY for family time!!

Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  

@coal000 @mel-loves-all @el-bolthole @green-arrows-of-karamel 


You’ve got to be kidding me! I saw this post on my Instagram explore page, it really got me pissed, “lip sync”? REALLY Perez? Your really going to got there?

Call it being bias if you want but, I have been a fan with BTS even before their debut, and I don’t think they have EVEN LIPSYNC ONCE!

They may have not sang the back vocals of their track but they didn’t “LIPSYNC” dlas we know as Kpop fans dancing and singing is not easy so if Perez Hilton wants to try for himself of dancing a extensive choreography and have 100% perfect vocals, I say “Good Luck”

At this point there is going to be a lot of people who oppose the love of the ARMY’s that is radiating to our boys and it’s not going to get easier, as BTS’s popularity is sky rocketing there is going to be more articles like this

Just remember ARMY’S we are better than that, continue to spread the love to our boys and be humble!


anonymous asked:

Did the author Quadenomen delete their account and works on Ao3? ;-; Does anyone know what happened or if they have any social media accounts? Or even like, if their stories like Can We Be Friends and Of Stolen Time and Kisses exist anywhere? :'( Quadenomen was one of the best out there, what happened :'(((

Hello anon!

It does seem like Quadenomen deleted their account, since all links relating to them pulls an error. I tried looking up if they have any social media accounts but didn’t find anything. It seems they still have Can We Be Friends posted on AFF, though ~ Admin P

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More About Kisara and Reincarnation: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style

So, I’ve done a few posts now with @microraptorglider about some of our Yu-Gi-Oh! reincarnation theories. We just can’t let this stuff go, and because we’re masochists we just keep pursuing answers. Basically, there are no absolutes, but in a world of question marks, Kisara is the biggest one. Is she the BEWD? Does she control the BEWD? Is her soul separate from the BEWD, or are they the same? And that’s just scratching the surface.

But, we may possibly sort of kind of have an answer. However, it also raises a whole NEW set of questions. Before we can even acknowledge it as a source, we’ve got to figure out whether it even follows canon or not, as well. So, this new source is …

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Specifically, this card.

Well what do you know? It’s our favorite question mark, Kisara. And look, here come her friends, even more questions!

First off, are we even going to accept the TCG as canon or not? (Oh my goodness, a nice, easy ,yes or no answer.)

I am going to go with a ‘yes‘ on that one, simply because of this girl:

in relation to this character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga:

Because even though Mana was animated with brown hair/brown eyes (represent!) she was actually drawn as a {dirty}blonde. (I say dirty blonde, because her hair is lined, while Bakura’s white hair had no lines of detail in it at all. The intent was for her to have some color, probably.)

So, the card game follows manga canon, obviously, because of Apprentice Illusion Magician’s white hair and purple eyes. However, everything we glean from the ‘TCG = The Manga’ theory should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

With that said, let’s throw out the salt shaker. As evidenced by fact that both a Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and a Maiden with Eyes of Blue card exist in the same spirit world, with separate forms, and separate names, BEWD and Kisara have distinct, unique spirits and personalities. They are shaped by each other, and BEWD does bend to Kisara’s will to some extent (example: continuing to watch over Seto after Kisara’s death), but there is some part of their souls that is different from the other.

HOWEVER, what do we do with the fact that there was only one Mana, who wielded one Black Magician Girl, yet the TCG has many different incarnations of the two? (Special note of the fact that it wasn’t just the Black Magician Girl, but Mana herself.) And what about Yugi’s Black Magician Girl? Was she Mana’s spirit reincarnated, or was she just Mana’s ka, motivated by her owner’s will, coming back to protect Atem?

Like I said, it raises a lot of questions. Those can be addressed later. For now, let’s just focus on Kisara. I’m starting by listing what we do know about this cryptic figure’s soul after death.

  1. Firstly, her soul was shown talking to Seto from the BEWD’s form, right after she died. (”Lord Seto, do not let your heart be overcome by the darkness …”, or something like that)
  2. She was not shown waiting for Atem when he came to the spirit world. (Mahad’s and Mana’s spirits were, however.)
  3. The BEWD protects Seto Kaiba, as shown in the duel with Ishizu. It’s shown to be resistant to listening to anyone else - but it did listen to Yugi/Atem during the Capsule Monster’s arc. (This was a little surprising at first, but if you think it through, it makes sense. I’ll talk about that in its own separate post.)
  4. BEWD and Maiden with Eyes of Blue have their own cards, but Maiden’s effect is meant to be used to summon BEWD. She obviously is made for it.
  5. Mana, Mahad, and Kisara did not reincarnate. However, they do have Duel Monster forms that protect their former masters. Black Magician and Black Magician Girl are also shown with something of a personality. (However, this does not mean BEWD doesn’t have a personality as well. It may just be hard to emote in a way humans can understand when you’re a giant white dragon made for destruction.)
  6. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, Transcend Game, that came out just before DSOD, when Kaiba uses his BEWD to try to break through to the spirit world, BEWD is destroyed by a huge amount of force. In the moment of its destruction, Kaiba sees Kisara’s spirit for a single moment, silhouetted by light.

Let me tell you, point #6 is very important. It tells us a lot about how Takahashi-Sensei himself viewed the Kisara/BEWD relationship. However, the TCG gives us something else to think about as well.

So, here we go then. Based on the evidence, when it comes to the BEWD, it and Kisara are completely equal and interchangeable. (Kisara = X) (BEWD = Y) ( X = Y) Kisara’s soul resides in the BEWD’s body so that she can continue to watch over Seto.

However, when Kaiba died (I’m gonna go off on another theory here, and conjecture the odds of him having died in Zero Reverse being pretty high), Kisara’s soul was still hanging around with the BEWD. Seto wasn’t on earth anymore. She (and it) had no reason to stay. So BEWD went back to the Duel Monster’s world, and Kisara’s soul separated from it to be with Seto.


I’ll show you.

(If you ever saw my other theory on the ‘With Eyes of Blue’ archetype, this’ll seem familiar)

Well look who we have here. We’ve got the Master, we’ve got the Priestess, we’ve got the Sage, and we’ve got the Protector. But we do not have the Maiden. Not only that, they’re in a mausoleum. A grave. But who’s grave is it?

As shown by the statue they’re offering sacrifice to, it must be the BEWD’s.

The ‘With Eyes of Blue‘ archetype is dedicated to serving the BEWD, and probably worshiping it. In exchange for their sacrifice, the BEWD bestows on them Kisara’s spirit, and her ability to summon the BEWD. Remember, Maiden is the only card that references the BEWD exactly by name. Every other card in the archetype just summons or adds to your hand ‘a Blue-Eyes card‘(Of course, in the real world, this includes the BEWD itself). But according to lore, are we supposed to understand that the archetype can’t summon the BEWD y itself? In other words, they need to offer their sacrifices, call on BEWD”s spirit, receive Kisara, and use the power they received from the sacrifice {or their own targeting powers} merged with hers to summon BEWD. {The ‘power they received from the sacrifice’ is the targeting effect Mausoleum of White gains if you sacrifice one Normal monster.}

So, long story short here: Kisara’s soul lives in BEWD’s body. Every moment of its existence, she’s there too. When Kaiba died, Kisara’s soul and the BEWD’s separated. She either then went on to the afterlife, or possibly became a Duel Monster. {However, I’m going to say that she went to the afterlife, because of the ‘With Eyes of Blue’ theory above, and because she isn’t shown offering a sacrifice with the others in Mausoleum. Also, she definitely would want to be wherever Seto’s soul was, so why wouldn’t she go there?} When the ‘With Eyes of Blue‘ cards offer their sacrifices and need the BEWD’s power, Kisara is summoned. She hangs out with them for a while. brings BEWD to nuke the threat, and goes back to her cool digs with Seto when she’s done.


Of course, that still leaves us with the fact that there are multiple incarnations of BMG. And what are we supposed to do with all those other Blue-Eyes/Deep-Eyes/Azure-Eyes cards in relation to Kisara? (And keep in mind that the TCG may not even be canon ANYWAY.)

Another time. For now, just be happy we solved one mystery. Questions or comments? I’d be happy to help you, or get some new ideas.

I’m back??

Hiya! It’s Caitlin, aka hehulk!! I know I’ve been away for soo long (since May? Maybe before?) But I’ve officially finished year 12!! That’s the main reason why I’ve been gone. Now, though, I’m ready to come back, but my interests have changed a lot. I’m no longer into supernatural and teen wolf (+sherlock, doctor who, which were all the main things on my dash) as much as I once was (part of the reason I lost interest in this blog) but the shows I love don’t seem to have fandoms that make aesthetic graphics. Please rec me any blogs that post pretty graphics from:

  • brooklyn 99
  • bojack horseman
  • preacher
  • sense8
  • hannibal
  • how to get away with murder
  • marvel (especially the netflix shows)
  • stranger things
  • the 100
  • izombie
  • orphan black
  • in the flesh
  • merlin
  • misfits
  • game of thrones
  • harry potter

Because I guess I still have the same aesthetic? Just different interests. If y’all want a more in-depth explanation of why I left and what’s been up with my life, let me know. Also, I’m a bit confused as to who’s still around and who’s posting what under which names. This has left me at a loss as to who to tag. 

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Periods suck. Witchcraft helps.




(Please research herbs before using them, not all the posts are very informative about all the effects herbs may have! ESPECIALLY if you’re on meds.)


Mundane tips:

I’d like to request that you keep gender out of any comments that you make on this. People of various gender identities get periods (or don’t), lets be inclusive here!