i may have posted this before but

So, I feel this needs to be said because I imagine someone is gonna bring it up at some point.

tl;dr - please search my blog thoroughly for resources and utilize my tagging system to find what you are looking for before asking questions, because I am no longer able to provide full resource lists as I have done in the past.

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I only have four posts in my queue today. And I have to work until the regular time my queue ends so I won’t be able to upload any more before then. I may put some posts up tonight if I have time. 

I have been cleaning up my cc folder and trying to get rid of old recolors and stuff I never use. And that took longer than I thought it would. So I didn’t get any posts done this weekend.

Just thought I’d let you all know. Have a wonderful day! 

anonymous asked:

can we post sheith month early?

I would prefer if no one posted their entries before the beginning of SM, as I will not be systematically be checking the tag until August 1.

If you will not have access to the internet/tumblr during SM: it would work best if you used the ‘Schedule’ feature so your entries post during SM.

However, if you must post you entry early, please remember to:
     •• tag: @ sheithmonth
     •• hashtag: #SheithMonth2k17
AND to make sure your entry isn’t lost, please:
     •• message me that you have posted an entry.

Additional Notes:
     •• You may post entries early during SM (e.g. posting Day 6 on Day 2)
     •• You may post entries late (e.g. posting Day 5 on Day 27)
     •• I will still be reblogging and posting entries for a week after SM ends
             • message me if you post after then and I will still reblog 

anonymous asked:

I saw your post and I'm strangely intrigued by putting potato in lemonade? Can I have the recipe?

look it may be inaccurate because it’s been many years since i last saw my grandma make it (it’s her original recipe and a family heirloom i’m sharing with the world), but here it goes

you need:

  • lemonade
  • potato (not sure how many but that’s the magic of experimentation)
  • willpower

first you make the lemonade. i’m assuming you’ve made it before so i don’t need to explain you how to do it. the focus here is the potato.

you take the potato and boil it until it’s soft and light yellow (just a normal boiled potato). then you put it in a blender and let it get fucked until it’s a pulp. THEN you have to be careful with how much you put in the lemonade. you don’t want the lemonade to become bulky (unless that’s your thing), you want it to be as thick as peach/mango juice. blend it again i think?? and then voila you got your potato lemonade. please enjoy i put actual effort into this

Okay, so, can I just say that I’m really proud how far we, most of the phandom, have come? Someone posted the v-day video (not really their fault, it was out of ignorance–although I may change my mind and report them if they don’t take it down soon), and everyone came to dnp’s defense. Every comment I saw on the video told the poster to take it down before it spread on Tumblr. They explained to the poster and those who liked the post, probably newer phandom members, that it was a delicate subject with bad history. I’m proud that the phandom is willing to ignore something so hurtful now, and, if it is acknowledged, is only done to attempt to mitigate the damage. Perhaps 10 comments isn’t a lot, but the lack of notes shows growth of respect in the phandom, and I’m proud of that.

Sandcastle Scavenger Hunt!

     “Goodness, what a heavenly beach, huh? I’d almost hate to disturb this sand and ruin the tranquility of it all. …Just kidding! I’m sure you’ll all come up with some even more beautiful creations to line the shore with.

     Welcome to sandcastle and sand sculpture building!

     Everything is nice and damp from this morning’s tide, just perfect for molding before the afternoon sun dries it out. I think some of the sno cone syrup may have even dyed some places… What do you plan on making? Heh. I’ll probably just end up engraving a map into my area. Oh! Maybe someone could help me form some geographic features on it…”

Before you start digging, here’s the scavenger hunt part:

We challenge you to:
** Bury a friend in sand!
** Build a sandcastle with an OC!
** Post a reference or drawing of your creation to the special event tag!
    ( sea sky and sun ;; summer scramble ;; sandcastle scramble )
** Compliment someone else’s castle!
** Find a stranger to help you break your sculpture back down!

note: you can still post activities within the general event tag, the special tag is just a way to help organize and search through images of the sculptures!

If you manage to complete the whole list by the end of the week, submit a text post with links of the thread completions or drabbles to the mod blog, and get a shout-out!

     Once you’re done, head up to the deck and rinse off all that sticky sand under the shower head, so you’ll be all ready for the swimsuit showcase coming up!”

      fair  warning  that  i  went  through  my  following  list  and  i  unfollowed  all  my  non-mutuals.  also,  if  you  followed  me  while  i  was  away,  i  was  not  checking  my  followers  so  i  did  not  follow  anyone  back  because  there  are  quite  a  few  of  you.  meaning  you  may  want  to  unfollow  /  refollow  just  so  i  can  check  out  your  blog.  on  another  note:  before  i  left,  i  had  lydia  and  veronica  on  sole  blogs,  but  they  have  been  moved  here  because  i  do  not  see  myself  going  back  to  sole  muse  blogs  for  a  while.  i  am  more  than  happy  to  continue  any  plots  we  had  there  though,  or  even  get  new  ones  so  feel  free  to  contact  me.  that  being  said,  i  did  turn  anon  off  because  i  got  a  nasty  message  already  and  i  do  not  plan  on  turning  it  back  on  so  sorry  about  that.  however,  it  feels  really  good  to  be  back  and  i  wanna  thank  all  of  you  for  welcoming  me.

Activating blog!!

Up until now this blog had been on a sort of ‘boot up’ mode; getting used to the character design(s), fitting into the community, figuring out how tumblr works, etcetera. Most importantly, I have been building up a backlog of finished asks, to be used as a sort of ‘buffer’ should i hit a day or two where i can’t post. You guys probably call it a queue ^^; My ask box has also been closed due to a large number of unanswered asks

Starting tomorrow, I hope to truly become daily; one ask answered every day, with one break day on a weekend~ 

Due to the buffer, it may be a while before your ask gets spit out when I answer it. However, I will answer them all in order (as of posting; art may be drawn out of order) so I WILL get to anything asked! Once I’m back down to around 5 asks, I’ll reopen the box and start taking them again ;w;

Hello ask community! Nice to finally join you!

This Week’s Spotlight...

Can we be frank? If we can’t be nothing else, we might as well be frank… 

Why is it that fams have so much scrutiny if not disdain for The Professor’s proteges post the 80′s? I’ve always kind of wondered about that. We’re good on the Vanity’s, Apples, and Sheila’s (though I would argue that last one was more of a collaboration as she was a star before she even synced up wtih him), but everyone after that seems to receive a lot of criticism like The Professor didn’t invest the same amount of time and attention to their careers.  

I have some theories about why that may be, but those aren’t important.

We’re all about growth around Darling Nisi, so I ask you, will you go on this journey with me? Will you put your bias aside and let me lead you to this artist who I do believe may be my favorite person he nurtured and expanded?

First I must say, while I LOVE the funk, my actual normal is quite mellow. My favorite songs and albums by The Professor have a sound that’s just real smooth/jazzy or stripped down piano or guitar…it’s the introspective stuff…more folk or soul than danceable funk. They’re the songs you listen to when taking an aromatic bath at the end of a long day, or driving along the coast at that golden time of day.  This artist has a voice that meshes extremely well with that vibe. It’s very earthy and has grooves and is nimble and just instantly relaxes me when I listen to them.

While I ADORE the album that Prince produced for them (THE FUNK), the songs I like the most from it are the ones that match that mellow vibe…and the sound that resonates more for me with their voice is the sound they have without his direct input musically. (Imagine that!!)


Will you open your heart to experiencing this artist and walk with me?

Will you set aside all your pre-conceived notions about purple proteges and give them a chance?

Will you consider the music and let it stand on its own without all the extra stuff?

Will you let me re-introduce you to a one…Andy Allo?

It’s no secret that I am vocal about discourse in this fandom. I have lost followers over participating in it and even people have told me that they don’t like it when I make discourse posts.

So I am happy to inform that I now have a blog for any discourse that I may get into.

I know that I said I’d never make a blog solely focused on hate but technically I have not. The blog where I will post all my discourse is co-owned with a friend of mine. 

The blog was originally their voltron blog but they said they wouldn’t mind sharing it with me. And since they’re as petty and salty as me, we decided to make it a blog where we would address issues in the fandom and vent about stuff (mainly the antis)

I may still post discourse here if it is something important, but there will be less discourse here than there was before. 

The new blog is called @voliontron if you want to check it out. Just one more thing. The blog will not be focused on just discourse. There will be voltron related stuff on there. It belongs more to the co-owner then it does me. I’m just using it to vent.

i may have .. said this before but, one issue i have with parents believing they have the right to hit their children is that it is different from parents believing they have the right to hit their children as a form of discipline. while i disagree anyway with hitting a child when they have done something they knew was very wrong, to convey that it is not ok, the line between that and .. beating a child to take out your anger caused by others on them, or because you see your own insecurities in them, or because you want to feel that you have control… seems to easily blur in the minds of parents . and because it can escalate so easily depending on who the parent is , yet its difficult to regulate (a parent who does the latter would see themselves the same as a parent who slapped their kid once for pulling a knife on them )… i think it should be discouraged , especially considering the fact that there are other, more beneficial , ways to teach your children to do the right thing

another thing is with .. people saying “i was hit and i turned out ok”. this also sort of connects with my first point , that somebody  who was hit one time vs somebody that was beat over and over again for the smallest things would both be able to say the same phrase , and while the former still should have been disciplined differently , i don’t see one hit as being extremely damaging or life-altering yet they would be speaking to allow parents to inflict much greater damage on their children. but for those that had been hurt more, i think that belief stems… from jealousy .. i used to feel the same way when i was much younger , when my aunts would say ‘my children won’t listen to me no matter what .. but i can’t yell at or hit them what do i do …’ and i would think ……. just hit them…………….. because i thought… why can they do anything, take whatever they want , throw things at their family members , have public tantrums, etc and never have to see a raised hand in response   yet i get beaten so hard my body goes numb just for nothing …. i think regardless of whether or not a person can recognize they think that way , and maybe they have nobody telling them what happened to them actually was wrong… but those who do have the “i was hit and i turned out ok” mentality , either say so because of this sort of jealousy/ feeling  of unfairness , or, because they really were only hit very rarely , for doing something extremely bad which did set them straight, and do not realize they are condoning harmful actions of parents who will abuse the power they have over their children.

Writing status: 6900 words of horrible, horrible angst that still needs a title. I’ve got two chapters of hurt. Hopefully, I just need one chapter of comfort and then I’m done but no promises. How long can I last before I start posting stuff whether it’s finished or not?

Also, my previous theory seems to have been proven true. I write fluff and humour when it’s dark and rainy, and angst or hurt/comfort when it’s sunny. As you may be able to tell it’s been very sunny here for the past week. Now if only I was working on one of those angsty stories I’ve been meaning to write for ages and not something new I just came up with a couple weeks ago.

Regarding any rumors or posts you may or may not have seen about me, everything was taken out of context and is extremely misinterpreted. Please signal boost this as this witch hunt mentality has bullied and hurt a lot of people before. It started in 2013 and has since then escalated into outlandish and wild accusations. I will never leave but this brutal attitude has got to stop. 

What if...

“Plagg, claws out.”

“Huh? Wait, Adrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee—!”


He’s so tired. So dead tired.

He’s so tired that he can barely function.

Still, as the model Agreste son, he has to make sure to uphold his image, just as his father taught him.

So he straightens his back and adjusts the strap of his backpack against his shoulder, and enters the classroom.

His classmates are all quiet but he doesn’t mind. He’s too sleepy to care.

He stifles a yawn and takes his seat next to Nino, giving him a casual, “hey.”

“Uhh?” Nino responds blankly.

Huh, he must be sleepy too. What a true bro.

He turns around to greet Marinette and Alya.

Alya is gaping and has her hand out like she’s texting on her phone. But her phone seems to have fallen on her desk.

Marinette is staring at him like he’d grown fifty-seven heads and laid an egg.

Seems just like usual then.

“Good morning,” he says to them, hoping the smile he offers them doesn’t look too tired.

Marinette’s eyes widen like he just sprouted an additional fifty-eighth head.

He has no energy to contemplate that so he turns around and lays his head on his desk, hoping to catch a few Z’s before roll-call.

And it’s roll-call that wakes him only a few minutes later.

“Adrien Agreste,” the voice of Miss Bustier calls out.

So he raises his hand and says—

And then he is jolted awake when Marinette starts screaming from behind him.

What if… Adrien was so sleepy that he just walks into class as Chat Noir?

Marichat May (What If…)

Another Wednesday, another Hiveswap development team interview!

Hey there folks, we’re back to our new normal: it’s Ash here once again! I’ve returned from my brief outing to E3 last week and – don’t you worry – I’ve got a brand-new Hiveswap development team interview lined up for you today, just as scheduled!

But before we get to that, I’d like to toss a great, big “Thanks, man!” Cohen’s way for posting last week’s interview in my stead and, in fact, interviewing me so I didn’t have to very awkwardly interview myself. I may not be a super-cool artist or animator, but hopefully you all found what I had to say to be sufficiently interesting nonetheless!

But speaking of our illustrious creative types, today I’ve got an interview lined up with James Roach, Hiveswap’s sound designer and lead composer! These weekly interviews have been focusing mostly on the game’s visual elements and aspects up to now, but why should eyes get all the love? Not that eyes aren’t awesome and all, but I have it on good authority that ears everywhere are also looking forward to Hiveswap. Fortunately, James has very graciously prepared a smattering of Hiveswap sound samples for you to listen to as you read through the interview, so be sure to get equipped with some headphones before you begin!

Take it away, James!

Introduce yourself to the fans! What is your specific role on the Hiveswap team?

I’m James Roach, and I’m the Sound Designer for Hiveswap! I teamed up with [Undertale creator and composer] Toby Fox to compose the soundtrack for the game. I’m also responsible for most of the game’s sound effects and ambient sound alongside Marcy Nabors!

When and how did you get your start on the Hiveswap project?

When I saw the opportunity I reached out to What Pumpkin and sent along my portfolio. I was never part of the “Homestuck music team” in any official capacity, but I was pretty active in the community, so they knew of my work. I was as surprised as any of you when they offered me a job! They paired me up with Toby, who at that point was already a Homestuck music veteran. We’ve both been on the project ever since then.

Tell us a little bit about your career background! How did you get your start in music and sound design? Do you have any advice for others looking to enter this field?

I have been playing piano since I was about four years old. My family and culture have a strong musical tradition, and my mom thought playing music would keep me out of trouble. I got my start scoring web cartoons and doing freelance work. I only started doing sound design in the last few years out of necessity. A friend needed sound work done for their thesis film and had nobody else to do it, and I can’t leave a friend hanging! As far as advice goes, I recommend having your work accessible and easy to find. Make connections and be easy to work with. Being reliable, consistent, and professional will go a lot further than solely being good at something.

We’re making a video game, so of course the question must be asked: what’s your favorite game of all time, and what games are you playing currently?

The first game I remember having a big impact on me was The Legend of Zelda on the NES. My favorite game of all time is probably Bastion, but I don’t play a ton of video games anymore. I play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s all I ever talk about. My friends are so tired of me. Anyway, did you know a group of Myconids is called a “Circle?” Myconids are like cool mushroom guys that live underground. A lot of people think they might have a hive mind, but did you know they communicate using spores? Another cool thing about Myconids is–

Are there any games that you currently use or have used as inspiration for your own music and sound work here on Hiveswap, or just in general?

Obvious notes are stuff like Transistor, Luigi’s Mansion, Monkey Island, and so on and so forth. A lot of the inspiration for Hiveswap’s soundtrack comes less from games and more from my own musical and cultural background. There’s also a third-wave ska song. I have a really complicated relationship with ska.

As someone who writes music for video games, surely you must have a favorite video game composer or two (or three)! Who are they and what games have they scored?

You can’t talk about video game music without mentioning Nobuo Uematsu (the Final Fantasy series’ original composer) in some capacity, and his work has always been an inspiration to me. I think there’s an obvious Darren Korb (Supergiant Games) influence on my work as well. I’m really looking forward to hearing more of the Pyre soundtrack. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that Toby has greatly influenced my work, since I worked with him specifically on this, but he absolutely has. The way he writes counter-melodies is phenomenal.

What’s your workstation like? Do you listen to any particular kinds of music while you work? If so, tell us about it!

Because I’ve been doing a lot of Foley work, I have this bizarre assortment of things lying around everywhere in my apartment for the weird, specific sounds they make. I’ve had this bundle of straws (which I flick rapidly to make monster footstep sounds) on my desk for weeks. There’s a broken umbrella (perfect for a monster’s wing flapping) hanging on the door, and a big pot with a fork and a broken slinky in it (scraped and slapped together to make creepy, echoey laser sounds) just lying around too. It’s a disaster to live in.

Favorite Homestuck character?

Aradia Megido.

Favorite Homestuck ship?

I used to be all about Intermission shipping, but it’s a little complicated to get into.

Favorite Homestuck flash?

I think like most people who started reading as a carryover from Problem Sleuth, “WV: Ascend” was the big “Whoa!” moment for me, so it’s always had a special place in my heart.

Do you have a personal message you’d like to relay to all the Homestuck and Hiveswap fans out there?


Where can people find more of your work? Link us to your own little corner(s) of the Internet!

Whenever you close your eyes and open your heart… I will be there. No, I’m kidding – please follow me. You can find me on Twitter and SoundCloud!

“Can’t hoooold on much longer… But I will neeee-ver let go!…” –oh, wait, I’m back on? Sorry about that, James’ last answer there brought out my inner Crush 40 fanboy. (Sonic Adventure had a killer soundtrack though, didn’t it?) Thank you again for letting us pick your brain for a while, James – and for those lovely sound samples, of course!


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