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Yesterday I got on and looked through my activity and I saw I had been mentioned by another smol engineer in one of their posts that had a cute comic of Spyder zappin’ and backstabbing him, saying how he didn’t trust me. I followed them after seeing it, but didn’t reblog it cause I wanted to reply with a picture, which I made today,

I went to go find the post but it was gone from my activity, and the blog was gone from my ‘following’. I searched through my internet page history and it said the blog is no longer exists.

The blog had to have been new, the post mentioning me was only the second post on it. Anyone know of it? Or who run it? I don’t know why they deleted but I feel awful

If you’re seeing this former ask-smol-engie where’d ya go?

“I didn’t even realize you were slowly moving in until I noticed all your stuff was all over my place.”

“Funny you should mention that, because I may have played a major part in it.”

“I can admit my faults- when I get some.”

“We really need to talk about you diving headfirst into everything.”

“I told you to wait for my signal! You’re lucky nothing went wrong.”

“Why’d you pair me up with them? We go together like a giant hand and a really small glove.”

Public Space

Here’s that Mingyu request that I got forever ago that I’ve only just now gotten to because I am great at life :D Sorry it took flippin’ forever

Pairing: Mingyu (Seventeen) x reader

Genre: fluff, not angst but some misunderstanding? I don’t know

Word Count: 1432

Summary: Mingyu expresses his desire to keep public affection to a minimum and you kind of missunderstand


“Hey, babe.” You sighed happily as you walked over and kissed your boyfriend Mingyu’s cheek when you arrived at the dorm.

“Hey, y/n” He replied, giving you a small side hug before letting to. “What’s in the bag?” I got you all carryout for lunch, I hope you’re hungry!” A round of thankyou’s and hungry groans could be heard among all thirteen boys in the living room as you went in to the kitchen with a smile to take out the food. Everyone sat impatiently as you brought all of the food out, and as soon as everything was ready, everyone started to dig in hungrily. You took up your seat next to Mingyu and held his hand for a minute until he took it back to get more food. Once everyone was done eating, you and Dino cleaned up as the rest put on a movie in the living room. When you returned to the living room, you wrapped your arms around Mingyu’s shoulders from behind the couch he was sitting on to give him a kiss on the cheek and then walked around to sit in front of his legs on the floor. At about the half-way point through the movie, the members paused it and elected you and Mingyu to go get snack refills, so up the two of you got, and you pranced into the kitchen as he walked in after you.

“Hey, y/n, I have kind of a weird question, and it’s really not a big deal, I was just wondering if you could try to keep the pda to a minimum.” For a split second, you froze as your heart sank a little and you were sure you could feel your ears turning red with a touch of embarrassment. Had you been overdoing it? You hadn’t meant to make him uncomfortable, you just thought that since you guys had been dating you could enjoy him like that. You’d had no idea it made him uncomfortable, now you felt bad. For his sake, though, and to keep things from getting too awkward, you brushed it off as if it was nothing.

“Oh, yeah, sure! No problem.” You smiled at him, subconsciously avoiding his eyes afterwards as you went about refilling chip bowls with him. You went back into the living room in front of him and sat down on a beanbag chair next to the couch, as he sat back in his place on the sofa, he sighed lightly with concern. You seemed a little like you avoided looking at him after that, had he embarrassed you? Had he crossed a line unintentionally? No, you’d said it was fine, you’d even smiled a little, it was probably just him overanalyzing it. So, he went back to enjoying the movie. When the movie finished, it was not quite nine, and since they had a little time off from schedules, Mingyu decided he would stay over at your place for a few hours to watch more of a drama you two had started when he took you home. After saying your goodbyes to the other members, you followed behind him to his car and hopped into the passenger seat, keeping your hands in your lap. That was unusual, Mingyu thought. Normally when you two were in the car, you’d put your hand on top of his on the stick shift. Without you, his hand was cold, but he tried not to pay too much attention to it. The two of you talked like normal all the way to your house, and then when you got back, he pulled up Netflix while you went to take your makeup off. When you got back to the couch, he had the next episode of the drama pulled up and paused, waiting for you.

“All ready?” He asked with a loving smile.

“Ready.” You smiled back, and sat down in the middle of the sofa, your legs curled up in front of you. He was leaning on the armrest. You were like two feet away from him. Eyeing the space between you two with confusion, he began to get a little concerned that something was wrong.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?” He paused, debating over whether or not to bring it up. But things will probably be back to normal in the morning, there’s no need to stir it up, he thought. He’d come over for breakfast like you two had planned, and you’d be fine.

“Nothing.” He hit play, and the two of you watched a couple more episodes, both feeling a little awkward with the space. When he finally got up to leave, he leaned down and gave you a tiny peck on the forehead.

“See you tomorrow morning, y/n. sleep well, I’ll text you when I get home.”

“Okay, bye! Drive safe.” And with that, the door closed with a gentle thud and you were left to ponder the events of tonight. You were a so worried that you’d embarrassed him, or that he didn’t actually want to be that physically close to you and you’d been making him uncomfortable all this time. Had you gone overboard? You hadn’t meant to. Now here you were, sitting curled up on your couch, sure you were overanalyzing everything way too much, but you weren’t sure what to think or how to act with him now. It felt weird. You slept a little restlessly that night.

The next morning, just as you turned off the griddle after making pancakes, you heard a knock at the door, and answered it to welcome Mingyu in.

“Hey, jagiya, how’d you sleep?”

“Good!” You lied. He leaned in to give you a kiss. You kiss him back and enjoy it for a brief moment before remembering his words yesterday and worrying that you were overdoing it. So, you suddenly pulled back, gave him a smile to try and hide your discomfort, and turned back to move the two plates of pancakes to the dining room table. He furrowed his eyebrows a little as he watched you. What, he wasn’t allowed to kiss you now? If this was your interpretation of his request to cut back on the pda, this wasn’t what he’d had in mind.

“Can you get the coffee?” You asked your boyfriend, who was still standing by the door, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, sure” He went into the kitchen, poured two mugs of coffee, and walked them gingerly out to where you had just sat down. He decided that something was definitely off about you, and it probably had something to do with what he’d said yesterday. As he set down the coffee, he sighed. He should have explained himself better, now look what he’d done. He looked back over at you, sitting at the table.

Slowly, he walked over towards you, and then leaned in front of you, holding himself up with one hand on the table and the other hand reaching up to cup your cheek gently. He leaned in to kiss you again, the mood very different this time, while he looked at your lips with hooded eyes. The kiss was very short, and slow, and gentle. He wasn’t usually like this, you thought. Should you respond more? You weren’t sure. He sensed your uncertainty, letting out another sigh as he looked down at his feet. Sliding your chair out, he placed his hands around your upper arms and guided you gently up to a standing position directly in front of him. He looked at your lips again and gave them another kiss, just as gently as the first. And then another. Between each kiss, he leaned back to look at you. He slid his hands along your back until his arms were wrapped around your shoulders, and he pulled you into a hug.

“I think you may have misunderstood what I meant yesterday, and that might be my fault.” He whispered in your ear. “I’d like to keep this kind of contact just between us two. I want to keep it light in front of the boys, but I never wanted you to feel like you weren’t allowed to touch me. I love you, I want to be like this with you.” You sniffled a little, managing to stop yourself from letting out a little tear.

“I was worried that I’d crossed your boundaries and made you uncomfortable.” You finally hugged him back.

“No, don’t worry.” He pulled back to smile at you and kiss you again, a little longer. This time, you kissed him back.

Hi Neighbor!

A/N: Hey, Hi, I did this half asleep so sorry if this makes no sense. Also I put some puns from other groups in there… Enjoy!

You were beat, tired, exasperated. All you wanted to do was sleep. All day, all night. For the next fifty years. But you couldn’t because you were also starving. Why did you ever accept that job at the office? Who knows… the pay was good but was it ever good enough for the amount of hours you had to slave over? Yes. There was no other job available, well that is, for you at least. 

You got to your apartment, opened the door and went straight to your couch. As you laid slumped over you shut your eyes for a few minutes until you heard your neighbors. They were always so loud. They didn’t even have parties, they were just loud. You never went over to their apartment though. It always end up with you being so fed up you bang against you kitchen wall to shut them up and in return they would hit theirs back but were always quiet afterwards. You got up to slam on your wall in which they did the same but this time they were still causing a ruckus. 

“Oh whatever, it’s not like I was gonna sleep anyway.” You left the neighbors as they were and made yourself a bowl of cereal. Hey as a grown adult you had the right to make afternoon decisions, even if those decisions were if you wanted to make an actual meal or not. After you were done eating you thought you’d take it upon yourself to go get your mail. I mean after all that’s what adults did… right? You grabbed your keys and went off to the area of your apartment complex that had all the mailboxes.

As it so happens you weren’t the only one planing to get your bills and what nots. You were scrummaging through your box as a young man walks next to you and also opens his mail box. You grabbed your stuff and turned to leave but accidentally bumped into the young fellow making both your mail fall. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” You squatted down and grabbed the papers. “Here you go.” You handed him his and bowed. He smiled at you and raised his papers as he said his last and only words, “Thank you.” You smiled back and walked back to your home. You left the handsome boy to his mail and went on with your day. Or as much as you could seeing as the neighbors couldn’t care less about anyone around them. 

“These fuckers won’t let me have one hour of peace!” You grabbed some slippers and marched right next door. Banging so loud you wanted to rattle all their plates off their shelves. After a couple of seconds a tall man came out, “Don’t you guys ever stop! I want to come home to peace and quiet but I can’t! You never quit! The loud music or videos or movies or whatever the fuck you are watching!” The boy stared at you not knowing what to do. “I-I’m sorry… I’ll tell the owner right now. I’m sorry for bothering you.” He answered and closed the door. 

That’s how you liked it, them acknowledging authority, well you but still. They actually obeyed to what you said or at least you thought they did. After a mere 7 minutes the music came back on and this time it was loud. “WHAT THE FUUUUUCK!” You banged against your kitchen wall again and slid down against it. “Oh whatever.” You weren’t up to dealing with it again so you took it upon yourself to just ignore and go on with you bills and taxes. “Oh wait, this isn’t mine?” You looked at the paper, “To: Jeon Jungkook… so that’s your name pretty boy. Don’t worry I’ll return this to you!” You said to yourself trying to be cheerful as this was one of the only good things you had going for you today.

You grabbed some shoes and not just some slippers but before going out you stop in front of your mirror that you had by the door. “Looking as good as it’s gonna get.” And with that you went back downstairs to the mailbox area. You waited there for a bit. And a bit longer. A few more minutes. Y/n give up he’s not coming back today. “Sorry Mr. Jeon it looks like your not getting your mail today. Back upstairs, all alone, once again." 

You walked back, thinking how you could let a good piece of man walk away. Which you shouldn’t have been doing and instead have been thinking about how you let your footing walk away. You slipped on one of the steps, trying to grab the railing but failing and falling backwards. You thought this was it. This is your time. Your sweet release from work, bills, taxes, annoying family members that keep trying to get into contact. You were finally about to die. You were already writing your will in your head but fortunate for you, you suddenly stopped falling. 

You opened your eyes to a back not full of pain and the sky. You’d been caught by someone. An angel? God? Nope. Mr. Jeon Jungkook. "Eh-uh hehe.” All you could do was giggle nervously. “A nice thank you would be appropriate.” He said still holding you up bridal style. “Right! Thank you Jungkook!” You said smiling widely but wow a man this yummy? Holding you? 

“Uh-uhm how do you know my name?” He asked a little frightened, putting you down and slowly backing up. “Oh! I accidentally grabbed your mail! I came back down to return it to you.” You handed the envelope back to him. 

“Oh! Okay, thank you!” He politely accepted, “Hey can you help me real quick? I have a couple boxes of pizza and sodas in my car, I was going to ask my friends to come down and get them but since you’re here I thought I’d invite you!" 

"Oh yeah sure! No problem!” You followed him back to his car and waited by him as he opened the door. He handed you a couple of boxes. He had a couple of boxes also and a bag full of sodas. You guys walked back into the buildings and went to the stairs. You passed your apartment wondering how a yummy man could live so close to you and never recognize it. “Here we are!” He knocked on the door. 

“Wait… you’re the moron that lives here?" 

"Moron? What?" 

"I live right there!” You pointed with your foot, seeing as your hands were full.

“You’re the bang bang bang neighbor?!” He asked confused. 

“The bang bang bang neighbor? You’re the one blasting music everyday and every night. Making me feel like a fool. You gotta know when to keep it down!” You argued. 

“Look can’t you just take the pizza and this hang out as a peace offering? I’m really sorry about the music okay?" 

"Just keep it down from now on please?" 

"Fine. Also, don’t call me a moron what the fuck?” He chuckled. 

“Hehe sorry your friends just worked me up earlier… I told them to keep it down and they did, for a few minutes. Afterwards they blasted it even louder." 

"That may have been my fault… they called me and I just told them what to do. Look I might be a small asshole but not a super bad guy…" 

"Alright alright. Let’s eat, small asshole.” You said gesturing to the door. 

“I agree but why the fuck haven’t they opened the door?" 

"Might be because of the loud music…” You both slowly turned to eachother and laughed. 

He set his stuff down and took his phone out to cal his friend. Once he opened the door you apologized for your behavior making them apologize for theirs. You guys because chill with eachother. 

Perhaps it was the similar passion for pizza? Or the love of bickering at eachother? Or just the fact that you guys were neighbors and finally got to plan pranks on other rude neighbors. Like Joe, the old grump guy who yelled at you guys for having a soda can near the public pool. Or Nancy, the mom across from your apartments who lets her kids do whatever, whenever. But whatever it was, it was nice. You two did fight a lot but it was out of love. A love that started out as simple as mail stealing, stair tripping, wall banging, pizza eating.

That Makes Us Gray

“Can you believe they found Polly’s son?” You laugh, walking on the curb like a it’s a tightrope. You put your arms out to try and keep balance but are failing from the few drinks you had slipped without your brothers seeing. Finn’s there, ready to catch you when you fall, cause he can see it coming.

“I mean, Tommy’s done crazier shit.” He says as you laugh, your foot slipping and falling right into his arms. You laugh as he keeps you from going back onto the curb, keeping you upright.

“You’re right; he can do anything. Damn our brother’s pretty cool. I mean so is our whole family. Think Michael will fit in?”

“Hard to tell.” He says shrugging as he’s messing with the lock. He shushes you as he gets it open, helping you up to your room. Thankfully Tommy and Polly weren’t around, otherwise you’d be dead for having even one drink.

“Finn, you’re my best friend.” You mumble as he shuts the light off.

“And your mine Y/N. Now go to sleep you booger.”

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Leading Suspects - Chapter 11

Prepare for some shenanigans… And also, for convenience:

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10.

Enjoy, @peetabreadgirl!

“Read it back to me!” I declare as I lean heavily on the fridge door and shift aside a casserole to reach the bottle of pinot that is my target. As it turns out, Starla Summers is rather generous and should chair the grief and welcoming committees in this town, seeing as how her contribution to the Madge-is-Grieving-We-Must-Feed-Her fund was ten bottles of wine. Cheap wine, but I’m trying not to judge, seeing as how I am suspected of murder and immaculate conception.

“Hot buns of steel!” Madge shouts from the table as her forearms slide forward across the surface.

“Wrong list!” I protest and fall into my seat. I squint at the bottle trying to focus on removing the cork.

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Samantha Bee’s ‘Not the WHCD’ Should Be An Annual Tradition If Trump Continues to Boycott the Real One
Hours before “nerd prom” kicked off at the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C. — minus the president — Samantha Bee and her “Full Frontal” cohorts took the…
By Andrea Reiher

Andrea Reiher at Variety:

Hours before “nerd prom” kicked off at the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C. — minus the president — Samantha Bee and her “Full Frontal” cohorts took the stage at DAR Constitution Hall for TBS’ “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.” The alt-TV special was more than twice the length of a regular “Full Frontal” episode, letting Bee’s typical ruthless comedy and satire loose with both barrels.

If viewers tuned in hoping for an hour of bashing President Trump, they were in for some disappointment. Not that there weren’t some excellent barbs made at POTUS’ expense, but the night was more about celebrating the often-maligned journalists who continue to try to do their jobs in the face of adversity.

“You (journalists) basically get paid to stand in a cage while a geriatric orangutan and his pet mob scream at you. It’s like a reverse zoo. But you carry on. You dig up misdeeds and frauds by the powerful, you expose injustice against the weak and you continue to fact-check the president as if he might someday get embarrassed,” said Bee, to big laughs.

And that was the right approach for this special, taped Saturday afternoon in D.C. and broadcast hours later (10 p.m. ET/PT) on TBS. A full-on roast of Trump would have been enjoyable for a while, but it would have gotten tired. The “Full Frontal” gang is not a one-trick pony, and they put that on a brilliant display, from video segments of Bee performing at imagined past Correspondents’ Dinners (and also an imagined 2018 WHCD for President Pence), to a cold open featuring “West Wing” alum Allison Janney giving a press conference in her snappy CJ Cregg way, to Will Ferrell popping by to reprise his George W. Bush impression from “Saturday Night Live.”

It made for a lively mix of comedy that never felt bogged down or like it was beating a dead horse by repeating itself.

It was also nice to see Bee not pull any punches in regards to the press (not that viewers expected any less). Not only did the special land some pointed commentary at outlets like Breitbart and the way Fox News dealt with its sexual harassment issues, it also did a segment about how much CNN is wasting its cadre of talented journalists in favor of whatever it is CNN puts on the air most of the time. Bee put the blame squarely on CNN president Jeff Zucker’s shoulders.

“Zucker’s greatest success since ‘The Apprentice’ — which, by the way, thanks for that — is filling the airtime between car crashes with a reality show loosely based on the news where loyal partisan hacks make us measurably dumber by spewing mendacious nonsense while a hologram of Anderson Cooper stands by counting the seconds to the commercials for all the pharmaceuticals he probably wishes he could gulp down before to sedate himself before Kayleigh opens her f—ing mouth again,” said Bee, to the appreciative crowd that did include some CNN representatives.

My only quibble with the special is that there were so many pre-recorded video segments it didn’t leave much room for Bee live on stage firing off astute observations and sharp one-liners. She’s an incredibly talented comedian, often delivering three more zingers as the audience gets around to laughing at the first one, so it would have been fun to see Bee more in what is undoubtedly her element. But I understand the desire to want the special to keep changing gears — plus, Bee’s “Man in the High Castle” parody that closed the show was nothing short of genius.

Featuring the man, the myth, the legend George Takei handing the host a film called “The Bee Lies Heavy,” the segment imagined a world where Hillary Clinton won the election, “the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, “Lemonade” won Album of the Year and every print of “La La Land” spontaneously combusted,” and featured Bee’s imagined opening monologue for Clinton’s first WHCD.

There were plenty of zingers leveled at President Clinton (and first gentleman Bill), but Bee ended the jokes with a message that she reportedly couldn’t deliver at dress rehearsal without getting a little choked up. While she held it together here for the actual show, it was still a very heartfelt (and a little sad) way to close out the show.

“In conclusion, Madam President, I want to say thank you,” said Bee. “You may have your faults, but because of you, I can tell my daughters that they can do anything and that sexism won’t hold them back. The world will not magnify their faults and ignore their virtues because of their gender. That time has truly passed. No hard feelings, men. If there’s one message that echoes through this dinner, let it be that men’s rights are human rights and human rights are men’s rights.”

If the trend continues of Trump boycotting the White House Correspondents’ Dinner for however long he’s in the White House, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if Bee made this alternative event an annual tradition.


[Jake]: Not to be cheesy but I like you a lot-zerella 

[Anna]: Are you…hitting on me? 

[Jake]: That depends- did it work? 

[Anna]: That was literally the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard in my entire life

[Jake]: I take that as a yes

Did I just create the worst pickup line the world has ever seen? Perhaps. Do I have any ragrets? No.

That Chair

Yes this chair. 

Hey everybody! So this is a new one I had a lot of fun with. As I was writing I got a little carried away and it went a little differently than I originally wanted it, but I ended up really liking it and I hope you do too! This is the long way of telling you the chair will return in a dirty smutty part 2. I hope you guys enjoy! Happy Monday!

Pair: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff, language

Originally posted by fuckingtotheweeknd

You had been wrapping presents all day, but the pile of gifts on the table never seemed to shrink. They were little things, candles for your coworkers, ornaments for your neighbors, baby clothes for your cousins. You hadn’t concentrated on your immediate family yet. That was for later today.

You were loosing a battle to the tape dispenser when your phone went off. A text from Seb.

Sorry, babe. We’re running a little late at the store. Do you wanna meet me down here? Then we’ll continue xmas shopping and I’ll help you wrap that pile of presents.

You smiled. It didn’t bother you too much that he was running late. You knew getting into this that he was a busy man. But he was your busy man. 

That’s fine! Be down in a few.

Okay. We’re in the back, come on in when you’re here. 

You left the war zone you created with the tape on the table, you really didn’t feel like tackling it now. Instead, you dressed yourself in layers upon layers and topped it off with a warm hat, thick gloves, and a long scarf. 

Ready to brave the cold, you descended the stairs and headed for the subway. A short ride and a chilly walk later, you came upon the new store. 

You walked in the door, taking off your hat and gloves and loosening your scarf as you walked passed the crisp suits on display. You followed the sound of clicking cameras. 

You smiled and returned the seasons greetings you received from the workers and cameramen gathered around. You stood over to the side, not wanting to be in the way and smiled at Seb who was already grinning at you.

When he spun back to the camera and returned to the alluring man he always was at shoots, you took in the scene. He was wearing the new coat he was so excited about. Before this store opened in the city, he ordered it for the coming cold weather. His tight black jeans were clinging to the thighs that drove you wild and his thick hair was perfectly placed on top of his head. As always. 

For the minutes left in the little photo shoot he played around with a few different positions trying to get the perfect shot. Leaning forward, leaning back, legs crossed, legs relaxed. He even spun around in the chair a bit. 

That chair gave you some ideas. 

“Alright, thanks a lot, guys.” Seb said with a wave once the photographers were finished and packing up their things. 

He started to get up from the swivel chair to follow them out when your stuck your hand out to stop him. 

After everyone left except for you and Sebastian, one on the men in a store uniform poked his head in the door. “There are some interviewers out here who would like a minute with you, Mr. Stan.” 

You spoke before Seb could. “He’ll be out in a minute. We just have some things to go over. You know, client to manager.” You didn’t dare look at Seb, you knew he would make you laugh and blow your cover.

The man nodded and stepped out. You sauntered over and locked the door.

“So you’re my manager now?” He joked. 

“Somebody needs to boss you around,” you said, your voice low as you floated back to him in the chair. You placed your hands on each of his thighs and kissed him softly, despite your ache for more. 

He moaned in surprise and kissed you back quickly before saying, “Baby, they’re opening the store right outside.”

“Baby, I’m opening my legs right here,” you taunted him before climbing the chair to straddle his legs. You ignored the arms of it digging into your knees and kissed him again, this time letting your passion loose. 

You knew he gave in to your idea when he tilted his head and his tongue snuck past your lips. His opened mouthed kisses traveled from your lips, down your jaw to your neck until he was stopped by a turtle neck sweater. 

He ripped off your cardigan and threw it to the floor, and the sweater covering your neck wasn’t far behind. But when you were still hidden by a long sleeved shirt, he threw his head back in frustration. 

“How many layers are you wearing!” He laughed loudly, causing you to place a finger over his lips to shush him. 

“Its cold outside!” You whisper shouted. “And you’re almost there,” you giggled. 

He shot you a mischievous grin and peeled off the long sleeved shirt and the tank underneath. He wasted no time with your bra.  

As his lips climbed the valley of your chest you laughed at the pile of clothes on the floor.

He chuckled softly and looked up at you, his lips still attached to your chest. “They’re going to hear us, (Y/N).”

“Let ‘em,” you declared as you pulled his jacket off his strong shoulders. As the materiel hit his elbows, he got stuck. Trapped by the confinement of the back of the chair, he couldn’t pull his arms out of the sleeves. 

He leaned forward and freed his hands just in time to catch you. You had leaned to the side to give him some elbow room and your knee had slipped between the seat of the chair and the arm rest. You almost landed on the floor, resulting in a squeal from you. 

You missed Seb’s worried expression because your head was thrown back and giggles were erupting from you. “This was supposed to be easier!” You laughed. 

Suddenly the world swirled around you as Sebastian picked you up and placed you in the chair. “There we go,” he said with a low chuckle. 

He leaned forward to kiss you with so much passion, you would have thought your plan had worked perfectly instead of being the train wreck it was. 

His hands slid down your body and pulled your jeans and panties down and off your legs with ease. After you ripped his shirt off he placed each of your legs over the arms of the chair. 

He stepped back and took off his pants, his length throbbing and ready for you. He froze when his gaze returned to you. He took you in, all spread out for him. “I like this chair idea,” he growled, a wicked grin covering his lips, his eyes dark with lust. 

You shook your head and laughed and pulled him in to you. You felt your bodies align and he filled you completely. He paused to allow your body to adjust to him. He filled the time with slow and all consuming kisses. 

His pause felt like an eternity. “Please, Seb, baby, take what’s yours.”

And with that he pounded into you over and over at a deliberate pace. Both of you were careful not to be too loud. Your mouths never parted, so you gladly swallowed each other’s moans. Your whimpers were soft, his groans low, but you did nothing to quiet the sound of skin slapping against skin. 

He rested his forehead on yours as his fingers gripped at the cushions of the chair. “Shit, (Y/N), I-yes.” His voice was strained and broken.

You wrapped your hand around the nape of his neck as you felt his hips stutter. Every one of his hard thrusts pulled a whisper from your lips, “Yes, yes, yes.”

He hid his moans in the crook of your neck as his hips slowed and his body shook. You held him against you and kissed every piece of skin you could reach.

After emerging from your side and planting a kiss on your lips he chuckled, “Well now we can say we’ve had sex in a chair.”

You let loose the laughter you’ve been holding in throughout the ordeal. “This was a lot sexier in my head!” you cackled and threw your head back. 

Seb watched you laugh, your chest and cheeks red with a blush, your hair falling over the chair, your smile wide and pushing into your eyes and he cupped your face with his hand. “You’ve never looked sexier than you do right now.”

You rolled your eyes with a head shake and a grin and gripped his chin, pulling him to you for one last kiss. “Now, as your manager, you need to go do some interviews.”

“About that, I don’t think it’s very professional to be in love with my manager so… you’re fired.”

Your jaw dropped in surprise and you smacked his chest before he gathered the clothes on the floor.

After the two of you had cleaned up and layered up, you followed him to the door. He was about to the turn the knob when you shouted, “Wait!”

He turned around, a worried expression on his face. You jogged over to him with a face that said eeeeeek and you smoothed his thick hair from sticking up straight. “That may have been my fault.”

“Ya know, I work on my hair a long time, and you hit it,” he mocked. 

“Okay, John Travolta. Get out there and do your interviews,” you said as you shoved him out the door. 

With the cameras flashing he turned to you and pecked your lips. “And then we’re going Christmas shopping until the stores kick us out.”



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so i decided to draw these fuckin legos
i have Unpopular Opinions about them and im not sorry
also i added a glacier doodle bc um why the fuck not
ill probably redraw lloyd later i didnt use references which is why he looks so bad whoops
anyway just take this

Somewhere Only We Know - Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: alright, dearies I have another request for you! but I must warn you is my first sad request :(

Anonymous said: When Remus works in Hogwart he recalls his first love. If you could write some flashbacks like when their first kiss on Astronomy Tower, he tells her about lycanthropy and she doesn’t run away but hugs him, first „I love you”, they skip lessons and go to Hogsmeade on their own, they’re in library to study but mostly it’s glances and kisses, they wake up in each other arms in room of requirement after they spend night together. He smiled slightly while he’s doing it but his last memory is the worst one and he breaks. A corridor where she kissed him for the last time and he saw her disappear during first war and couple hours later he found there her dead body. Thank you! 

so, as much as I’m a sucker for happy endings, I thought this was simply beautiful so I had to write it :) oh, and also, I got Spoby for this fic because the gifs just seemed to fit it :)

Warning: sad story! I repeat, SAD STORY! (you’ve been warned)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter! :)

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Somewhere Only We Know

Remus Lupin walked through the empty halls of Hogwarts. When he accepted the job as Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts he knew it would be hard to be back. He knew that riding the Hogwarts Express and sitting in the last compartment, like he did with his friends, would be hard. Waking up and see the boy who was the spitting image of his best friend James Potter but with his friend Lily Evans’ eyes, was harder. Walking through the same entrance, the same halls, the same Great Hall with some of his former Professors or classmates, was just as hard. But the worst part? The worst part had to be the memories of her.

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The good thing about being a nerdy teacher is that when my first graders are arguing about who “the black guy with the purple lightsaber” is, I can just walk by and say “Mace Windu, now take a seat.”

Quick Fix III

Quick Fix III

[DΞΔN racing AU│A glimpse into the past]

│ Quick Fix │Quick Fix II

You were waiting for your client to pick up his car, and then you were free for the day . Usually, you’d just look forward to a nice evening with a hot bath and a good book. But somehow Dean managed to convince you into going out to dinner with him.

You looked up only to have your gaze met by Dean. “Why are you still staring at me?” you sighed. It seemed like everytime you looked up, your eyes met with his. “I know I’m a little dirty. But you try working under a car for eight hours alright?

He smirked "I’m just in shock at how stunning you look even with oil on your face.”

You scoffed, biting back a smile. “You gotta do better than that Lover Boy” Honestly you’ve grown to like his little pickup lines, but you’d never give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

“Well, what I’m doing is working to some degree because we are going out to dinner. Again.” he winked.

You grinned before sipping your coffee. He had a point. As much as you fought it, even you had to admit. He was wearing you down. He was at your job almost every day. And who were you to turn down some good company and a cup of coffee?

“Finally.” you stood up seeing Hep make his way over. “I’ve been waiting all day.”

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